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17 December 2003 - Leuven: Fataal club hibernates till February
Briefly: due to the Winter Holidays and the university exams, the Fataal club (every Thursday at Musicafé in Leuven) is closing until February and did its latest winter night on December the 18th with Killa Tactics and Geoffroy. It will of course be back with its two rooms on February the 5th, still at Muntstraat - 3000 Leuven. For those (rare) who never been to Fataal club, it's one of the top spots in Leuven... every thursday with two styles (usually Hip-Hop+House, Reggae+Techno or Drum'n Bass+House), in that university based city full of potential party people. A club that scores high with a warm soul.
by Nicolas Noctis
13 December 2003 - Illusion and Zillion are coming back
After 2 years of silence for the Zillion and a couple of months for the Illusion, it seems some doors are opening back for the Progressive Trance scene in Belgium.
Zillion will be back for a large Reunion on 19 and 20 December, and also for 31 December, with many of the regular residents and about 20 more deejays. The Zillion has been closed in 2001 for a huge amounts of Justice complains related to business, violence and morality, and everything inside has been publicly sold in February 2002 to pay the bills. The bars, the soundsystem, the lightsystem, lasers, animal furs, costumes, carnaval masks, and even a real torpedo bomb and a dentist chair... everything is gone away. Worse: the name 'Zillion' has been sold to someone else too... so the club will never be 'Zillion' again. However, a new partnership started with new investors, and the ex-owner remains artistic director... for a new reopening at 4 Jan Van Gentstraat in Antwerpen. Check for more info.
About the Illusion, closed before the summer for a hard drug related investigation, the problems are not yet about to end but it looks better. The hall has been allowed to reopen, but not as a nightclub yet... not as long as the Police investigation hasn't been completed. So, in the meantime will it be a simple bar, or a cocktail hall for rent? No one knows, but things turn smoother on Mechelsesteenweg in Lier.
by Nicolas
12 December 2003 - Fluo & Glow-in-the-dark sticks are NOT candies!
You obviously know the phosphorescent and luminous gadgets which are very fashion since a few years. Little lightballs, lightwires, necklaces shining for a couple of hours, etc... More and more of them are put in mouth by the clubbers, to make a funny or surrealist effect. That is cool, but that can also sometimes be dangerous. During a large Techno event in October, a girl accidentally opened a small luminous tube by breaking it with her teeth. This accident does not always produce the same effect, but for her it is at the hospital that the night continued, the lip inflated and burned at the 3rd degree. Thus play with it, yes, but do not open the tubes. It is a chemical liquid and that is seen, not a lemon syrup. Mind it.
[based on article found on]
by Nicolas
11 December 2003 - Trying to get in can turn bad
Now this is willing something. Australia 16 November, a young guy has been ejected from a Sydney nightclub and had to be rescued by ambulance officers when he trapped himself in the air system as he tried to sneak back into the building.
A spokesman of the 'Penrith Panthers club' said that the 20 years old man was kicked out of the club for drunken behaviour at about 1:00 am (local time) on Saturday night / Sunday morning. "He apparently tried to get back by climbing onto the roof and making his way down through the air conditioning system and he got stuck [...] Fortunately, he had a mobile phone and called one of his friends and they raised the alarm." The man was stuck for about six hours until rescue crew arrived to free him. "Rescue squads winched a small rescue personnel, their smallest, into the shaft to put a harness on the man and retrieve him," said the hospital spokeswoman.
That story reminds the legendary attempts to get in the Studio 54 in Manhattan, as those guys caught climbing the building walls with mountain equipment. What could we do for a party?? Almost anything.
