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14 May 2002 - Tiga & Zyntherius free videoclip is online
BBC offers you to see the complete video of "I Wear My Sunglasses at Night", the famous electro remix of the 80's classic song by Cory Hart. That track has been an anthem of the Love Parade 2001 in Berlin, in the mix of DJ Hell.
Complete website of the best media ever: - Direct link to the clip:
by Nicolas
11 May 2002 - Fuz : belgian d'nb, from newsgroup
The Internet is often seen as a way of empowering indie musicians. It has been for Belgian composer Fuz. Following an article posted in a newsgroup, his “ambient trash” with a d'n'b twist was used in the award-winning short movie “Member” by David Brooks starring Josh “Pearl Harbor” Hartnett. In addition to having been shown at most of the major film festivals around the world, “Member” was released in Japan and will be released on DVD in May 2002. Fuz is currently working on new material and preparing for live shows in the summer of 2002. The music is available exclusively on
by Michael Leahy - michael@a-lyri
10 May 2002 - Who's Who's Land ... soon the End my friend
After years of brilliant highs and cruel lows, years of fights against the bad will of the previous city council and the neighbourhood associations, the magnificent Who's Who's Land will very probably take an end in a couple of months. The sale is currently in progress, and will soon lead to the definitive closure of the club... but we don't know yet when. In a month? Two? Even more? No one can really say at this moment. It is then the final episode of a long story, the awakening of an old theatre from the 20's turned into a massive european-sized club. It started successfully in 1996, with sold-out saturdays and legendary R'nB thursdays, but behind the desk of the district authorities was someone that has a personal problem with the nightlife. Already pressuring the bars and clubs in Brussels, he was very upset about the appearance of the Who's Who's Land, based on an old licence (from 1921), and when the club did some errors (especially with their previous security staff) the whole city-system felt on it and closed it immediately with fake rumors about drugs. It was 1999, and the club was about to pass its harder time, a closing length of one full year. Back since 2000 with the name StudioLive and a new concept based on live musicians + deejays, it unfortunately never really recovered its first recognition, since the sound and the crowd were limited. Closed again during a month for transformations at the start of 2002, the club really takes too much time to launch and causes too many problems in the street... so the sale has been decided by the current owners.
At this very moment, it seems it could be turned into a museum related to the Belgian Frenchspeaking Community... but it's only a supposition.
Some also say that it could be a restaurant or a lounge-bar too... but not a club anymore.
by Nicolas
10 May 2002 - - I Love Techno founder turns on philosophy!
Yes! True! Peter Decuypere, the unstoppable creator of the Fifty Five, the Paradise parties (with Patrick Socks), the Fuse club, the Fill Collins club, and of I Love Techno, is going back to university and starts 4 years of philosophy. Who said that the night organizers were not voluntarily courageous? Will he start a career of teacher or writer? In all the cases, to see a businessman of that size plunging itself in the studies is a beautiful demonstration of an opened mind. So now who's next? [source Out Soon number 100, and check the "Round Table" ... it's really good].
by Nicolas
10 May 2002 - - End of the Good Times for French Raves
You really think the elections changed nothing in France? Now raves will be chased and hunted in one of the only European country where it was possible to organise some. Some laws concerning raves have recently been granted by the French government, but are now suddenly applied by the police. Those new laws mention that any rave must be legally allowed my the local mayor, which is absolutely unreal since the raves took place in woods and empty hills. Who could think that the mayor of 100 homes lost in the country could accept the rave cultures to be shown in his area? How could most of them have any understanding of those futuristic events? How could it be more than a "BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM ..." to them? Those laws are only the straightest way to stop the entire movement.
Check this frenchspeaking report where you can see the Police chasing an 'illegal' rave *before* it starts. In those news from French television (real video), go at 22min 10 sec and watch the results of the small popular fears.
