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24 April 2001 - Gunshots at La Ferme Blanche
There has been 6 gunshots in the night of friday 18 to saturday 19 may at la Ferme Blanche (Namur). 3 in the direction of the building and 3 for nothing. Fortunately there's no victim, not even light. One of the shooters has been caught a couple of hours later in Monceau-sur-Sambre. The other suspects have not yet been indentified. The reason of the gunshot is not yet known.
by Nicolas
23 April 2001 - Alive Festival Line-Up
Fri. 17 Aug. till 19 Aug. - Main Stage: Exit (Alive -Resident), Paul Brschtisch live (Force Inc,Frankfurt D), Dave Tarrida (Tresor,360°, Edimburgh, Scotland), Justin Berkovi live (Djax-up-Beats, Mosquito, London), Cristian Vogel (Nova Mute, Tresor, Brighton), Valium, Jesco Schuck (Ravensburg, D) + Elektro/Freestyle Area: Mandrax, Kitbuilders live (Breakin'Rec,UK), Egotopia live µ-Ziq aka Mike Paradinas (Rephlex, Planet-µ, Clear, London), Jega live (Skam,Planet-µ, UK), Ruxpin live (Elektrolux, Rejkjavic, Island), Joost dde Lyser (,Brussels,B). + House Area presented by Food club: Andi Regler (Chills and Thrills), Raoul (Food, Aroma Rec, WGW rec), Colin Dale ( The End, London), Geoffroy (Food, Hi-Phen rec). Decoration by Marc Mono - Afterhour at the Camping: Chills and Thrills - Klangforschung Ost - Free Camping Festival. Friday 17.08.01 till Sunday 19.08.01
Gut Eid, 4780 St.Vith -- E42 follow Trèves/Trier, exit 14
45' from Trier - 90'from Brussels - 45' from Liège - 60'from Aachen - 60' from Maastricht
Presale:600 Bf (Fnac,...) At the Door :800Bf
by Nicolas
22 April 2001 - Werchter Festival Line Up
Guns'n Roses cancelled (their guitarist has health troubles) & Horsepower cancelled. Confirmed: Laurent Garnier, Manu Chao, Feeder, Ash, Wheatus, Talvin Singh, Stereo Mc's, Dandy Warhols, Black Crowes, Aimee Mann, George Thorogood & The Destroyers, Laïs, Everlast, Muse, Incubus, Weezer, Afro Celt Sound System, Queens of the Stone Age Deftones, Tool, Fun Lovin' Criminals, Hooverphonic, Basement Jaxx, Goldfrapp, Grandaddy, Buscemi, St. Germain, Roger Sanchez, Das Pop, David Gray, Monza, Tom McRae, D.A.A.U., Suzanne Vega, Novastar, Reprazent, De Mens, Stereophonics, Anouk, PJ Harvey, Placebo, Faithless, Roxy Music (!), Mauro, JJ72, Sigur Ros, Zita Swoon, Krezip, Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals, Kosheen, Sting (!), Beck
Friday 29 June 1500 bef, Sat. 30 June 1750 bef, Sunday 1st July 1750 bef
3 days 3250 bef - 2 days (sat./sun) 2750 bef - always at Werchter Festival Ground
Caution: there will very probably be no night trains after the festival, like previous year. Think about it.
by Nicolas
22 April 2001 - Racism at the door? 2 years!
A judge of the Antwerps Court did something that will be a very hard but useful lesson for some clubs: 2 years of jail (18 monthes closed) for a club doormen because he refused admission to a customer with a "supposed foreign nationality". Bad luck, that customer was belgian ... and policeman. The doormen now has 400.000 bef to pay and 18 monthes between the walls of his conciousness, thinkin about the law against racism and xenophoby. This will very probably make all club security squads thinking about a new way to manage their admission policies, in a better way.
