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21 October 2002 - MadeInBrussels strikes back!
The Psychogene's club is back at La Raffinerie this friday, featuring a rising star from Croatia: Carla Blank. Also in the line-up, Terence Fixmer (from Gigolo records, the label of DJ Hell) who will perform a live, as well as the MadeInBrussels regular T Carpenter and Billoved. Psychogene and Tim will complete the night. Caution: the party happens well at 'La Raffinerie' (check picture) but it is not the new permanent location of the MIB club. A new place will come soon, but it has NOT been chosen yet. They are still searching.
25 October at 21 rue de Manchester straat - 1080 Brussels (next to Ninoofsesteenweg) - 5 Euros before 23:00, or 10 Euros after.
by Nicolas
16 October 2002 - Joints in the target again
Forget about the past years and forget about some ministers saying that cannabis was almost legal... it is not and has never been. During a few years, a sort of passive blur remained on that subject... so, many teenagers were thinking that it was legal or at least tolerated. The new legal directive published by the Minister of Justice Marc Verwilghen (VLD) is extremely clear: cannabis is a drug and the Belgian users will be punished as well as the dealers. No matter of what happens in Netherlands, Spain, U.K. or Germany, the directive of the Minister of Justice forces to recognize that the detention and thus the use of cannabis are still illegal. "Cannabis. - To hold or cultivate cannabis remains illegal, even if this detention is only for personal use and if no aggravating circumstance is noted" says the directive. "By personal consumption, it is necessary to understand a quantity of cannabis which can be consumed all at once, or in a maximum of 24 hours. By culture of cannabis flowers for personal use, it is necessary to understand a quantity of female cannabis flowers which cannot lead to a production which exceeds the needs of a personal use."
This means that using cannabis will be punished by heavy bills (1250 to 5000 Euros), and if it happens again within the two years it could lead to prison for some weeks. Still the text has to be voted... but there's almost no doubt that it will be.
My opinion? They're all right when they say it's dangerous to drive a car under the influences of drugs... of any drugs. But I'm not sure this type of global repression will solve any of the problems concerning cannabis use by the youth (more than 40% of the public in some summer festivals). And that's not even talking about the victims of the cancer who supplicate to be allowed to use it as painkiller, and they ask it since maybe 10 years. By the way, law is the law, and we're all supposed to know it... that's why I choose to write this report.
by Nicolas
15 October 2002 - Controversy? Information!
There has always been drugs troubles in human history. is not here to find any answer or solution (I'm no doctor or anything like that). But since Ecstasy seems to have a large popularity even in the mainstream events in Europe (including rock, jazz or any music festivals), I think responsible to inform the visitors about the chemical weapons that are currently available in our cities. collects lab testing results from a variety of organizations, but also commissions its own tests which are conducted by Drug Detection Lab (DDL) in Sacramento, California, USA. Now please check the crap that stands in most of the tablets, and if you intent to buy it anyway... think of your kidneys coz it screws it down in no time. Most of all: it's illegal, but I suppose you already know that. Another way to figure the danger is the home test kits to order at: Also, read the news on these News page about killing pills coming from Asia. Not exactly 'love'... isn't it? Care your health, mates! We want you all nice and easy to continue the party! :-)
by Nicolas
06 October 2002 - 30.000 bracelets for Nuit Blanche Brussels
Yes it worked well! Even with the rain who almost never stopped falling on our night, a little less than 30.000 people did buy the magic 'all-in-one Nuit Blanche bracelet' for 10 Euros, including all entrances for more than 100 events in the city, but also the free bus & metro (tube) the whole night, a bath in the public pool (Bains du Centre) at 5:00 in the morning, and a free breakfast at Halles de Schaerbeek a little later. Parties everywhere and a heavy car traffic until the sunrise, it was so nice! Congratulations to the organisers.
