Nu beschikbaar in het nederlands...
het is hier al mogelijk. Stuur maar door.

aub, voegt hier alleen informatie toe. Voor een feest met een datum, gebruikt de agenda. Ook alvast bedankt om gematigd te blijven, het is nachtinformatie voor iedereen. ;-)

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 new Disc-O-Bar in Brussels (30/04/2004 -- tekst: Nicolas Deckmyn)
Next Friday 7 May will be a huge date ... it's the last mile before the exams, and the organisers take their chance on time, many parties are warming up! By the way, you all know about the recent change of management and closing of Pablo Discobar. There was thus something missing in Brussels... Sure there's the strong and crazy Dali's bar with many parties, and the Biberium hosting more and more deejay nights, even sometimes the Boca Loca or the Roxi... but something new is coming at 5 place du Vieux Marché Aux Grains, near the Beurs/Bourse area: the Disc-O-Bar

Concepted by Cedric & Brian (ex-Pacha staff), one of the specificity of this new deejay-bar is its partnership with Miss Elorak. Indeed the bar will first be open 7 evenings/week, but there's also the shop Stress Da Bass that moved there and will be open from 11:00 till 19:00.

The global music style won't be exclusively electronic for the weeknights, but the week-end should be stricly tech-drum-kicks'n beats. There's room enough for all kinds... 5 rooms (some small... but still rooms): a sitting room (great ceilings, check it out), a table room, a bar room, a danceroom, and the shop of course. The deco has been overwhelmed with colorchanging lights, and Olivier Devuyst (SDB shop) was in charge of the design.

Disc-O-Bar take off: Friday 7 May.


 House Names, Café gets strong (29/04/2004 -- tekst: Nicolas Deckmyn)
Farris, Carter, Farina... Café d'Anvers is on the House for sure. First it will host our beloved beatbanger from Chicago, Gene Farris (Farris Wheel rec) on 7 May. That same night will guest Angela Maison from Australia, who recently released on Music For Freaks rec. Andrew James says on "If you like your House to be deeper than the resting place of the Titanic, then Melbourne-based spinner Angela Maison is your woman." I guess it's enough to figure how warm will be her kicks. Print it, note it down or whatever, but it's on 7 May and you don't want to miss it. :-)

June sounds like summer... sounds House too with Derrick Carter (Chicago) in a versus mix with Mark Farina (San Francisco). Two major House deejays in a two players game... obviously worth the visit... that should be a huge night, on 16 June.
Count with the residents too... Benny Rodrigues, Tweety, Prinz, Isabel, Smos & Baby B, Bartholomeo, Filliz (8 resident deejays, no joke).

House has no way back... that's why it runs forward. "House is a universal language spoken and understood by all" (C.Roberts)

 Power up = Sinclar back at Fuse (28/04/2004 -- tekst: Nicolas)
Last time Bob Sinclar came in Belgium, there has been a total power shutdown after 15 minutes of his mix. No more music, no lights. A dry cutoff. So, both the management and the public were outrageously frustrated, and the club refunded each and everyone. But gud nuz for those! He's back on 20 May at Fuse again, and with full electric powerlines to keep the sound loud and warm! Alongside Mister Sinclar, we'll see St Dic, Mathieu, Yamo, and Josh Lasden. This fuse/yellow prod. event shall require 7 € before midnight, or 12 € after. Thursday 20 May 2004 at Fuse, 208 rue Blaes straat - 1000 Brussels.

 HoveLive Festival (4 Sept) first names (28/04/2004 -- tekst: Nicolas Deckmyn)
HoveLive, one of the most friendly and cheapest festivals in our country will be back in its traditional open-air area... the Gemeentepark van Hove, on 4 September 2004. A Reggae-Dub-HipHop-Dance festival running since 1991, with a strong public recognition. The first names listed for 2004 are the Reggae-Ragga band Thabazzco, and the HipHop vibes of Troubled Soulz and of The Livest. We'll keep you updated as long as we got more names.

 Once Again they try to stop clubs at 6:00 (21/04/2004 -- tekst: Nicolas Deckmyn)
There we were thinking we had finished with these threats of forced closings at 6.00 am in the morning, mow... they are back. This time it is on the initiative of Denis D'Hondt (MR) that a private bill has emerged, aiming at the clubs of Hainaut primarily... but posing an unpleasant example for the rest of the country. He specifies that the objective is to find "a beginning of solution with the problem of the mega-dancing, which is the centre of attraction for many young people. [...] In the western part of Hainaut, it is common that more than ten thousand young people go out during all the weekend, some even from Friday evening to Monday morning. This closing hour should have the result that theses young people leave those dancehalls".

de_Kamer_la_Chambre Located close to the French border, some megaclubs are indeed known to welcome enormous crowds, and are consequently associated with road accidents and problems of drugs... but why limit the parties and indirectly the energy that they create? It is normal to close a club caught up in drug traffiking, but since when do they need to demand closings clubs which mostly offer social activities and interaction, and a good time for most people? We always hear about the music, deejays, decoration, but all that is inevitably a pretext to the meeting and the human gathering.

