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21 June 2003 - City Parade under the SUN !!!
total weather support
the schedule of City Parade will be:
14:00: Free Pre-Parade Party at Citadelpark (Régis, Johan, Ed&Kim, Fred Nasen)
+ 16:00: City Parade (start at Citadel, then de Kerkhovelaan - Yserlaan - Godshuizenlaan - Martelaarslaan - Watersportslaan - Noorderlaan)
+ 19 to 22:00: Free City Party at the end of Noorderlaan (music by the deejays and soundsystems of all the trucks... no central scene)
+ 23:00: Citizen Party at Flanders Expo with Slam, Jack de Marseille, The Advent, Marco Carola, Judge Jules, Mark Spoon, Marko, Yves Deruyter, Darren Emerson, Murvin Jay, Marco Bailey, Cor Fijneman, P. Jackson and many many other international & Belgian deejays (check their website for complete line-up).
All day is free. Price for the Citizen party: Presale 22 Eur - Door: 27 Eur)
by Nicolas
19 June 2003 - African Hip-Hop in Brussels and Liege
Over the coming few weeks, African rap groups will be playing in Brussels and Liege. Rak Tak Squad and Wa BMG 44 (Senegal), Nigga Nation (Ivory Coast), Godessa (South Africa) and X-Plastaz (Tanzania) will be offering their unique flow at a number of events. The groups have been working with Picho and others in Brussels. "The big difference between African and European rappers is that the Africans really have something they want to say," said Pitcho. The groups were interviewed by Michael Leahy of The Bulletin (link to follow after publication). If you want to try out something different, check them at the Slam Evening at Café Extra Large (Place Flagey on the Boondael corner) on June 25 from 8.30pm. They will also be appearing at Couleur Cafe on June 27, La Caravane de Liege on June 28 and the Festival au Carré on July 6. See your local press for details.
by The A.L.
17 June 2003 - Nandrin Festival line-up
Some nice electronic names are announced. Check this: Friday 8 August: Ken Ishii, Ian Pooley, Charles Schillings, Jeal Riley & Simon’s, Zuco 103, Olivier Delachanal, Cosy Mozzy, Brandy + Edmundo, Blacknizoroff.
Saturday 9 and Sunday 10 August: an open-air stage and two tents featuiring ZZ Top (mind the barbs!), Deep Purple (sweet child in time...), Fun Lovin’ Criminals, Mass Histeria, Machiavel (Isaye & freaky friendzzzz), Hooverphonic, Kyo, Elliott Murphy Venus, Da Familia + Belgian and European bands.
Friday only: Presales: 12 €, Door: 15 €
Saturday & Sunday: Presales: 37 €, Door: 43 €
All 3 days: Presales: 60 €, Door: 70 €
Nandrin stands between Marches and Liège, on N63.
By the way, they also set up a party at Soundstation (Jonfosse station, 6 rue Pouplin - Liège) on Saturday 28 June, with Alex Gopher, Etienne De Crecy, Isabel, Double Axl. Also of a great quality.
by Nicolas
17 June 2003 - Jazz in Frameries
The Frameries Jazz Festival is back on 20 and 21 June with a large JazzRallye in 21 venues of the city, featuring (among others) the Don Friedman Trio, the Brussels Little Big Band, Patrick Deltenre & Ivan Paduart Trio, Frederic Delplancq Quartet, Charles Loos Trio, Soul and Sour Quartet, Guy Cabay, Jacques Piroton Quartet, Alain Kawczak Unit, Michel Mainil, Hilde Vanhove Quintet, Trio Mirage, Jaszco Quartet, ... for this date, most of the venues will remain open really late at night for special jams. [Frameries, near Mons & Jemappe, along N544]
by Nicolas
17 June 2003 - No more Illusions at Illusion
Facts: The manager of the dancing Illusion in Lier has been apprehended by the Court of Mechelen for incitation to use of drugs. He's been taken up Sunday morning after a large raid in the discotheque. Some quantities of chemical drugs were found. The main dealer has also been apprehended. Sunday morning around 5:00, about 200 agents invaded the discotheque. All 670 visitors were checked. There has been official reports about 68 visitors. Six customers have been transported to the hospital for a checkup.
[source: Het Belang Van Limburg]