Only two shady points: the map and programme were really hard to read and to understand, and that leaded to the second point: some events were sold-out and full when some others were a little quiet. But the bad weather did not take it down, and globally it was a great idea, inspired by Barcelona and Paris.
by Nicolas
04 October 2002 - webmaster with Brussels Mayor on TV
Goodies for night transports and night workers (bars, clubs)
Big talk about Brussels Nightlife on Télé-Bruxelles last saturday, featuring Freddy Thielemans (Brussels Mayor), Dominique Speeckaert (Bulex organisation), a representative of Public Transports authorities, of the bars lobbies, politics (Mrs Lemaire), etc... and Nicolas Deckmyn ( All was mainly about the Nuit Blanche, which was supported by Brussels City authorities. Shortly: the STIB / MIVB (Public Transports) will soon keep on the main lines until 2:00 in the morning. They say they work on it for 2003. Good! Well, it was a little more controversy when all talked about the relations neighbours/bar-clubs and about the difficult relations between some party organisers and the city council, but all that was very constructive and pointful. Click here for some screeners from the show.
by Nicolas
19 September 2002 - Sunday morning, cars are stopped!
Did you hear about the Sunday without cars in whole Belgium? Yes? Good, because it also means that if you come back from a party after 9:00 in the morning, you'll be forced to let your car in one of the parkings at the entrance of the city you live in. So, remind this: come back before 8:45 on sunday morning... or you'll have some problems to go back home. Fortunately the trains, trams, bus & metros are running, as well as the cabs.
by Nicolas
17 September 2002 - End of MadeInBrussels... not an end?
No it's not really the end of the MadeInBrussels club... it's only the end of it's location: the Caves de la Chapelle. It means the MadeInBrussels (or MIB) is looking for a new venue for their weekly meeting. But as long as they don't find one, there will be occasional parties here and there with Psychogene, Trish and Tim... the remaining residents of the MIB which is probably the second most important Techno club in Belgium.
by Nicolas
17 September 2002 - Fascist Techno from Spain? Fnac refusal!
There is a new style of electronic music originating from Spain. More precisely from South Catalonia, but also coming from France. This radical, hard techno sound has been infiltrated by racist groups. A number of lyrics have messages, for example, "we are facists and we are not ashamed of it. We don't want any more of this rot around us. It is necessary to exterminate those who don't have pure roots. We are for the Final Solution!". Fnac have therefore made the decision to withdraw CD compilations of Makina Techno from the sale. What is frightening is that, seeing the success of this music genre, several record labels have made CD compilations featuring the 'Makina Techno' hits. However this type of music attracts an audience not inherently racist, and which does not really listen to the lyrics. Neither do they comprehend the true goal of this music. A true danger which could dirty the global image of the electronic music, if nothing's done about it.
Source: Independant de Perpignan & Le Monde - Aug. 2002.
by Nicolas - source Le Monde
17 September 2002 - Pure gets Sub and bigger
You certainly know the Pure club which has become a reference in quality House music since a year under the artistic direction of Brandy and also the talents of Da Silva, Climaxx and some guest deejays. Located in Barry, between Tournai & Mons, there was the club for a 500 ppl crowd + a gigantic empty hall they used only a few time for special parties with big guests. From 28th of September that room will be open every Saturdays under the name Sub Club! Opening is with Murvin Jay (Mirano), Isabel (Strong, Café d'Anvers and she remains as monthly resident there), Brandy and Stephen... for a capacity of more than 1000 people in a great atmosphere. Noctis wishes you to be there.
by Nicolas
18 August 2002 - Teknival screenshots
The man on the right is the leader of the Teknival organisation. Just to mention: there has been rain and even snow, but nothing really wrong happened.
Just a party! That's ONLY what it was all about. What a fuzz!

