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21 February 2000 - - Eskimo is dead = new club BelMondo
-selected in the "Users Shouts"- After 3 crazy years of success and multiplicity of styles (4 to 7000 people for each event at the factory, 3 to 6 rooms with House, Pop, Hip Hop, R'nB, Drum'n Bass and Ragga), Eskimo stops it's way and turns on the new Belmondo club. The name is of course inspired by Jean-Paul Belmondo: Flic Sans Pitié, Criminel Audacieux, Playboy Malgré Soi, Toujours Supercool, Toujours Supersexy, l’Homme Fort, Dur et Tendre du Cinéma Français. And it's also a reference to Bel Mondo: Beau Monde, Beautiful Party People… No big line-up, but a true funny party for maximum 1200 people. Music will be a compilation of the best tunes from all times by deejays Jean & Paul et Alain & Delon (formerly known as M&B and T&D). But we can't say more about that. The event will take place in the sacred S.M.A.K.-museum in the Gentse Citadelpark … anotha mystery to enlight! Also the ‘lounge area’ will be a new rendez-vous obligé for people who want to slacken on the music of Tom Jones & co with playboys smoking cigarillos and femmes fatales slowly walking under their hungry eyes. Première? Saturday 26 february 2000.
by regular Noctis user
21 February 2000 - Fire at Macckenzie club
It destroyed part of the dancing, but there were no one inside. The firemen of Ath and Beloeil went on the spot to fight against the propagation of the flames. No more news yet.
by Nicolas
20 February 2000 - PP Café? No trespass!
On a friday night at the beginning of february, a man arrived at PP Café (rue Van Praet str.- Brussels) and has been refused by doormen because "arabs, blacks and yougoslavians are not welcome here". You can imagine he looked mediterranean. So, the visitor asked them to meet the manager. The only answers were the blows carried by one of the gatekeepers with his walkie-talkie while another opened the eyes of the victim to project paralysing gas on it. This type of behaviour is unacceptable. Ok, it's not easy to make a selection based on the style. It is necessary to be a psychologist and bodyguard at the same time. But the behaviour of the gatekeepers accurately follows the commands given by the owner of the place... and doing a selection based on the original race is absolutely scandalous. Violence for nothing must STOP! And the governmental training for doormen is only a half-solution.
by Nicolas
14 January 2000 - Megarave in Heizel/Heysel
A mega rave is announced for 22nd of april 2000, featuring Jeff Mills (USA), Laurent Garnier (Fr), Sven Väth (Germany), Dave Clarke (UK), Psychogene (Neuroleptic), Trish (Fuse), Yves Deruyter, Push (live),... @ Forest/Vorst National concerthall - Brussels
by Nicolas
14 January 2000 - Carl Craig isn't Talking Loud enough
Carl Craig (Planet E, Detroit) has been signed last year by Talking Loud label (UK) for his "Innerzone Orchestra" Jazz project. But it seems that it hasn't been successful enough... According to several people in the music industry, Innerzone Orchestra did not bring enough proceeds to please the label. Then Talking Loud just announced Carl that the next Innerzone's remixes would not be on their label anymore. It's hard to be refined.
by Nicolas
06 January 2000 - Fill Collins club goes in Leuven
After a successfull year in Antwerp with more than a thousand people every friday, Peter (the creator of Fuse, I Love Techno, ...) just decided to create a second Fill Collins, but in Leuven. So now, every saturday you'll find Fill Collins at Silo (29a Vaartkom - 3000 Leuven, near ring) with Stephanie, and a Funk room with Cosmic and Sake! + note of 14th of january - the queue has been really long for that event... total success.