Copy this in your realplayer:
by Nicolas
10 May 2002 - Lounge club is still on the line
Contrarily to some ridiculous rumors, the Lounge Club is still open and shakes every week-end with Deep House. What you have to know is that the previous manager (Octaii) has been suddenly dropped by the french owners of the place, and replaced by the current Public Relation manager. All this has been very sudden and, since some other people influenced the change of the management, the mood was a little strange because no one really knew what was happening. Our conclusions are: 1) Octaii did a great job and launched one of the best House clubs in Belgium, only in one year (which is really fast). So we don't really see the reason why he's been dropped out. This text is a tribute to his work.
2) the Food club is still shaking there, every saturday, bringing its quality and its passion to the walls of the Lounge since september 2001.
3) the Lounge club still opens every friday night, so NO it is NOT closed. We don't know of any resident deejay changes, but the Food doesn't change and keeps everything at its place.
Lounge club @ 25 rue H. Mauss. - 1000 Brussels (next to stock exchange)
by Nicolas
09 May 2002 - City Parade... Stop the rumors!
Yes the headquarters of the City Parade are in Liège. And yes the City Parade will move to Gent in 2003. Why? Of course, it's also because of the name of the event... but it's mostly because it created massive problems in Paris or UK, so the authorities of the City of Liège want to have it only one year over two. It's a question of security, and of good relationships with the shops and the citizens. In a short: Liège 2002, then Gent 2003, then Liège 2004, then ??? 2005, Liège 2006, etc etc etc You want more details?
by Nicolas
09 May 2002 - Some lost words
sorry but the political and news environment has been so dark these days, I've not been in mood to put any news in here. Please point at this: always try to focus on those who want your freedom. Not on those who *pretend* to put any order. Total cleaning is a lie, the world has always been a mess and will forever be a mess... that's my humble opinion. As far as I'm allowed to say this to you: please, share freedom and share respect... the hate is permanently knocking at our door. Please wake up and stand up for more Love.
Never be ashamed of beeing Cool! Never hide your smile! Never turn on beeing cynical or sarcastic just because it's hype! Never believe the bloody urban legends! Never forget loving those you say you love! Never lie just to stick with the society! Never feel guilty of beeing happy or armless! In this world of arguments and fights, of lethal extremes, love seems to be an alien. It means some need to make a new underground. Now love is underground. Love is rebel! It is deeply a counter-culture to our current social codes wich are based on disrespect and fear. Even the peaceful persons are quickly considered as stupid or passive, aren't they?
This sounds dumb to you? Childish? Maybe it is. But tell me... what do we need but love? And now tell me... what do we have around? [Nicolas Noctis]
by Nicolas Deckmyn - w
15 April 2002 - Sonik club is now closed
It was the place where plenty of underground and successful deejays came to play for fun only. It was the basic foundation of the recognition of deejays like EMB or Lorenzo, and the residency of almost all the scene: Geoffroy, T-Quest, Pierre, St-Dic, etc... Smallest club in Belgium, Sonik has been created by Eric Stock in 1998, in the same street as Pablo Discobar and Belgica (rue du Marché aux Charbons / Kolenmarkt, in the deep centre of Brussels). Over two levels, the venue seemed to launch well for a long time, since the passion and the energy of the staff was really impressive. But some problems with the neighbours forced them to close the first floor, and only the basement kept on shaking for moreless 100 to 200 people. You saw there so many young organisations, such as the Different Parties or the Surreal Anniversary. Now some strong troubles with the building owner are closing the doors of the club... sad sad world sometimes. Big up to all the former staff of the Sonik club, and be sure they'll be back soon for more crazeeeey nighttrips! Isn't it Eric?
by Nicolas
12 April 2002 - City Parade Final line-up: Names List !
Arena 01 (Techno): Dave Angel (UK), Kenny Larkin (Detroit, USA), Michel De Heij (Nl), Secret Cinema (live, Nl), G-Force aka Stanny Franssen (Germany), Marco Bailey, Psychogene (MadeinBrussels, I Love Techno), Pota
Arena 02 (House): Phats & Small (UK), Charles Schillings, 100% Isis (Amsterdam), Junior Jack & Kid Crème, Geoffroy (Food club), Murvin Jay (X-Mirano), Praxid
Arena 03 (Progressive Trance): Moguai (Ger.), Alison Marks (UK), Anthonny Pappa (UK), Pako & Frederik (live, Nl), Marko (LaRocca), CP, Mr Sam, TC BRain
Arena 04 (Drum'n Bass): Grooverider vs MC Rage (UK), Hype vs AD (UK), Nubian (Nl), Millenium Crew (Gent), Brekbit, Dylem & Freeman
+ Arena 05: Relaxing Zone
Let me tell you this: bring coffee, fruits and all your energy ressources! Only top range deejays at the desks.