A letter from a reader in Le Soir was telling about a Noctis ticket winner that has been refused at the door of the club he won the ticket for. That letter told that the doorman refusal was only explainable because of the colour of his skin. Noctis has to say that we VERY OFTEN offer tickets to VERY multiple kind of people, including plenty of Bart, Katrien, Fouad, Marc, Desiree, Niko, Abdeslam, Antonio, Denis, Paulo, Layla, Karim, Karol, Dominique, ... etc... and for all clubs. So we don't do any selection and this seems to be the first and only problem we had. So, from our point of view it cannot come from any problem of racism in the clubs and parties we're working with.
But maybe is it good to repeat here that the Noctis free tickets allow to get in for free, but the clubs still keep the right to refuse admission.
by Nicolas
17 April 2001 - New Tech-House club in Gent
It's the "Flavour" opening party on June the 23rd, with deejays Quinten (Music Man) and Lai-Yin (Café d'Anvers). Smells like quality electronic dance music... check it out!
@ Griffioen, 1 Koningstraat - 9000 Gent
by Nicolas
16 April 2001 - Food stops at Fool Moon... definitely?
Yes you read well, Food will stop its weekly residency at Fool Moon definitely. The last party will shake on the 30th of June with the residents of the Fool Moon: Geoffroy, Raoul (aka Swirl People), Régis (News), Ed & Kim and Groove Merchant (Plastiks). Why? Well... Fool Moon will *probably* stop its activities, but that's not sure yet. The point is now: is Food looking for a new place in Brussels? The answer is YES. But we're not yet allowed to tell you where because nothing has been signed yet... keep an eye here from time to time this summer :). One thing you can trust: Food is not stopping, look on 2nd of June at Silo with Stacey Pullen and for its 5th anniversary with DJ Sneak.
by Nicolas
15 April 2001 - Planet E label - the 10 Years Party
Created and build by Carl Craig, the Planet E recording label rules the wave Techno scene in Detroit since the early nineties. You all know 69, or Paperclip People... but it's only a small facet of what Planet E is. Carl Craig and its Innerzone Orchestra of course, but also Common Factor, Recloose, MoodyMan, and so so much more who have been producing legendary tracks there. It's now 10 years that the Craig's E spreads its sound all over the Planet, so, for that celebration there's two things:
- "All Access", the compilation. Only available in Detroit USA shops, or on their website from May the 26th. A collection of some of the greatest Detroit classics, byt DEMF and Carl Craig.
- "All Access", the party at 1703 Cass Ave. at Bagley, Detroit - Michigan on May the 27th With (sit down): Carl Craig DEMF, Mike Clark (Planet E, Detroit), Kirk Degiorgio (Ubiquity, Planet E, UK), Laurent Garnier (himself), GilbR' (Versatile, Chateau Flight, Fr), Hannah (Planet E), Ibex (Planet E), Orin Walters (NeonPhusion, UK), Recloose (Planet E) + a special Planet E artist performance.
Detroit? Woah... no problem. 9 hours flight straight from Zaventem. Bet you won't... ok... so here's the link for the Planet E website. : )
by Nicolas
15 April 2001 - Boups on the air tonight - InterFace faces troubles
As you probably all know, Boups radio had big troubles with its servers and the technical side of the streaming audio on the net. We're happy to announce you that Boups is shaking the web again with new servers they're testing at the moment, still 100% Drum'n Bass with live sets at night and party broadcasts some week-ends. Out of that we're sad to tell you that InterFace, the ruling underground radio from London is still kept to silence also for servers troubles. If ya can help them... let them know... 10.000 listeners/day are waiting.
