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19 March 2002 - Mainstream party reviews
Nicolas Marcus checked Alkaselser, Mezzanine and Crema y Gusto, 3 Brussels "mainstream" oriented parties. Here's his point of view about those events... but caution: he's not that indulgent. It's in french only. Nicolas (which is not the Noctis webmaster) produced electronic music radioshows on LNA Louvain-La-Neuve for years. He owns
by Nicolas Marcus
17 March 2002 - When Disco turned into House (2)
Do you know how Disco has been changed in pre-House Music by the deejay? The answer is long, but the hardware is short to tell: reel-to-reel. What's that? click here and check this out. What we're gonna do now is go back!
by Nicolas
16 March 2002 - For musicians and music producers...
Check this out! There's a petition to promote copyleft instead of copyrights, to protect the freedom of file sharing against the hegemonic power of major record companies. It's in Dutch only, but no doubt that there will be an online english version soon. Promote independent labels and local artists!
by Nicolas
15 March 2002 - Next House-Torhout 2002: Who's there?
Now it's obvious an public, Fuse joins hands to Kozzmozz to set up the next House-Torhout festival on 5, 6 and 7 July 2002. The first names we received are DJ Rush (Chicago), G Flame, Technasia (China), Rino Cerrone (Fr/USA), Terry Francis Vs Nathan Coles, Adam Beyer (Ger), Llorca, Danny Howells (UK), Dave Clarke (UK), Ian Pooley (UK), Alexander Kowalski + almost all the Belgian House & Techno scene. Yummyyyyyyy ! and is coming up soon. Check the pictures of 2001 issue on this website
by Nicolas
10 March 2002 - News about San Francisco dance scene
The first is a chronic of where the scene is in San Francisco bay, what happens there. And the second is a Frisco view of some points of the House Music history there. Both articles are from SF Gate.
Sorry to put links here, but this is relevant. :)
by Kad - Friends and Family - San
04 March 2002 - When Disco turned into House (1)
Do you know who was Ron Hardy? It was a deejay in the 80's in Chicago. Do you know why you don't know him? Do you know that without him the House music would probably not be exactly what it is? More about Ron Hardy, and 30 mixes to listen to: here. Check this out! Pure oldschool and back to the sources
by Nicolas
01 March 2002 - Major Police Controls in Brussels
All the night of Fri. 1 to Sat. 2 March 2002, a massive amount of controls have been installed by the police all along the major avenues and boulevards of Brussels for the whole night, and not only Brussels. More than 44 districts (gemeenten/communes) were concerned by this gigantic operation (500 policemen). 2663 cars have been controlled, and 1533 persons too. 26 persons have been transported to the police headquarters. As always, with or without controls we repeat: drive safe, or choose to be driven by someone else. But at least, don't forget your identity card at home... it could be useful.
by Nicolas
01 March 2002 - Noctis ego flattered twice
Ermm ... cool! had 23.634 unique visitors in February. Thanks to all of you for that. You're doing this website as well as we do. Now Noctis webmaster has been chosen as one of "100 characters who do the culture & entertainments in frenchspeaking Belgium" by the Mosquito (inner-mag of Tele-Moustique) of 27 Feb. to 5 March 2002. And more: there's a short article about Noctis webmaster in Le Soir (inner-mag Victor) of the Friday 01 March 2002. All this sounds positive! Fuzz, buzz, wuzz! More for the nightlife!
archives on: or and
by Nicolas
28 February 2002 - Stolen Kozzmozz tickets! Fear the blackmarket!
Nl: Tijdens de nacht van zondag 24 op maandag 25 februari, werd er ingebroken in de kantoren van 't Kuipke. De dieven ontvreemden de kluis waarin ook een groot aantal voorverkooptickets van Kozzmozz staken. AUB, breng GEEN tickets op de zwarte markt te kopen maar enkel in de officiële voorverkooppunten (list op Kozzmozz website). In elk geval zullen de tickets met de nummer 8001 tot 10.000 niet aanvaard worden aan de kassa de avond zelf. Help ons er aub voor te zorgen dat ons publiek geen ontgoocheling te wachten staat en dat de inbrekers met hun buit geen weg kunnen.
Fr: Dans la nuit du dimanche 24 au lundi 25 février, des cambrioleurs se sont introduits dans les bureaux du Kuipke à Gand et ont volé le coffre de sécurité. S'y trouvaient beaucoup de tickets de prévente de la prochaine édition de Kozzmozz. L'organisation nous demande d'insister pour que personne n'achète de tickets sur le marché noir, mais uniquement auprès des points de vente officiels (voir leur site). Les tickets allant des numéros 8001 à 10.000 ne seront pas accepté a la caisse le soir même. Pour éviter des desillusions chez les jeunes de leur public, et pour éviter que les voleurs puissent profiter de leur méfait. Merci de faire passer le mot.
