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13 March 2004 - Drum'n Bass addicts: BOUPS is BACK
That doesn't mean only the Free parties... those actually never stopped. And in the meantime, the Boups crew did Le Gazon all summers... but do you remember that one year ago, Boups was a webradio? boups.comAnd probably one of the biggest Drum'n Electronics radio on the web with Interface in UK (the radio that inspired the creation of Boups radio). So now THAT is back at from the 26 of March (not before). For that night, Boups sets up a party at C37, 37 rue de la Caserne, in the center of Brussels (near Zuidstation/Midi)... and it will be a live brodcast from the webstream for those who can't join in.

But what was exactly radio? Heh... big question and a long answer. It was, and will be again at the end of this month, a deejay based radio+webcam. Sortof non stop live mix by newcomers but also with bigger names (international deejays passing by Brussels, or just passionated ppl). More specific, Boups radio was at first strictly 100% Drum'n Bass. But times changed and turned them into a more openminded selection of deejays... then came some Electro spinners, then some madbeats blenders, even Breakcore and minimal Techno. But still with 1% talk and 99% music.

Nico_BoupsThe first studio was in the personal home of Nico Boups in the North of Brussels ... some Boups-supporters today talk about that place as the craziest room they even saw with the best drum'n bass ... but it was too much of madness to run it there, so they moved out 18 months later. I say 'They' because from that time, Nico worked with many friends, and it went as much theirs as it was his. The next studio was hidden in the basement of a small building not far from Beurs/Bourse in the centre of the city, and it was pretty nice for an atmosphere there.

In the early months of 2003, Boups went to have more and more troubles to find a good web-server that wasn't too expensive (I remind you here that Boups is totally non-profit, as well as Noctis). That's when Boups suddenly stopped.
Of course there was Le Gazon, and some free parties here and there... but the frustration was easy to figure. That's why they shook the walls until something happened... and now it happens! 26 March! Spread the word!
by Nicolas 'noctis' Deckmyn
10 March 2004 - Names! Names! Names!
What a month!!

'Freaks' aka Justin Harris (International Deejay Gigolo, UK) and nick_calingaertCommon Factor (Tactile rec, Soma, Planet E, Chicago) at Dirty Dancing next Saturday 13 :: Florian Keller (Ger, Compost) and 4 Hero (UK) at Café d'Anvers on Friday 12 :: Felix Da Housecat Friday 12 at Vooruit :: Rainer Trüby Saturday 13 at Club Geluk :: Cause 4 Concern, Steppa and Wavedealer (all from UK) will be at Pyramides Rogier the Saturday 13 :: Danny Howells at Café d'Anvers Friday 19 adamski:: and Sven Väth at Fuse the same night :: plus Dieselboy (USA) at Silo :: Willis and Hodge at Nemo also on 19 :: And Adamski the visionnary creator of 'Killer' and 'N-R-G' (UK) will be at Dirty Dancing on Saturday 20 (he came in February at Club Geluk) dj_hell:: Doc Scott & MC Justyce (Metalheadz, UK), Lee (Timeless, UK) & Bailey (Metalheadz, Swerve, London) at Vooruit also Saturday 20 :: Kraftwerk at AB on Tuesday 23 :: Speedy J at Café d'Anvers on Friday 26 :: and the same night David Guetta at Fuse :: plus DJ Hell on Saturday 27 at Dirty Dancing :: and same night is CJ Bolland at Club Geluk ! A juicy and refreshing month, isn't? Wake up! All that is already in the Party Agenda! :-)

by Nicolas
07 March 2004 - Balmoral and At The Villa are back too!
It's the time of the originators revival coz Balmoral (legendary "after-Boccaccio" in 1990) is back every weekend in its genuine location in Gentbrugge. And At The Villa is back for a first return-party at H2O (Pecq) on 28 March with Fred Nasen and Lorenzo Ottati! More to tell you about it soon.
by Nicolas
04 March 2004 - Studio Brussel - Celebrates 21 Years
When the first pirate radios started in the very late 70's on boats sailing in international water near UK, broadcasting the last rock and pop records, the Belgian government did not feel very concerned, their wavefield being limited to the coast of the North Sea. stubru_mixtableBut in 1980, many small transmitters made their appearance on the fm frequencies of all the country, and it quickly turned on a big mess. The RTT (telephones) was in charge to try to regulate the technical side (some radios were sending their signal with way too much strength, others were changing too often their address), and the national radios -strictly shredded by that sudden arrival- sought a valid answer to that huge wave of youth.

stubru_old_logoIf the RTB already had Radio Cité (later Radio 21, then Pure, ...), in April 1983 the BRT entitled Jan Schoukens to supervise a radio of music and information for the Flemish Community of Brussels and neighbourhoods. He then opened the long history of Studio Brussel with Jan Hautekiet (who later went in 1998 to be the head of the team, right after Schoukens), one of the most progressist radios of the Belgian media landscape. Progressist, but also popular... that's the blend they choose and it seems it was the right one. Right enough to expand to all major cities in Flandria like Gent, Antwerp, Limburg,... to finally cover all the northern half of Belgium. But the big thing for us partypeople went a bit later. stubru_jan_van_biesenstubru_mixtableSince the year 2000 Jan Van Biesen pushes up the right stuff with the show 'Switch' on Friday and Saturday evenings, and it quickly turned to be one of the best night-related radioshow ever, featuring many international and national deejays... plus a chillin' but refined general tone. That show really upgraded the recognition of StuBru in the younger electronic public, but also in the professional side of the nightlife.

