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12 December 2002 - Alcohol Controls this Week-End
Several non official sources seem to confirm that this week-end there will be plenty of alcohol controls all over Belgian roads and permanently (48h/48) Friday 13 Dec. and Saturday 14 Dec. Of course you all know that drink and drive is the most stupid thing to do and that it could turn the driver into a killer. Now you also know that there is something even more stupid: to drink and drive this week-end, because EVEN if you succeed to kill nobody, it could cost you a lot of cash and your driving license. Once again, find a non-drinking driver ... for your and others safety
by Nicolas
11 December 2002 - Opening of the Q Bar
A new House bar is opening in Brussels: the Q disco bar. Dedicated to the trendy-fashion-jet-set public of Brussels, it will feature ClubHouse deejays from Paris, such as deejay Kulte from the V.I.P, but also Belgian deejays. Open on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, the atmosphere is extremely close to a long cosy living-room but overwhelmed by NewYorican club sounds. Managed by Delphine (photographer and dancer at Fuse, Bal, Mirano, ...), no doubt that it will be a new good kick in the House nights of Brussels. Located next to Louizalaan / av. Louise, the address is 28 rue Defacqz (nearby Monkey Business) at 1050 Brussels.
by Nicolas
11 December 2002 - Destelbergen back on the track!
Let's make it short: In the early 70's there was a club next to Gent and its name was Boccaccio. In the 80's, the managers of that club get to England and came back with a new concept based on new lights and new sounds... in 1987 the Boccaccio then became the legendary place where New Beat and House mostly started in Belgium. 1992 was the year that Boccaccio has been forced by the authorities to close its doors, and the name "Boccaccio Life" has been sold in 1995 to a club in Halen/Diest. So... what's new? Well, not that much, because we know that the former Boccaccio club in Destelbergen recently took the name of Mega-Temple and already opened for a few parties on sundays in 2000 and 2001... but now it's opened every Saturday! Of course the music is not the same as in 1988 with Eric Beysens or 1992 with PhiPhi, but the place is still the same... with the tall mirrors, the cosy 1st floor, the large stairs, the UFO lightshow, etc... everything! Now you have the choice: you can go and enjoy their new choice of deejays (mostly Progressive-Trance), or you can go with your minidisc and play some New-Beat in your headphones in the middle of the crowd! Maybe it is not our good old Bocca ... but still the place is magic. Check it out! @ Mega-Temple, Solariumdreef - Destelbergen (Gent).
by Nicolas
04 December 2002 - unexpected: Mirano stops its saturdays !
Now it's official, after a few weeks with a very limited public, the Mirano Continental club stops its legendary saturdays for the first time since 1981. Actually it's about 8 years that the Mirano has troubles to recover the level it had in the 80's, but a new artistic staff was experiencing a new Electro-House style and it seems that the management did not follow that choice enough to promote it seriously. And what happens when a club changes its style without promotion? Simple: the previous public leaves, and the new public doesn't know... so the club remains almost empty for weeks. That's pure logic. Who's responsible for this? Probably mostly the production managers who never really worked the promotion of the club since 8 years and never really supported the work of their artistic directors and deejays. No radio ads, almost no flyers, no communication in the press (or only ads in some strip-tease bars magazines) ... the result was obvious, so they got it: it's closed now. For memory, we saw as resident deejays: Alex Klimow and Olivier Tjon until 1994 (fet. Danny V in 90-91), Olivier Gosseries and Jos, Michel Traxx and Murvin Jay, Isabel, Cosy Mozzy, ... Last saturday: 7 December at 38 chée de Louvain / Leuvensesteenweg - 1210 Brussels. But the location is still available to rent for events. Phone: 02. 227 39 47
by Nicolas
30 November 2002 - Electro Era
As you can see around, the different musics under the name Electro are overwhelming the nightlife in belgium. Electro-Disco (or DiscoNouveau), Electro-House, Electro-Industrial-New-Wave, Electrofunk, all those boomclatch winds of frequencies which remind us the early 80's are now on top of the medias. Of course we could talk about the definitive influence of DJ Hell (Munich, Germany) and his record company: Gigolo ... sure he did something big when he played only Electro at the Love Parade 2001. But the effects are so wide that the cause can't be unique. Who could forget the career of Drexciya or Juan Atkins in Detroit USA, or the long way of Belgian organisations like Surreal, Funky Green Aliens, etc..? Now that Electro is in Mixmag, in Le Soir, in Out Soon, in Move-X, on Studio Brussel, and even on national French or Dutch radios, maybe is it the time to target the main names and places of that style in Belgium. D-Jack has been a pioneer not only for Techno but also for Electro coming from the East coast of USA, but the biggest attention goes to the two Beneluxian godfathers of Electro: Spacid and Joost De Lyser. Next to them in that scene are talents such as Raphaël, Uriel, Lysergic, Stel-R, Shaman, and more recently Dr Lectroluv (aka T-Quest), Mi-Yu, Microwave, Muffin, Noax, Zoopsie, Dublo, Daryl, Hertz, Kim, Lady Jane, ... Follow them in the parties "Digital Monsters" (aka "Criminals Zat"), "Body to Body" (at CultureClub with Spacid), "BlackLight" (also at Culture Club), "Klangforschung Ost", "Enjoy Apocalypse", "Wave Excursion", or the "I'm Not a Number" at La Chapelle in Liège on Saturday 18 January 2003.