by Nicolas
15 April 2001 - Torhout fest. is back - it's Kozzmozz and it's Dance
on saturday 30 June. Line up: Stacey Pullen, Bob Sinclar & Yellow, Dave Angel, Felix Da Housecat, Secret Cinema live, Ken Ishii, Cari Lekebush, Justin Berkovi live, Jack De marseille, Aphrodite, Pierre, Jan Van Biesen, Space Dj’z, Trish & Kash, Jamie Anderson, HS, Phuture 303 live, Sander Kleinenberg, Randall & Mc Fatts, Kozz- Tiësto, T Quest, Marko, Steve Rachmad, Danny Howels, Phi Phi, Fred Nasen, Millenium Kru, Stephanie, Dobe ’n Daze, Franky Jones, Deetron, Peter Aerts, Tyrant, Craig Richards & Lee Burridge, Bolle, Juice Blenders, Rémy, Smos & Baby Bee, Brekbit, Karlito, Rudy Rocket, Tofke, Quinten, Spacid, Bunker live, Michel De Hey, Speedy J live, Frederic, Laurent Warrin, Frank Biazzi, Gene Farris, Yves, TC Brain, Sylvain, Marco Bailey, Zolex, Mr Sam, George, ...
And those are only the confirmed deejays and live acts at this point! 10 to 12.000 ppl capacity on the former Torhout festival ground.
All this new House Torhout is provided to you by Kozzmozz, and it means that quality and spirit will rise up.
1 day = 1300 bef. - 2 days = 2000 bef. Camping abilities = 250 bef/day
by Nicolas
27 January 2001 - City Parade in Liège/Luik/Lüttich
on saturday 23 June 2001. The first Techno/House/Drum'n Bass Parade in Belgium!
14.00-16.00 "Warming-up Party" at parc d'Avroy, with the K-soundsystem
16:00 start of the City Parade (3km parade)
18:00 end of the City Parade at place St.Lambert
18:00-24.00 totally free City Party at place St.Lambert
with: Jack de Marseille, The Advent, Superfunk, Tim Deluxe, Paco Osuna, Ed Rush, Yellow + Kozzmozz soundsystem + Marko, PhiPhi, Psychogene, Zzino, Food crew, Fuse crew, Rocca crew, ...
24:00 Fireworks end party and 24:00 City Parties!
+ many other venues and parties! Together in Liège for a huge day.
by Nicolas
29 January 2001 - Kozzmozz starts Studiotek
We all already know the Kozzmozz Techno parties that started back in the mid 90's on a boat in Gent for wikkid electronic nights. Then it quietly grew up until it is now the biggest competitor to events such as I Love Techno. But it never felt the wire with its genuine public, so the management still work by passion and with their old friends (Kozz, T-Quest, ...). In 1999 they started the E-scape parties and it was a big success, but Kozzmozz still had its frontplace and reached the top of the Techno scene. Now that organisation is creating a new monthly club in the hall where Kozzmozz usually happends: the Kuipke. Landing: saturday 3rd of february 2001! There's tickets in the agenda... don't loose the wire!
by Nicolas
27 January 2001 - - Pics at Food / Fuse / Butterfly
Some pictures on friday 12 and saturday 20 jan. 2001 in a full column (no slideshow)
by Nicolas
27 January 2001 - no reopening for Tour & Taxi club
Now it's official, the team that is working over the Music City project (12.000 ppl concerthall in Brussels) just purchased the building where was the Tour & Taxi club. So there won't be any T&T parties anymore at 5 Picard street (1000 Brussels). Some say there will be a showcase hall, offices and recording studios. Is it the first small step on the road to the full Music City? Seems not.
by Nicolas
27 January 2001 - Belmondo starts a bar in Gent
Once upon a time, a few fab guys from Gent decided to make a party including Hip Hop, Drum'n Bass, House music and Reggae. Then started the Eskimo nights in the disused Eskimo factory... for 400 ppl at the beginning in 1997, and 4000 ppl at the end in 2000! 5 different halls, 60's decoration and chairs, big names at the desks, even a restaurant, ... simply brilliant. Forced to change its name (for copyrights reasons or something), "Eskimo" became "Bel Mondo" and moved since a year to the S.M.A.K. Museum (a very stylish area near Citadelpark). The point that deserves the respect is that they don't even say the deejay names on their flyers... their party name is enough to get the people. Bel Mondo still runs at SMAK Museum almost every two monthes, but they start a bar! No doubt we can blindly wish you to go there... there's no Eskimo but great Moods! It's the "Club 69" at 5 Oude Beestenmarkt - 9000 Gent. Fonkyyyy ridddddimss!!
by Nicolas
27 January 2001 - Live Drum'n Bass from Inside Party
live broadcast of the Inside party at Recyclart in Brussels! On Basic Realaudio player required.
by Nicolas Noctis
25 January 2001 - New Jazz Club in Brussels
The Music Village offers highlighted names of the belgian Jazz scene every thursday, friday and saturday.