Edging on the harder side of dance music with techno influences but also drum'n bass, and electro, and of course house, Belgium always had a great musical reputation. As a fantastic mirror of that image, Studio Brussels broadcasts the leading edge of such influences and has long been THE radio station on the airwaves for all us dance music afficionados. Since then a whole bunch of new dance stations went up, but StuBru remains leading, so that's the real challenge. They are then really justified in celebrating their 21st Birthday Party over the coming weekend of March 12 and 13th.

stubru_hallMost 21st Birthday parties are the recognition of the next step into adult life. stubru_puntuitStudio Brussels have already progressed into adulthood, this party will be a celebration of their acheivements. However this is an excellent excuse for a rocking party weekend. Recognition having been already attained.
The party weekend will be held in Gent in the Vooruit (23 St Pietersnieuwstraat - Gent), check out the web sites below for more details. Music styles will embrace all genres, but overall expect the best Belgium has to offer ... plus Thee Cat from Chicago. ;-)

Just to name some... thee Felix Da Housecat, 2 Many Dj's, Dr Lektroluv, Grazhoppa's big band, Lady vortex, London Electricity, Starflam, TLP&Dors, Brekbit, Krewcial, T. Raumschmiere, Gus & Lefto, 50 Foot Combo, Arsenal, Discobar Galaxie, Jan Van Biesen, Moodlex, ... To quote from their web site "De beste dance, hiphop, techno, electro en drum 'n bass van het moment” Can’t say it better than that.
by Suzee Kay & Nicolas
03 March 2004 - Rumble night strikes back at Silo
After the big success of their previous Rumble with Bassline Smith, Murdock, Wontime, Woodrow and friends set the table up again for another night at Silo on 19 of March. This time will be more unusual, since they invited an American deejay to spin da drum! dieselboy_at_silo_19-MarchYes, the Drum'n Bass scene really grew up from 1998 till nowadays, and one of the major names (if not the major) there is Dieselboy. We all know that sales are not always a proof of quality, but that guy sold tens of thousands of his compilations and mix cd's... which is huge for Drum'n Bass, and especially in USA. Along his side, we'll also find the Black Sun Empire (from Netherlands) who just release their new album. Also announced: Wontime, Murdock, Woodrow... of course, plus Easy, Saiko, Juice Blenders, Daryl, and Ghost Town. Bet this edition could be a big one.
by Nicolas
03 March 2004 - Tim from MadeInBrussels remixes Praga Khan
Praga Khan releases his new album "Electric Religion" on 17 April. Usually we don't talk that much about the artists new albums, but the first EP token from that LP will be "Life 2004" and features a remix by TN Project (aka Tim and Nick). By the way, Tim also produced the 'Everyday' EP on Resonant rec and spinned recently with Psychogene at Fuse for a MadeInBrussels party.

Here is the newest Praga Khan video in windowzmedia format... just for fun: 2004BB.wmv
by Nicolas
02 March 2004 - 54, 55, 56, 57, ...
In the late 70's and early 80's, there was the legendary Studio 54 in Manhattan. 55_flyerThen, in the late 80's and very early 90's, came the idea to create the Fifty Five in Kuurne, next to Kortrijk. 55_logo That club, managed by Peter Decuypere (later creator of Fuse, I Love Techno, Fill Collins) went to be a legendary place where many big names spinned their records, such as Danny Rampling or Mo & Benoelie ... and it was also the place where La Démence gay club started in 1991. You could easily say that House music came in Belgium through the dancefloors of the Boccaccio in Destelbergen, the Gaîté in Brussels, the Skyline next to Tournai, the AB in Antwerp, and the Fifty Five in Kuurne. Of course it closed since then, and turned to be only a fantastic memory for the older clubbers.

Now, it seems that it's time to put all that in the "good old days", because there's a new Fifty Five coming up in Affligem near Brussels ... and it has nothing to do with the old one (except that it's electronic dance music of course). It's Techno, Progressive Trance and Retro and it's open on Friday and Saturday. Saturday features deejays Sebu and Fab. Open since the end of February, the name of 55 is not new, but it could wake up the Affligemse nights, since it was a bit quiet since the closing of At The Villa (Zellik), Extreme (Affligem) and Milky Way. To be short: there's a new club at 184 Brusselbaan, Affligem. And to be totally honnest with you, we don't think they conciously 'took' the referential name... they just had the same good idea... but 17 years later. Club 56 would have been way more new. :-)