Now, where to find the records?? Could be at Urban Groove (rue des Riches-Claires - 1000 Brussels), at BCM (Plattesteen - 1000 Brussels), at MusicMan/Dance Solution (Steendam - 9000 Gent), at Clone (one of the best for that style, Mauritsweg - 3012 Rotterdam ; also online shop), or at the Formic online shop ( Many other recordshops offer some Electro, so check out to find more... but these are obvious.
Some live radio sounds? Surely on Radio Panic with the Stel-R and the D-Jack shows (105.4 fm in Brussels), and sometimes in Switch on Studio Brussel (100.6 and 100.9 fm), but mostly on the netradio which was mainly Drum'n Bass but now really turns on Electro (
by Nicolas
28 November 2002 - Sony Music Website Hacked
At midnight, in the evening of the Wednesday 28th of Nov., this is what you could read on the first page of "you have been defaced by FBH , federal bureau of hackers hello there people , we are FBH , and we have defaced this site.dont worry no data was harmed, we did it becos , 1st - we hate sum artists on here [...] but we really deface this site becos we want freedom in our nations of kashmir and palestine. we dont want George Bush to bomb iraq for oil and pretend that its for terror. He should be doing his best to catch binladen . he dont care if binladen is alive or not. ..." The Sony crew fixed it quickly, but then it was that was hacked with "for fucks sake sony ur security is shit , get OpenBsD it fukin roks, btw FBH own u". This episod probably is illegal, ok, but after all the things that Sony did with cold blood (such as the cover of Underground Resistance Rolando's 'Knights of the Jaguar'), who think they did not deserve it?
by Nicolas
07 November 2002 - Strictly Banqueroute
Strictly Rythm, the House label from New York, just announced the end of its long party story, supposedly for banqueroute. Founded in 1989, two men were at the start of it: Mark Finkelstein bringing its economic knowledge and Gladys Pizzaro which brought its musical sensitivity. Celebrating its tenth anniversary in 1999, Strictly Rythm marked of its print the world of House during a whole decade and reached the year 2000 while remaining one of the most active labels. Most of the Strictly Rythm records were great hits in the charts and the clubs. Strictly Rythmn knew how to recover the Deep-House played in Red Zone and Zanzibar clubs of New York in the early 90's and so became one of the main names in the world. In 1990, it launched its first success: "The warning". Followed then a succession of tracks gaining great recognition in the clubs. Among them, "I believe" by Scram, and "Strings" by Rah Power. The same year Roger Sanchez created his "Luv Dancin" and opened new ways in the House style. In 1991, one of the inventors of Chicago Acid-House, DJ Pierre, joined the label and created "Generate Power" which had been one of the biggest hits of the Strictly Rythm discography. The first compilation bringing together the hits of the year is also edited in 91. In 1992, the label carried on its way as main supplier for the English clubs. DJ Pierre then composed "Follow me", the most sold album in the history of the label. Two young producers producing and working under the nickname of 'Masters At Work' created "Hardrive and plate fusion" which was the first of a long serie of legendary records resulting from their union. A new Producer joined the label in 1993, his name was Armand Van Helden, the coming superstar of House. In 1994, Strictly Rythmn was everywhere on the world medias with the hit "I like to move it" by Real 2 Real which remains one of the most sold dance titles ever. David Morales also joined the company and started with "The Boss". Etc, etc ... what happened then? How could such a big and important label fall off like this? Sadly, we don't know yet. So many historical years, so many music and so many feelings have been brought to us by Strictly Rythm... but time is running and things keep on going further. Now that we know Strictly Rythm is closed, we all figure the enormous pages it fills in our past clubbing history and the enormous blank pages it lets in our future. This is a tribute... these are some thankfull words for what they did. [thanks Michel Traxx & Raphaël Thijs for their contribution to this article]
by Nicolas
06 November 2002 - Felix Da Housecat Cancelled
There's a new club some wednesday at Lounge in Brussels (same location as Food on saturday), a club named Elektra. Consisting in an Electroclash oriented blend of music, men can hear there Lady Jane and many famous guests that Youri (the Elektra former manager) brings you from Chicago or globally from USA and UK. This wednesday, Felix Da Housecat was supposed to come in this club ... but the party has been entirely delayed to a date in the future... so the party won't happen at Lounge this wednesday 6 November but probably in early 2003.
