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In Brussels
-- Cartagena
* Very nice Salsa bar-club ... and even more club than bar.
@ 70, rue du Marché aux Charbons/Kolenmarkt - 1000 Brussels
Capacity: 250 places
Route: Next to Grand'Place & Plattesteen

-- MonteChristo
* It was a Modern-Art tearoom... they turned it into a latino&funk club, and after a couple of years it's still quite good.
@ 25 rue Henri Maus straat - ground floor - 1000 Brussels
Capacity: 250 places
Route: in the street along the Beurs/Bourse. 100m from Grand Place

-- Grain de Sable - Jazz club
* Regular Jazz & Be-Bop concerts
@ 15 pl. du Grand Sablon - 1000 Brussels

-- L'Ecrin Tropical
* African and tropical club. A good reputation since many years and a various range of customers.
@ 62 rue de la Fourche / Greepstraat - 1000 Brussels
Route: Downtown, between Grand Place and the Opera

-- Nostalgia - all hits
* Well known for the music: oldies and hits from the 70's, 80's, 90's ... can be fun with friends.
@ 49 rue de la Fourche / Greepstraat - 1000 Brussels
Capacity: 300 places
Route: Between Grand Place & the Opera

-- Bazaar
* bazaar is a restaurant and a club .. after midnight the restaurant turn into a living lounge bar with cool music .. in the club you will find some good eclectic dee jays who's plays arty house , cool hits , r n b , rock , pop , bootlegs , soul , funk , and many sympathic commercial tunes .. with koentje ( charlatan ) papa flow aka nooba ( panik - bazaar ) or koen ... and many other ( timaax , q burns abstract message ...) - a cool place for cool clubbers - each third friday on the month it's thematic party -
@ 63 rue des capucins - 1000 Brussels
Capacity: 400 places
Route: in the marolles near '' place du jeu de balle ''

-- Fiesta Club
* * Every 2nd Thursdays : LE JOUR J with Julien D'Aleo, Di Maro (carré) & Mlle Luna {80's, 90's & hit music} * Every Fridays : LADIES FIRST with Cosmic & co. {rnb-groove} * Every Saturday : FIESTA CLUBBING with MILO & F.G {hit & club music} * Every day before holiday : EUPHORIA with MARKO (le rocca) & resident djs {hit club music}
@ 20, Quai des Usines / Werkhuizenkaai - 1000 Brussels
Capacity: 2000 places

-- Mr Wong
* A hype and hot place in town. Not-to-miss spot. Great oldschool DJsand tasty newcomers. Check this out, really. [noctis] free entrance on wednesday, but for thursday, friday and saturday, you'd better check their website. Electro-House and/or Funky Hip Hop.
@ 10 rue de la Vierge Noire - 1000 Brussels
Capacity: 200 people places
Route: just between De Brouckere and Fishmarket/Ste Catherine. Near Tour Noire and rue de Laeken.

-- Sounds - Jazz club
* One of the oldest small Jazz club in Brussels. Large floor, nice relax atmosphere. Latino, Blues or Jazz concerts.
@ rue de la Tulipe - 1050 Brussels
Capacity: 250 places
Route: Next to chaussée d'Ixelles and Naamsepoort / Pte de Namur

-- Gala ­- Afro, Zouk R'n B
* Rn'B, Zouk, African music... a tropical reference. 6 Euros on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.
@ 44 av. de la Toison d'Or / Guldenvlieslaan - 1050 Brussels
Capacity: 600 places
Route: Metro Louise/Louiza

-- Free concerts at Kultuurkaffee
* Cool student venue... sometimes nice concerts. Thursday only.
@ 2, Pleinlaan (VUB) bd du Triomphe - 1050 Brussels
Capacity: 400 places

-- La Référence - african club
* Sometimes shows by bands from Congo
@ 188 chée de Gand / Gentsesteenweg - 1080 Brussels

-- Soho
* Dance & hits, italian parties, erasmus nights, ...
Open every thursday (Erasmus Student Night), Friday (Free Fridayzzz) & Saturday (Remember Saturdayzzz) From 23.00
no sportswear
@ Boulevard du Triomphe / Triumflaan, 47 - 1160 Brussels

-- Jeux d'Hiver
* Big crowds, smart looking, with people who enjoy and find what they're looking for: familiar music themes and cosy atmosphere. Supposed to be "jet-setters & VIP" (no streetwear, no sportswear, keep it straight) but it's way wider than that. All hits from 60's to nowadays. It's an obvious nightspot since more than 15 years.
@ 1 chemin du Croquet [Bois de la Cambre / Kamerenbos] - 1180 Brussels
Capacity: 600 places
Route: Next to Theatre de Poche, in the middle of Bois de la Cambre / Kamerenbos. Easy access by Avenue Louise and chée de Waterloo.

-- At Seven
* All hits and grooves. Specific nights for expats in Brussels... meaning mostly from EC quarters. English, Italian, Spanish, German, ... with a strict selection at the door. Office dresscode is a classic. Starts EARLY, ends early too.
@ 38 chée de Louvain / Leuvensesteenweg - 1210 Brussels
Capacity: 1500 places
Route: next to Madou

-- La Mezzanine
* all hits & straight public. in a nice theatre hall.
@ clos Lamartine - 1420 Braine-L'Alleud
Capacity: 500 places
Route: Next to B.Club (ex-Doudingue)

North of Belgium
-- Café d'Anvers
* esthetically, the most beautiful club in Belgium. Obviously! An old disused temple near the docks, turned into a friendly House club since 1991. And girls are so cute...
New Thursdays: DJ Dominique
Saturday resident deejays: Smos, Baby B., Isabel, Prinz, Kenneth, Filliz, Bartholomeo
Mostly positive dub Techno & Deep House.
@ 15 Verversrui - 2000 Antwerpen
Capacity: 1500 places
Route: Straight in the 'red district' of Antwerp. 800m from Oudemarkt.