by Nicolas
28 February 2004 - Wooot??? The city blew a Fuse!
Why did I find Thierry 'Fuse', Olivier and all the Fuse staff at Pablo Discobar at 4:30 deep in the night of Friday, when they should have been at work in the Fuse?? It's something totally surrealistic... just impossible. The answer was even more unbelievable: Last friday night, Bob Sinclar was ready to spin his music at Fuse, as it has been planned with a big and nice fuzz since two months. So, all his supporters and fans were in the place, and a long queue already at the door. The party was about to be really great. And it started great... for 15 minutes. Then POOOF!! No more light, no more sound, no more nothing... the power was just down. After a short investigation, it went up that the Fuse was not responsible for the electric breakdown, but well the city of Brussels which controls the main Sibelgaz powerlines in the Blaes street. Some city-workers came within an hour, but the party was in a no-go situation, so it was too late to restart it.

It is to mention that Fuse club refunded all and every party people with the full cloakroom and door price... so it wasn't about the money. -Fuse lost all the benefits and they payed the deejay anyway- But Thierry looked deeply touched when he told several times about those young party children asking him to restart the music (which was of course impossible)... or even crying because Bob couldn't play. "To answer to that passion is something really difficult... it was so emotional. I was really feeling as bad as them, but there was nothing i could do. It was not my call."

Of course Sinclar will come back soon to crush the frustration down to a party level... but there are the facts: it's the second time that it happens and the powerlines should have been enlarged since the first time. Some of you might remember the NewYear's Eve (was it 96? or 97?) when suddenly everything stopped because of a local power breakdown. The powerlines in the street were already the cause. It's strange that many years later the effects are still there. Shouldn't the city put MORE MEGAWATTS on this very exact location? Anyway, now the Fuse staff starts thinking to a power generator to avoid any further trouble.
by Nicolas Deckmyn
26 February 2004 - Belgium lands on Miami Beach!
The very mention of the name Miami instantly conjures up visions of sun-kissed beaches, scantily clad but oh so beautiful people, sultry palm trees, WMC_first_logo hot and humid temperatures, decadence and hedonism in every shape and form, Don Jonson lookalikes driving high powered speedboat, loads of charlie and the precence of shady gentlemen with lucrative South American connections. Very Disco for sure... But it is also the nest of the famous deep kicking Miami Bass House sound which enhanced House music in the early 90’s and boosted the local scene to an international level. So, the decision to hold the ‘Premier Dance Music Conference For the World’ in such a location really came as no surprise. What is more surprising for the larger public is that this event has been in existence for 18 years and goes from strength to strength each year.

The Miami Winter Music Conference (WMC) brings together all the movers and shakers involved in the dance industry world wide for five electronically charged days (and nights This year it will be from March 6th to the 10th in Wyndham Beach Resort ; Miami, Florida. It is one of the two such conference (with the more recent ADE in Amsterdam) to attract the big name deejays, artists, producers, labels, audio software and hardware companies, music websites, etc... in one place for a huge meeting of like-minded souls.

WMC_current_websiteHowever, it has to be said that is only in the last 5 years that it has become THE definitive direction for dance music as we know it today. This is the event that brings together deejays normally found mixing far and wide to meet up and exchange ideas and demos. WMC_first_logo Partying is mandatory in such a up for it location and the poolsets are legendary as are the hangovers sported by the deejays and other such delegates and performers. Some describe WMC as reducing the whole Ibiza summer scene into 5 crazy days, such is the energy of the event.

More recently the commercial element has surfaced, so that the general public can now take part. It is for this reason that the UK Radio 1 management now send the whole of their dance team to Miami and broadcast live on However, it has to be said that deejays, producers and artists look to deliver their biggest tunes at Miami, hoping they will become this summer’s hits played everywhere on FM stations, in Ibiza of course and in clubs around the world. Such pressure spawns a feeding frenzy from the record companies desparate to sign That Tune, the subsequent crossover to main stream radio play is a bonus to all. The auction that surrounded Ilio’s Rapture being a classic example, eventually being signed by MOS.
Prinz_Harrisson_Crump_and_Youri_Cocquyt So the message is simple, if you are not in Miami in March, then you cannot yet counted as a big time player in the music business scene. So it’s natural that Belgium’s premier deejay agency ‘’ is showcasing its best at this year’s closing party on March 10th at Tantra – Miami as it already did successfully in September at the Amsterdam Dance Event. is an international deejays agency based in Belgium but showing up on internet to provide a better and complete information. For each of the deejays you can find there a bio, a discography, a picture and a mix ... free to listen. About 15 years of House music related bookings made it one of the strongest name on the European scene, thus is also present at the main dance music conventions in Amsterdam and ... Miami.


WMC About the deejay line-up of the night, who can forget last summers biggest dance hit E-Samba produced by Vito Lucente under the name of Junior Jack? Along with his deejay-partner Nicolas Scaravilli aka Kid Crème, they have been storming clubs across the world including a year at Ministry Of Sound in London, and a summer residency with Defected label in Ibiza in 2003. This resulted in the accolade of Best Newcomer and Summer Anthem voted by DJ Magazine at the DJ Awards held in Pacha, Ibiza in September. With the recent release of Junior Jack’s debut album ‘Trust It’ in February 2004, Miami looks set to take off and put Belgium firmly back on the international dance scene.

