John Redmond - Rest in PeaceIt is with the greatest sorrow that I have to let you all know of the death of John Redmond on Sunday 20 Oct.
For those of you who are unfamiliar with his work, he was one of the most talented vocalists in this scene of ours we call "house". He was the voice on Braxton Holmes "People Everyday" on Cajual rec., "Rise" with Kenny Carvajal on Music 101, DJ V's "Darker Side Of Melody" on Love Slap (listen to 2 versions here -realaudio-), Common Factor's "World Is Mine" and "Fascination" on Planet E (listen to both here -realaudio-), and many more, including his own especially touching "Tears Dry Up" on Cyclo.
He passed away yesterday at Loyola Hospital in Chicago of a heart attack. I think it would mean a great deal to John's parents to have an idea of how many people were touched by John and his music. If you would like to send a message to his family, John and Dorothy Redmond, feel free to use this board, and I will pass the messages on to the family. Please spread this page address around as there are a lot of people who would want to know, but we haven't been able to get in touch with.
I would also like to ask you all to pray for John and his family. These are hard times, and a ray of light is now missing from all our lives.

[Nick 'Common Factor' Calingaert]

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 danny . eindhoven . NL (27-10-2002 07h50)
Armando, Ron Hardy, John Redmond, all performing with Jimi Hendrix, Lionel Hampton, John Coltrane and Frank Zappa. let's hope they have fun up there. i feel sad down here.

 Matt Chicoine (25-10-2002 22h55)
I can't say I knew John that well, but I will always remember my time with him fondly. It was immediately obvious to me and I think to anybody who knew John that he was one of the warmest, kindest, funniest, and most genuine people you could be blessed enough to meet. My best memory would have to be our drive from Chicago to Miami a few years ago. We laughed (and slept...) the whole way down there. When we hit Atlanta, John was at the wheel and must have been a few miles over the speed limit. At around 3am a cop pulls us over, looks us up and down, enquires as to our occupation and destination. "Singer, musicians going to Miami for the conference." "Oh yeah? Well let me hear you sing your way out of this one." Without missing a beat John belted out a melodramatically heart-wrenching accapella asking for forgiveness, understanding, and a bit of good humor. He had the cop (and the rest of us passengers) cracking up and impressed. Needless to say we made it to Miami stinky, smiling, and ticket free.... John, you'll be missed dearly. Rest in peace my friend.

 Philippe - BE (25-10-2002 14h46)
I was no one to John Redmond because I never left Europe but I always loved all the music coming from Chicago House community and John was part of it. I have "Darker Side" and "Rise" here. He sounds so right and so nice. God made him that way and I'm sad he took him away. - Love to all the House Community, and love to his family - Phil [Mons-Belgium]

 Arne Mectic - Zagreb (25-10-2002 06h19)
Sorry my english is no good. I am very sad to read this. Everyday People is one my all time favorites with John's magic voice and soul. I pray for him and family. - love and respect. Arne.

 Kenny Carvajal (23-10-2002 23h10)
John is definitely a great singer and an amazing song writer. But above all, he is one wonderful man and definitely a very great friend. I'm honored that I had the chance to know him, though not as long as I would've liked. I will truely miss John. -Kenny Carvajal

 Engran (23-10-2002 05h09)
what a loss. pff. sad sad sad. Rest in Peace john.

 DJ Nova - Toronto, CA (23-10-2002 04h30)
a friend on a msg board just posted a link to the site.. playing RISE now... odd that I was just thinking about this record the other day, and looking forward to more releases... what a loss. My grandfather died of a heart attack .. they say these things skip generations.. I myself am very scared of being subject to this... My thoughts and prayers go out to john @ this moment... i pray he did "Rise". Peace to u and yours. -- Chris

 Nicolas (23-10-2002 03h12)
Not only a singer and an impressive voice dedicated to House music, John was a tender and honnest person. We'll miss him so much.

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