by Nicolas
28 December 1999 - Oldest European Deejays Radioshow Stops!
First, there was "Acid Story" from 1988 to 1992... where the first House deejays spinned live once every 2 monthes on Radio Campus Brussels. The show "Some Like it House" started in summer 1992 (also on Campus) to guest deejays weekly and to offer the multiplicity of the styles generated by electronic music. It has in the studios (regularly): Poltergeist - Louis - Damien - Regis - Alain Freestyle - Bart - Skander - Mi-K - Michel Traxx - Murvin Jay - Olivier Gosseries - JOS - Mr Bolan - Marko - FX - Philarmonix - D-Jack - Pat Vision - Acid Kirk - Deg- Seal Phuric - Danny V. - Denis - Luc - Adam Brooks - Steve Cop - Koenie - Sandra - Pierre - Trish - Didier Darimont - Mike V. - Katrien Klausing - Geoffroy - Raoul - Gaetan - Exocet - Benjamin - Neil - Rumble - Usual Suspect - Carlos - Steph X - Unit-E "@ jected" - Toxic R-8 - Popane - MBX - Ian - Lenad - Morpheus - Kevin - Crol' - Tofke - Paul - Eric D. - Psychogene - Jane V8 - Mo & Benoelie - Wontime - Stephanie - Yves-E-Zone - Peter Boonen - T-Quest - Vincenzo Binci - Sven - Isabelle - Eric Beysens - Spoetnik - Eddie - Steph VDB - Philippe Traikos - Lukas and tons of other belgian deejays. As internationals: Jeremy Healy (1992), Fanon Flowers (Detroit), Armando (Detroit), Stacey Pullen (Detroit), Mike Dunn (Chicago), Gemini (Chicago), Common Factor (Chicago), Frambo (London), Angel Ruiz (Ibiza), ... But neighbours are the worst thing which could fight against a radioshow. So, it's because of a neighbours affair that Some Like It House stops its story. And no one at Radio Campus tried to protect the show or to find a midway. Then it stops. Sad end for a legendary show. To be continued on another station or on the web? We'll see!
by Nicolas
23 December 1999 - Paul Van Dijk didn't come!
By a regular Noctis user: "I can confirm your suspicion on Paul VanDijk not coming to Zilveren Spoor in Moorsele. There has been a discussion about that on Belrave mailing list and I'll paste some of the posts. "Regarding Belgium, we haven't confirmed a new gig. Maybe in April / May but that's not confirmed yet. You can find Paul's next gigs on our homepage Paul van Dyk will spin in Sheffield for Gatecrasher on NYE and not in Belgium." "The promotors asked PvD about 7 months ago whether he would play at their Millenium Party. They got an 'okay' from the booking agency "If the artist agreed". And 'the contract would be send in due time". They heared nothing 'till end of October so they figured this would be okay, and they made the flyers WITH PvD's name on it. Not very smart without a 100% confirmation... In November they get a fax stating that Paulie boy will not be attending... So they give a flyer design WITHOUT PvD on it to OutSoon. Hence the confusion. So, PvD is NOT coming." "Paul Van Dyck and Psychogene are not playing and are replaced by TC Brain and myself. The organisation apparantly is not planning to do something about the information (mistakes) on the flyer. I was already booked three months ago, so they knew it already in advance." (Mail from DJ Spacid (FGA)) U can draw your conclusion about PVD (not) coming, and about the organisation."
by a friendly regular Noctis user
22 December 1999 - Free Drum'n Bass New Year!
Boups Kru strikes back with another free party including the roughest Drum'n Bass & Jungle sounds. Probably the unique opportunity to get a free New Year (except Brussels Grand'Place of course). Just get the information on the BoupsRadio website... or call on friday the 31st at 0496.31 28 08 (or 0495.35 55 70) after 20:00.
by Nicolas Noctis
22 December 1999 - The Scene is closed
It was first a gossip (25th of November), then it has been confirmed by BCM members... the club of Zzinno has been closed by it's official owner: Le Carré. Scene club still exists, but as a commercial mainstream club and with another name. It seems that The Scene did not get enough cash to please the boss. Mmmh... The Scene - Oudenaarde. Link to their site here.
by Nicolas
21 December 1999 - Hilarious razzia at Obelix club
The Police of Antwerp did last week-end an unexpected control at Obelix club located on Frankrijklei. They found six laughing gas bottles, and noted that the owner of the club was distributing balloons of this gas to all the customers. To own some of this gas is not prohibited in the country, but its sale and its distribution are prohibited over the Antwerps district because of its explosiveness and the absence of information relating to it. The only thing is: I would give millions to be there at the moment police arrived... hehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe hihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihi hohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohoho hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha ... what a funny razzia!
by Nicolas
21 December 1999 - Never Underestimate the Unscrupulous Nature of Sony
Once, a guy from Sony Germany bought the "Knights Of The Underground" EP written by Rolando on U.R. famous label from Detroit, including the tune "Knights of the Jaguar".