WMC Along side Junior Jack and Kid Crème, The Closing Party to be held at Tantra Club will guest Paul Johnson (the precious hitmaker of the Chicago House scene) and K-Alexi, Dr Kucho (from Spain... the father of floorbanger ‘Belmondo rulez’), DJ Pierre (more than a legend, one of the early founders of the House sound), Rune RK aka Artificial Funk (from Denmark), Harrison Crump (the finest tunes and the widest soul from USA), Jules Spinner – Bhangra Nights (UK keeps shakin !) and DJ Prinz (our very own Café d’Anvers resident).

Other names known to the Belgium scene who will be showcasing their sets this year include Dimitri from Paris, John Digweed, Sander Kleinenberg, Ferry Corsten, DJ Dan, Miss Kitten, Tom Stephan, Josh Wink, Armin van Buuren, M.I.K.E., the Gigolomaster DJ Hell, Ritchie Hawtin, Dr_Kucho 2 Many DJ’s (Belmondo parties, Gent), and the beloved Felix Da Housecat. Who’s missing??

We really hope you all recovered a good shape after your nights in Goa in February. In Miami, expect mayhem, no sleep, but loads of good memories.

And the dance world waits in eager anticipation, so next stop will be Ibiza from May to September!

For an overview of 2003 issue, check this link at
by Suzee Kay
25 February 2004 - From Disco to Disco is back
+ Antwerp is Burning first names
The concept of Disco to Disco is not new but is one of the best and most uniting idea ever. To put many clubs of a same city under one brand and for just one entrance ticket. We've seen that by AntwerpIsBurning 4 years ago, or by Claude 'CityParade' in Liège, Brussels (the Axe night), and Liège... and each of those has been a success. More diversity for the public, more public for the clubs... everyone wins.
But what makes Disco to Disco very special is the reason why it went up that big. The first editions came in 2000 and 2001 but at Café d'Anvers and Fill Collins club only. The first big edition on 30 April 2003 has been set up together by five club managers in Antwerp (Café d'Anvers, Club Industria, Club Geluk, Fill Collins Club, Café Local) as a peaceful answer to the new law to be granted by the Chamber back then. That law was about to limitate clubs to 6:00 in the morning and has fortunately not been granted as it was.
Now the event is coming back on a second edition... that's the 30 April (same day as Koninginnefeestdag in Netherlands, and Mayday in Germany... you'll have to make a choice).
[soon on but not yet]

AIB_flyerStill in Antwerpen but at the Sportpaleis, Antwerp intents to burn one more time on Saturday 1st May. Management talks about a Techno and Trance edition with BIG names of those scenes, plus a sortof intergalactic hardware to shook your eyes... lasers and stuff. But that's it for the officials.
Additional gossips could speak names such as Sven Väth and Ritchie Hawtin, but nothing is confirmed yet. One only steady thing: the ticket will be sold at 30 Euros.
by Nicolas
24 February 2004 - A Decade With Fuse:
party at Tour & Taxi
Yep... 10 years from April 1994. Back then it was just a double hall with a Spanish past. Some deco left from an old Spanish Meson... still today you can see some blue walls from that time.

fuse_main_room Then it turned to both 'Disque Rouge' and 'Disque Vert' in the 80's ... where many parties were organised by young or small organisations. Reggae, Hip Hop, even early UK Hardcore or Rock concerts had their only hosting dancefloor there.

In late 1993, Thierry Coppens, the manager of La Démence parties, came from Kortrijk ... and had an unexpected success of his party which lead him to inform his friend, the manager of the Fifty Five club in Kuurne: Peter Decuypere. That man was about to create one of the most relevant Techno club on the planet: the Fuse.

In April 1994 that was it and it opened with some of the most refined electronic artists ever... Sun Electric, Black Dog, Thomas Heckmann, Kirk Degiorgio... and the early residents Quinten, Joost de Lijser, Pierre... soon followed by Trish, dj_Pierre_Fusethen Deg, T-Quest, Psychogene and as regular guests names such as Dave Clarke, Mr C, Carl Craig, Kenny Larkin, Aphex Twin, Alex Paterson, Dave Angel, Miss Djaxx, Derrick May, Jeff Mills, Luke Slater, Monika Kruse, Electric Indigo, Sven Väth, ... I mean... they *all* came at its decks since it really launched with a Laurent Garnier's night in October 1994 (check the complete list on their website).

The crowd followed with passion the revolutionary moves of Techno Music ... so well that some massive stars went there to perform some limited access concerts... just to mention The Orb and Björk. Fuse also gave birth to I Love Techno in 1996, still under the management of Peter 'Fuse'.