If some young people let themselves slip towards and indulge in the worst narcotics, it is usually to protect themselves from the social pressure, and because they do not dare to speak with the others. They keep themselves to themselves. Before trying to lock up the night in a strict rectangle, perhaps they should wonder what will replace these clubs in the morning of the people who leave them... and of what pushes some party-kids to trust more white pills than their own parents. Future debate indeed.

Moreover, the choice of our French neighbours of a limitation at 5 a.m. became a typical example of displacement of the problem... they go in the close countries or set up clandestine raves without schedule. Not even speaking about the disaster of the English choice which since Criminal Justice Bill in the Nineties threw the young British on the roads at 3am in the morning in the search of one of the many after-parties avoiding any control and the inevitable danger of road traffic accidents.

At the precise moment where in France, the most repressive country regarding soft drugs, one noted a spectacular increase in the use of cannabis, even speaking about vulgarizing (source Inserm April 2004)... one wonders who will first dare rising the finger to suggest to finally talk about prevention rather than schedules.

Also we can preview a very bad effect on creation in the dance music scene, since each club will probably have to separate from a deejay... generally the last arrived, the youngest. (2 hours = one deejay). This won't satisfy the specialized record stores (these deejays are customers, of course) which already face a difficult time.

Let us nevertheless say that Mr D' Hondt did not meet real opposition at the Chambre. At most, both the representatives of ecologist and SPA insisted on the importance not to move the problem to the bars, and on the importance of a dialogue with the mayors and the local authorities, but they didn't contest the deep core of the new text.

Amusing: the dance halls for old people will not be aimed. That's right, the Viagra and DHEA dealers are mostly on Internet, not at the exit of the Polka clubs. And 4 grannies in a mustard-colour Daf car draws less attention, yes right.

But if the problem is the young people, there's always a solution: turn them in to old people.

 Plug tv mistake: Geoffroy or not Geoffroy? (21/04/2004 -- tekst: Nicolas 'Noctis' Deckmyn)
When a national TV does a mistake once, it can happen... it's ok. But when the mistake comes back every week in a whole month, then it turns to be a problem and needs to be fixed.
So, Plug TV is confusing about the name Geoffroy. In their contest for an event that they currently broadcast, they have a jury... and in the jury is indeed a Geoffroy who has a long career in the nightlife ... but he is not the deejay Geoffroy that you all know. They say it on TV but it's not. Geoffroy-Démence The Geoffroy in that jury is Geoffroy Gillieaux, an Artistic Director, Public Relation and fashion victim since the early 90's in Brussels... he did lead some aspects of the Who's Who's, of the Strong, of La Démence, of Mirano... and many other concepts, and also wrote many articles for magazines (such as Moshi).
He's an organiser / promoter / public-relation / journalist ... when deejay Geoffroy, aka Geoffroy Dewandeleer, has always been deejaying since his debuts at Vaudeville in 1992.


To remind it to those who don't know Belgium, Geoffroy Dewandeleer is one of the few leading House deejays in this country.
He's been resident at Food club in Leuven and Brussels from 1996 to 2003 (and will be again as soon as the club reopens), he played in almost all the major festival in Belgium (Dour, Zeebrugge, Alive, 10 Days Off, ...), in many venues in the world (Spain, USA, France, ...), and did many compilations on Crammed/SSR rec. deejay-Geoffroy
He now also manages his own record label: Hi Phen, and organises parties at Barrio and Vaudeville in Brussels ("Do The Funky Robot").

Do you really think they look so similar? We don't. We respect both for their careers, but we'd like to fix that basic confusion. This Geoffroy is not that Geoffroy. How can such a big media make such a big mistake? When Prince Philippe will be King, will they ask Philippe Delusinne (RTL director) if he is happy to get the crown?

 No Love Parade 2004?? Politics or facts? (20/04/2004 -- tekst: Nicolas Deckmyn)
The Berliner Love Parade team sent a press release to all the Techno related websites and medias. The text says that they choose to cancel the event for 2004... which means there would be no Love Parade 2004. LPThey also mention the responsability of the City of Berlin for changing the LP purpose from 'demonstration' (walking event with social or political goals) to 'meeting' (private assembly with commercial goals), which heavily increased the size of the costs. But they seem to forget the critics of the public since 2000... and they forget that from 1989 to 2000 it slowly turned to be more of a planned commercial overwhelm than a spontaneous music-and-youth human gathering. LP_zeppelinBrands here, brands there, distribution of gadgets with logo, business... business... when they had the official purpose of a non-profit assembly for youth. There was a moral conflict. All that money finally triggered the attention of the Berliner authorities who just said in 2001: "you're not a Demo, you're a commercial meeting... so, when someone breaks a public bus stop or a public trashcan, you have to pay for it".