by Nicolas
06 November 2002 - I Love Techno is Sold Out
We just received this mail from ILT crew: "We are proud to announce that "I Love Techno" is once again completely sold out!! 35.000 tickets were sold at record speed!! Be aware that there will be no sales at the doors, so don't come without a ticket!". Now you know.
by Nicolas
04 November 2002 - 4 Massive Events not to miss this month:
* 1. Savage Riddim Reggae Party - 9 Nov. - with some of the greatest Reggae artists and deejays from the Guadelupean and French scenes. 6 deejays and 2 lives! With Daddy Morry, Tiwony, Typical Fefe, Loo Ranks, Supa John, Levyan B, Original Uman, and of course the Bass Culture Soundsystem. 10 Euros only, Security Tight
@ Recyclart, 25 rue des Ursulines / Ursulinenstr. - 1000 Brussels
*2. I Love Techno - 9 Nov. - SOLD OUT - the annual meeting, with DJ Rush, Rino Cerrone, Carl Cox, Trevor Rockcliffe, C1, Oxia, Bryan Zentz live, Marco Bailey, Tomaz, Sven Väth, Jacek Sienkiewicz live, Justin Berkovi live, Marco Carola, Stanny Franssen, Pascal Feos, Timo Maas, The Youngsters live, Filterheadz live, Remy, Anthony Pappa, Peter Novak, Underworld live, Darren Price, Deetron, Mistress Barbara, T-Quest, Spacid, Dr Lektroluv, Golden Boy live, Tonic, Ed & Kim. For 33 Eur (presale) or 40 Eur (at the door), it's on Saturday 9 November at Flanders Expo - Gent.
*3. Retro House - 15 Nov. - Always the true deejays from the true former clubs of the electronic scene. Authenticity and fun. The traditional House Classics reunion by Claude 'CityParade' El Divino... always a top night. With deejays: Frank zolex, Phiphi (La Villa), Yves-E-Zone (Vaudeville, La Rocca), Zzino (Montini), Tofke (Carat, Globe) at Fuse, 208 rue Blaes str. - Brussels
*3. Groove City - 23 Nov. - the revolutionary night, with Electro, Techno, Drum'n Bass and House with DJ Hell, Miss Kittin, Slam, Felix Da Housecat, Brandy, Cosy Mozzy, Isabel, Marcus Intalex, Brekbit, System-D, Peshay, Cassius, Thomas Bangalter, Dj Falcon, David Guetta, Etienne De Crécy, Tomaz, Jan Van Biesen... For 15 Euros only (in presale)!! At Brussels Kart Expo (Grand Bigard) - Brussels.
by Nicolas
04 November 2002 - New Robot Deejay ... Deejays in Danger?
As seen in the New Scientist of November, Dave Cliff from the Hewlett Packard laboratories of Bristol has just presented a new version of the "HPDJ", the numeric disc jockey developed by the company. In addition to select, mix and blend the music, the HPDJ will measure the reactions of the dancers and will adjust the selected music. Each nightclubber will carry a small electronic bracelet which will record its behavior and will transmit information to the machine via a wireless connection like "Bluetooth". This device will check the movements of the people in the room (and thus will deduct how many of them are really on the dancefloor), and will measure their heartbeat, their blood tension and the intensity of their breath. Each musical piece consisting in an addition of various tracks (a rhythm, a bassline, a keyboard loop or song samples), the HPDJ then will save these elements in a database and will arrange the music by using the data received from the dancers, and this following a genetic algorithm. It is also planned to burn a CD at the end of each night with the music that has been played there, and to offer to the participants what they actually contributed to compose.