-- Noctis comment: I don't know yet where the drug has been found... in the club itself or in the dealer's pockets... so let's keep eyes cold. If the manager was part of the deal, then it's really unforgivable and it must be judged (chemical drugs really sux bad, mates. It kills kidneys in no time). But if the dealer was not related to the club, then why put the manager in trouble? To compare, there was just a daytime gunfight in an open air swimming-pool a few days ago in Wallonia, is the pool manager responsible for the fight? Will they close the swimming-pool like no doubt they'll close the club soon?
Let's see, and let's hope that only the facts will rule justice.
by Nicolas
16 June 2003 - Local Radio Matonge for 1 day
For the Fete de la Musique, the non-profit association Across Stickos (aka Gregor Beck) is setting up a local 1 day radio over the streets of the "Matonge" neighbourhood in Brussels. That area is considered as the 'African community zone' for Brussels, but Africa is only one of the many cultures mixed there. From Jazz to Reggae, from Blues to Soca, from Cloclo to Coltrane ... that place is one of the most openminded in the city. On Sunday 22, a radio will broadcast locally (2km around) and worldwide on the web (with the help of Boups Technology and Radio Panik bandwidth). It'll feature interviews, reports, music, a show about local nightlife, etc... and ALL shows will be created from the studios standing in the streets around chaussée de Wavre / Waversesteenweg and rue de la Paix.
For a contact about the nightlife-in-Matonge-show, just send a mail to
by Nicolas
15 June 2003 - 20, 21 & 22 June
it's the Music Days & Nights
So many entertainments are planned for the next week-end... it's just a matter of checking what's happening for free on open-air scenes around your place. Concerts, parties, open-day for venues, radioshows, ... The "Fête de la Musique" has been created in France and spreads all over Europe since about 5 years now, every 3rd week-end of June. That day, EVERYONE has the freedom to play his music in the cities... so however you're a guitar player, a violin virtuose, a djembe drummer, a deejay with your soundsystem or a street-singer... go out and play, it's your day! It is legal! And of course, there are the official events, but check the non-official parties too... flyers are everywhere in the cities about that (and some stand in the Noctis agenda).
by Nicolas
14 June 2003 - Parade Controversy [details]
As previously told in our news, several organisations from Gent (, Christmass Kitchen Lab and Radio URGent) are setting up a radioshow to gather all the crews ignored or not included in the Parade. All sets will be broadcasted on 107.7 FM over Gent on Saturday 21 June, from noon till midnight. Clearly, they want the people to move out with a radio and build spontaneously an alternative soundsystem ... "The more radios, the better the sound system will be." says one of their press-releases on ... "When you see someone with a radio that day, you'll immediately know that he or she is there for the same thing as you : enjoy pure unfiltered music. The choice is yours."
This means that many people will have to carry their radio with them in the city for all the day... and I'm not sure they'll do that ... but anyway it's a great idea and it uses the best aspects of a radio-station broadcast: the musical brotherhood.
The line-up:
12.00 Raggamuffin Whiteman + guests (reggae, dancehall)
13.00 Purple Sunny Crew (reggae, dancehall, soka)
14.00 Wannamoov (nu-skool breaks, garage)
15.00 X-Mass Breakz (nu-skool breaks)
16.00 Funky Green Aliens (electro)
17.00 Filip DP and guest (tech house, techno)
18.00 Soundattack Collective (techno)
19.00 All Funghed Up (psytrance)
20.00 Moushka (Dhangar Nomads, Essence of Progression)
21.00 Christmass Kitchen Lab (acid, nu energy)
22.00 Mutate (hardtek)
23.00 Steel Reports ( experimental core )
00.00 Duplox (breakcore, junglecore)
01.00 Rudy Rocket & Soul MC (drum + bass)
02.00 Fried Chicken (drum + bass)
by Nicolas
12 June 2003 - Bus to Full Moon - Psytrance Festival
Tom & Ellen 'OhmShiva' are setting up a bus for the Belgians going to the Full Moon festival in Germany from 13 to 17 July for a price of 67 Eur all included. All infos at: or by phone at 0497/27.13.84.
Festival infos at
Info source: .
by Nicolas
06 June 2003 - Deejay Fashion 2 - slipmats & needles