Stacey_Pullen_at_Fuse And in the meantime, many tryouts have been made on the first floor... House of course, as it is now, with names such as Koenie, Steve Cop or Kenneth... but also Drum'n Bass when almost no one was doing that. The resident of that Drum'n Bass floor was Neil, alongside great blenders such as Hype, Grooverider or Fabio... the experience remained for 6 months, but the Fuse crowd was definitely more Techno & House.

Now things didn't changed that much, that's maybe why it remains such known and respected. Peter, the founder, left the wheel to Thierry (who was co-founder anyway) and the artistic directors changed from time to time... but the Techno spirit remained kicking its dancefloors with the right new breeds and the steady stars. Today it's still *the* place to hit the ground till sunrise for Techno heads of any age. 10 years of Techno ... and still fresh. Not bad, dude, not bad. :-)

Ok... so what? So there's a PARTY at Tour & Taxi on 17 April. 25 Euros. With deejays: Dave Clarke live (UK), Jeff Mills (USA), Monika Kruse (Ger), Ricardo Villalobos, Marco Bailey live, Pierre, Deg, T-Quest, Psychogene, St-Dic
by Nicolas
23 February 2004 - da Bassline is Back next Friday!
simon_bassline_smith Remember Simon Bassline Smith? Of course you do. He's already been guest in an Inside party in January 2001 alongside Nioc, and he came back a couple of times around since then. He's mostly a great deejay performer from the UK scene and an outstanding producer on Prototype records and Technique rec.

If it was not enough to make you jump onto the Silo in Leuven, then let's mention Digital simon_bassline_smith (Metalheadz rec, Timeless) and some of the true Belgian Drum'n Bass pioneers since the mid 90's such as Wontime (Radio Scorpio) or Murdock. A second room will guest B-Key, Woodrow, Rascal and Clone for more UK Ravy soundzz. Friday 27 February at Silo - Vaartkom - 3000 Leuven. Got it?

by Nicolas
12 February 2004 - Plug into parties...
A new tv for the youth, that's what RTL claims for the new Plug tv. Ok, we'll see what that new crew can do. But there's already a great concept for the week-end nights: they'll put videocams in some of the major clubs in Belgium and they'll broadcast it. So finally the mainstream public will have access to what happens in the nightlife... and so Plug will show them that there's nothing wrong with partying. Of course it only concerns the largest and popular clubs, but that could really boost up the nightlife by attracting new customers globally. The tv itself will be frenchspeaking, but music has no frontier. Most of the Belgian party children are watching Jim TV or even Viva isn't?
By the way, many of you knew the Plug parties at Fuse, so it seems it was a good name.
by Nicolas Deckmyn
09 February 2004 - A Party Night at Vaudeville?
Yes, in 1990 in Brussels there was mostly two big clubs reaching the bigger crowds: Mirano (which still runs today) and Vaudeville.
The Vaudeville, in Galerie de la Reine next to Grand'Place, was a crazy Disco-House club in an old and stylish 19th century theater (white marbles and baroque goldies, statues, mirrors and purple velvet). The old tavern in front of the club also was a classic to chat with friends and meet newcomers.

door_of_the_original_Vaudeville_Theatre_in_the_50'sVenue for the cool and beautiful people, it was crowdy from Friday to Sunday. Deejays were Skander (aka PanPan), Olivier Gosseries & Jos, Yves-E-Zone, Mike, and some 'new names' such as Murvin Jay or Geoffroy who are now essential names of the Belgian House scene, plus of course many international deejays such as Derrick May, Laurent Garnier or Blake Baxter.
Rising manager names were Yannick (the ex-owner), Steph X, Fabio, among others.

Closed in 1994, for several reasons (rental terms, small drugs found in razzias, etc), by pressures of the ex-mayor of Brussels, it was suddenly a big hole in our nightlife. Vaudeville dancefloor was kicking since 1981, so it turned a page in Brussels for many clubbers. And a weird feeling went when the regulars later saw in the press that the tavern has been completely crushed and removed.
doors_of_the_new_VaudevilleBut! But there was a laaarge renewal of the place in the last months... a nice lifting work has been done to give back its style to the place. And after an 8 Millions Euros investment (by the gallery owners and two private partners), Le Vaudeville will now be a theatre again. Not only for theatre even, but also for dance and concerts. Dominique Jonckheere is the current artistic director in charge of the shows selection.

The official opening was on last 4 February ... and... and? And there will be a PARTY there on 5 March! Ok, not really with the Vaudeville deejays BUT with the Alka crew... featuring Philip (25 years of partying! at Mirano, at Belgica, at Saint Bar...) & Goryx. Shortly? Vaudeville is back for one night with Alka: 5 March in Galerie de la Reine - 1000 Brussels.