En: In the night of Sunday 24 on Monday 25 February, burglars have invaded the offices of 't Kuipke in Ghent and stole the volt. In this volt were a great amount of pre-sale tickets for the next edition of Kozzmozz. The organisation asks us to boldly point at the fact that the public should absolutely not buy tickets on the black market but only at the official pre-sale addresses (list on their website). In any case , no tickets bearing the numbers "8001" till "10.000" will be accepted at the door . So to avoid disillusions with the youngsters and to make it more difficult for the thieves to get rid of their catch. Thanks to pass the word.
by Kozzmozz communication & Nicol
27 February 2002 - re-issue: Killing Ecstasy in Belgium
We re-issue this Noctis headline, because someone died a few weeks ago because of some poisonous fake ecstasy... and he was a respected deejay. Rest in Peace Toxin... but PLEASE all, be extremely careful of what you take, if you take anything. Caution! Noctis uses to say no to chemical drugs simply because it hurts you, and it kills as well as alcohol on the roads. But this time it is different: there is killing "ecstasy" since a few weeks in our country. Sold as normal xtc (same price, same look), it is in fact PMA and PMMA ... that are EXTREMELY dangerous. 9 kids recently died in USA because of those pills, and a few people in Belgium were transported in hospitals or even died because of it. Please tell it around... NO it's not only about fun, and YES there are killing pills running in our country, this is not a joke.
by Nicolas
27 February 2002 - Dance Valley 2002 is sold-out!
At this moment all available tickets for Dance Valley are reservated. So Dance Valley is sold out in advance. They hold back some tickets for future actions. Within 2 weeks we'll try to know how you can get hold of the last tickets. So stay tuned
by Nicolas
25 February 2002 - the Sparrow Funk is closed... not definitely
The main Funk club of Brussels is closed since the last days of 2001. It appears that the new owner has no valid fire insurance to keep the club open... and after huge discussions, the previous owner (Alan D.) apparently accepted to save the diving boat. It's a surprise to see problems occuring there, because the Sparrow was very successful and saw its floor permanently packed with people since it turned on Funk & R'n B almost three years ago. In the meantime, Du Tâm and Eric, the resident deejays of teh club, are spinning around, waiting to be back on those famous decks. Soon again (probably) at 16-18 Duquesnoy street - 1000 Brussels
by Nicolas
23 February 2002 - some more for Who's
The delay of the reopening of Who's Who's Land is only a matter of licenses and documents. The city agreement was supposed to be officialized about two weeks ago, but it seems some try to make it slower. That serious delay is the reason of the cancellation of the Girly Party. Anyway, we all hope that Rez party will take place in the brand new Who's... with full new lazer show and a weird new soundsystem based on active ceilings (yes, ceilings). Let's check it out, as soon as doors are open!
by Nicolas
14 February 2002 - 3 weeks off for Who's
After three weeks of work on the building, the sound and the inner-security system of the club, Who's Who's Land is back on friday the 15th of February with the Girly Party. Coming up early in March is a party with Kevin Saunderson, the charismatic symbol of the birth of Techno in Detroit, back in 1987. So, make it a gossip: Who's is back for more! More! More!
@ 17 rue du Poinçon / Priemstraat - 1000 Brussels
by Nicolas
14 February 2002 - Dance Valley on a severe diet
Dance Valley is that 80.000 ppl electronic-festival near Amsterdam, shaking the summers since 1995 with the biggest names of the clubbing scene. But it seems the crowd has been too big last time. Or is it related to a political decision of the city? Whatever. Apparently, the capacity of the next Dance Valley Festival will be 40.000 party people. Estimated 150,000 people trying to get their hands on 40,000 tickets, got to be fast. Although the capacity is less than half the capacity of last year, they will not make the festival smaller, and it will stay at Spaarnwoude in Velsen. So, the area will be as big as in 2001, and there will be the same amount of arenas and deejays. As usual they'll broadcast Dance Valley live on tv, internet and radio, so if you cannot be there there will be enough to follow the event. [Sorry, no pictures at all here... ask them why]
by Nicolas
11 February 2002 - City Parade 2002
The City Parade 2002 is confirmed for end of June in Liège/Luik. Nowhere else. Claude El Divino (organiser) already told us some names for the line-up: Kevin Saunderson (Detroit, USA), Dave Angel (UK), Jack de Marseille (Fr), Fabio (UK), Grooverider (UK), ... All the facets of Belgium Nightclubbing in the streets of Liège, and at the Palais des Expos (30.000 ppl). Techno, House, Trance, Drum'n Bass, Electro, ... Be ready for the press release, very soon! And please, don't believe the press rumors.