Now it's time to talk about the slipmats and needles... the only tools not listed in the previous text.

A slipmat is a plain fabric circle of the size of a record which stands in place of the rubber disc of the record player. Thus the record slips well and the dj can retain it with a finger when the rotor keeps on running. It is a cheap but essential element of the mix. The fast start of a record comes from the strength of the rotor of the turntable and from the good slipping of the record. And all deejays know how a fast start is important. The first slipmats were made of rigid antistatic plastic... but it was heavy and not that good for the records. The deejays made then their own slipmats for years... but it had to be done with a non-dusty and anti-static-electricity fabric. Wool baize was the most common used fabric... until the synthetic baize came, and the industrial brands arrived with their own made versions. Now almost all brands and labels do slipmats of their own... they give it out or sell it out. But choose it of a heavy weight, coz too light slipmats stick to the records and you got to put it back in place at every mix.


The needles are something that came with the first music cylinders created both by Charles Cros and Thomas Edison. The purpose is the same for the iron cylinders or the vinyle records. The needle follows the furrow and forms the sound starting from the undulations dug in the plastic of the record. An easy test (to do with an old crap record you want to throw away) is to read a single 45rpm with a dressmaker-needle stuck in a cone of paper. This is NOT a good test to do with a collector item. At the start, the needle ended with a real diamond, but now it uses microscopic chemically recreated diamonds.

The head of the arm is usually made of 3 elements: the headshell, the cartridge and the stylus.
- The headshell is the structure of the head.
- The cartridge is the element transforming the needle impulses in magnetic impulses.
- The stylus is the element with the needle.
With the new versions (ortofon & stanton), the headshell and cartridge are one same element.

From the 60's, the two leading popular brands were Shure and Stanton. Their sound was just the best, and they produced many versions for all purposes. Shure was mostly advised for classical music and home soundsystem, when Stanton was already the reference for the deejays. One said that the Stanton was really 'sticking' to the record. Of course there were also some very specific brands for specialists, but those two really were everywhere a record was played, even until 1990. (also for audiophile specials)  - (Shure deejay supply website)

And then came a big surprise: a brand for refined quality-addicts (those who may put 10.000 Eur for an amplifier)... a brand totally unknown by the public, Ortofon, created a revolutionary headshell based on the design of the Concorde airplane. And it was cheap enough for all deejays! That futuristic design + the extreme quality of the elements + the cheap price = the fastest success ever saw. In a couple of months, the Ortofon Concorde was on top of all the turntables arms in Europe and quickly in the world. official homepage

Since then, many brands tried to duplicate the quality and the design of the Ortofon... but none took the leadership that Concorde keeps with the years. Only Stanton seems to recover a small part of the field with their new models available, mostly based on the Concorde


by Nicolas
04 June 2003 - Deejay Fashion - classics and fun

The needed stuff for the professional deejays never really changed in the last 15 years. Two turntables for vinyle records (with needles and slipmats of course) + a mixer + a set of headphones + some record bags to carry it. Yes ok... But which turntables and why? Which mixers and why? These are some answers for info and for fun. There is nothing commercial in this... no one paid us to stand on this page. This is only a statement of what professional deejays use, done by observing the scene. I just added some fun tools that I found on the way.