Do not miss!

by Nicolas
06 February 2004 - New Barocco - Tongeren
Vreren is the place, near Tongeren and Liège. Barocco is the name, and 21st February is the night of the launch after complete renewall and with a new crew. new_clubSo, get ready coz one guess it won't be a small thing. Most of you already know Tc Brain, one of the few deejays able to spin records alongside Techno deejays such as Miss Djaxx, D-Jack or Deg as well as with Trance names such as Marko or Phiphi. Tc Brain already has a long nightlife career (10 years for sure), which has slowly moved from heavy core sounds (in the mid 90's, Inertia on Bonzai) to Techno & Trance. With him for the opening night, some of the finest Prog Trance deejays: CP, Phiphi, Peter Novak, Luca, TC Brain, Sonik. And on 20 March, in a way more Techno atmosphere, Jack de Marseille will turn the crowd mad during 4 full hours. With him that night: Fixtrax, Tc Brain and Sonik. Another date: 27 March will host a House Madness around Jan Van Biesen, the deep voice and touch from Studio Brussel. Pierre (fuse) is also monthly part of the trip. So, from Trance to Techno to House, that's the Barocco. Expect some baroque deco and a bold soundsystem... well... expect goods. Every Saturday, 590 Luiksersteenweg - Vreren. 8 Eur for members, 10 Eur for non members.
by Nicolas
02 February 2004 - Brazil goes Drum in Brugge
So! Now that Cactus club has moved in the brand new Magdalena zaal... let's check it out. Saturday 14 February: Brazilian Drum'n Bass! (sounds new) Marky + Xerxes De Oliveira aka XRS + mc Stamina.
It's in his hometown Sao Paulo, dancing and clubbing capital of Brazil, that Marky became popular as a drum'n bass deejay. He explored in the early 90's the sound of UK Jungle and Drum'n Bass, but seen from Brazil, and worked it out for many years in parties. Now he's a leading name in Brazil and has been voted many times 'Best Deejay' in the local scene. Xerxes De Oliveira aka XRS also grew up in Sao Paulo, but he's mostly known as a terrific producer. His taste for early hardcore beats made him meet and work with Marky since the mid nineties. Allied that way, both of them really blew up the Drum'n Bass scene in Brazil. And since Cactus always does things big, there's also many Belgian deejays (also for the lounge room) a live concert and a Capoeira showcase. For sure, that will be unusual. 14 Feb at Cactus club - Ma/z, Magdalenastraat - Brugge
by Nicolas
01 February 2004 - Light reduction on the roads at night
Belgium remains one of the very few countries where the motorways are enlightened. It's part of a quality of nightliving we have in our country and most of the clubbers do feel safer and better that way. [For instance, the lack of light on some Dutch roads increased car-attacks and drugdeal-jackings on some road near the frontiers. That would never happen on lightened roads.] Unfortunately, in some areas in Vlaanderen, there's no light on the roads anymore between 2 and 6 am. halfIn Wallonie area, the question is also up-to-date again. The minister Michel Daerden does not wish to apply the same principles as those in use by the Flemish Community (which is purely and simply to turn off lighting during the off-peak hours of the night).
"We try to save budget without loosing the safety, so we'll set up a modulated lighting. This means: there are electronic counting cells located at regular intervals on the Belgian motorway network to permanently measure the traffic in real time. When in the night the traffic goes under a minimal limit, then the modulation will consist in turning off two out of the four lights of each lamp", one explain to the press at the cabinet of Minister Daerden.
The first experience will start in June 2004, probably on E411 or E25. 750.000 € will be spent to buy new roadlamps with sensor cells. Those will be active from 23:30 to 5 in the morning. If those tests are conclusive, the system will extend to most of the highways, such as A8, E40, E19, E42. The whole should be finished within ten years.

Belgium Actually there was already some try-outs in the seventies, and it really wasn't a success (costs were heavier than savings)... but the technology was far from what we got today. Other tests in USA (Austin-Texas or Milwaukee-Wisconsin) in the 80's showed night crash increasing from 14 to 22%... but that was with a complete turnoff, which is very different.

More recently (2000), a sample of a report by Patrick Hasson and Paul Lutkevich (**) said: "Many countries reported research results that indicated a 20 to 30 percent reduction in the number of crashes when roadway lighting was installed. In an experiment in southern Finland, road lighting was cut in half and resulted in an increase of 13 percent in the crash rate. Total elimination of lighting resulted in a 25 percent increase."
And it also mentions: "Clearly, any efforts we can initiate to reduce nighttime fatalities are worthy of attention. [...] One traditional technology, namely roadway lighting, can make a substantial difference. Roadway lighting serves several purposes. It provides improved visibility for users of roadways and associated facilities. It reduces crashes by helping drivers obtain sufficient (visual) information. Finally, it supplements vehicle headlights, when warranted. Side benefits that often are overlooked include civic beautification and the reduction of crime."current

So, now we'll see what the active traffic light regulation will do, but there are reasons to care.

(**) by Patrick Hasson (FHWA's Midwestern Resource Center, USA) and Paul Lutkevich (supervising engineer in Boston, USA. Over the last 18 years he's been involved in the design of more than 200 million US$ of lighting systems for roads and tunnels throughout North America).