by Nicolas
18 August 2002 - Fuse in Paris and Warm-Up in Marseille
This will be short but it's true: if you're searching for a nice club in Marseille, then go straight to the Warm-Up. 83 Bd de la Pointe Rouge - 13008 Marseille. There's a sunny terrace and a simple bar/restaurant, but also a club with House deejays (nice style) from thursday to sunday. And if you stand in Paris, the good old Gibus now offers Techno and Psytrance "ravestyle" parties every Friday. The Saturday is usually more funky-House, but on Saturday 21 Sept. the Fuse will come there on tour with its resident deejays Pierre, Deg, T-Quest and St Dic. It's gonna be huge! And more: you probably know that Gibus is not exactly a recent club... it has a loooong night story behind. It was the absolute Punk club in the very early 80's, and even 'Yeye' Twist in the 60's... and now still surfing on the night wave. Gibus - Paris 11ème 18, Rue du Faubourg du Temple 75011 Paris
by Nicolas
17 August 2002 - 15.000 ravers at Teknival in Italy (French border)
Announced since a year, because it's a yearly summer festival, the Teknival is one of the biggest free events in continental Europe. Of course there are big raves in Lithuania, and in East Europe in connections with West Coast American hippie families... but Teknival is one of the oldest events of that type. It puts mainly hard techno, UK gabber and psytrance up together for 4 days and nights in a natural site. Obviously: there's always some small village "terrified" by the "horrible freaky ravers" who "overwhelmed the city and made the citizens stay at home"... and that's the reason why the French government tries to shut that movement down in order to keep the French nights clean and quiet. They recently voted a special law to prevent any "free party" organisation, and everytime a rave is planned, the police comes and takes the soundsystem. This year especially, the French government announced the Teknival 2002 to be cancelled because all the agreements were not already given... but the organisers decided to make it anyway IN ITALY, in the mountains, at 950 meters from France! Ironic, isn't?
1) the French government decided to stop it... but it happens anyway, with more than 15.000 ravers. The police tried to block the roads and to stop the people, but they quickly surrended and get back to their trucks (after having broken the glass of many cars of ravers). That is just weird. When will politicians understand that they cannot work against the youth anymore?
2) the French TV news try to kill the reputation of Teknival only talking about the security problems and the jammed roads... but there's MSF (Médecins Sans Frontières) on the site, giving information to the youth and giving the first helps for common medical problems, and there is a whole bunch of helicopters permanently in the sky... so what is the problem??
3) all the trash will be collected in bags, which will (very probably) be dropped on the French side of the frontier... so the French authorities will have to take their responsabilities. The organisers think that Italians don't have to pay for the French fun... nice one bro'... Noctis agrees. 4) all that looks very fun and very friendly atmosphere at 2000 meters altitude in the moutains... we wish them a BIG FUN until sunday, and yes there is a small Belgian community there on location, including Analog B.!
Video samples about Teknival (french television, read with realplayer), pictures and comments by the police.
France2 - 17 Aug. 2002 -- France2 - 16 Aug. 2002 -- France2 - 15 Aug. 2002 -- all frenchspk., but pictures say all.
by Nicolas
16 August 2002 - Le Gazon moves location!
Le Gazon is an open air dj bar that opens every sunny Friday & Saturday during the summer. This year, for four weeks of crazy crowds and great success, it took place at Le Jardin du Mont des Arts in Brussels, just next to Royal Library. Some nights even shown more than 1000 people in front of the deejay desk, with House, Drum'n Bass, Electro, Reggae, etc... But some far neighbours complained (which is really weird because they're really far from the soundsystem)... so now, for the tranquility of the citizens, the location has changed and it takes place - as last year - at Jardins de La Cité Administrative (behind the Finance Tower), boulevard Pacheco [access by bankstraat / rue de la banque] - Free entrance, as it always been. Check for deejay line-ups
by Nicolas
16 August 2002 - no more radio on offered you a radio-stream since 1998 with the help of an American server. That server was providing the audio to the public for free, and gave us the opportunity to play our deejays archives permanently. But they suddenly changed their mind and since June they started to ask the listeners to subscribe on their website. So, it's not exactly a free service anymore and they don't really work for the people anymore... that's why I stopped working with Live365 and that's why the Noctis Radio temporarily stops its activities. But you can still enjoy the deejay mixes from the audio archives.