LPLet's make it clear:
- the public slowly lost the trust for Love Parade... which became visually way too commercial. From 1,5 million in 2001, it was 'only' 500.000 in 2004.
- the costs increased because the official purpose level changed from Demo to Meeting. The global expenses increased by 900.000 Eur.
- the recent worlwide economy has been cruel for everyone, and also for the press, tv, and partners of the Love Parade who invested smaller money.

But there's another way to read that too:

Maybe the Love Parade managers didn't realize they had something historical in the hands... and by merchandising it too much it was not about Love and Music anymore... but about logos and money. drmotteDr Motte started to make big public speeches in 2001 from the moment he felt the critics getting loud, and he created an association of culture promotion... but it was too late to recover the public confidency. So, he made the Love Parade 1989 for 200 Deutschmarks and now the management wants to punish the public because the wrong choices have been made? LPSad decision. Once again it's about money... they put the pressure because they think "Berlin won't get the money that the LP is bringing", and by the way they steal the event from the young people. Indeed, Love Parade is a big cash flow for the city of Berlin, but it was MOSTLY a fantastic gathering... and the management obviously thinks it belongs to their own company. Unfortunately it belongs to the people, and those are the victims.

We just hope it's only politics, only pressure. Then we could have a Love Parade anyway in Berlin... LPwe'll only know for sure in May or June.

Dr Motte can cancel Love Parade... we got the City Parade anyway.

 Drugs in the Glass ... again (19/04/2004 -- tekst: Nicolas 'Noctis' Deckmyn)
Let's be direct: in clubs and parties, never leave your glass alone again, keep it in hand until the last drop. Let's be complete: do not accept glass of unknown people if it's not served in front of you at the bar. To put something (narcotics or drugs) in your glass is à-la-mode again for the criminals of all kinds in public venues. The Drink spiking is back. It is alarming, and it is stated as well individually as officially, there is more and more case even in the most protected clubs and bars.
safe-drinks This is a real problem, we have some solutions here. But the real one would be for all club managers to use closed glasses for the drinks, maybe similar to those used in fast-food. However, these are our current suggestions to avoid troubles:

1. Simplest: to keep its glass in hand at any time.
2. In the Eighties there were reusable plastic caps for the soda cans, but they quickly became sticking or dirty, and even sometimes not well sealing (the blue top on the picture). Abandoned solution. Now some brands show up with newly adapted versions of those caps... such as Quiktop. But then, why not going back to the good old plastic bottle?
3. creative alcohol labels started new conditionings, closed and easy to carry on in a pocket: mini bottles of Flugel vodka (or similar miniatures) - the Austrian Go vodka which is sold in a tube, like paint or toothpaste, with four varieties - or Popsy, an idea of German Krugmann who markets his 5 varieties of alcohols in tubes looking like hilarious spermatozoa (the head is the stopper). The coconutcaramel version is all about ambiguity, maybe, but transport is easy and absolutely safe, as long as no one drives. However, all that only relates to alcohols.
4. To use a mini tester like the Drink Detective. Only one drop from the drink on a reactive square of paper to check that nothing was added in the glass. But it can detect only three families of drugs among the 70 usable by criminals. At least it's three of the most currents: Rohypnol & Valium, GHB, or Ketamine. When it will be marketed on our premises, this test should cost 6 Eur. The goal is not to test all glasses... or we'll end paranoiacs, but only a glass which already caused a doubt or could be suspected for any reason.
BBC reviewed it here


 Fuse Ten Years stats:
9000 people and NO problem !
(17/04/2004 -- tekst: Nicolas Deckmyn & Suzee Kay)

Once again, a massive Belgian event went to the morning without any trouble. This time it was the 10 years anniversary celebration of the Fuse, and it was awesome.

The first impression was one of peace, yes peace. No big event hasssle at the door, just a ‘welcome to my party vibe’. Jeff Mills was belting it out in one room, Monica Kruse in the second and the crowd were loving it. Lazers playing across the room, then Bang! and a cannon shot millions of pieces of silver paper into the air, everyone went mental. What was surprising and ever so nice to see was the complete mix of ages in the audience. The usual clubbing crowd of course were in the majority but there were older people too in their 30’s, 40’s and even 50’s. It seemed everyone who had ever been to the Fuse past and present was there to celebrate and have a great time.

fuse_ten_years_brussels Deg started with a wavy mix to set up the blood pressure, then came the big fat beats. Yeah well, Jeff Mills was supposed to play House and he played only Techno, but who cares... since it was good. Monika Kruse was full smile, Villalobos did a great tech performance, as well as Dave Clarke for his live (bad point: he left straight after his show, not meeting the people).

