John Redmond - Rest in PeaceIt is with the greatest sorrow that I have to let you all know of the death of John Redmond on Sunday 20 Oct.
For those of you who are unfamiliar with his work, he was one of the most talented vocalists in this scene of ours we call "house". He was the voice on Braxton Holmes "People Everyday" on Cajual rec., "Rise" with Kenny Carvajal on Music 101, DJ V's "Darker Side Of Melody" on Love Slap (listen to 2 versions here -realaudio-), Common Factor's "World Is Mine" and "Fascination" on Planet E (listen to both here -realaudio-), and many more, including his own especially touching "Tears Dry Up" on Cyclo.
He passed away yesterday at Loyola Hospital in Chicago of a heart attack. I think it would mean a great deal to John's parents to have an idea of how many people were touched by John and his music. If you would like to send a message to his family, John and Dorothy Redmond, feel free to use this board, and I will pass the messages on to the family. Please spread this page address around as there are a lot of people who would want to know, but we haven't been able to get in touch with.
I would also like to ask you all to pray for John and his family. These are hard times, and a ray of light is now missing from all our lives.

[Nick 'Common Factor' Calingaert]

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 magnus gudmundsson aka buckmaster aka herb legowitz aka... (26-08-2004 08h34)
i've been djing house in iceland since '88 & at one point picked up a track with john singing & was blown away by his voice. this was a track called don't give up & since then i have always bought tracks featuring him as i knew it would stand out in quality & boldness. i've been djing internationally since '98 & if there's 1 track that i've played more then any other it's fascination with him & common factor. ii's still in my box & refuses 2 leave. amazing voice that has been silenced but lives on in his recordings. i'll now listen 2 all my john redmond records & cry... he's propably now at last in the spotlight singin' with everybody realising his genius... buckmaster

 ikki van doren (01-02-2004 08h13)
i found a record of him last week in a shop and took it. it was so nice i expected to find more info about him on the internet. and now i see that he passed away. something wrong on this planet. love. ikki

 Stacy W. (05-12-2003 06h46)
I can't believe it, I had no idea. I used to intern for John when he was Wayne W. assistant at Jive in Chicago. We used to just sit there in the office and talk for hours about the music business. I remember once, he invited me, a lowly intern to sit with him and his friends in his apartment on southshore drive discussing how they were going to put together a record label, and he would be one of the artists. I felt so cool that day, thinking that he thought enough of me to let me participate. He will truly be missed by all that knew him.

 craig hill (23-07-2003 05h01)
I want t send my deepest heart felt condollise to john redmond family.we work together on several projects & he was an owesome person to work with & to know.I will miss him dearly.My warmest thouhts go out to the family.craig hill.

 m0m3nT-h4rrY (13-01-2003 18h17)
hello. how come there was no mention in the music press? i have people everyday and tears dry up. damn loss.

 Andreas (03-12-2002 16h09)
rest in peace john. you did great.

 Chris - gent (13-11-2002 19h51)
Weird instnt. I was sure that i don't know John Redmonds' works because his name not sounds familiar to me. But when I play the samples from this page I remember one of them and his voice actually is really familiar. I just can say we'll miss him in the future of our unbelievable music.

 Marco Riba.italy (03-11-2002 04h48)
all regards to the friends of Mr Redmond and to his family.I not a specialist in house but i can say he was a great artist.We used to play cajual &other deep singing house in our club is how i know his name.sorry to see this. :-(

 Anji Ca'toure (29-10-2002 23h28)
When u decide 2 soar above the clouds, We hear your voice roaring loud. It sounds like a dove spreading it's wings U sound like an angel when I hear u sing. U're gone, but your legacy lives on. I will never 4 get u my friend, 4 Ca'toure lives on. Anji Ca'toure

 flavor (27-10-2002 08h34)
akkkk! i can't stand he's dead. and

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