by Nicolas
15 August 2002 - I took some time off for the summer but the news are back
Just for you to know, there is 24.000 to 27.000 visitors per month on this year ... thanks for your permanent support. I'll do my best to improve the service. Don't forget Noctis also provides the party agenda of Kiosque monthly Brussels magazine since 1996. So, if you know places, parties or bars that should fit in the nightlife information, don't hesitate to add it in the agenda at or to use the filling forms of the site. Thanks to all! [Nicolas]
by Nicolas
13 July 2002 - Live streams of Love Parade
Friede, Liebe, Respekt und Toleranz

* live video:
* Also On Radio :
- Fritz 102,6 fm - Berlin (real):
- BBC Radio 1 (UK):
* On Local TV :
VIVA: 17.00 live
Jim TV (Belgium) - (wma)
MDR: 00.40 (Sat Night)
NDR: 14.00 - 18.45 live
ORB: 14.00 - 19.30 and 20.15 - 21.45 live
ORB: 22.00 - 23.00: Love Parade 1999
ORB: 23.00 - 01.55: Love Parade 1999
WDR: 14.00 - 17.50 live
by Nicolas
27 June 2002 - Clubs and Minister together for free water!
Wednesday (26 June 2002), the Brussels Regional Minister Didier Gosuin took an agreement with the majority of the clubs in the city. From now on, all the clubs will propose a chilling room to their public, calm and separate from the dancefloor, equipped with free water for thirsty people, and a member of the personnel qualified for assistance in the event of collapse or physical troubles. This decision aims as much the comfort of people of the night as for more safety and information against chemical drugs, and is done in collaboration with association Modus Vivendi (vzw/asbl). In England, actions of this type take place since a long time and have encouraging results. And those who say that it will standardize the use of the illicit products, the minister answers "Those who say that are blind. It is not a question to encourage but to prevent ". So, now... free water and a chillout room in all clubs of Brussels, including the Fuse, Claridge, Mirano, Bal, Jeux d'Hiver, Sud, Cactus, Mezzanine, Declic and Louise Gallery. No doubt that all the other clubs will do it very soon too.
by Nicolas
23 June 2002 - City Parade WE WERE IN HEAVEN!
The happy side:
Minimum counts 120.000 and maximum says 180.000 ... so, let's say 150.000 to be honnest... And now let's JUMP for this true victory over sad spirits and old fashioned ghosts. If this is not a definition of unity... if this is not a youth claiming for more understanding and more creativity... then what is it? LOVE! FUN FOR LIFE! MUSIC! RESPECT! That's our duties. We saw House, Techno, Trance, Goa Psytrance, Drum'n Bass, Electro... olds, youngs, undergrounds, mainstreams, french, flemish, skins from the south and from the north, EVERYONE was up to the massive open air party.
Remember 3000 party people at the Boccaccio (Gent) on a sunday night in 1987? Now look how it's been growing and spreading the unity and happiness virus in the futuristic heads of Belgium... look how this is peaceful and creative... look... I'm as happy as you all !
The serious side:
400 agents, local and federal, were mobilized. The Police did not announce any serious incident, just some minimal troubles for such a big concentration of people. There has been only one administrative arrest (intoxication) and 8 legal arrests (narcotics, prohibited weapons...). In the many medical stations of the Red Cross, there were 134 admissions including 45 for light wounds and 89 for intoxications (mostly alcohol, some drugs). Twelve admissions gave place to evacuations in an hospital, including 4 serious cases for medicamentous intoxications. In short, there were less problems than any 15 August in Wallonia. 143 problems for 150.000 party people... what is it? About nothing! This proves, if it was necessary, that Party Children are peaceful and positive!