That news is frightening the passionated people who made the clubbing scene how it is now. Well... not really, since Carl Cox or Victor Simonelli have nothing to fear of a software... a software will never bring any people for itself like a Laurent Garnier or a DJ Rush. But the problem is that many small local clubs will use it because it's cheaper than paying a deejay every night... and then where will go the younger deejays to start their career?? Where will the future big names work their recognition if the club managers use those softwares? By the way it is evident that a machine alone cannot produce a party music, it needs a human soul to control it anyway, unless it will be flat as a sea made of oil ... not even mentionning the strange blends it will give if it randomly blends the bassline of a Drum'n Bass with the vocals of Shakedown. It will perfectly fit with the clubs where the music has no importance, or with the bars where they only play hits ... but it is a hope that none of our club managers won't make the mistake to try it.
by Nicolas
30 October 2002 - Ecolo Party against nightlife? Who helps it?
Since a few months (let's say a year), some Ecolo representatives of several Belgian districts use tiny aspects of the law to force many nightclubs and bars to close. Since the beginning of the plural majority, official elected members of Ecolo took often charges of the files and the responsibilities related to town-planning. It would not be a bad idea if some of them would not have start a hunt for clubs and parties based on the most constraining Articles of the town-planning laws. Figure that if a nightclub has troubles with ONE neighbour, the advantage will actually always be given to the neighbour. That's not fair considering the thousands of young souls who need those places to wash out the stress of the week. In 10 years, we saw that (globally) the VLD/PRL always wants more repression and controls targetting the youth and the clubs... we saw that FDF and PRL also had good ideas: FDF Didier Gosuin launched a common security and comfort agreement between all biggest Brussels clubs ... and PRL Minister Antoine Duquesne forced the door-bouncers to have an official training and to respect the customers ... we saw that PS sponsored the "Nuit Blanche" in Brussels and did support the City Parade in Luik ... also VLD Minister Marc Verwilghen increased the drug repression and at the same time refused to allow the drug-testing in large festivals and events ... and some Ecolo personalities influenced the closure of several clubs (such as Henri Simons for the MadeInBrussels which accepted to make the necessary audio-isolation work, but the Ecolo alderman only said "No, you close the club").
The many styles that Belgium had in its nights made our amazing creativity possible since the beginning of the century... if that eclectic panel is reduced in any way then nothing relevant will grow anymore from the night scene. All basic pop music came from the night: Jazz from Jazzclubs, Rock from college balls and small venues, Reggae from bars in Trenchtown, Salsa from the Southamerican party scene, even singers like Sinatra or Brel started at night in some cabarets.
So ok, this is not a trial... and has no political influence ... ok ... but LOOK WHO IS FIGHTING FOR YOUR FREEDOMS OR AGAINST YOUR FREEDOMS ... freedoms to party and to access the musics you want. Just mind your next vote.
by Nicolas
22 October 2002 - After Drexcyia, John Redmond ... House in pain
It is with the greatest sorrow that I have to let you all know of the death of John Redmond on Sunday 20 Oct. For those of you who are unfamiliar with his work, he was one of the most talented vocalists in this scene of ours we call "house". He was the voice on Braxton Holmes "People Everyday" on Cajual rec., "Rise" with Kenny Carvajal on Music 101, DJ V's "Darker Side Of Melody" on Love Slap, Common Factor's "World Is Mine" and "Fascination" on Planet E, and many more, inluding his own especially touching "Tears Dry Up" on Cyclo.
He passed away yesterday at Loyola Hospital in Chicago of a heart attack. I think it would mean a great deal to John's parents to have an idea of how many people were touched by John and his music. If you would like to send a message to his family, please address it to John and Dorothy Redmond. Feel free to post these on the board page below, and I will pass them later on to the family. Please spread this around as there are a lot of people who would want to know, but we haven't been able to get in touch with. I would also like to ask you all to pray for John and his family. These are hard times, and a ray of light is now missing from all our lives.
by Nick 'CommonFactor' Calingaert
21 October 2002 - MadeInBrussels strikes back!
The Psychogene's club is back at La Raffinerie this friday, featuring a rising star from Croatia: Carla Blank. Also in the line-up, Terence Fixmer (from Gigolo records, the label of DJ Hell) who will perform a live, as well as the MadeInBrussels regular T Carpenter and Billoved. Psychogene and Tim will complete the night. Caution: the party happens well at 'La Raffinerie' (check picture) but it is not the new permanent location of the MIB club. A new place will come soon, but it has NOT been chosen yet. They are still searching.