by based on AFP news
27 November 2003 - Cactus Brugge moves!
After 9 years of great music events, the Cactus club will move from St Jakobsstraat to Magdalenastraat, next to St Andries in Brugge. You probably saw there some names who are now topdogs of festivals, like Everything But The Girl, Kosheen, Soulwax, Eek-A-Mouse, Geoffrey Oryema, Starflam, Roots Manuva, Sugar Hill Gang, or Junkie XL. The Cactus now joins forces with the Cultuurcentrum Brugge to create the Ma/Z, a new place where concerts and parties will find a great host. So the coming parties of November and December will be the last at the current Cactus. The hall was getting really too small for the growing public, and a permanent and outstanding deejay/concert selection from Drum'n Bass to Electro to Rock to Hip Hop was attracting more and more people around. That's why the new Ma/Z has been done around a large hall of 1000 ppl, plus a smaller venue for the more intimate nights. So this is the news for Brugge: Cactus 2003 = St Jakobsstraat. And Cactus 2004 = Ma/Z, 27 Magdalenastraat.
by Nicolas Noctis
19 November 2003 - 5 Free Passes for Groove City
Guess what, the 5 LAST FREE TICKETS for Groove City on are gone! The game is over since Thursday night. 5 users will have a night with David Morales, Danny Rampling, Luke Slater, etc... The rule was: one winner every 3 mails. The winners already had a confirmation mail. Have fun !!
by Nicolas Noctis
18 November 2003 - Police controls near GrooveCity
Hey, at least that's fair for this time: they say it before. Usually, the Police force sets up hidden road filtering *after* the event to catch the most young people possible. That had an extremely bad influence on the global reputation of the events in the press, and gave a distorted reflected vision of the drug problem in our society. From now on it seems that the choices are more honest, more direct: the searchs and controls will occur on the road *even before* the event... so everyone is able to figure what to do or not to do. Here's what the GrooveCity website says: "Our friends from the Police Force have decided to join the [...] Groove City party on Saturday 22nd of November. They will be present at the site and on the Ring around Brussels. Unless you want to experience the latest hype and procedures of their “hospitality”, we advise you not to bring drugs or drink till you’ve forgotten your name! If you don’t bother, warn your mum & dad that you might be home very, very, very late and ask a friend to bring you at least some oranges in jail. Let’s go for the fun !"
Now you also have to know that Groove City has Party Busses that will take you back to Noordstation/Gare du Nord, so you can choose Not To Drive! By the way, the public transports are running again from 5:30 in the morning.
by Nicolas [+GC website]
03 November 2003 - Jo Dona jumped in the eternal nightlife
Visionary character and inventor of the party radioshow concept in 1960, Jo Dona has just left us definitively. Of course he was an old-fashion night bird, with Tango and Paso Doble, but he was the first to defend the night life and the clubbing on a national radio broadcast, in France, and never stopped producing its 'Inter-Danse" shows until nowadays. He made the promotion of the small local orchestras as we today make the promotion of the deejays.
Jo Dona, formerly singer in the orchestra of Jacques Hélian in 1947, made then a solo career from 1949 to 1960, recording more than 20 LPs (incl. the original soundtrack of "Caroline chérie"). In 1960 he created "RTF Danse" on Paris Inter which will become "Inter Danse" on France Inter since 1965. This show presented (and still does) a live popular ball each Saturday from a different village, intersected with small chats with the city mayor, his assistants, the persons in charge for tourism, etc... Also author of the book "Carnets de bal", Jo Dona recorded four CDs in 1995, featuring "Inter Danse celebrates 30 years of success". In 1982 he launched the "Mondial Inter Danse" by opening a door to the dance music from other countries. A bit later he turned to a younger public while launching the "Hit des Clubs Inter Danse" presented since 1984 by Bernard Lorre. It is the date on which Jo stopped working on the radio air. Trying to stick to our time, Bernard Lorre passed from the Top 50 to Daft Punk but has difficulties to remain convincing with too often badly prepared interviews and prestigious guests treaten as if they were unknown. We will regret for a long time the qualities of communication and the professionalism of Jo Dona. May this be our tribute to his passionated nocturnal life.