There are three different types of turntables for vinyles:
1) the classic turntable for home and collectors
2) the dj turntable with speed control (pitch) and move by wire transmission (it's far too sensitive but cheaper)
3) the dj turntable with pitch and Direct Drive (the rotor is at the center of the circle and drives the records).
Denon was already doing Direct Drive turntables since 1980, but the pitch was a hard to use running button... and then came the Technics SL-1200-MK2, the legendary tool that satisfies the deejay scene since the early 80's. It was the most resistant and precise turntable ever, and it's still the leader today. Its handy pitch control, the easy start/stop, its great functionnal look, all made it a best-selling over the years. One could say that the SL1200 has been part of the evolution of music since 20 years. Now there are the SL1210 and all the new variations from it.
You may find a new SL-1200 in Brussels at 625 Eur (all taxes incl.)

SL1210 MK website

But no one ever invented anything more for years... until Numark changed the rules with the TTX1. Everyone has been surprised by this new machine. All deejays were bored of all the fake 'new' turntables, featuring unuseful crap... but this was something real. The same resistance and quality, but with many new handy options: digital control, stretch effect (changing speed but not the tone), reverse playing, beat calculation, special hiphop version, etc... and, well, even more expensive. It has not been a revolution yet, but this has really been a change and could hit the score soon.
You may find it in Brussels at 730 Eur (all taxes incl.)

TTX1 website

By the way, a Direct Drive is not the magic word. It surely helps, but the magic word is: 'fast start'. And only a few brands can give that.
They also do turntables, but not of the same quality or duration. Since it's cheaper, it could help to know: Stanton, Gemini, Monacor, many sub-brands, (and JB-System but the pitch is reversed). You'll almost never see those in serious clubs.

The mixer (mixtable) is another thing, because American and European deejays have same needs but not the same references. In USA you'll see many Numark, Pioneer (the famous mixer with build-in effects) and Gemini ... when in Europe the most demanded name is Rodec (and sometimes also Pioneer). A strong tool for deejays, with wide frequencies, resistant plugs, the best VUmeter system available, and all single part can be removed and changed. After 15 years, nothing took the leadership of Rodec in the largest clubs of North Europe... clubbers know why. Now they even do cheaper reduced size mixers for home-deejaying.
You may find a new MX180 in Brussels at 1119 Eur, or a Mixbox at 450 Eur (all taxes incl.)

Rodec MX180 - Rodec MX300 - Rodec Mixbox

You'll also see mixtables by Numark, Ecler, Pioneer, Stanton, Vestax, Gemini, BST, ... of diverse qualities.

Here comes a really nice brand: Vestax. Not that the tools they build are the best on the market, but they really are inventive and searching for things we never would think of (or very late at night and badly drunk).
Well, their PMC-06T Mixer is a seriously nice and small tool for home-deejaying. The headphone output has a very handy split system.

But it starts to be interesting if you check this: thanks Vestax, now you can mix in your bed! Or simply upside-down. They created a turntable of which you can change the angle. The PVT-e2 Pivot Table. Look at this picture... no more comment.

You think they stopped there? No no... they also made the VRX 2000 ... a turntable with a cutting head that makes your own records. Yes, it puts your music onto specially designed Vestax vinyl blanks, from any source. Sure... it's expensive, and the blanks are sold around 30$ ... but it's a very innovative tool for all kind of deejays.

They also created a one-ear Deejay Headphone. Beyer did one, but it was half a professional studio tool... too heavy for most deejays. This one is more like a telephone (or a shower?). I saw some homemade on stages, but never a branded version. Now there it is.


Vestax website

And so, this is not really new, but it's what deejays use these last years to carry the records. The classic Magma DJ Solutions bag, and the classic Lynx hardbox. Name it flightcase or dj-case, whatever... each are between 70 and 100 Eur.

here is one possible shop where to find it but I found some at USA Import Antwerp.


Of course now there are some serious CD mixers and some specially designed effects box... even some very nice computer softwares to mix mp3 ... but here is a strict selection of the most demanded brands and tools for genuine professional deejays. Who said fashion?!?