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by Nicolas 'Noctis' Deckmyn
30 January 2004 - Obelix got Dusty
Obelix was a club on Frankrijklei (near Centraal Station) in Antwerpen. Hosting mostly afterclubbing and Funk or R'n B parties, it once changed its name to 'New-Edition' and went back after a year to Obelix, to finally use 'Le 29' for some time. But now there's news: the club now turned to 'Dust'. Dust is a new Progressive Trance meeting set up by the Dutch deejay Peran van Dijk. The place consist in a double room with natural colours on the walls, and that's pretty large. Official opening night: Saturday 28 February. Dust club: 29 Frankrijklei - 2000 Antwerpen.
by Nicolas
30 January 2004 - Fataal strikes back in Leuven
Mouahahaha ... i feel stupid now... Noctis has been tricked by the fuzz! Sorry to all. A mail seen by someone a bit too sensitive made us think Food was back in Leuven but it's not... Fataal is well back at Musicafe for a new season... that's for sure! As you know, Fataal always stops for the student holidays and exams. But it restarts in February with trendy and groovy guests such as Jan Van Biesen, Trish, Killa Tactics, Marko (Rocca), Pierre (Fuse), Prinz (cafe d'anvers), Raoul and many more... In two rooms, that club is a must in Leuven. So, shortly: Fataal is back on thursdays and that's good too! And about Food? Well... we'll keep you updated about it.
by Nicolas 'Noctis' Deckmyn
29 January 2004 - Tennis at night !!
On both our tv's (Ketnet, La Deux) and some others (Nederland 2, ...), tonight at 3:30 am (so, in the middle of the night here and in the middle of the day in Australia), we'll see Kim and Justine playing for a world cup. Many bars in Belgium will broadcast the game... find it out! That's nightlife too.
by Nicolas 'Noctis' Deckmyn
19 January 2004 - Felix Da Cafecat
He banged the festivalground of Antwerp is Burning during the summer, he took the best of a massive crowd in October at Café d'Anvers, and he's confirmed in a few weeks again at Café d'Anvers ... seems there's a love story between Belgium and thee Cat from Chicago. Good vibes, dude!
by Nicolas
08 January 2004 - Rock revival in the mix? Really?
Just a night view: Techno, House, Drum'n Bass and R'n B obviously ruled the club musics since the late 80's/early 90's. Of course there's always been many all-hits-local-clubs, some Latino bars, many Reggae parties and a lot of New-Wave-Industrial nights ... but globally that was it in Belgium since 15 years. No Rock around any clock.Clash Already pushed out by the Disco, the Funk and the Electropop in the early 80's, the Rock had a short and strong psyche revival from 1989 to 1994 (Woodstock, Hendrix, Doors and stuff), and then went definitely off the dancefloors. It only kept the festival fields and concert halls for ten years. But things are slightly changing... probably because Electro went back with covers of Rock songs (Cory Hart, Stooges, Clash covered by Eric 'bocca' Beysens), or because the new party people were born when Cobain died... who knows. Now for sure, when it comes to the nightlife topics we hear many people say "Rock is back in the clubs"... well I'd like to say that it's true (some of you might know that I've also been a Rock deejay in some psychedelic parties in the 90's) but it's not yet. Yes, the word 'Rock' comes back here and there, but the Rock music still has a very small place in the deejay selections. And there's almost no Rock danceparty anywhere. inspired Yes, the packaging of the 10DaysOff 2003 in Gent was extremely rock-looking, but the content was electronic. Right yes, Felix Da Housecat plays the White Stripes and a fantastic remix of Nirvana+Fischerspooner in the festivals, Laurent Garnier also plays Queen, White Stripes and the original version of Smells Like Teen Spirit at Café d'Anvers in Paradise, Marko plays White Stripes and Queen on a sunday at La Rocca, Olivier Gosseries plays Pink Floyd at Mirano, Cosy Mozzy too dares to Rock for a couple of records ... yeh ok... ok... but that's it at all. One or two tracks for the whole night, and only massive classic hits of the Rock history. Most of the other Rock-alike records are actually Italodisco or Electropop tunes, such as New Order, Anne Clark, Human League or Public Image Limited. So that doesn't make it really back, but maybe is it just a preview of a large come-back? Nothing precisely shows it yet, since the electronic styles are still very active and positively growing ... name here Psytrance, Breakcore, Electro, or simply a mix of anything electronic... and if Techno and House recently get smaller crowds, it still brings 20.000 people here and there and fills many clubs such as Café d'Anvers or Fuse. So it's not exactly "the come back of the Rock"... but hey, good news... Rock is not banned anymore on the dancefloors! And that is new.
by Nicolas noctis Deckmyn
07 January 2004 - New Pictures
New in the Picture Zone: Fast & FKL 2 at City Movies, Alex Kid in Brugge, Plug at Fuse, Always Underground in Namur, and two major gay events: La Démence New Year and Mister Cabaret Election. Soon to come: Retro at Fuse, New Year at Vooruit and Mirano, and opening night of the You. Check the Party Pictures page in the Magazine division.
by Nicolas Noctis
06 January 2004 - La Rocca gets guests
For the year 2003, La Rocca has been focusing on its residents [Marko, Olivier Abbeloos, Philip and Jack]. Well, sometimes Marko hosts a friend on a Sunday (as he does with Dava sometimes), but most of the time the line-up never changes... and the crowd never decreased since la Rocca has its own renewing energy and its own reasons to attract people. It is one of the very few clubs that never changed the decoration or the building, and it's probably why the soul never went away since 1989. Now Claude (the City Parade organiser and Artistic Director of La Rocca Saturday) announces three massive nights for 2004 with three of the biggest international deejay names, featuring Erick Morillo (New Jersey USA, Subliminal rec, Pacha Ibiza summer 2003), and Carl Cox (UK, Intec rec, CC Global radioshow, Space Ibiza summer 2003, Bunk-Tek 2003). No date has been mentionned yet, but we'll publish it as soon as we receive more details.
Pictures: Marko in the mix, and at the bar: Claude (AD), Ricardo and Wim (owners and managers of La Rocca since its opening).