Try it! It bops! Rue des Pierres (near Beurs/Bourse) 1000 Brussels
by Nicolas
22 January 2001 - Butterfly has landed!
Every friday there's a new club in Brussels called Butterfly, turning on House/Disco/Groove/friendliness over two nice levels. Deejays such as Svenus (Dali's), Cosy Mozzy (Movida), Juss Will (UK), Murvin Jay (Mirano), Lorenzo (Ondulations radioshow), ... Just for people who want a warm atmosphere and no particular star-deejay but the right music for a smooth party. By the way their programme features a lot of national collaborations. The initiators of this new venue are Murvin Jay, Steph X (ex-Vaudeville manager) and Svenus... trust them and check it out. At Factory, 4 impasse de la Fidélité - 1000 Brussels (near rue des Bouchers)
Since then, Butterfly stopped about 2 months after its start. (april 2001)
by Nicolas
31 December 2000 - Night Transports for New Years Eve
All till 6 am. Brussels: from 1 till 6 in the morning for free. 17 buslines, 2 tramlines. All lines on Charleroi: 10 free bus from Charleroi-sud & Palais des Beaux-Arts to Sinatra, Lindberg, Oxy, Palladium. Brabant wallon: 6 lines including Doudingue, Palladium, Retro, Beach, Hannut, Orp-le-Gran, Dodaine.
Liège: 40 lines! All classic lines (except Fleron-Verviers) + DiscoTec bus.
Luxembourg: 10 lines (Arlon, Vaux s/Sure, Marche, Bertrix, Bastogne, Durbuy.
Namur: 5 usual lines + 12 special lines. Including Namur, Sambre-et-Meuse, Sombreffe, Gembloux, Eghezée, Hannut, Condroz-Famenne.
Hainaut: 10 Tec lines + all free service from 21:00 till 9 am.
by Nicolas
16 July 2000 - 10 Days Off online!
During the Gentsefeesten, 10 Days Off finvades the Eskimo Factory. 10 nights of madness with the biggest artists of the electronic scene (House, Techno & Jungle). Names as Grooverider, Mateo & Matos, Deep Dish, Derrick May, Jeff Mills, Andy C, DJ Hype... and so much more also available on the web at Netbeat 100% free, 100% live from Gent + interviews & rebroadcasts. Don't miss that amazing opportunity to be at 10 Days off without moving from your sweet home :)
by Nicolas
14 June 2000 - News for Katsu
Nieuwe veranderingen op komst in de Katsu. Vanaf zaterdag 08 juli worden de twee stijlen van de katsu club bij elkaar gesmolten. Tot nog toe waren er op vrijdag enkel techno en drum&bass feesten, op zaterdag programmeerde men House. De twee stijlen worden dus op de zaterdag geplaatst. De samenvoeging luidt ook de opening van een nieuwe ruimte in met de naam "Living Room". Eveneens wordt het openingsuur vervroegd naar 22h00 en kan je gratis binnen tot 24h00. De resident DJ's blijven echter ongewijzigd. Voor de techno ruimte is dat G-Force, Xentrix en Steve Curling, in de house ruimte: safe P. en Level Jay. Naast de weekly residents, de monthly resident zijn: T-Quest, Lowdown, Marco Bailey en Thierry Princiotta. In 2001 zou dan een derde ruimte bijkomen met drum & bass als muzikaal voedsel. Katsu club verstevigt hierdoor zijn koppositie als het gaat om kwalitatieve dansmuziek in Limburg en Luik. -------------------------------------------------------------- Des changements au Katsu club (Heers). Dès le samedi 8 juillet, les deux styles actuels du Katsu seront réunis. Souvenez-vous, le vendredi accueillait de la Techno et de la Drum'n Bass (G-Force & Xentrix) et le samedi accueillait de la House (Safe P, Level Jay). Désormais le samedi sera Techno et House, et une nouvelle salle "Living Room" sera ouverte (en attendant une troisième salle Drum'n Bass en 2001). Notez aussi que l'entrée sera gratuite de 22h à minuit, et que les deejays invités aux côtés des résidents seront de stature nationale (T-Quest, Lowdown, Marco Bailey,...).