by Nicolas 'Noctis'
29 October 2003 - Amsterdam Dance Event 2003
In 1992-94 Amsterdam was at the top of a nightclubbing time with a generation of deejays which turned Europe upside down in a snap. Names such as Dimitri, Erick Nouhan, Remy (actually coming from Den Haag), Marcello and the very young 100% Isis were leading the line-ups of every serious House party on the continent, including Belgium of course. Labels such as Outland records were referential as well. In the mid-nineties their influence was still huge, so was the name of the city of Amsterdam, and a conference... a meeting was needed there to federate the scene and to understand how it grew that fast. That convention has been created in 1996, it was the first A.D.E. (for Amsterdam Dance Event)... already very professional but the self-investment of the delegations was a bit shy. Year after year, bigger and bigger names (deejays, club managers, ...) were coming to participate to the meetings and the parties, and more record companies were paying attention to it, until the year 1999 where it really turned international and took the second place in importance just behind the American Miami Winter Conference.
This year 2003 will welcome (among others) Darren Emerson (uk), Derrick May (usa), Harrisson Crump (usa), Eddie Amador (usa), Junkie XL (nl), Joey Negro (uk), Bhangra Knights (uk), 100% Isis (nl), Armin van Buuren (nl), T.Raumschmiere (germ), Satoshi Tommii (jap), DJ Umek (slov), Yonderboi (hung), Juanes (mexico), Marcello (nl), Massimo d’Electro (germ), Vive la Fête (b), Terry Farley (uk), Sven van Hees (b), DJ Roog (nl), Fernanda Porto (bz), Dr. Lektroluv (b), Sascha Funke (d), Fat Truckers (uk), Rinneradio (fin), DJ La Di Da (cz), Black Sifichi (fr), Sandy Rivera (usa) and many others. All those in many venues including (also among others) include Club 020, Amuse, Chemistry, Desmet, Escape Venue, Fantasio, Heineken Music Hall, Hotel Arena Tonight, Mazzo, Melkweg, More, Panama, Paradiso, Supperclub and Winston. (some parties are in our Party Agenda).
Yessss! will be there (or at least its webmaster) and I'll try to picture as most as possible for you. In the meantime you still can check the pictures of 2002 issue in the Pictures page.
by Nicolas Deckmyn
25 October 2003 - City Parade again
Liège confirmed for 2005
Yes, the next City Parade will stand in 2004 in Gent with 35 trucks and a gigantic final open-air party in a 65.000 m² field with special end at 4 am (good!! usually it's midnight). The Parade will of course remain free, and the party at the end will be 5 Eur only (on presale/voorverkoop/prévente), but with many international deejays (guess who, you'll get the names on as soon as possible). About Liège: the agreements are now validated and signed, so the Parade will really stand in Liège for 2005. It is fully confirmed!
by Nicolas
09 October 2003 - Belgian star-deejays Junior Jack and Kid Creme awarded in Ibiza
After many years of productions and deejaying, both Kid Creme and Junior Jack are now two of the few biggest worlwide artists coming from Belgium. -for those who were on the moon for the last 15 years: Junior Jack aka Vito is producing music since the late 80's in our country, and Kid Creme is also known as Nicolas Scaravelli for many projects since the early 90's- Beeing residents at Ministry of Sound in London for one year (2002-2003), weekly residents at El Divino Ibiza and for some events at Pacha, and having both their videos hourly on MTV (Jack currently with the 'E Samba' and Kid Creme a year ago with the Shakedown 'At Night' remix), they reached the top and now they got it. We just spent some nights in Ibiza last month with them (check the pictures in the Party Pics page), and last but not least: they have been awarded at the Ibiza DJ Awards 2003 for the best New Incoming DJ as a duet (before Fergie or Sarah Main). Junior Jack also received the Award for the Best Track of the Season (with 'E Samba'). Hereunder: some awarded heads featuring Deep Dish, Steve Lawler, Junior Jack, etc ... and Junior Jack & Kid Creme receiving the awards.