Some of these are available online from Amazon
(at least they're safe, our selection on the dj-stuff page)
Some also available, with many others, at USL (online ordering),
                            11 Begonialaan - 1790 Affligem
Some also available, with many others, at Orbit Brussels (online ordering),
                             r.d. Marché aux Charbons - 1000 Brussels

by Nicolas
04 June 2003 - Trucks & Floats at City Parade Gent
These will be the trucks nd floats at the next City Parade on Saturday 21 June:
Perrier&City Parade - Cherry Moon - Kokorico - La Goa - DelMundo - Versuz - Le Motion - Alive Festival - Sottos - Mega-Tempel (Bocca 1972-1994) - Illusion - FFWD parade Rotterdam - Jim Tv - Donna - Studio Brussel - Axe - Coke Lab - Marko Truck - D&B - La Rocca - Culture Club (tbc) - Montuno Vibes - Papaya - Café d'Anvers (tbc) - Fuga - MB Elktroniks - Session - Kozzmozz - News rec - Music Man rec- I Love Techno (tbc) - Fuse (tbc).
Remind that the music of the Free Party will be only played by the different trucks ... the will be no podium. The Citizen party with international deejays will stand at Flanders Expo.
by Nicolas
04 June 2003 - Limitation for clubs of Pecq?
However the local drug&road statistics look better, the Mayor of Pecq soon will apply a new decree aiming to the forced closing of the club doors between 8 in the morning and 20:00. "I will meet the owners of the mega-dancings and I'll explain them well that we will prosecute after two or three calls to order" says the Mayor to 'La Dernière Heure'. Marc D'Haene has five clubs of this kind on his city district.
But the clubs are patients. "We will respect this decree, until the Council of State states our rights in one or two years", says the legal adviser of La Bush club. "Nevertheless, we think that the closing of the dance-clubs will only move, and even amplify the problem. [...] The amount of police officers must absolutely be adapted to the important population which comes to these mega-dancings."
by Nicolas - source LaDH
04 June 2003 - Healthier times around Tournai
Less drugs on the roads and in the clubs... it is a good sign. "It is true that it's now a little better in our district", specifies the Pecq Police chief. "We're hopeful. With our colleagues from Tournai, we keep an important presence on that field. We have services which exclusively work in this field and regularly return inside the venues to detect the deal of drug."
And things also get better on the roads says a Commissaire from Tournai: "There has been less of serious accidents for a few months. Our increased presence on the roads certainly explains it. Large operations with the Federal Police force are organized every two months. [...] And on Monday morning, we are very often near the accesses of the mega-dance clubs."
by Nicolas - source LaDH
03 June 2003 - Poppers soon illegal?
Last month, the Police force organized the complete inspection of a known sex shop next to the Brussels North Station. The Operation Was baptized 'Flacons!' and had the Poppers as target. Result: the magistrate seized a stock of 600 poppers bottles. The general accepted idea that the poppers would only be used by the gay community is now totally false. Sex Shop owners state that they sell it as well to gays as to hetero couples. It is even sold in the discotheques. Is Poppers legal or not? No one really answers since there is no law yet about it, and no specific composition by any European FDA. Poppers is Alkyl Nitrite ... and inhaled it is supposed to increase heartbeat + body heat. Most of them are produced in USA, Netherlands and Germany. It can be lethal if ingested, and is a strong skin and eye irritant. No need to say that it has nothing natural.
by Nicolas - source LaDH
03 June 2003 - FM Brussel still needs help
After 3 years of outstanding music broadcasts and cultural integrity, the (almost) only bilingual FM radio in Brussels has been burglarized on 2 March 2003. It was an ashamed act which sanctions a team of great quality. FM Bssl always supported the new cultures with deejay shows, programs with hybrids of opera and futuristic electronic musics, some French-speaking Hip Hop hours, etc ... a very wide range of styles and expressions. But 3 months ago the burglars took all CD players, minidiscs, reporter tools, the mixtable, 25 microphones, the headphones and 11 PC computers... so the studios were just left empty. Now FM Bssl recovers its shows step by step, but THEY STILL NEED HELP ... so if any of you can help them with microphones, headphones, any radio material... call them at 02-507.14.52 or go at the website here below.