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by Nicolas 'Noctis' Deckmyn
05 January 2004 - Dr Motte at City Parade 2004
The first hint for the City Parade 2004 line-up is that Dr Motte will play at the ending party on 26 June in Gent. Dr Motte is the originator of all Techno parades by creating the Love Parade in Berlin. All started with 250 friends of him in 1989, and now he manages the biggest Techno event in the world with 900.000 to 1,5 millions of party people. He mixed at the ending party of each and every Love Parade, alongside Westbam, Sven Väth, DJ Hell or Carl Cox. In his gigs, he's used to blend a very wide range of electronic musics, from oldschool to Techno or Trance, and even breakbeats. But that's only one name among many others. We'll keep you updated as soon as we know more. Check the older news, we talk a lot about City Parade 2004! New field, new concept for the party (5 euro only), etc...

this is a exclusive
by Nicolas Noctis
01 January 2004 - SNOW !! NEIGE!! SNEEUW!! late at night
All the weather forecasters announce snow for the late night tonight and for the next morning. So please be careful and drive slowly ... and watch out for icey roads! In any case, drivers don't drink and don't get stoned ... drivers just dance and drive safely.
by Nicolas & Suzee Kay
31 December 2003 - Free and Night Bus & Trams for New Year
Brussels - Vlaanderen - Wallonie :
For Brussels: STIB offers 17 bus-lines and 2 tramway-lines which will drive for free from 1h to 6h in the morning. Moreover, the main lines that serve the city centre will have a last late run around 0h30. Those are lines 27, 29, 46, 47, 48, 60, 65, 66, 71 and 96, and the tramways 52, 55 and 56. The subway (metro) lines 1A, 1B and 2 will be in use for a last run at 01:00 from the station Arts-Loi / Kunst-Wet to all the directions after the fireworks at Mount of Arts (Royal Library).
For Vlaanderen: free transport on Wednesday 31 December from 18.00 u. to Thursday 1 January at midnight, on ALL trams and bus services of De Lijn in the whole Vlaanderen.
For Wallonie: from 31 December at 19h until 1st January at 7h in the morning : ALL bus and trams are free in the whole Wallonie, thanks to some companies including Radio Contact.
by Nicolas
25 December 2003 - Ibiza facts: cranes in D'En Bossa
1) the famous Space club of Ibiza is exceptionaly not opening for New-Years eve because the staff rebuilds the terrace and covers it with a removable roof. They also add many emergency-exits to stick to the legal needs. By the way, another roofterrace will be more often in use. All that for next summer season.
2) the large parking area next to Bora-Bora and Space is under construction. Trucks, mud, cranes, excavators which dig the ground and begin the foundations of a building. It is obvious that this flat ground will disappear to the profit of a real estate project. Simple question: where the clubbers of Bora-Bora and Space will park their cars? The carpark of Space is way too small for all those vehicles.
by Nicolas Deckmyn
22 December 2003 - NEW YEAR PARTIES!
Already 40 parties for the night of 31 December in the Party Agenda! Check it out, shake it out! That's in the Parties&Events section.
by Nicolas
19 December 2003 - Food at Fuse until New Year ... and after?
Good news: Kevin Saunderson (Detroit USA) just confirmed his gig at Food (first floor) along with Geoffroy, St Dic and Raoul... when Fuse (ground floor) will get the beats of Deetron, Pierre, Psychogene, Deg and T-Quest. So, that's for New Years Eve... good. And after? According to the careful reading of the Fuse online agenda, Food will stop its activities on first floor of the 208 Blaes street in January. Well, you can see it by yourself, the diary mentions St Dic, Les Craven or Smos and Baby B, but no Geoffroy or Raoul anymore. Then, does it mean that 1) Food will be back soon at the same address but on Fridays? 2) Food will be back on Saturday in February, just as before? 3) Food is moving away and will be back elsewhere? No official answer has been given at this moment about it... so we only have questions... but be sure we'll keep you updated about Food motions in Brussels or out of Brussels.
by Nicolas 'Noctis' Deckmyn
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