2002 edition in Liège, and 2003 edition confirmed in Gent!
by Nicolas
11 February 2002 - Brussels is burning?
Yes! Or something like that. You know Antwerp is Burning? 6 to 10 clubs together for one night and one ticket. Ok. Well, something close is starting in Brussels for the 8th of May 2002. Be ready, because all the big clubs will be included in the thing! Fuse, Hippodrome Boitsfort, MadeinBrussels, and 5 more clubs... all for one ticket (15 €), and with a free bus to ride the circuit! Organised by Claude El Divino (City Parade), this is planned to shake your bones to death. Sleep before, because you won't have time after.
Line-up: Fuse: Kozzmozz with Jack de Marseille, Trish, Zinno and Kozz.
Fuse Motion level: drum'n bass with Millenium Kru, Brekbit, System D, Nico Boups & Walex.
At Who's Who's Land: Bruno (Café del Mar, Ibiza), J. Munoz, Olivier Gosseries, Prinz, Murvin Jay, Tofke and Eric Beysens.
Retro Acid at MadeinBrussels with Acid Junkies live, and Psychogene, Deg, Tomaz, Tim, Pat Vision (BWP), Spacid (Funky Green Aliens).
Last but not least: Buddah bar at Pacha with Claude Challes (Paris,Bains Douches), Lorenzo, Isabel (Café d'Anvers) and Sandra
by Nicolas
10 February 2002 - After Arlequin, Amnezia, Studio Gallery, ...
A new club is about to open its doors, at level -1 of Louise/Louiza shopping gallery in Brussels. It's been years since anything happened there. In the early 80's it was a straight club named Arlequin. Then it turned on New Beat and was one of the main clubs in Brussels for a year or two. The 90's came and the hard times too, apparently, because the public didn't follow the change when the club tried to restart with fashion events and UK House deejays (that was the Studio Gallery). Not even when the club tried another fuzz when blocking all the Louise avenue for a false 50's movie shooting, with 50's cars and environment... the new name was NYC Club, and it was in 1992. Nothing happened since then, except projects of casinos... but it has never been done. So now, a team of professional organisers wants to launch that hall again... we're curious of what it will be. The only thing we know is the name of one of the future managers: Jose-Luis of the Strong club.
by Nicolas
10 February 2002 - Food Main Course
When Benjamin joins Frank, the Food director... it takes the road of Wieze! Once upon a time in the 90's, there was the biggest Belgian party organisation named Rave Explosion. And Rave Explosion took place in the Oktoberhallen of Wieze. With 6000 people and Jeff Mills, Laurent Garnier, Blake Baxter, Source, etc... that was the first enormous Techno event ever done in our country. After 9 years of silence, Food Main Course re-opens the gates of Oktoberhallen for one night. Todd Terry (USA), Dave Clarke (UK), Jeff Mills (USA), Kenny Glasgow, Derrick Carter, Green Velvet, Trish, Raoul, Geoffroy and more... the night will be rich. Presales 22 €, or 28,5 € at the door.
by Nicolas
10 February 2002 - Strong is still alive
The long story of the Strong gay club took its start at L'Envers d'Anvers 'round 1994. Jose-Luis and Jos were the souls of that gay male party serie, and it was driving a pretty huge crowd on the floor of the Cafe Local, back then. Later, they moved to Brussels to create the Strong sundays at Who's Who's Land with a good response from the public, but not exactly a success. When Who's Who's closed its doors in 98, the Strong club moved to Residence Palace (near Schuman square) where it still shakes nowadays, on special saturdays. In the meantime, Strong was also a real club for a year, on 2 levels of the St Kristoffelstraat... but it stopped at the end of year 2000. Spending more and more time in Ibiza, Jose-Luis and Jos finally took an agreement with the Pacha club to create the Pacha Brussels. That experience also took an end after a year of frenetic gossips ... and huge parties. So, what's up now? The Strong itself takes place in Residence Palace almost once a month, in a fantastic classious ballroom with mirrors and precious deco, and with the mixes of Jos and Isabel. And the Cabaret (the soft gay pop sundays of Jose-Luis & Jos) rules the sundays of Hippodrome de Boitsfort, 51 chée de la Hulpe - 1180 Brussels.