by Nicolas
02 June 2003 - Night Birds in nature
Two non-profits associations are setting up evening-promenades to watch night birds (real ones, with wings!) in the province of Namur. The ASBL 'Aves' and 'Noctua'. The first makes it for 1 Euro, the second for free. You can reach them at 081-21.49.69, and at 071-71.44.52 to do it at Bambois lake (Fosses-la-Ville).
Yes, in Noctis we talk about the parties... sure... but we also love the night for what it is: a magic time.
by Nicolas
02 June 2003 - Parade Controversy
After the cancellation of an envisaged counter-event, now gathers the organisations not involved or ignored by City Parade to set up a radioshow. This show shall support all the organisations of Ghent who are not involved with the parade (including Kristmas Kitchen Lab, and other crews). More info soon about this.
by Nicolas
01 June 2003 - Some Summer Tips
1) complete 10 Days Off line-up is in the Noctis agenda. -
2) the biggest names of Dance Valley (next to Amsterdam) too. -
3) and also for Geel Reggae Festival and Esperanzah World Festival in Floreffe. -
4) Fuse makes it free for the girls for all summer. -
5) Free Vibes remains free at Café d'Anvers on Friday.
by Nicolas
30 May 2003 - Blow-Up + Food = 1 ticket
We juste received this mail from Frank Food and Blow-Up club: "One entrance for two clubs & seven great deejays. For the last party for Blow-Up Club & Food Club we have decided to join forces to give you an unforgettable night. You pay one entrance for both clubs ! People who pay entrance at Blow-Up are free for the Food & vice versa.
Blow-Up Club (Open from 00h00 till 06h00) presents Cosmo Vitelli (Solid, Virgin, Paris, Fr), Cosy, Mozzy, Mandrake, S-Venus ... Food Club (Open from 00h00 till very late !) presents Geoffroy, Régis, Raoul.
Entrance for both parties: 8 € ... or 5€ after 06h00am.
last Blow Up at Athanor Brussels, and last Food club at Lounge Brussels. You walk only 3 min betweet both clubs, so, move & shake all night long ! Blow-up & Food thank you for your presence. Hope to see you there."
This is a very cool idea revealing the real spirit of the Belgian nights: unity for the right to party. Where will they move after this week-end? Blow-Up will come back at Palace from 28 June with Tigersushi... but we don't have that information yet for Food. Of course Food Lge continues at Phoenix twice a month, exactly as it was.
by Nicolas
27 May 2003 - The Glimmer Twins do Cannes (with MTV to follow)
The daring duo of Mo & Benoelie, aka The Glimmer Twins, have just returned from Cannes, where they played several storming sets for the Stella Artois Screen Cruise. The pair notably played two sets on the beach of the Carlton Hotel, at parties attended by "Lord of the Rings" star Ian McKellen, Ky-mani Marley (the son of Bob, in town to premiere his Romeo&Juliet remake called "One Love"), Hooverphonic, Phaedra and Talking Movies presenter Tom Brook. One party they missed was the MTV bash in Pierre Cardin's Palais des Bulles. "I'm not sure why, actually," said Mo. "We'll be playing at a number of MTV parties across Europe over the coming months."
by The A.L.
27 May 2003 - Mons under control last week-end
160 police officers of the Federal Police Force from the 6 zones of the district of Mons checked the roads of the area in the night of Saturday to Sunday between 3 and 7 hours in the morning. The operation aimed at drivers under the influence of alcohol (tests and fines from 150 to 400 Euros) or of drug (vehicle search and justice prosecutions). 440 vehicles and 384 people were controlled during that operation called "drugs and drivers". 36 statement for high traces of alcohol in the blood were drawn up and 13 withdrawn licences. 6 statement for drug driving were established. 3,6 grams of haschisch and 2 grams of weed were seized.
What to say? We have to state that about 6 young boys and girls died at night last week on the Belgian roads ... and more than zero will always be too much. If all drivers could be clean, police wouldn't spend their time on controls. As long as they'll find drunk drivers they'll keep on controlling... that's fair. Once again we say: please TAKE CARE OF YOU! And if you MUST drink, then find a clean driver... or take a taxi or a train. All the party people should think about that ... at least stay alive.