25 October at 21 rue de Manchester straat - 1080 Brussels (next to Ninoofsesteenweg) - 5 Euros before 23:00, or 10 Euros after.
by Nicolas
16 October 2002 - Joints in the target again
Forget about the past years and forget about some ministers saying that cannabis was almost legal... it is not and has never been. During a few years, a sort of passive blur remained on that subject... so, many teenagers were thinking that it was legal or at least tolerated. The new legal directive published by the Minister of Justice Marc Verwilghen (VLD) is extremely clear: cannabis is a drug and the Belgian users will be punished as well as the dealers. No matter of what happens in Netherlands, Spain, U.K. or Germany, the directive of the Minister of Justice forces to recognize that the detention and thus the use of cannabis are still illegal. "Cannabis. - To hold or cultivate cannabis remains illegal, even if this detention is only for personal use and if no aggravating circumstance is noted" says the directive. "By personal consumption, it is necessary to understand a quantity of cannabis which can be consumed all at once, or in a maximum of 24 hours. By culture of cannabis flowers for personal use, it is necessary to understand a quantity of female cannabis flowers which cannot lead to a production which exceeds the needs of a personal use."
This means that using cannabis will be punished by heavy bills (1250 to 5000 Euros), and if it happens again within the two years it could lead to prison for some weeks. Still the text has to be voted... but there's almost no doubt that it will be.
My opinion? They're all right when they say it's dangerous to drive a car under the influences of drugs... of any drugs. But I'm not sure this type of global repression will solve any of the problems concerning cannabis use by the youth (more than 40% of the public in some summer festivals). And that's not even talking about the victims of the cancer who supplicate to be allowed to use it as painkiller, and they ask it since maybe 10 years. By the way, law is the law, and we're all supposed to know it... that's why I choose to write this report.
by Nicolas
15 October 2002 - Controversy? Information!
There has always been drugs troubles in human history. is not here to find any answer or solution (I'm no doctor or anything like that). But since Ecstasy seems to have a large popularity even in the mainstream events in Europe (including rock, jazz or any music festivals), I think responsible to inform the visitors about the chemical weapons that are currently available in our cities. collects lab testing results from a variety of organizations, but also commissions its own tests which are conducted by Drug Detection Lab (DDL) in Sacramento, California, USA. Now please check the crap that stands in most of the tablets, and if you intent to buy it anyway... think of your kidneys coz it screws it down in no time. Most of all: it's illegal, but I suppose you already know that. Another way to figure the danger is the home test kits to order at: Also, read the news on these News page about killing pills coming from Asia. Not exactly 'love'... isn't it? Care your health, mates! We want you all nice and easy to continue the party! :-)
by Nicolas
06 October 2002 - 30.000 bracelets for Nuit Blanche Brussels
Yes it worked well! Even with the rain who almost never stopped falling on our night, a little less than 30.000 people did buy the magic 'all-in-one Nuit Blanche bracelet' for 10 Euros, including all entrances for more than 100 events in the city, but also the free bus & metro (tube) the whole night, a bath in the public pool (Bains du Centre) at 5:00 in the morning, and a free breakfast at Halles de Schaerbeek a little later. Parties everywhere and a heavy car traffic until the sunrise, it was so nice! Congratulations to the organisers.
Only two shady points: the map and programme were really hard to read and to understand, and that leaded to the second point: some events were sold-out and full when some others were a little quiet. But the bad weather did not take it down, and globally it was a great idea, inspired by Barcelona and Paris.
by Nicolas
04 October 2002 - webmaster with Brussels Mayor on TV
Goodies for night transports and night workers (bars, clubs)
Big talk about Brussels Nightlife on Télé-Bruxelles last saturday, featuring Freddy Thielemans (Brussels Mayor), Dominique Speeckaert (Bulex organisation), a representative of Public Transports authorities, of the bars lobbies, politics (Mrs Lemaire), etc... and Nicolas Deckmyn ( All was mainly about the Nuit Blanche, which was supported by Brussels City authorities. Shortly: the STIB / MIVB (Public Transports) will soon keep on the main lines until 2:00 in the morning. They say they work on it for 2003. Good! Well, it was a little more controversy when all talked about the relations neighbours/bar-clubs and about the difficult relations between some party organisers and the city council, but all that was very constructive and pointful. Click here for some screeners from the show.