And I even heard something about 2003: it seems that a very BIG european deejay is asking about coming next year. Now, the stars want and ask by themself to come at our belgian parade! wooohooo!
by Nicolas
13 April 2002 - Dance Valley 2002 (august) last tickets
We all know that most of the tickets for next DV are sold out, BUT they kept a few to leave out a little later. Now I received a message from the Dance Valley crew saying that the last presale for the last Dance Valley tickets will start on Saturday April 20th . You will find a list of the presale addresses on this url (Be aware there are only a few tickets left!):
by Nicolas
12 April 2002 - In the Beginning There Was Jack!
At the start of a track by Mr Fingers or in a deejay mix, you all heard that voice saying "In The Beginning There Was Jack, And Jack Had a Groove, and from this Groove Came The Groove of All Grooves!". It was the voice of Chuck Roberts in 1984... you want the complete lyrics of that genuine House preach? And the Audio? click here:
by Nicolas
08 April 2002 - Free Rave in France: 10.000 ravers and the police
It seems that the rave scene in France has heavy troubles with its reputation combined with the pre-election countdown. Last year the french government refused a law suggested by one of their main ministers. That law was supposed to force the rave organisers to ask for local public aknowledgement and licences before any event... and it meant the death of the raves. But the lobbying worked well and the law has finally not been voted. The problem now is that the pressure against raves is fast-growing with the feeling of insecurity due to the political campains. Some far neighbours, instead of asking anyone, complained against a recent rave in the Broceliande Forrest (Bretagne)... and at the end of the event, in the morning, the Police arrived with brutality, helicopters, tv reporters, and guns targeting the dog of a kid. So, maybe the organisers should ask before starting a party... ok on that... but that is NO JUSTIFICATION for such a violent behaviour by the police. Those ravers did choose an abandoned field far from every village, and were cleaning the place after the night with 10.000 party people... is it a crime to make a party? (razzia viewable in the archives of the news, at date 08 April 2002)
by Nicolas
25 March 2002 - City Parade Date confirmed + free winamp skin
The press conference for the City Parade 2002 in Liège confirms the date to be 22 of June, exactly the same date as previous year. All is basically set to be the most impressive open air event in the Belgian nightlife history. And this year, after the free Open City Party, all will still shake at the Palais des Expositions of Liège (so, not in the several places with all the capacity problems last year). Then, do we dare to expect 200.000 people? Let's warm-up the thing!
You have a Winamp player and you want the free City Parade skin to get the ultimate look? Check it out in our downloads page
by Nicolas
23 March 2002 - New Pictures
Fetes de la Musique in LLN pictures with Jack de Marseille (Fr). Click Here! - Louvain-La-Neuve Fuse, Some March pictures with Dave Clarke (UK).
The Lounge club anniversary pictures, with Johnny Fiasco (Chicago).
The Zoo in Pecq, Girly Party pictures with Isabel, Stephanie and Baby B. (Tournai/Doornik)
Check it out in the pictures page!
by Nicolas
22 March 2002 - New Food Main Course Line-Up
The next issue of Food Main Course won't be at the Oktoberhallen of Wieze, but at the Brabanthal of Leuven. Bigger and louder; the confirmed date is the Friday 10 May. The line up features: Carl Craig (special house set), Kevin Saunderson (KMS Detroit), Derrick May (Transmat, Detroit), Gene Farris (Chicago), Michel De Hey (Nl), Tomaz (MadeInBrussels), Raoul (Swirl People), Geoffroy, Jan Van Biesen, Trish
by Nicolas
19 March 2002 - Free Entrance at MadeinBrussels 22 March
The friday 22 March with the deejay from Fischerspooner is free entrance at MadeinBrussels club. The first week of March was charged 15 € due to the visit of Dave Angel... Psychogene figured that it was really too much, even for one unique evening. So he decided to make it free this friday. And please, keep in mind that MIB club is usually 8 € (and free before 23h) for 'resident' evenings, and 10 € (and 3 € before 23h) for evenings with an international guest.