But the thing to mention was the end, the final... which was so emotional. Almost all the Fuse crew and the guest were on stage, and Pierre played some last warm electro tracks for a remaining 800 people crowd. All hands raised when Thierry (Fuse director) took the microphone to thank all the public in the name of the deejays. He was so happy and so satisfied that he did it 3 times!

To be totally honnest with you, this was one of the most emotional final ever seen in Belgium for a dance event.

And once again, Switch show by Jan Van Biesen made the point! 10 Years Fuse were live all night on Studio Brussel (fm and webstream). We just hope you had your recorder on. :)


fuse_ten_years_brussels fuse_ten_years_brussels

 Once again, They try to stop clubs at 6:00 !! (17/04/2004 -- tekst: Nicolas Deckmyn)
[English version coming very soon.]
On pensait en avoir fini avec ces menaces de fermetures forcées à 6 heures du matin, las... elles sont de retour. Cette fois c'est sous l'impulsion de Denis D'Hondt (MR) qu'une proposition de loi a surgi, visant essentiellement les clubs du Hainaut... mais posant un désagréable exemple pour le reste du pays. L'intéressé souligne que l'objectif est de trouver "un début de solution au problème des mégadancings, qui sont un pôle d’attraction pour les jeunes. [...] Dans la partie ouest du Hainaut, il n’est pas rare que plus de dix mille jeunes soient de sortie durant tout le week-end, certains même du vendredi soir au lundi matin. Cette interruption devrait avoir pour conséquence que les jeunes quittent le dancing". Situés près de la frontière française, quelques mégaclubs sont en effet connus pour accueillir d'énormes foules, et sont associés à des accidents de la route et à des problèmes de consommation de drogues... mais pourquoi limiter la fête et indirectement la création qu'elle génère? Il est logique de fermer un établissement impliqué dans un traffic, mais depuis quand impose-t-on des fermetures à des clubs qui offrent surtout de la rencontre? On parle toujours de la musique, des deejays, du décor, mais tout cela est forcément prétexte à la rencontre et au rassemblement humain.

Si certains jeunes se laissent glisser vers les stupéfiants les pires, c'est bien souvent pour oser parler aux autres ou pour se protéger des pressions sociales. Avant de vouloir enfermer la nuit dans un rectangle bien droit, il faudrait peut-être se poser le problème de ce qui remplacera ces clubs dans les mâtinées des jeunes qui en sortent... et de ce qui pousse certains à faire plus confiance à des cachets blancs qu'en leurs parents. Grands débats en vue.

En outre le choix chez nos voisins français d'une limitation à 5 heure est devenu un exemple type de déplacement du problème... ils vont dans les pays voisins ou mettent en place des raves clandestines sans horaire. Sans parler du désastre des choix anglais qui depuis la Criminal Justice Bill des années 90 ont jeté les jeunes britanniques sur les routes à 3 heures du matin à la recherche d'une des nombreuses after-party échappant à tout contrôle.

Au moment précis où en France, le pays le plus répressif en matière de drogues douces, on a constaté une augmentation spectaculaire des fumeurs de cannabis, jusqu'à parler de banalisation (source Inserm avril 2004) ... on se demande qui osera lever le doigt le premier pour suggérer qu'on parle enfin de prévention plutôt que d'horaires.

Et comptons aussi sur un coup porté à la création dans ce domaine, puisque chaque club devra probablement se séparer d'un deejay... le plus souvent le dernier arrivé, le plus jeune. Voilà qui n'arrangera pas les magasins de disques spécialisés (dont ces deejays sont clients) qui déjà font face à une période un peu rude.

Signalons quand même que monsieur D'Hondt n'a pas rencontré d'opposition réelle à la Chambre. Tout au plus les représentantes d'écolo et du SPa ont elles insisté sur l'importance de ne pas déplacer le problème dans les bars, et sur l'importance du dialogue avec les bourgmestres et les autorités locales, mais sans remettre en cause le fond de la proposition.

Amusant: les dancings pour les personnes âgées ne seront pas visés. C'est vrai, les dealers de Viagra et de DHEA se trouvent surtout sur internet, pas à la sortie du club polka. Et puis quatre mamys dans une Daf moutarde ça attire moins l'attention, oui bon.

Mais si le problème c'est les jeunes, y a toujours une solution: en faire des vieux.

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