by Nicolas
19 September 2002 - Sunday morning, cars are stopped!
Did you hear about the Sunday without cars in whole Belgium? Yes? Good, because it also means that if you come back from a party after 9:00 in the morning, you'll be forced to let your car in one of the parkings at the entrance of the city you live in. So, remind this: come back before 8:45 on sunday morning... or you'll have some problems to go back home. Fortunately the trains, trams, bus & metros are running, as well as the cabs.
by Nicolas
17 September 2002 - End of MadeInBrussels... not an end?
No it's not really the end of the MadeInBrussels club... it's only the end of it's location: the Caves de la Chapelle. It means the MadeInBrussels (or MIB) is looking for a new venue for their weekly meeting. But as long as they don't find one, there will be occasional parties here and there with Psychogene, Trish and Tim... the remaining residents of the MIB which is probably the second most important Techno club in Belgium.
by Nicolas
17 September 2002 - Fascist Techno from Spain? Fnac refusal!
There is a new style of electronic music originating from Spain. More precisely from South Catalonia, but also coming from France. This radical, hard techno sound has been infiltrated by racist groups. A number of lyrics have messages, for example, "we are facists and we are not ashamed of it. We don't want any more of this rot around us. It is necessary to exterminate those who don't have pure roots. We are for the Final Solution!". Fnac have therefore made the decision to withdraw CD compilations of Makina Techno from the sale. What is frightening is that, seeing the success of this music genre, several record labels have made CD compilations featuring the 'Makina Techno' hits. However this type of music attracts an audience not inherently racist, and which does not really listen to the lyrics. Neither do they comprehend the true goal of this music. A true danger which could dirty the global image of the electronic music, if nothing's done about it.
Source: Independant de Perpignan & Le Monde - Aug. 2002.
by Nicolas - source Le Monde
17 September 2002 - Pure gets Sub and bigger
You certainly know the Pure club which has become a reference in quality House music since a year under the artistic direction of Brandy and also the talents of Da Silva, Climaxx and some guest deejays. Located in Barry, between Tournai & Mons, there was the club for a 500 ppl crowd + a gigantic empty hall they used only a few time for special parties with big guests. From 28th of September that room will be open every Saturdays under the name Sub Club! Opening is with Murvin Jay (Mirano), Isabel (Strong, Café d'Anvers and she remains as monthly resident there), Brandy and Stephen... for a capacity of more than 1000 people in a great atmosphere. Noctis wishes you to be there.
by Nicolas
18 August 2002 - Teknival screenshots
The man on the right is the leader of the Teknival organisation. Just to mention: there has been rain and even snow, but nothing really wrong happened.
Just a party! That's ONLY what it was all about. What a fuzz!

by Nicolas
18 August 2002 - Fuse in Paris and Warm-Up in Marseille
This will be short but it's true: if you're searching for a nice club in Marseille, then go straight to the Warm-Up. 83 Bd de la Pointe Rouge - 13008 Marseille. There's a sunny terrace and a simple bar/restaurant, but also a club with House deejays (nice style) from thursday to sunday. And if you stand in Paris, the good old Gibus now offers Techno and Psytrance "ravestyle" parties every Friday. The Saturday is usually more funky-House, but on Saturday 21 Sept. the Fuse will come there on tour with its resident deejays Pierre, Deg, T-Quest and St Dic. It's gonna be huge! And more: you probably know that Gibus is not exactly a recent club... it has a loooong night story behind. It was the absolute Punk club in the very early 80's, and even 'Yeye' Twist in the 60's... and now still surfing on the night wave. Gibus - Paris 11ème 18, Rue du Faubourg du Temple 75011 Paris
by Nicolas
17 August 2002 - 15.000 ravers at Teknival in Italy (French border)
Announced since a year, because it's a yearly summer festival, the Teknival is one of the biggest free events in continental Europe. Of course there are big raves in Lithuania, and in East Europe in connections with West Coast American hippie families... but Teknival is one of the oldest events of that type. It puts mainly hard techno, UK gabber and psytrance up together for 4 days and nights in a natural site. Obviously: there's always some small village "terrified" by the "horrible freaky ravers" who "overwhelmed the city and made the citizens stay at home"... and that's the reason why the French government tries to shut that movement down in order to keep the French nights clean and quiet. They recently voted a special law to prevent any "free party" organisation, and everytime a rave is planned, the police comes and takes the soundsystem. This year especially, the French government announced the Teknival 2002 to be cancelled because all the agreements were not already given... but the organisers decided to make it anyway IN ITALY, in the mountains, at 950 meters from France! Ironic, isn't?