pictures by
by Nicolas Noctis
08 October 2003 - Fataal Thursday is back
This year again, Fataal launches in October. And as you maybe saw last Thursday, the two rooms are back with the two styles. TLP & Killa Tactics + Raoul ... or Pierre, Trish + Marco Bonafini ... Cosy Mozzy, Starski & Tonic + St Dic... etc The club has a warm atmosphere due to the many students Leuven provides to its nightlife, but also to a very gathered crowd which follows the club since its beginning. It's a classic, located in the Musicafé, 5 Muntstraat - 3000 Leuven. On Thursday only, and until April 2004.
by Nicolas
30 September 2003 - a shuttle in Nuits Blanches !
Indeed, will have a purpose in the next Nuits Blanches event, on Saturday 11 of October. We will set up a shuttle running from club to club and giving to the passengers the opportunity to have a party in one of those clubs with a lower price to pay. Besides, the tour will probably feature some comments by myself (Nicolas, Noctis webmaster) about the history of those locations and about the general nightlife in Brussels. The bus stops will be (at this score, more are to come): Samplification party at Recyclart (door = 5 Eur instead of 7), Fuse & Food clubs (5 Eur instead of 8), Dirty Dancing at Mirano (free before midnight and 5 Eur instead of 10 after midnight).
To know the complete line-up and the planned entertainments, please refer to our party agenda (in the Parties&Events section). Of course there is also the party organised by the members of in the Tour&Taxi building itself, which is included in the general door price: 5 Euros for ALL the Nuits Blanches event (including the concerts, street arts area, disco party, drum'n bass area, electro room, beach-volleyball contest, and the other shuttles going to Heizel or to the opened swimming pool -until 6:00 in the morning- and the Beurs/Bourse). will only be in charge of the shuttle to the clubs, but that's a fair thing that the City of Brussels pay that much attention to the nightlife. This is awesome! Let's have fun in the run!
The website is still blank, but it'll come soon. This is the url anyway:
by Nicolas Deckmyn
10 September 2003 - SCOOP: City Parade 2004 in Gent, but Liège soon again
According to Claude Van Cools, the City Parade organiser, the next issue will stand in Gent for one more year and then will move again in the country. The next city for 2005 could be Liège, despites the misunderstandings in 2002, since the communication has been recently reconnected between Claude and the Mayor of Liège.
In Gent 2004, the Parade will run in the late afternoon and will end with a long Party with a 5 Euro entrance (yes, 5 only) until 6:00 in the morning, on a large field (not on the Watersportsbaan anymore). So, yes it will be cheaper and bigger in Gent next year, and yes it will be soon back in Liège. Are we ready for 200.000 party people? 9 months more to know.
by Nicolas 'Noctis' Deckmyn
09 September 2003 - Next Brussels Nuit Blanche on 11 October
This year again, as well as Paris, Brussels will have an official Nuit Blanche (a white night) on Saturday 11 October from 22:00 till 06:00. As in 2002, the city public pool will remain opened (place du Jeu de Balle). The complete organization of the event was entrusted to the Blue Lemon company (Vincent & Benoît) in partnership with the City Hall of Brussels (featuring Pauline Lemaire as PR for neighbourhoods associations). Last year was especially made up of various shows and musics in several places, and was not representative enough of the topicality of the night scene. In 2003, it is only one place, the Tour & Taxi (next to metro Yser/Ijzer), which will centralize the activities and will be the departure for some bus running towards a great number of places to visit or to celebrate. Program of the Tour & Taxi: a ground of beach-volleyball, a marquee filled of concerts, an electronic and dance room, street theatre and plays, deejay-bars which take part of the place, and the buses towards outside. The buses will pass by many public areas especially opened for the night, such as Heysel Stadium, Atomium, Japanese Tower, Marolles, City Pool, etc etc... Another bus will stop by almost all the main nightclubs and parties of that night (Fuse, Dirty Dancing, Crema e Gusto, Samplifications, ...), so the Nuit Blanche really features the night scene this year! That is good news. Entry to Tour & Taxi: 5 Euros only ... bus is free ... some parties will be cheaper for the people coming from the NB bus. Even a public lunch will prolly be offered in an indoor area. Come to Brussels Saturday 11 October for a White Night!