by Nicolas
01 August 2001 - "Boccaccio" name ok for reference
You sure know the story about that historical club in Destelbergen (Gent) that was the birthplace of the House and Techno wave in Belgium since 1987 and that has been closed by neighbourhood and destelbergense authorities in 1992. In 1995, the name (only the name) has been sold to another club... the Pharao/Dreamland which is "Boccaccio/Dreamland" since then. The new Boccaccio did only pay for it, and there's nothing in common between the old and the new one. Ok... well... but the deejays of the old true Boccaccio were still using the name as a reference. (Eric Beysens [Boccaccio 1987-92], Olivier Pieters [Boccaccio 1987-92], etc...). So, on some posters and flyers of some parties the name of Boccaccio was sometimes mentionned. It seems that the boss of the new Bocca did not like it and tried to get the organisers of a Beach Party in Lummen to the Court of Hasselt. And that has been done... but the club did loose. The judge told that it is frequent that the deejays mention some clubs after their name (just to identify themselves) and that doesn't mean that the mentionned club is giving acknowledgement or is part of the organisation.
What does that mean? That Eric Beysens and Olivier Pieters, but also all other deejays in the country still may use their past as references for the future. Thanks to the court of Hasselt for that legitimated freedom.
by Nicolas
01 August 2001 - Killing ecstasy in Belgium? Yes!
Caution! We use to say no to chemical drugs simply because it hurts you, and it kills as well as alcohol on the roads. But this time it is different: there is killing "ecstasy" since a few weeks in our country. Sold as normal xtc (same price, same look), it is in fact PMA and PMMA ... that are EXTREMELY dangerous. 9 kids recently died in USA because of those pills, and a few people in Belgium were transported in hospitals because of it. Please tell it around... NO it is not a love drug, and YES there are killing pills running in our country, this is not a joke. Home test kits:
by Nicolas
01 August 2001 - Food stops definitely? No! (2)
Yes Food at Fool Moon stopped... ok... but Food will shake back in september! Where? At Lounge club, on the side of the Brussels Stock Exchange (Beurs/Bourse). 25 rue Henri Maus str. - 1000 Brussels. Same line-ups, same security as before at Fool Moon... no doubt, Food is a phoenix! House, House and always more House!
by Nicolas
30 July 2001 - Benjamin leaves the Fuse
Since 1996 Benjamin was the artistic director of the Fuse club. At the beginning he was more in charge of the looking (deco, flyers), but after a year he has been in charge of the deejay selection and of the whole Fuse machine, in complete collaboration with Thierry Coppens the owner of the club. After 6 months of Trance (a last try by the previous manager & creator of the club, Peter), Benjamin tried to find back the original Fuse identity, and he succeded! He turned it back on Techno, inviting the greatest names for 5 years and keeping a very high level of musical quality (they even tried a Dru'mn Bass room for 6 monthes in 1996). Besides he did also bring plenty of concepts to the Fuse and changed its reputation from local to international, taking residents such as Carl Craig, Dave Clarke, etc... Now Benjamin quits for some other roads. But nothing bitter in this. No stress, no fool, no problems... it seems it was just the right moment for both sides to stop the partnership. Fuse goes on, Benjamin goes on... and everything's fine. Sounds too sweet to be true? Maybe, but you had to know it :)
by Nicolas
25 July 2001 - Dance-Valley 2001
Back on 4th of August, one of the most impressive events in continental Europe: 65.000 ppl last year! All the top deejays! Dimitri, Rhythm Masters (live), Ferry Corsten, Paco Osuna, Steve Mason, Carl Cox, Orbital (live), Steve Rachmad, Chris Liebing, Marco Carola, Richard Bartz (live), Richie Hawtin, Sven Vath, Dave Clarke, Billy Nasty, Pete Tong, Evolution (live), Remy, Junkie XL (live), Danny Howells, Tiesto, Darren Emerson, Dave Angel, Quazar, Jack de Marseille, Morpheus, Ambient Daan, Moodyman, Sneak, Fat Tuesday (live), Nicky Blackmarket, Ed Rush, Optical, Digital, MC Darisson, Laurence Bagnall,... and so much more you won't see if you do'nt already have your ticket... because it's totally sold out.
by Nicolas
21 July 2001 - Love Parade is back in Berlin
Love Parade launched for its 13th edition. But this year seemed to have a bitter taste since there was a lot of critics about edition 2000. First, City of Berlin forced Love Parade to change it's date (usually 12th of July), and told them they had to pay for any problem caused by the Parade (previous years it was considered as a political event, so they had nothing to pay... but now it's considered as a commercial event, so rules are changing). Globally, Love Parade expected for a 500.000 ppl meeting (3 times less than previous year). But Dr Motte (the Love Parade creator) still trusts the people and he was right because this was a fantastic honnest and great gathering with lot more than expected amount! (how many? I don't know, but it was really big).
