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Some Like it House: deejay sets

what's the first major enemy of deejaying?  neighbours of course
so the oldest european deejay show (since 1992, and it even started with another name in 1988) has been the target of Radio Campus neighbours in december 1999.
Thanks to all listeners... those from the beginning and those who recently joined us.
But this end announces a new start... keep in touch with Noctis regularly!

Since august 1992, for 355 shows until 26th of december 1999, Some Like it House guested House, Techno and Jungle deejays for more than 3, 4 or 5 hours sets, live on air.

We had the whole national scene in our studios, the top deejays, the known, the unknown... the beginner, the must of professionals, the hardest, the coolest, the pioneers, the most underground, the most commercial, the most dark, the most fashion... those from Mirano, Fuse, Café d'Anvers, Food, Rocca, Who's Who's, Kozzmozz, Neuroleptic, Eskimo, all...

Some deejays we did guest on air:

Louis - Damien - Regis - Alain Freestyle - Bart - Skander (ex-Vaudeville) - Mi-K (ex-Vaudeville) - Michel Traxx (Mirano Continental) - Murvin Jay (Mirano) - Olivier Gosseries (Who's Who's Land, Noise rec.) - Jos (Strong, Who's Who's Follies) - Mr Bolan (ex-Catacombes, Strong) - Marko (la Rocca) - FX (Phuture festival) - Philarmonix (Q Lectiv, Plastiks Sound) - D-Jack (ex-BWP) - Pat Vision (ex-BWP) - Acid Kirk (ex-BWP, Elf Cut rec.) - Deg (ex-BWP, Reload rec., Fuse) - Seal Phuric (ex-BWP, Re-Load ambient) - Danny V. (Pussy Galore) - Denis (Urban Groove shop) - Luc (Joy) - Adam Brooks (Australia, Asian countries) - Steve Cop (Antwerp) - Koenie (Wally's Groove shop) - Sandra (Q Lectiv) - Pierre (Fuse, Food) - Trish (Fuse) - Isabelle - Didier Darimont (D&S, Schakel) - Mike V. (Démence, ex-Vaudeville) - Katrien Klausing (R&S vs. Apollo rec.) - Geoffroy (Food club, SSR rec.) - Raoul (Food) - Gaetan (DecaDance) - Exocet (Elf Cut Sound System) - Benjamin (Elf Cut Sound System) - Neil (ex-Fuse Vs. Drum'n Bass) - Rumble (Brussels Breakbeat Convention) - Usual Suspect (Brussels Breakbeat Convention) - Carlos (Pablo Discobar) - Steph X (Dali's Bar) - Unit-E "@ jected" - Toxic R-8 (BWP) - Popane (BWP, D-Jacking squad) - MBX (D-Jacking squad) - Ian (Patchwork rec.) - Lenad (Dialectrique) - Morpheus (Freezone cd compilator, Radio Campus, Radio Nova) - Kevin (Balmoral) - Crol' (Scratchpetland, radio Panik) - Tofke (Carat) - Paul (Secteur 122) - Eric D. (Pitt's bar, Britannicus) - Paul (ex-Café d'Anvers) - Peter Boonen (Soulfood inc.) - Psychogene (Neuroleptic, DeLuxe rec.) - Jane V8 (ex-Mur du Son) - Mo & Benoelie (whole House scene @ Gent+Eskimo+Music man,...) - Wontime (Eskimo, Silo) - Stephanie d'Olieslager (Fill Collins club) - Yves-E-Zone (ex-Vaudeville, ex-Rocca, ...) - T-Quest (Musicman, Kozzmozz) - Vincenzo Binci (Italia @ Rimini, Liège) - Sven (Phuture fest., Dali's) - Eric Beysens (la Rocca, ex-Boccaccio's Fame) - Lukas (Dark Drum'n Bass @ Schakel) - Spoetnik (UK) - Eddie (UK) - Steph VDB (Vaudeville 1993) - Philippe Traikos (Kheops) - Poltergeist (belgian TOP deejay till 92!).
(sorry for those we forget here... don't hesitate to remind us. ... there was so much shows)

Some international deejays came in the Some Like it House studios, as Fanon Flowers (Detroit), Armando (Detroit), Stacey Pullen (Detroit), Mike Dunn (Chicago), Gemini (Chicago), Common Factor (Chicago), Frambo (London), Angel Ruiz (Ibiza), ...

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