by Nicolas Noctis
04 September 2003 - Picho to appear at Plein OpenAir
After some problems finding a location, the PleinOpenAir has confirmed that the last weekend's event will be held at the Parc Anonyme, just below Place Schumann, this weekend. (Sept 5 & 6). This will also be an opportunity to see rapper Pitcho in action (first solo album: "Regarde Comment") on Saturday 6 at 20:00. See the link below for the full line-up.
by Michael Leahy
01 September 2003 - Paradise in Heaven
10 November - back 6 years after!
Now a bit of history:
In 1986, there was a small bar in Knokke: the Blitz, next to Lippenslaan. That's precisely where Patrick Soks started to organise some parties with Eric Beysens who was the resident deejay of the bar for a public of a few dozen people. A blend of late-punk, deep funk and early house sounds... in a decorum of socks, underwear and stockings (that's the business Patrick was into, and that's why he took that name as organiser), and that was it. The next year, Eric Beysens came to be the resident deejay of Boccaccio Sundays, and in 1989 he was also at la Rocca. A few years later, Patrick had yet his summer habits in Ibiza and he took back the concept of Ibiza parties to Café d'Anvers: it was the first Paradise party in Antwerp and it gathered about 2000 party people in the club ruled then by his friend Frank. Those nights were bringing dancers from Amsterdam, deejays from all over the planet (nobody was doing that in 1990... it was completely new), a warm friendly atmosphere brought by Patrick himself, and huge decorums set by Fred Coutsier. It was a sort of House rave in a club, a festival for clubbers before the real festivals payed any attention to that music... so that's why *everyone* had to be there. Paradise was the biggest reference for the largest public.
You could have seen there Dimitri former resident of the Roxy of Amsterdam, as well as Remy or Isis, and Marcello from the It (also Amsterdam), Jeremy Healy, Natarcia, Derrick Carter, Ricky Montanari, Joost Van Bellen, Frederik (Nl), Roussia (Paris), Angel Ruiz (Ibiza), etc... plus of course the Belgians Koenie, Steve Cop, Jan V, Geoffroy, Smos and Baby B, Sven Van Hees, Paul, Kenneth, and many others.
Patrick Socks kept setting up Paradise nights almost 2 to 4 times a year and launched some other concepts (Hot Socks, Vive Le Roi, He Is coming, etc ... also at Café d'Anvers or at Mirano Brussels) and so on until 1996-97. The Café d'Anvers was doing slowlier than before (it recovered since then), and the competition between House parties was really getting too rough. So, Patrick left Belgium to co-manage the bar Kilometre Cinquo (KM5) in Ibiza itself, which is doing very well and remains essential to the local nightlife. Now, after a looooong silence, a Paradise night is back on 10 November, still and ever at Café d'Anvers, still and ever ruled by Patrick Socks! And guess who'll be behind the decks: Laurent Garnier for a boogie-tech-house mix inspired by the warmest nights of the clubbing-island.
We really wish you to be there... the legend is back. Are you ready for history?
by Nicolas Noctis
31 August 2003 - Cop razzia at Tresor Berlin (updated)
The facts:
Last saturday, the Berliner Police Department did a large Razzia at Tresor, Leipziger Straße (between Berlin centre and Krauzberg, in the Wertheim department store next to Potsdamer Platz). Over 400 customers have been controlled, 16 of them have been arrested for drug use and went to the Police headquarters, as well as one more who was already wanted. The club has been immediately closed and remained closed until the Monday 8 September.
Open since 1991, the Tresor is one of the few leading European clubs in the Techno scene. It has and always had numerous international deejays as residents at his decks, such as Blake Baxter, Jeff Mills, Juan Atkins, Robert Hood or Carl Cox, but also a whole list of German talents like Tanith, Jonzon, Rok, Kid Paul, Pacou, Jorg, and many more. Not even speaking about those who came just once... it's almost the whole phonebook of the Techno planet. Now it's alternatively a Techno, House or Drum'n Bass club, following days... and of course an obvious place where to go after the Love Parade.