by Nicolas
19 March 2002 - Mainstream party reviews
Nicolas Marcus checked Alkaselser, Mezzanine and Crema y Gusto, 3 Brussels "mainstream" oriented parties. Here's his point of view about those events... but caution: he's not that indulgent. It's in french only. Nicolas (which is not the Noctis webmaster) produced electronic music radioshows on LNA Louvain-La-Neuve for years. He owns
by Nicolas Marcus
17 March 2002 - When Disco turned into House (2)
Do you know how Disco has been changed in pre-House Music by the deejay? The answer is long, but the hardware is short to tell: reel-to-reel. What's that? click here and check this out. What we're gonna do now is go back!
by Nicolas
16 March 2002 - For musicians and music producers...
Check this out! There's a petition to promote copyleft instead of copyrights, to protect the freedom of file sharing against the hegemonic power of major record companies. It's in Dutch only, but no doubt that there will be an online english version soon. Promote independent labels and local artists!
by Nicolas
15 March 2002 - Next House-Torhout 2002: Who's there?
Now it's obvious an public, Fuse joins hands to Kozzmozz to set up the next House-Torhout festival on 5, 6 and 7 July 2002. The first names we received are DJ Rush (Chicago), G Flame, Technasia (China), Rino Cerrone (Fr/USA), Terry Francis Vs Nathan Coles, Adam Beyer (Ger), Llorca, Danny Howells (UK), Dave Clarke (UK), Ian Pooley (UK), Alexander Kowalski + almost all the Belgian House & Techno scene. Yummyyyyyyy ! and is coming up soon. Check the pictures of 2001 issue on this website
by Nicolas
10 March 2002 - News about San Francisco dance scene
The first is a chronic of where the scene is in San Francisco bay, what happens there. And the second is a Frisco view of some points of the House Music history there. Both articles are from SF Gate.
Sorry to put links here, but this is relevant. :)
by Kad - Friends and Family - San
04 March 2002 - When Disco turned into House (1)
Do you know who was Ron Hardy? It was a deejay in the 80's in Chicago. Do you know why you don't know him? Do you know that without him the House music would probably not be exactly what it is? More about Ron Hardy, and 30 mixes to listen to: here. Check this out! Pure oldschool and back to the sources
by Nicolas
01 March 2002 - Major Police Controls in Brussels
All the night of Fri. 1 to Sat. 2 March 2002, a massive amount of controls have been installed by the police all along the major avenues and boulevards of Brussels for the whole night, and not only Brussels. More than 44 districts (gemeenten/communes) were concerned by this gigantic operation (500 policemen). 2663 cars have been controlled, and 1533 persons too. 26 persons have been transported to the police headquarters. As always, with or without controls we repeat: drive safe, or choose to be driven by someone else. But at least, don't forget your identity card at home... it could be useful.
by Nicolas
01 March 2002 - Noctis ego flattered twice
Ermm ... cool! had 23.634 unique visitors in February. Thanks to all of you for that. You're doing this website as well as we do. Now Noctis webmaster has been chosen as one of "100 characters who do the culture & entertainments in frenchspeaking Belgium" by the Mosquito (inner-mag of Tele-Moustique) of 27 Feb. to 5 March 2002. And more: there's a short article about Noctis webmaster in Le Soir (inner-mag Victor) of the Friday 01 March 2002. All this sounds positive! Fuzz, buzz, wuzz! More for the nightlife!
archives on: or and
by Nicolas
28 February 2002 - Stolen Kozzmozz tickets! Fear the blackmarket!
Nl: Tijdens de nacht van zondag 24 op maandag 25 februari, werd er ingebroken in de kantoren van 't Kuipke. De dieven ontvreemden de kluis waarin ook een groot aantal voorverkooptickets van Kozzmozz staken. AUB, breng GEEN tickets op de zwarte markt te kopen maar enkel in de officiële voorverkooppunten (list op Kozzmozz website). In elk geval zullen de tickets met de nummer 8001 tot 10.000 niet aanvaard worden aan de kassa de avond zelf. Help ons er aub voor te zorgen dat ons publiek geen ontgoocheling te wachten staat en dat de inbrekers met hun buit geen weg kunnen.