1) the French government decided to stop it... but it happens anyway, with more than 15.000 ravers. The police tried to block the roads and to stop the people, but they quickly surrended and get back to their trucks (after having broken the glass of many cars of ravers). That is just weird. When will politicians understand that they cannot work against the youth anymore?
2) the French TV news try to kill the reputation of Teknival only talking about the security problems and the jammed roads... but there's MSF (Médecins Sans Frontières) on the site, giving information to the youth and giving the first helps for common medical problems, and there is a whole bunch of helicopters permanently in the sky... so what is the problem??
3) all the trash will be collected in bags, which will (very probably) be dropped on the French side of the frontier... so the French authorities will have to take their responsabilities. The organisers think that Italians don't have to pay for the French fun... nice one bro'... Noctis agrees. 4) all that looks very fun and very friendly atmosphere at 2000 meters altitude in the moutains... we wish them a BIG FUN until sunday, and yes there is a small Belgian community there on location, including Analog B.!
Video samples about Teknival (french television, read with realplayer), pictures and comments by the police.
France2 - 17 Aug. 2002 -- France2 - 16 Aug. 2002 -- France2 - 15 Aug. 2002 -- all frenchspk., but pictures say all.
by Nicolas
16 August 2002 - Le Gazon moves location!
Le Gazon is an open air dj bar that opens every sunny Friday & Saturday during the summer. This year, for four weeks of crazy crowds and great success, it took place at Le Jardin du Mont des Arts in Brussels, just next to Royal Library. Some nights even shown more than 1000 people in front of the deejay desk, with House, Drum'n Bass, Electro, Reggae, etc... But some far neighbours complained (which is really weird because they're really far from the soundsystem)... so now, for the tranquility of the citizens, the location has changed and it takes place - as last year - at Jardins de La Cité Administrative (behind the Finance Tower), boulevard Pacheco [access by bankstraat / rue de la banque] - Free entrance, as it always been. Check for deejay line-ups
by Nicolas
16 August 2002 - no more radio on offered you a radio-stream since 1998 with the help of an American server. That server was providing the audio to the public for free, and gave us the opportunity to play our deejays archives permanently. But they suddenly changed their mind and since June they started to ask the listeners to subscribe on their website. So, it's not exactly a free service anymore and they don't really work for the people anymore... that's why I stopped working with Live365 and that's why the Noctis Radio temporarily stops its activities. But you can still enjoy the deejay mixes from the audio archives.
by Nicolas
15 August 2002 - I took some time off for the summer but the news are back
Just for you to know, there is 24.000 to 27.000 visitors per month on this year ... thanks for your permanent support. I'll do my best to improve the service. Don't forget Noctis also provides the party agenda of Kiosque monthly Brussels magazine since 1996. So, if you know places, parties or bars that should fit in the nightlife information, don't hesitate to add it in the agenda at or to use the filling forms of the site. Thanks to all! [Nicolas]
by Nicolas
13 July 2002 - Live streams of Love Parade
Friede, Liebe, Respekt und Toleranz

* live video:
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by Nicolas
27 June 2002 - Clubs and Minister together for free water!
Wednesday (26 June 2002), the Brussels Regional Minister Didier Gosuin took an agreement with the majority of the clubs in the city. From now on, all the clubs will propose a chilling room to their public, calm and separate from the dancefloor, equipped with free water for thirsty people, and a member of the personnel qualified for assistance in the event of collapse or physical troubles. This decision aims as much the comfort of people of the night as for more safety and information against chemical drugs, and is done in collaboration with association Modus Vivendi (vzw/asbl). In England, actions of this type take place since a long time and have encouraging results. And those who say that it will standardize the use of the illicit products, the minister answers "Those who say that are blind. It is not a question to encourage but to prevent ". So, now... free water and a chillout room in all clubs of Brussels, including the Fuse, Claridge, Mirano, Bal, Jeux d'Hiver, Sud, Cactus, Mezzanine, Declic and Louise Gallery. No doubt that all the other clubs will do it very soon too.
by Nicolas
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