We are one with the future! Let's go for it in 2003 in Gent ... and of course this summer at House-Torhout, Alive, etc...
You really absolutely urgently need a negative critic?
Ok, I found only one: the end of the party at St Leonard (at 00:30) was a little bit... ermm... short and dry. There has been almost no speech and no real "last record". But fortunately the guy who was controlling the laser saved the final, and sent a warm message to everyone with the laser on the green hill: "City Parade 2002. Thank you all. See you next year!"
by Nicolas
15 June 2002 - : Is Liège city-council fooling City Parade?
After the fantastic 2001 edition of the City Parade who proved (if it was necessary) that all aspects of that event were positive for the city, it seems that the city authorities of Liège are creating troubles to the CP staff. Even if the Parade did lead 100.000 party people in its streets in 2001 (and 100.000 people buy, eat, drink, and spend their money in the city for a day), the city mayor asked for some sudden additional expenses that weren't listed last year... and even worst: the city pushed the CP staff to rent a specific party hall (the hall of expo), but the firemen "suddenly found" two weeks ago that only 8000 of the 30.000 people capacity was really allowed... so now the staff has to rent some more locations for the parties. This is really not fair from the city-council, since they always pretended to help the City Parade to keep the support of the youth... but pretending is not doing.
Now, what does it mean? It means that the authorities of Liège are very demanding and creating troubles, when ALL the Belgian cities (Hasselt, Gent, Brussels, Antwerp, ...) are knocking at the door of the City Parade to get it on their avenues. This is my personal opinion, but if the Liège mayor still doesn't help... he will loose definitely the event for the city. So... City Parade 2004 in Liège or not? At this point it's not easy to say.
by Nicolas
15 June 2002 - The Floats/Trucks
Here's the list of the floats (trucks) for the Love Parade in Berlin, 13 July 2002:
Airport würzburg -, Alien Invasion Celle, Ameland Niederlande -, Beirut Parade Libanon, Betty Ford Klinik Hamburg, Blank & Jones Frankfurt / Generation Europe - -, Bonzai records Belgium -, BPM & Back To Basics Club Ungarn/UK -, Club A 9 Bayreuth -, Club Achtermai Chemnitz -, Club Casino Berlin -, Club Paris Berlin/Frankreich, Club Radio Bar Polen, Club Space Ibiza Spanien -, Clubvision - www.clubvision, Club XS Berlin -, Clubbers from Irland, commando wal rot Berlin - www., d2000 -, Delirium Frankfurt -, digital records Ingolstadt -, Dockland Münster -, Frequenzberater Hamburg -, Generation X - Goliath Schweiz -, Global Underground / Club Parasite UK -, G-Move Team Hamburg -, Goran Vlajic/Proton Croatien -, Hugon Productions Göttingen -, Kombinat Records Berlin -, Kufa Saarbrücken & Flash St. Wendel - -, Kult e.V., Albstadt, Deutschland, Loveberlin, loveparade int'l -, Lovestern Galaktika Berlin -, LCT - Events, hengelo, niederlande, M1_the Club -, Matrix Berlin -, Mayday -, Motion Records -, Nature One -, North Energy International -, North Fusion, Bad Segeberg, Deutschland -, Pacha & KW München & Pacha Ibiza - -, partyersatzamt Mühlhausen -, Partysan -, PTP Entertainment Bochum -, Radio 1 (BBC) -, radio sunshine live -, raveline & elevator -, Rave Pilgrims, kelheim, deutschland -, Ravers United -, Tribehouse -, TriKs / Hiu Honkong -, Tunnel Club Hamburg -, Vandit Records - - and that's it for 2002!