Official website:
All lives and audio/video streams on the net at more than 10 cameras, sound, etc...
by Nicolas
23 July 2001 - Nightlife Awards: Noctis awarded
Op 22 juni werden in de Who's Who's Land in Brussel de Ticket Night- live Awards uitgereikt aan de volgende personen en organisaties / Le 22 Juin au Who's Who's Land de Bruxelles ont été remis les Ticket Nightlife awards, récompensant le travail des personnes et organisations suivantes:
Best Party Organiser: Food Best Crossover Group: Starflam
Best Club: Cafe d'Anvers Best Label: Wally's Groove World
Best Producer: Sven Van Hees Special Award: Claude El Divino (City Parade, la Rocca)
Best DJ: Smos & Baby B Movida Award: Nicolas Deckmyn (, Kiosque mag.)
Best Bar: Pablo's Discobar
by Press Release Nightlife awards
14 May 2001 - Carl Craig fired from DEMF?? Smells like onspiracy...
Since about 15 years, all House and Techno artists from Chicago and Detroit are stars in Europe, but almost unknown in their own country. Last year, when first Detroit Electronic Music Festival (DEMF) turned out to be the USA largest free electronic music festival to date, it seemed that recognition for American dance music had finally arrived at its birthplace. Cofounded by techno producer and Planet E label owner Carl Craig, the event attracted more than one million visitors (!!) and had plenty of legendary artists in its line-up including Derrick May, Stacey Pullen, and Richie Hawtin.
But only two weeks before the second festival (26 & 28 May 2001), the festival's producer, Carol Marvin of Pop Media Culture organisation, unexpectedly fired Craig from his role as creative director. By doing this, she has placed the future and credibility of the event in serious jeopardy. All of the major players in the Detroit music community spoke out against her actions in the Detroit press and have made one thing clear: the DEMF without Craig is no festival at all. Without his work as creative director, securing a high-quality lineup would never have been possible. To say Carol Marvin did shot herself in the foot is an understatement. She actually fired Craig because he did not turn artists contracts in on time, but Carl immediately denied and explained clearly to the US press that he "was never given any city deadlines [...]. We had all the [outstanding] contracts come in the day that the first article came out. This was all done recklessly on her part to destroy my reputation [...]." Craig said that being fired came as a shock. His friend and partner in the history of techno, Derrick May said that he is saddened by Craig's dismissal: "Carl was trying to introduce Detroit to the world. Things with Carol should never have gotten to this level." Jonah Sharp also thinks so: "Without him what would it be? It's so much him. Where he's at with his label Planet E and his music, he's the only sort of person who could make it entertaining and make it work with a very eclectic array of underground and global talent."
Lines quoted from San Francisco Bay Guardian & Detroit News
Since then, Carl Craig has been given his seat back at DEMF. Things finally turned right.
by Tania Monad
25 April 2001 - Drug on wheel, results
As an answer to a written question of senator Van Quickenborne, the Minister of Justice Marc Verwilghen declared that during year 2000 there had been 356 car drivers controlled positive for use of drug at the wheel. 128 of these drivers were positive with ecstasy, 127 with cannabis, 58 with amphetamines, 39 with cocaine and 4 with heroin, specified the minister. About fifty actions of control of this kind were organized in Belgium in year 2000. 443 reports were drawn up for "use of drug at the wheel". The average age of the charged conductors was in 90% of the cases between 18 and 25 years. 63 of the charged people were for the use of 2 substances, 20 for 3 substances and 2 for 4 substances (this last one was to be in a wikkid bad state... ouch!).
We repeat it again in our pages: DON'T BE STONE ON WHEEL! Not for Justice, but for you and your friends
by Nicolas
24 April 2001 - Max refused to spin
Last wednesday was a party at Who's Who's Land (but organised by another management) featuring Bob Sinclar, Max (Fun Radio, Paris), Michel Traxx etc... All seemed to be ok... Some deejays were playing in the big hall (the theatre) and other deejays in the lounge (a very nice smaller hall on basement floor). Max was announced in the lounge on the flyers (everyone saw it), but when he arrived at 3am and saw that he wasn't playing along Bob Sinclar in the largest hall, Max refused to play and left the place back to Paris. Max said in his show that he came with Techno music and not with Lounge music so that couldn't fit with the place, and that it was disrespectful for his public. The organisers answered that he was announced in the Lounge since months, and that it was told in the starting deal. Who lies? Who cares... really? But two points are:
- is a deejay not able to face all the situations?
- is Max not payed enough to play for the people who came at the party?
by Nicolas
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