by Nicolas (source Soir & LtNws)
23 May 2003 - Antirave law voted in USA
On April 10, the 'Protect Act' passed in both the U.S. House and the U.S. Senate. The 'Rave Act' was attached to this bill at the last moment, so it also passed. On 30 April 2003, the president signed it into law.
This law will make it easier for the federal government to prosecute owners and managers of clubs, bars, parties, festival grounds, etc if customers, ravers, employees, tenants, or other persons on their property commit a drug-related offense. Persons convicted under this new law could be sentenced to up to 20 years in prison, fined $500,000 and have their business or property confiscated.
The club scene in Belgium can't ignore these kinds of laws which will consequently limit the freedom to party in the USA... and we all know that these American laws put ideas into the heads of our local authorities. We recently passed really close to a closing time of 6:00 am, so we still have to pay attention. Will public transportation be punished for participating in these events? Or will festival organisers be punished because drugs were found on a kid in the audience? That's just nonsense.
by Nicolas from US sources
22 May 2003 - Democrazy at Gentse Feesten
This year Democrazy will be present at the Gentse Feesten with a project called "Red Light District". Located behind the stage of Trefpunt (St-Jacobs), they're planning a warm and cozy tent with downtempo-grooves and lounge sounds. Imagine a melting-pot of movies such as Tarantino's Pulp Fiction, Time of the Gipsies and Exotica. Tapas, cocktails, gigs & deejays in a lounge atmosphere from 19th to 27th July.
by Nicolas (source:
20 May 2003 - Audiopad: Immaterial Music
Only three small blocks to move on a table. No buttons, no machines, no wires... just some purple lights running over your hands... and your music starts. Yes, it is a fantastic tool to manage samples and loops, probably one of the best aids for the live performers of the coming decades. Who did it? James Patten and Ben Recht, both students (probably graduated now) at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, in the Media Lab Section. The Audiopad is the first immaterial (and real) interface to compose electronic based music. In their words: "Audiopad is an instrument for electronic musical performance that aims to combine the modularity of knob based musical controllers with the expressive character of multidimensional tracking interfaces." ... at this point you have to know that the technology used is based on the Sensetable, another creation in which James Patten was involved. Audiopad is sort of a musical continuity of the Sensetable. "It is a composition and performance instrument for electronic music which tracks the positions of objects on a tabletop surface and converts their motion into music. One can pull sounds from a giant set of samples, juxtapose archived recordings against warm synthetic melodies, cut between drum loops to create new beats, and apply digital processing all at the same time on the same table."
Revolutionary? The future is tasteful.
by Nicolas
15 May 2003 - Alive 2003 vs Electronics
The next Alive Festival 2004 is confirmed for the summer in St Vith, with a blend of heavy rock and cosmic electro-techno. This year will be very Techno oriented with Claude Young, Marco Carola, Space DJ'z, Kitbuilders live, and a whole bunch of local artists such as Joost de Lijser, Deg and, most likely, also Psychogene. That, plus of course, the Rock line-up should be loud enough to satisfy the most demanding rock-addicts.
As you all remember, last year saw a few disturbing instances, such as an overly nervous and restrictive security staff... or the artists not being looked after properly, even the ones playing for free... but the public had a lot of fun, and from that standpoint it has been a success.