by Nicolas
11 June 2002 - MUzICAL UNREzT next party is free
On 27 June, a Drum'n Bass party by MUzICAL UNREzT will take place at Dali's bar... and it will be free entrance! As Usual, UNREzT develops a blend of refined electronics, happy moods, and a FULL truck of LOUD and hot Drum'n Bass. All started in year 2000 with parties in Antwerpen and Namur, then more recently in Brussels. You find there the talents of Lium, Brekbit, their guests and the visuals of Antonin de Bemels. Now check the video+sound (realvideo) of the party with deejay JB (UK), on 10 February 2001, a 42 minutes concentrated Drum'n Bass pleasure (silences are a will... keep it up!). [Thursday 27 June at Dali's bar, 35 Petite rue des Bouchers - 1000 Brussels downtown]
by Nicolas
10 June 2002 - Complete Alive Festival Line Up
An exceptionnal collection of the most refined of the unrefined electronic moods... a Must this year. Check the pictures of 2001 here (courtesy of Alive Festival) festival ground Gut Eid - 4780 ST. Vith - Belgium Friday 26 July: Speedy J Live [NL], Swayzak Live [UK], Richard Devine Live [USA], Jake Mandell Live [USA], Electric Indigo [Austria], Otto von Schirach Live [USA], Detroit Grand Pubahs Live [USA], Kitbuilders Live [Germ.], Phako Live [Nl], Roger 23 [Germ], Fabrice Lig aka Soul Designer Live, Yorgl Live [Fr], Acid Kirk, Joost de Lijser, Celtric, Bogusman Live, Uriel, Ana L Intrudr Live, Hertz, MCK, Crotchet Live
Saturday 27 July:
Robert Hood [USA] , Rush [USA], Ellen Allien [Germ], Plaid Live [UK], Andrea Parker [UK], Rechenzentrum Live A/V [Germ] , Global Goon Live [UK], Roland Casper [Germ.] , Rob Acid Live [Germ.], Funkstörung Dj/Live [Germ.] , Like A Tim Live [Nl], Deg, Mark Netty [Lux.], Rony&Suzy Live, Frigobox Live, Post Log!q, Lysergic,Exit, Darxus live
Sunday 28 July:
808State Dj's [UK], Sofa Surfers Live [Austria], Jazzanova [Germ.], A Guy Called Gerald [UK], Prefuse 73 Live [USA], Beanfield [Germ.], Waxolutionists [Austria], Ace [Germ.], Westend Crew Dj/live [Germ.], Luc Skywalker [Nl], Vanno, Andi Regler, Soi+Yomm,Nu-Definition of Gendarmerie St. Vith Live, Senior Pepperoni, Carles&Brinkmann [Germ.]
Presales: 3-days ticket : 49 euros ||||| 1 day ticket : Friday: 25 euros, or Saturday: 29 euros
by Nicolas
09 June 2002 - Dumping at the Flyer Printer
Organisers and managers: this is a new hot spot for cheap but quality printings: Ask for Fabrice: 0496 93 89 86. Flyers or posters +/- 250 Euros for 10.000 flyers full-colors, 2 sides. Located in Brussels but can work FAST for all Belgium. Short ETA's (2 or 3 days if hurry). Say you saw it on ... that's even better for you. This is not a commercial, this is an info about who's the cheapest for this.
by Nicolas
09 June 2002 - City Parade 22 June - Liège/Luik - The Trucks!
screenshot from - courtesy of
Also see here under for the parties deejay line-ups at Halle des Foires.
by Nicolas
08 June 2002 - Who's Who's End
As previously told in these news, the Who's Who's Land (rue du Poinçon - 1000 Brussels) is closing the doors of its club activities this week-end (7 & 8 June 2002). It appears the licence of the venue has been retrieved by the city authorities... but it still may be soon a fashion bar, a restaurant by the current owners, ... or even a museum by a new owner. Since the current managers want to keep the pressure as long as possible, then everything is possible... let's check it out in september
by Nicolas
06 June 2002 - Palladium, the last week-end
We all know as well the name as the reputation of the Palladium in Baisy-Thy. Emerging from the 80's with a very mainstream concept, it has been one of the main significant commercial clubs in the country for almost 20 years. It has even been the recording studio of many TV shows at the end of the 80's (mostly popular dance charts). But the management of the Palladium tried to turn the dance orientation into a real R'n B Funk style club. The idea was probably good, since R'n B is very popular these times, but it seems that the public did not follow, and that the management did not a very large communication about those changes... so it has not been a real success. Really not, since the Palladium is about to close its doors next week-end under a complete banqueroute. A long story with a dry end, that's sometimes the chapters of the nightlife.