The club has been reopened since Monday, but is still under various legal pressures. Their website calls for any eye-witness of the razzia to build a defending release. Mails of any of them would be appreciated at
Noctis comment: this is baaad news, mates. Berlin was known for having one of the less repressive Police departments in Germany (comparing to Hamburg or Munich), but now it seems it changes. Even a TV politic-magazine has been focusing on Tresor and was very critic about it, a few weeks ago on ZDF tv. The real question is: is it just a local answer to the Love Parade or is it a European problem of communication between the nightlife and the authorities? Now of course, no drug deal ruled by a club could have an excuse and that is the point of the investigation... but as long as the club is not involved, is it possible to stop humanity to use drugs? Even alcohol (which is not healthier than illegal chemics)? Once again the clubbing is an easy and popular target, but who talks about the drug use anywhere else? Who's doing articles about the drug use in the professional trucker world, or in the medical world.. doctors or nurses, in the highschools, even in the factories... or in politics. In October 2000, some journalist from Sat-1 TV made analyses of the dirt found in the toilets of the Reichstag (German Parliament) ... they found that 22 over 28 toilets were revealing traces of cocaine. Will they do a razzia with urine testing at the Senate or in the jet-setters cocktails? No of course. But that's another discussion.
link concerning Reichstag toilets:
Link concerning Tresor Razzia:
by Nicolas Noctis
26 August 2003 - Last Gazon Bar week-end!
Yes, after a whole lot of magic for the summer (8 week-ends, 48 deejays, thousands of smiley people) Le Gazon is about to end the season with a loungy-breakbeat Friday and a focus on Rephlex rec. and FirstCask rec. artists for Saturday. Starting in July with only a few lightshow and 500 ppl, it worked so well that now there's about 2000 party people every open night ... a good soundsystem and a bigger lightshow. All around and in an old music kiosque in the middle of the Brussels Royal Parc (in front of Royal Palace). Notice that over the 2 months and about 20.000 people there was less than 8 security guards, no public selection, and there has been only one very short trouble with a drunk guy. You said magic? Indeed it is. Be there early or late, it's always crowded... and still until 5am.
by Nicolas Noctis
25 August 2003 - ILT: first names & new Body to Body date

The new I Love Techno is coming for 18 October at Flanders Expo with Richie Hawtin, Stanny Franssen, and many more. The code to access the ILT website is 2914715 (bingo). Also, the next Body to Body night at Culture Club (Gent) will stand on Friday 26 September with of course Spacid & Dr Lektroluv + some guests and lives still to be confirmed. The event will be mainly promoted by Switch, the Jan Van Biesen's show on Studio Brussel.
by Nicolas Noctis
23 August 2003 - Culture Club in motion & new Belmondo
Sure, you know the very hype Culture Club in Gent... but do you remember that all the story started with the Eskimo parties in a factory in 1996? Yes, for those who forgot, it's the same crew who did Eskimo, Belmondo, Club69 (and so much more) and now... the Grand Tour at Museum voor Schone Kunsten in Gent, on 5 and 6 September. The flyer shows Trevor Jackson, Black Strobe, Cosy Mozzy, 2 Many Dj's, Glimmer Twins, TLP, etc... that's a not-to-miss opportunity to invade that museum for a party.
But that's not all... they're also back at SMAK Museum on 20 September for a brand new Belmondo (with more than 14 deejays featuring Lorenzo Ottati, Raoul, TLP, Glimmer Twins [aka mo&benoelie], Cosy Mozzy, Rakesh, ...). In the meantime the Culture Club will also be part of the Laundry Night in Hangar 26 (Antwerpen,
by Nicolas Noctis
10 August 2003 - Food merges with the Fuse !
Now guess what? The Food will also be standing at 208 Blaes street in Brussels, every saturday. always supported the gathering of energies for the nightlife, and that's precisely what's happening here. You know that the Fuse is one Techno floor + one House floor ... and you also know that the Food-at-Lounge stopped in June 2003. Well, it's simple... Frank Verdrengh (the Food club manager) now walks on with the House level of Fuse and brings Geoffroy and Raoul along the Fuse resident St Dic. This is good news since the Food expresses one of the most refined and quality House music in Europe, as well as Fuse figures what a great European Techno club can be. When vodka joins caviar. Food will be open from 00h till 07h, and Fuse club from 23h till 07h. So it's one entrance for the two clubs: 23h till 00h: 2.5 € - after 00h: 8 €. Double dose Fuse Techno + Food House ... 'There's something cookin' and it smells good, looks cool and tastes fine. A recipe best served on Saturdays from September 27th onwards.'