Katsu: 49 Steenweg - 3870 Heers
by Katsu communication edited by
25 April 2000 - - No night trains after Werchter
The Werchter Rock festival will bang our heads with huge rock and popstars on 30 june, 1 and 2 of june (see line-up in our agenda). But (as in 1999 already) there'll be no night train after the shows! In 99 more than 600 people had to sleep in the trainstation for that reason.
Thank you NMBS / SNCB !! Very kind! Pffff! : (
by Nicolas
23 April 2000 - - Jazz Marathon in Brussels
Brussels Jazz Marathon 2000 is coming again! With all kinds of Jazz in the streets, the nicest bars and pubs and three public squares till late at night. Two nights long (friday May 26th & faturday May 27th) a fine selection of Belgian jazz musicians and international 'stars' offer a unique jazz circuit for real Jazz lovers. For 450 BF (presale 400 BF) you can get the badge that opens the doors of more than 50 different places (free for children -12, alongside with an adult). Concerts will be free on 3 public squares (Grand' Place, Sablon and square Sainte-Catherine/St Kathlijn). Jazz busses, free public transport or a shuttle service will bring you from spots to spots. And last but not least: sunday May 28th, 'Les Lundis d'Hortense' will set the Grand Place on fire with a closing concert night, from 18:00 till late. The Brussels2000 branded "Zinneke Parade" is also happening the 27th of may, end of afternoon (but why the same day???)
by Nicolas
20 April 2000 - - Legendary Farley comes back to us @ Food club
In 1984-86 in Chicago started something that no one could imagine as worldwide and huge as it is now: House music. Some names of House pioneers are Ron Hardy, Franckie Knuckles, DJ Pierre, Larry Heard, and... Farley Jackmaster Funk (listen to him here in 1996, and here in 1986 - realaudio - thanks to G. Rose). Farley is coming in Belgium at the Food Old Skool Flavour on june the 9th! Discover the genuine sound of Chicago in Silo (Leuven). A not to miss opportunity to dive in the Chicago House history, with also Geoffroy, Raoul, Pierre, Trish & Kash.
by Nicolas
17 April 2000 - Young Gods Back in Belgium
Big news for the industrial-freaks: The Young Gods will come on the second of june to Belgium. Their new CD will be promoted by their European tour. The only belgian concert will take place in The Steeple in Waregem. It’s been almost 4 years since they played their latest gig in Belgium. Plenty of reasons for not missing this unique happening. The Young Gods have already made 6 albums since they started in 1985. Their music wich is catalogued under industrial-new-wave, is a huge combination of electronic-sounds, heavy guitars and upwhiping rythms. What they perform is a pigheaded sound that never bores. Because of their leaden cracked riffs, they already built a cultreputation. This trio is leaded by Franz Treichler, the singer and head of the group. For a few years they were very quiet, but now they are back. Don’t say you were not warned! Ticket info: or on phone: 056.61 13 54 - @ The Steeple - Waregem
