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     ::: Europe :::

- soon the BoomFestival 2003 - European Psytrance festival
        Last year it was at the central north of Portugal, at the Spanish border.
- for all Spain, the not to miss website clubbingspain
- the best website ever about Ibiza nightlife ibiza-spotlights
- a small list of major clubs in Ibiza: insider
- a small list of major links to major clubs websites in Ibiza: clubpage
- a gay view of Ibiza... but the clublist is not especially gay: gay-ibiza
- A very complete site about nightlife in Madrid... but there's no agenda: Tarde Noche
- This is the most complete we found about Barcelona:
- But the best about Barcelona is still Time Out
- Also about Barcelona, but with a very nice search engine for the bars & clubs

- All about living in Paris: Pariscope.
- All about living & clubbing + agenda in Paris Parisijysuis Really nice! The best I found.
- Still Paris, with a very large list of clubs & bars with some details, but no agenda. Alegria

- Switzerland will get ya high... Street Parade or anything, you'll find on the Technoguide

- Germany hosts a very complete Goa Psytrance for Europe
- Germany has its major popular Techno website:
- Germany has another major Techno website: Technoguide
- some events for Berlin & Frankfurt on Flyer
- large party list for Berlin, Leipzig, Magdeburg, ... Cybrix
- has all the club listings for Cologne
- also lists events for all bigger German cities

- All about living & clubbing in London: Time Out.
- da London Techno Sorted ressource - Techno only Techno, but the right stuff for London
- very nice nightzine in UK: offitsface

- The Time Out for Amsterdam
- A very nice party agenda for Amsterdam, Utrecht, Eindhoven, R'dam, ... Love2Party
- This site about Holland nights is now off. Maybe back soon. Cyberdance
- has a good party agenda for Amsterdam, Utrecht, Eindhoven...

- the Sound Of Ljubljana is the Slovenian main Techno site. Lotsa news about partying there.
- Slovenia and Croatia: ravespace is a brilliant rave magazine, check it out

    ::: Canada :::

- is the best reference in Canadian clubbing. Pictures, tons of audio deejay mixes, hundreds of pictures to check... House, Techno, R'n B, Breakbeat, etc

- but Canada has also another party info website:
martiniboys is a very good online magazine about Toronto, featuring a large list of restaurants, hotels, nightclubs and night reviews for one of the main Canadian cities.

    ::: USA :::

- interesting list of clubs in New-York, Boston, Los Angeles, ...
- a long list of bars in Chicago can be found at this address,
     but there's no details: City Life.
- one of the best nightlife site we found about Chicago: Chicago Nights.
- the reference for the Chicago citizens: Metromix

- Boston, Florida and SouthEast ravedata
- New York ... This was a great website. Still good but now owned by a bigger company.
         By place, style or even by deejay    ClubNYC
- The Hyperreal over New York, essentially made of nice links concerning NYC raves.
- Fancy a visit in Los Angeles nights? Follow Jennifer
- L.A. Raves to know where to jack yer bones in Los Angeles, California
- Rave Network is for Los Angeles, but not upgraded. Nice links & info.
- Drum'n Bass in Los Angeles? Definitely yes. LADNBDJS
- and don't miss the raves in San Francisco, check at SFRaves
- Ravelinks for South California: SoCal
- the famous SoCal underground hidden calendar: Socal-Raves

    ::: JAPAN :::

- For Tokyo, check the Tokyo journal at (tons of club listings)
- Also Tokyo classified at 

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[this was the 1996-2002 version]
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