-- Le 29
* Club le 29 presents HighTech-SoulMovement. Every Thursday (Int)National Dj's. Open from 21:00 till 05:00. Frankrijklei 29, 2000 ANTWERP
@ Frankrijklei - 2000 Antwerp
Capacity: 300 places
Route: Near by the station.

-- Pier 19
* open thu,fri,sat from 22.00. With guests: Eric Beysens, Felipe Cortez, Prinz (Café d'Anvers), Delafino, Jaxx, X-ian, Gino & Cicio, MSharon, Rahim, ... Strict selection at the door. Keep clean.
@ 19 Brouwersvliet - 2000 Antwerpen
Capacity: 275 places
Route: Near by "Eilandje" and Falconplein, 2 min from docks.

-- Soultrain
* Evry thursday Dj Sake&Babybang,fryd en twelve pluss & luve sundays Latin fever with Dj Chullo & Chico doors 22.30 ladies free entrance all night long,happy hour till 01.00 hr
@ Anneessensstraat 31 - 2018 Antwerpen
Capacity: 500 places
Route: 1 min from central station near ugc goumont cinema's

-- Biazaar
* resident: dj raf (ex carré-room) dj bart maes (versuz, mondial) dj helmut (biazaar, space) inkom: / open: thursday-friday-saturday open 22u
@ prins boudewijnlaan 146 - 2650 EDEGEM
Capacity: 1200 places
Route: next concept: soirée laurent perrier @ biazaar

-- Carré
* One of the most commercial clubs ever... but if you like to show your money, then that's the place to be! So, dress straight and have some fun. Note: the security staff refuses people for the most stupid reasons ever, even regular customers ... so don't be shocked if it happens to you or to your friends.
@ 2 K. Leopold II Laan - 2830 Willebroek
Capacity: 2000 places
Route: A12 Antwerpen/Boom/Brussels, the club stands on the side of the road.

-- Versuz
* Open on Monday, Thursday and Saturday. Check the agenda on
@ Slachthuiskaai 6 - 3500 Hasselt
Capacity: 2500 places
Route: zie website ... for those who remember, it was the Dockside.

-- Vuurmolen Cafe
* Ok, that's a kaffee... but it shakes all night long. From monday to sunday, 7/7 till late at night. Even Clouseau and Eddy Wally came there! Yes sir!
@ 5 Kraanplein - 8000 Brugge

-- Scoop
* Mostly for the teenagers during the holidays, but it still opens in the winter. Crowded, trance & tv hits. Almost the only club in Knokke.
@ 4 Kongostraat - 8300 Knokke (seacoast)
Route: Next to Lippenslaan

-- Number One
* it's more the club for the casino than anything else. Not young, and not young musics. Btw, very expensive.
@ 510 Zeedijk - 8300 Knokke-Heist (seacoast)

-- Varadero
* Fully decorated in a mystical way. Mixed music styles.
@ 196 Koninklijke Baan - 8670 Koksijde-Oostduinkerke (seacoa

-- Bardot
* Stylish and Fredo & Thang, Maxime, Mike & Jeroen, Zain, ... From Disco to Hip Hop to Funk to House to Electro. Groovy! (actually ex-club69)
@ 8 Oude Beestenmarkt - 9000 Gent

-- Decadance
* Not really a club, but bigger than a bar, and so nice. Many electronic (Techno-House-Electro) or Reggae parties from Wednesday to Saturday ... check their website, or the Noctis Agenda for the dates! Program is changing every week.
@ Overpoortstraat 76 - 9000 Gent
Capacity: 350 places

South of Belgium
-- Bouldou
* 80's & all hits in a cellar. Deejay Dan. Free concerts on Sunday and Tuesday nights.
@ 15 rue Tête de Boeuf - 4000 Liège
Capacity: 150 places
Route: Next to rue du Pont d'Avroy

-- Insideout
* On a boat staying along the Meuse! Techno, House & Rock parties ... changing events every Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Check the website.
@ Quai Vanbeneden - 4020 Liège
Capacity: 150 places

-- La Cabane exotique
* Cocktail bar, free entrance, tropical evenings (zouk, salsa, , coupé-décalé, reggae, dombolo,...)
@ Quai de Flandre - 6000 Charleroi
Capacity: 80 ppl places
Route: Charleroi centre, in front of the station, next to "Nouvelle Gazette"

-- Rockerill
* tous les jeudis de mars à fin octobre les apéros industriels sont gratuits de 20h à 04h
@ 136 rue de la providence - 6030 Marchienne-au-Pont
Capacity: 200 places

-- Le Pulse Café
* Soirées le jeudi soir et le samedi soir. Style House, Techno, Commercial, RNB & Mashup au Lauren's Club. Espace vip sur réservation. Parking gardé.
@ 173 Grand Route - 7530 Gaurain-Ramecroix
Capacity: 1000 places
Route: Le Pulse Café est situé près de Tournai, à Gaurain-Ramecroix dans la province du Hainaut.