25 March 2000 - Boccaccio reopens its doors after 8 years!
No flyers, no news in magazines (except gossips and blablabla everywhere since few monthes), promoted only on ultra commercial TopRadio: Boccaccio reopens in Destelbergen!! The only true symbol of the birth of electronic music scene in Belgium takes back its place at original venue, near Gent. Boccaccio was between 1987 and 1992 the main House club of Belgium, under music selections of Eric Beysens and Oliver Pieters, with more than 5000 people every sunday evening, giant fields full of international cars all around (Italy, France, Holland, UK,...), and closing on monday afternoon. Back in 1992, it has been closed by Destelbergen authorities because of strong troubles with neighbours and usual drug accusations. Since then, the name has been sold to Pharao club (Halen/Diest) which tried to recover the reputation of extraordinary and historical Bocca, but without success because nobody can buy the past with just crap. Now the real Bocca has open its doors on sunday 23rd of april. Even almost without any promotion, there was a huge queue to get in (2 hours waiting!!). Boccaccio Life closes at 5:00 and is supposed to reopen every week-end (but we need more info to be sure about next dates). Music at reopening used to be the same than in 1992... So, no New Beat but the early Trance sounds we used to hear there right before the closure. (Boccaccio, 5 Solariumsdreef - Destelbergen. Near the crosspoint of E17 & R4, 10 min. from E40). Last news 23rd of may 2000: those two reopening nights where managed by TopRadio. It will happend again, but only once a month, maximum. Keep in touch with us, as soon as we get the info, we'll put it in the agenda. Latest news may 2001: now Boccaccio seems to be open very often, but under another name... such as "mega house temple" or something... I try to catch the info but it seems they really don't do lot of promotion.
by Nicolas
28 February 2000 - Reduced price for Jungle at AB
So if you mean to go at the "It's Like a Jungle" night at Ancienne Belgique on 11th of march, you'd probably like to save some cash, isn't it? 600 Bf at the door? Ouch! You prefer 350? Ok! Then go at the Vlaamse Gemeenschapscommissie (17 Sainctelette square - 1000 Brussels, before 16:00) and get a "Cultuurwaardenbon". Then you just buy your ticket at AB in presale (110 bd Anspach laan - 1000 Brussels) and YOU SAVE 250 Bf CASH! More info on phone : 02/208.02.23 - 02/208.02.00 Jungle Infosource and radio:
by Nicolas Noctis
25 February 2000 - New Ragga/R'nB/Drum'n Bass club in Gent
Now every friday in Gent, a new club is opening its gates for Funk, Hip Hop, Ragga, R'nB, Soul and Drum'n Bass! The Royal club, 174 Afrikalaan - 9000 Gent (next to Dampoort station)
by Nicolas
25 February 2000 - Brussels 2000 sponsored by Total
Brussels 2000, the big organisation that targets to make of Brussels the main cultural centre of Europe, is the source of lot of critics. Elitism is one of the subjects of those critics, as well as the fact that the enormous cash fund is given again to the same who had the subsidies before... well... all that is only a question of point of view. But what seems to be really strange is that Brussels 2000 is sponsored by Total that is under boycott since a few monthes for its attitude in the Erika scandal (oil slick in french Britain) and for its economical links with countries such as Birmania where human rights don't even exist. Is that the way Brussels authorities choosed to increase the belgian popularity? Do they wish a world definitely ruled by economists? Or do they think it's enough to claim against Haider? One thing is to tell... another thing is to act.
by Nicolas
22 February 2000 - One of the two attackers caught
There has been a great party on 19th of feb. in Brussels with 1000 ppl, hip hop floor with Rival + a crazy House set by Gilb'R from Paris on groundfloor. But a girl has been injured outside of the party, and police came to find the guys who did that. Police did not stop the party itself. But the girl has been raped by two boys in the neighbour parking. The party manager decided then themselves (it was 6 in the morning) to stop the party and to let people go out one by one. Thanks for that, one of the two guilty boys has been found. Some tell there has been a fight in the party, that is NOT true: the internal security has been perfectly done. (all that concerns the Worldwide party in Brussels at hippodrome of Boistfort/Bosvoorde)
by regular Noctis user
22 February 2000 - Gun shots at La Planète
A dispute between a group of young people and the doormen of a bar called "the Planet" (Marché aux Fromage / Kaasmarkt - 1000 Brussels) turned bad on weekend of February 10. One of the guards showed out a weapon and drew a shot in direction of the teenagers. There is no casualty, but the gatekeeper (who's in escape) is actively wanted to explain his gesture.
by Nicolas
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