by Nicolas
05 August 2003 - Mirano is now Dirty Dancing
Finally the saturday is back at Mirano Continental! After one full year of simple rental to other organisations, the club has an art direction again and launches the 'Dirty Dancing' every Saturday from September. At the top of the concept are Lorenzo Serra (the AD of Deliciouz and Future Pop) and Cosy Mozzy aka Renaud Deru (Blow Up, Vicious Games, 10 Days Off). This means that the Blow-Up club will stop, but most of the crew will be playing at Dirty-Dancing. Expect of course the mix of Cosy Mozzy and Mandrak, but also Stephen, Starski & Tonic (Gent), Oliver Twist (aka O. Gosseries), and prolly electro deejays from the B2B line-ups. Music will blend Disconouveau, House and a bit of electro. Are already confirmed from 27 Sept. 2003 to 22 Nov. 2003: Ladytron, Lady Miss Kier from 'Dee-Lite', Daniel Wang, Bernard Gavilan, Ivan Smagghe, Jennifer, Chloé, Fany, Joakim, Optimo (Glasgow), Morpheus (Freezone), Tiefschwarz, Bangkok Impact, Dj TLR, Spacid (Funky Green Alien, Body to Body), Cosmo, Murvin Jay, Lady Jane (Cat Club, 10 Days Off), Rick Shiver. [38 chaussée de Louvain / Leuvensesteenweg - 1210 Brussels] Who said the night was slowing down?? It's speeding up !!
by Nicolas
18 July 2003 - Le Gazon is Burning
For one more summer, Le Gazon bar is back in Brussels and takes place again in a public parc in Brussels from 21:00 to 5:00 am. (but NOT 18 & 19 July... because of 21 July, National Day). 2001 saw it at the feet of the financial tower, 2002 at the Royal Library (Hill of the Arts), and this year it wakes up the Royal Parc (in front of Royal Palace - 1000 Brussels). As usual it's only open on sunny evenings and the schedule can be checked at
The entrance remains totally free and there is no rude selection... so you can come with your pets if u want. At least come with a smile, they'll love it. But who are they? Actually, those who set up Le Gazon every year are mostly coming from the Boups Radio crew (, and that's why the music panel is extremely wide. From Reggae to Electro, from Techno to Drum'n Bass, Lounge and Pop, etc etc etc ... and the magic touch: the moon in the open sky. Have a breath!
by Nicolas Noctis
29 June 2003 - Nandrin Festival site hacked
This is what you could find today on the Nandrin Festival website. So now the hackers deface Festival sites too? That's new.
[ D E F A C E D ]
A Las Barricadas!
Negras tormentas agitam os mares
Nuvens escuras nos impedem de ver
Ainda que esperemos a dor e a morte
Contra o inimigo nos chama o dever
O bem mais valioso eh a liberdade
Lutemos por ela com fé e valor
Levante a bandeira revolucionária!
Que levará o povo libertario!
Levante a bandeira revolucionaria
Que levara o povo libertário [...]
Dedicated to Dkd[|| - Power Bro!
sh0utz: Theli, USG, DkD[||, FBH, my brothers of S4t4n1c_S0uls and all support us
by Nicolas (thx Joost)
26 June 2003 - Roller Parade is back again!
Dya love rollers and rolling in your city at night, freely and safely? That's possible again, and now in the whole country. This means there will be a roller parade every night, one weekday per city. Moreless 20km in the streets of :
- Hasselt every Monday
- Namur every Tuesday
- Gent every Wednesday (except 23 & 30 July)
- Liege every Thursday
- Brussels every Friday
- Mons every Saturday
- Koksijde every Sunday 13 & 20 July and 10 & 24 August
That's an outstanding project mixing sport, night, city and music (there is always many small soundsystems with selected music). The organiser, Carl (he created the Who's Who's story, JetLife, DiscoChic, ruled the Mirano for a couple of brilliant years, etc...), started the Brussels Roller Parade in summer 2002, and it gathered thousands of rollerskaters. This year it's spreading all over Belgium, and it turned more young cops on it so there is now 60 rollercops to keep it completely safe for everyone (children can come too, but with wrist, elbow, knee protection & helmet). Now that's what nightlife needs: more fun and more diversity.