Fr: Dans la nuit du dimanche 24 au lundi 25 février, des cambrioleurs se sont introduits dans les bureaux du Kuipke à Gand et ont volé le coffre de sécurité. S'y trouvaient beaucoup de tickets de prévente de la prochaine édition de Kozzmozz. L'organisation nous demande d'insister pour que personne n'achète de tickets sur le marché noir, mais uniquement auprès des points de vente officiels (voir leur site). Les tickets allant des numéros 8001 à 10.000 ne seront pas accepté a la caisse le soir même. Pour éviter des desillusions chez les jeunes de leur public, et pour éviter que les voleurs puissent profiter de leur méfait. Merci de faire passer le mot.
En: In the night of Sunday 24 on Monday 25 February, burglars have invaded the offices of 't Kuipke in Ghent and stole the volt. In this volt were a great amount of pre-sale tickets for the next edition of Kozzmozz. The organisation asks us to boldly point at the fact that the public should absolutely not buy tickets on the black market but only at the official pre-sale addresses (list on their website). In any case , no tickets bearing the numbers "8001" till "10.000" will be accepted at the door . So to avoid disillusions with the youngsters and to make it more difficult for the thieves to get rid of their catch. Thanks to pass the word.
by Kozzmozz communication & Nicol
27 February 2002 - re-issue: Killing Ecstasy in Belgium
We re-issue this Noctis headline, because someone died a few weeks ago because of some poisonous fake ecstasy... and he was a respected deejay. Rest in Peace Toxin... but PLEASE all, be extremely careful of what you take, if you take anything. Caution! Noctis uses to say no to chemical drugs simply because it hurts you, and it kills as well as alcohol on the roads. But this time it is different: there is killing "ecstasy" since a few weeks in our country. Sold as normal xtc (same price, same look), it is in fact PMA and PMMA ... that are EXTREMELY dangerous. 9 kids recently died in USA because of those pills, and a few people in Belgium were transported in hospitals or even died because of it. Please tell it around... NO it's not only about fun, and YES there are killing pills running in our country, this is not a joke.
by Nicolas
27 February 2002 - Dance Valley 2002 is sold-out!
At this moment all available tickets for Dance Valley are reservated. So Dance Valley is sold out in advance. They hold back some tickets for future actions. Within 2 weeks we'll try to know how you can get hold of the last tickets. So stay tuned
by Nicolas
25 February 2002 - the Sparrow Funk is closed... not definitely
The main Funk club of Brussels is closed since the last days of 2001. It appears that the new owner has no valid fire insurance to keep the club open... and after huge discussions, the previous owner (Alan D.) apparently accepted to save the diving boat. It's a surprise to see problems occuring there, because the Sparrow was very successful and saw its floor permanently packed with people since it turned on Funk & R'n B almost three years ago. In the meantime, Du Tâm and Eric, the resident deejays of teh club, are spinning around, waiting to be back on those famous decks. Soon again (probably) at 16-18 Duquesnoy street - 1000 Brussels
by Nicolas
23 February 2002 - some more for Who's
The delay of the reopening of Who's Who's Land is only a matter of licenses and documents. The city agreement was supposed to be officialized about two weeks ago, but it seems some try to make it slower. That serious delay is the reason of the cancellation of the Girly Party. Anyway, we all hope that Rez party will take place in the brand new Who's... with full new lazer show and a weird new soundsystem based on active ceilings (yes, ceilings). Let's check it out, as soon as doors are open!
by Nicolas
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