Bootleg Party Brussels - Belgium

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1984 Hundreds of weird 'pirate' remixes arrived, strictly from Italy. Usually top 20 hits mixed (fast) in one track of 6 minutes. Mixed by young disco fanatics (as Condorelli) and broadcast by all the new FM radios, it was new, totally illegal and really popular.
      1984: audio sample 01 -- 1985: audio sample 02 -- 1987: audio sample 3 (by roberto condorelli)
Then, for the first time, such a mix has been officially released on ZYX records: P4F "Propaganda for Frankie" and "Notorious medley with The Freak". Whenever it wasn't the original vocals nor the original instrumentals, (but rereleased by other bands), both probably were the first officially released mashups.
      1986: P4F audio sample
1988 Right after the birth of House Music, Bomb The Bass ('Beat Dis') and Marrs ('Pump Up The Volume') pulled a trigger with consequences that no one could expect.
Samplers were finally available to the public at a fair price.
1990 Almost each singing star did a duet with another star (dead or too old), using old recordings to create new ones.
1992 The whole Hip Hop scene was sampling '70s and '80s anthems, just as House music sampled Disco and Electropop.
1995 Some dance producers had fun doing illegal remixes of the songs they loved. Back then it was available only for deejays. The first bootlegs then showed up: Blackstreet/Aphrodite "No Diggity"  & Moroder/Donna Summer "Chase/Feel Love"  ! But still on 'white label' records, non official.
1998 The Belmondo parties started in Ghent, Belgium, with as resident djs: the Flying Dewaele Brothers (aka 2ManyDJs).
2001 After their radioshows on BBC, the Belgian duet 2ManyDJs turned worldwide with their bootleg albums "Radio Soulwax".
2002 The first current names showed up as McSleazy, PartyBen or Osymyso... the Bootleg scene grows impressively since then, as well in Brasil, UK, USA, Canada, as in France, Netherlands or Belgium.
Now Guess what? ... there's a Bootleg awakening in Brussels !