by Nicolas
24 June 2003 - Complete Alive Festival Line-Up
The complete confirmed line-up for the next Alive Festival is:
Electronic deejays and bands:
The Advent, Marco Carola, Funk D'Void, Ellen Allien, Claude Young, Space DJ'z (Ben Long & Jamie Bissmire), Pascal FEOS, Frank Lorber, Danilo Vigorito, Len Faki, Kitbuilders live, Psychogene, Alan Sommerville, Joost de Lijser, Spacid, Pitchtuner live, Deg, Georg Neufeld, Armando S., Michael Manteca live, Mario Palm, Dixie, Mark Netty, Iron Dax, Andi Regler, Nu Definition live, Treibsand live, Szmida live, Jonzon, Hugo69, Mario
Rock Bands:
Anouk, Guano Apes, Nena & Band (99 luft baloons, yes... her!), 4Lyn, Angelika Express, Belasco, Chief Mart's, Donots, Erdmöbel, Garland, Geist, Krezip, Lea Finn, Letzte Instanz, Mambo Kurt, Mother Tongue, Organic, Sincere, Stonefield, Underwater Circus.
Alive festival - 25, 26 & 27 July in St Vith (near Vielsalm). Access by E42 & N670.
by Nicolas
24 June 2003 - Night Bus in Blankenberge
The public transport society De Lijn will try a new Night Bus in Blankenberge during the two summer months. This concerns a pilot project which wants to bring back home the late party-freaks between 4 and 6 in the morning, as safe as possible. Now lets hope they'll spread it over Vlaanderen first, and will inspire the other cities transports in Brussels and Wallonie. We need safety when we're back from our clubs... it's obvious that it's an extremely positive step De Lijn passed trough. [source: Standaard]
by Nicolas
23 June 2003 - Hot & Tiny Minimes is Back
Heh... this is about an ooooold small and nice club in Brussels since the 80's... and you know how warm those little clubs can be when the right people joins it. A small crowd, some passion, some screams, some lights, a bit of faith, and that's it for the real party. Minimes was also one of the most decadent places of the 90's... but always had a good fun recognition. Well, it has been closed for a few years... and it's open again. Yes, but with deejays such as Lorenzo Ottati or Mathieu, and even Satanas... heh. Expect kickin' Deep House with Lorenzo & Mathieu, and fun oldschool Trance & clubtunes when Satanas spins.
I don't have yet more information than this: Friday and Saturday, rue du Temple / Tempelstraat (really small walk-street) - 1000 Brussels
by Nicolas
22 June 2003 - Full Sun for 133.000 Clubbers
Yes, that's the first scores we could find in the press (Belang Van Limburg, La DH, and some others): 120.000 to 133.000 party people followed the City Parade Saturday from Citadelpark to the Watersportlaan. The organisation even claims that there were 180.000 people. Progressive-Trance, House, Italo Disco, Techno and Toothpaste ... there was a lot for everyone. Some told about the lack of space during the Free Party (the crowd was walking along the water instead of using the avenue), but globally everything was just fine and friendly. Considering that the first edition had 80.000 ppl and the second had between 110 and 120.000 ppl, this issue confirms the national size of the City Parade. And only 4 people had troubles with the police. Yes, only 4 for over 130.000 ppl... that makes it 0,003%. WE ARE PEACEFUL!
But where goes the CP next years?
Our first pictures by [Nightboy are available from the link here below.
We don't have feedback from the radioday yet, but it seems everything just runned fine.
by Nicolas
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