Roger, the festival manager and creator told me today that these problems will be fixed for this year's edition. He went on to say, "... the security has to be very self confident because we can't afford to be overwhelmed by gangs of rock bikers... security has to be ready for almost anything, so they maintain a cold and clean-cut image. We have a very wide range of visitors and they have to be careful." But is it useful to be rude? "That will certainly be discussed." And what about the artists? "Do you really think I want artists not to have a few drinks just to save some money? We lost a lot of money in 2002 despite a larger than expected attendance, and a drink or a pass won't change anything.. We had 1500 guests last year, and that's a huge thing to manage. There was a ticket system for artists, but it seems there were problems with the distribution... but we'll be working on that too."
by Nicolas Noctis
13 May 2003 - Noctis on Cybercafe 2.0
Cybercafe 2.0, the highly acclaimed tv-show about the internet, whichhas been airing since the mid nineties, mentioned tonight. Many thanks to Laurent, Xavier, Brice, Jean-Christophe, Richard, and the crew at the show. That's really cool. And yes, it's true, you can now suggest your own night-life related events on the site... just browse the forms to add links, clubs, bars, parties, shops, night shops, late-night eateries, erotic clubs, gay places, .... This site has been yours for about 9 years and will continue to be so.
by Nicolas Noctis
08 May 2003 - Electro at Fuse
That's on 28 June (yes, a Saturday!) "Plug in those jacks for some raw electro sounds! Brought to you by The Hacker (FR, Gigolo, Goodlife), Belgium's electro pride Spacid & Joost De Lijser, and Fastgraph (NL, Klakson) with a fresh live act." A highly anticipated night at Fuse Brussels.
By the way, throughout the entire summer, Girls Get in Free All Night Long Every Saturday, so after the outdoors fun in the sun, feel free to drop in.
by Nicolas / Nick Fuse
01 May 2003 - Teknival is back today! ... but observed
All of you remember the big clash between Teknival organisation and French government in 2002... it was so difficult to resolve that Teknival moved to Italian frontier, at the last moment. Since then, the French authorities created a line of communication between themselves and the "free party scene" ... and this Teknival 2003 is the result of that interaction. Located in Marigny near Paris (district of La Marne),Teknival starts today and will go on until midnight on Sunday May 4th.
There have, however, been some changes this year: no fire allowed, no cars around the soundsystems, the police will be checking people for alcohol and other drugs on the roads around the site, etc ... but for once the event will respect both the ravers and the neighbours! Water for everyone, a 'Medecins du Monde' tent, info by SMUR and other French associations ... everything has been put together for a safer electronic sound event in the middle of the countryside.
All requests and advice (in French) should be directed to the following URL :
The French 'Collective of the Sound Systems' was formed after the first Intersoundz-meeting in France held in January 2000, not far from Lyon. The meeting's goal was to discuss the concept of a council consisting of soundsystems, free-party organizers, etc... thus, creating a channel to address the issues generated by the teknivals and the 'frees' and the embarrassing direction those festivals took. (too many drugs, no information, no respect for the environment, etc). Because they challenge the people chosen by the French Minister of Interior, they become an alternative lobbying group..
More about it in French in Le Monde daily press.
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by Nicolas Noctis
28 April 2003 - Fresh Food in Liège
The Food club, residency of Geoffroy, Régis and Raoul, has a southern division since mid-March in Liege. It stands twice a month in the Phoenix, a disused porn theatre in the 'quartier Cathédrale' ... not far from La Chapelle. Red walls, heavy doors and shiny bar... the environment is a little straight but still a great warm venue for 300 to 450 ppl. It recently presented Lance Desardi from Chicago, Cyril K from Paris and Murvin Jay, of course along the three Food residents. Every 1st and 3rd Friday of the month, it's probably still in a test phase and could be weekly soon. Next edition on Friday 02 May will feature Geoffroy (he now owns Hi-Phen rec.) and Koenie (the House Knight from Antwerp, Wally's Groove). Some Food classics ... to feed the party. Address: 10 rue de la Sirène - 4000 Liège.
by Nicolas Noctis
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