by Nicolas
06 June 2002 - Lounge club, for summer rent
For party organisers and promoters: the Lounge club is still available for renting on sundays and weekdays of the summer... so if you're searching for a location for your party or your event, check out there, they're listening. Average capacity: 300 to 600 ppl. Ask for Philippe, 25 rue Henri Mauss - 1000 Brussels.
by Nicolas
21 May 2002 - Soirées E411: Party at the Motorway
Do you know this place situated right under the E411, at the entrance of Brussels?
Originally, it is the headquarters of "Le Club De Pétanque St-Anne". But it's also a venue where parties take place. Last year, this place has seen nite concepts such as Enjoy Apocalypse, Crema y Gusto. Yet it is mostly rented for private parties (RTBf parties). Anyway, a new concept sees daylight down there. It's called "E411". The first party took place on the 1st of June. The organizer, already known for the Exo parties back in 96, 97, has really found an original place. Not original for its venue but for its location. I mean it's not often that you get to party underneath a speedway bridge with cars cruising at 100km/h above your head !!! Well anyway, the music selection is very wide, mostly 80's and 90's hits : kinda Dr Alban meets Alphaville. There aren't really dj's so to say, just 2 or 3 guys with poor mixing skills running cd's and mp3's through a pc. OK, they lack of some experience but they're pretty much aware of it ("faute avouée à moitié pardonnée").
The people? well between 25 and 35, not specially party lovers but really enjoying the music. And finally a smile that will reach everybody's face, the drinks' prices : 1€50 for a pint, 3€ for an alcohol, really pleasant ! "E411", one saturday per month, at Club de Pétanque St-Anne, next to the Forêt de Soignes Sport Complex. entrance : 5€ (1 drink included) [Nicolas Marcus].
[Nicolas Noctis says:] About three years ago, there was a Nomads party there with Bun-Zero and Nr 9, and indeed, it's a huge location for parties. Nice to know that there are still parties there!
by Nicolas Marcus
15 May 2002 - ... a very good party idea
Now there's a website and a crew organising busses to the Mayday, theLove Parade, the City Parade, House Torhout, Dance-Valley, Alive St-Vith, and many other festivals. They do bus-stops in Aalst, Antwerp, Brugge, Brussels, Charleroi, Deinze, Dendermonde, Diest, Eeklo, Geel, Genk, Gent, Halle, Hasselt, Herentals, Ieper, Kortrijk, Leuven, Liège, Lokeren, Lommel, Mechelen, Mons, Namur, Oostende, Oudenaarde, Roeselare, Sint Niklaas, Sint Truiden, Tielt, Tongeren, Torhout, Tournai, Turnhout, Veurne, Waregem, … We just know nothing about who do that and who rules the organisation, but it was about time to see it coming. Do you know that in USA and UK, some tour operators are focusing all their business on rave events? To see how it starts in Belgium, check their website
by Nicolas
15 May 2002 - Love Parade 14th Edition
The Love Parade 2002 will launch on 13 July in Berlin.
It started back in 1989 with 250 party-people and one car. It is now more than 1,5 millions of people turning Berlin in a massive dancefloor, with the best techno deejay stars. All details
Last year the video stream was produced by, and it was live audio on Spoutnik FM Germany.
Most of the 2001 deejay sets are available in mp3 format on Morpheus/Kazaa/Audiogalaxy.
by Nicolas
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