That A&R manager just immediately wanted to licence it for a Sony compilation. But... problem was that UR strictly refuses any work and any relationship with the majors. What you have to know for understanding how far it goes is that UR means Underground Resistance, and is a symbol of integrity in the whole electronic music industry. They never accepted to be commercialized just as common music stuff since they started, back in 1990. Then... what did the Sony manager? He just covered the track note by note and made it done by another musician under the name "Jaguar". This is a sample of the email he sent to Rolando and Mike Banks (the creator of UR): "The philosophy of Underground Resistance not to cooperate with the industry is well known. Your title names like 'Message To The Majors' and the liner notes on your records are not misunderstandable. I understand that you don't want to have any relationship with companies like Sony. Nevertheless we have tried to license the track for a compilation via our vinyl partner Discomania but we did not get a response. As we don't want to be seen as guys who rip off or bootleg a well known track, we have chosen the way of rerecording the track tone by tone. Indeed the new version has lost some of the typical Detroit flavour, what makes me still prefer the original." And he pushes the dark humor saying "I still prefer the original". What a bitter and unrespectfull sense of music business. The only question is "who's next?".
by Nicolas
20 December 1999 - We don't want another Zero
The millenium bug works well! Will Mad max begin on January first? Nobody knows, but some already take their precautions. First: Goldie (the Jungle Master from London) which will spend New Year's eve in a bunker, somewhere in UK. Then Jérôme Bonaldi (French TV speaker, here talking on Europe 1) who also announces a travel in protected area, just the time of the new-year... or of apocalypse. Take care! Limited seats available!
by Nicolas
27 November 1999 - General Shabba flew away
This time, it is a very sad news. You know the ROC soundsystem? A band of Reggae & Ragga deejays and MC which has made lot of gigs for three years. R.O.C. is 5 people. One of its principal members, General Shabba deceased last week. A tragical history of heating, gas and sleep. Respected by all, Shabba had given his life to the music and particularly to Ragga. He flew away before beeing thirty. The Brussels Ragga scene cries along with Sekel, Jah Lion, Keya and Lady B. May him protects us where he is.
by Nicolas
27 November 1999 - CyberTheatre owned by MCM?
Last gossip in the nightlife: after beeing searching for a new owner for monthes, the notorious Cyber Theatre has been bought by MCM television. Will it be a common tv studio, or is it gonna be an event place? ... no one knows yet. Created in 1996, Cyber Theatre was supposed to be the first reel website theatre + cybercafe of a european serie... Brussels first, then Madrid, Paris, Berlin,... But the project seemed to be too expensive for the profits generated by Nirvanet (the official owner). Slowly, there was less events, and less people in the hall... less advertising... a soft disappearance... until this purchase by MCM. CyberTheatre: 4/5 Guldenvlieslaan/ la Toison d'Or - 1000 Brussels --- Additional: since then it has been a sport place, then a restaurant, and now sortof tavern (2003).
by Nicolas
26 November 1999 - Best of Brussels Nights
According to the readers of Kiosque magazine (18.000 ex.), the best places and peoples of their Brussels nightlife are:
*** Deejays:
#1 Murvin Jay (Mirano)
#2 Olivier Gosseries (Mirano, website)
#3 Pierre (Fuse, Food)
*** Clubs:
Mirano Continental (House - near Madou)
Fuse (Techno & House - rue Blaes str.)
Sparrow (Funk & Rn'B - rue Duquesnoy str.)
*** Bars:
Mappa Mundo (pl. St Géry/St Goriksplein)
Kladaradatsch Tavern (bd Anspach laan)
Barabar (Uccle/Ukkel)
plus the new ones: Tentation (St Géry/St Goriks)
Halles St Géry (same area)
and Roi des Belges (still the same place).
by Nicolas
26 November 1999 - Eskimo cancels one of its two Eve's
On 31st of december, Eskimo organisation was supposed to do two parties in two separate locations of Gent. One at their usual factory (Wiedauwkaai) mostly Ragga, Hip Hop and Jungle ... and another at the Central Post of Gent mostly House and Breakbeats. But it seems that thei cancelled the party at the factory. So get the right info at that's their email. Out of that, they also announce a project with the french webwizards on their site: ... wow!
by Nicolas
26 November 1999 - Last Pussy Galore at Fuse
The last date for Pussy Galore is 10th of December. The pioneer of 100% gay women's club accessing to a high club quality is gonna close its doors. Is it the crew that doesn't have the faith anymore, or is it the public that was missing? We don't think that last option. But we don't have anymore info. But ...
by Nicolas
26 November 1999 - New Gates club - 100% Women
Another gay women club opens at 36 Wolvengracht/rue Fossé-aux-Loups (Munt/Monnaie). Jo (La Démence) plays some fridays, the resident deejay for saturday is not yet confirmed. Mostly House & pumps. (1000 Brussels) -- created the current logo of the Gate club in year 99 --
by Nicolas
25 November 1999 - The Scene is closing!
We heard today that Scene club should close in the next days or week... but we still need the source to be confirmed. Strange: their website still announces a new years eve party. The Scene - Oudenaarde. (this announcement has been confirmed in the agenda during december)
by Nicolas
03 November 1999 - Boups Kru starts the Boups Radio
Live from Brussels, 24/24, 7/7, permanent Drum'n Bass feed in RealAudio stream. They organised some free parties and now they run a radio... take an ear there. Go at the Noctis LivePage for the feed in RealAudio. Or click here to go to their website.
by Nicolas
02 November 1999 - re-opening of Who's Who's Land !!
After we've been waiting for 10 monthes, it's back... with another name, other deejays and other shedules... but it's back!! New name of the place: Studiolive. Every saturday: live + deejay. With: Eric Beysens (LaRocca, Boccaccio 87-92), Conga Squad, Mr Jack + Front 242 members. 22:00 - 04:00 @ 17 rue du Poinçon / Priemstraat - 1000 Brussels
by Nicolas
01 November 1999 - Police closes the Tao after club
Lotta drugs has been found at owner's home of that crowded after club in Brussels (Simonis) ... several wanted peoples has been arrested, and some dealers were found in the venue ... nothing to say more.
by Nicolas
12 October 1999 - Police cooperates to a free party
unbelievable but true: there was a free illegal drum'n bass party in a park in Laeken (Brussels) last week-end. More than 200 peoples were dancing on the sound of the Boups Kru (Radio Panik) until the police arrived. But they did not stop the party! The police chief moved and estimated that this initiative was very sympathetic nerve. And it made protect it for the rest of the night... up to 6 hours 30 in the morning! Great! Maybe the minds are changing... finally.
by Nicolas
12 October 1999 - Noctis moves its chat channels on Efnet!
Chat on our channel on Mirc servers: * usual EFNET servers If you have difficulties, try with or (always port: 6667) You don't have Mirc? download it for free at
by Nicolas
12 October 1999 - Crammed rec. needs an accountant
... would it be you? Are you searching for an accountant job? CRAMMED/SSR, the Brussels-based internationally-minded record label is looking for a accountant - she/he must be bilingual (Fr, Engl) - a specific interest in the music business is an asset Please write to Crammed Discs: 43, rue Général Patton - 1050 Brussels Or wontact them via their website:
10 October 1999 - New Funk parties at Mirano
With Cosmic and Sake (ex-Who's Who's Thursdays) on fridays in november and december (16 & 23/12). Caution: strong selection at the door... no sportswear, not too street. @ 38 chée de Louvain / Leuvensesteenweg - 1210 Brussels Note that Club 73 is not Funk anymore, and New Edition (Antwerp) neither. Both have been definitely stopped.
by Nicolas
22 April 1999 - There was a party at Brussels Central Station
In january 1991, there was a big big rave in a hall under the Brussels central station.That party included the first House live acts in Belgium and a fascinating line-up including Mark Kamins and belgian Nr 1 deejay Poltergeist (who both stopped in 1993, Kamins because he was the Madonna's producer, Poltergeist because he wanted to stop his deejay life). That night is now legendary, because it really boosted the rave and club scene in the whole country. Everybody though the hall was definitely closed or even destroyed. BUT NO!! And there happened a party again on 15th of march, full of people, screens, music and happenings. Totally successfully managed by Funco. We suppose there will be other parties there soon.
by Nicolas
03 June 1999 - Once again, La Rocca changes its residents
After the eternal Eric Beysens, a short passing trough of Tofke (now in 2nd room), and Olivier Gosseries, La Rocca seems to have difficulties to find its definitive resident on saturday. Now announced: Jan Van Biesen (Studio Brussel) and Franky Jones (oh ... I thought he definitely disappeared... but he's there). Out of that, Marko keeps quietly its sundays and La Rocca is announcing a new year event at Sportpaleis van Antwerpen. Big.
by Nicolas
18 June 1999 - Bass Culture Soundsystem website it's new... and it's on Noctis!
Bass Culture is the most wanted Reggae & Ragga soundsystem in Belgium. With its 2 selectors (deejays) and its 2 MC's, Bass Culture rules the Reggae Belgium since 1994, having radioshows on Radio Campus (friday) and Radio Panik (wednesday), and organizing tons of parties in partnership with the greatest national and international soundsystems.
by Nicolas
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