Nu beschikbaar in het nederlands...
het is hier al mogelijk. Stuur maar door.

aub, voegt hier alleen informatie toe. Voor een feest met een datum, gebruikt de agenda. Ook alvast bedankt om gematigd te blijven, het is nachtinformatie voor iedereen. ;-)

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 Belgotronique pictures! (26/06/2004 -- tekst: Nicolas)
Finally, the pictures of the Belgotronique open air party in front of Royal Palace on 18 June are now online. Check it out here! (on the News page) ... and notice the beginning under the rain at 17:00, and the massive crowd at 23:00. On these pictures: Skander, Miss Luna, Yves E Zone, Claude City Parade, Geoffroy, Whalid Fun Radio, Olivier Gosseries, Jean-Pierre Mels, Marko, Joost de Lijser, Tabi, Stel-R, Eric Beysens, Isabel... and 5000 of you party people ! Thanks to your support!

 Find me and get a Guest for CP! (25/06/2004 -- tekst: Nicolas (Noctis webmaster))
Ok... we have a system to give you more guests: FIND ME in the Parade! If you find me and tell me something like "You're Nicolas? I saw you on do you have a guest for me?" ... then you'll have one of the last 10 guest tickets we can give! And please don't kick me if you're the 11th to ask for it... heh :-)

nicolas For sure you'll find me and my photocamera running in the Parade all the time from 14:30, and mostly between City Parade truck and Marko's truck. You want a guest ticket ? Check me out!
Now how to find me? This is a recent picture... it should help you.
Good luck!

 50 Free Pass for City Parade - 26 June ! (20/06/2004 -- tekst: Nicolas)
cityparade_2004 cityparade_2004 As you already understood, next Saturday there will be the Pre-Parade party, the Parade itself, the free party with all the soundsystems, and the (cheap entrance, big stars) final party in a large open air field. WE HAVE 20 x 2 GUESTS AND 5 x 2 VIPs FOR YOU. Send us your name, age and address (Street, number, postcode, city) where to send you the tickets by post. (Or if you better like, you can get it at Urban Groove record shop in Brussels, but say it so we can drop the tickets there).
Send all that to and wait for the answer.
Be fast, coz there's only 20 x 2 guests...
and for the VIP's, we ask this: how old is right now?

Go go go!! City Parade will bang the ground!

At the final party: Marco Bailey, Michel De Hey, Dave Angel (UK), Luke Slater (UK), Dr Motte (Loveparade, Germany), Technasia (Germany/Japan), Claude Young (USA), Danny Howells (UK)

* Parade in the streets from 15 to 18:30 ...
Open party from 18:30 to 23:00.
Parade Party (6 Eur presale, 10 Eur at the desk) from 23:00 to 04:00
Except if you got our guestpass... hehe :-)

 Tonight Free Bal in St Gery / St Goriks (19/06/2004 -- tekst: Nicolas)
Tonight Saturday 19 June, in the afternoon and from 21h for a party, Fête de la Musique at St Géry / St Goriks! fête_a_st_Gery_/_St Bal aux lampions / lampioenenbal, Musette, Guinguette, popular music, etc... Bandoneon and village gathering... a real popular feast on the famous place of the terraces (just near Beurs/Bourse). Yes it's free and in the open streets! This has been set up by the same person who's setting up the Roller Parade... Carl de Moncharline... so you can guess it will be a deep fun party @ place St Géry / St Goriksplein - 1000 Brussels

 Royal Palace Belgotronique - update (16/06/2004 -- tekst: Nicolas Deckmyn)
We did 400 ppl in the afternoon... and 5000 from 20h! [official count: 4200, organisation count: 5000, crowd at midnight in front of the stage: 2800] The people went mad for the performances of the deejays, and even danced under the rain (!!) and stayed anyway. THANKS TO ALL OF YOU !!

To open the week-end of the 'Fête de la Musique' on 18 June, a 'Belgotronique' Free Party (no charge, open street, no cars) from 14:00 to 01:00 in front of the Royal Palace in Brussels... on Paleizenplein / place des Palais. belgotronique

This unusual event was open air (+ vip areas by You club) and offered a wide choice of 10 supafreak Belgian deejays: Skander (Club XXX 90's, Vaudeville, Retro at Fuse), Miss Luna (Q bar), Yves-e-Zone (Vaudeville 70's, You), Steven Redant (la Démence), Olivier Gosseries (Pop Life, Fun Radio, You club), Geoffroy (Food, Hi-Phen rec), Marko (La Rocca), Joost de Lijser (Body to Body, Plug at Fuse), Eric Beysens (Boccaccio 80's, Rocca 90's, Backlash), and Isabel (Café d'Anvers).

(the web streaming has been cancelled) But this banged on location and the palace jumped ... just hope that Mathilde loved Electro.

 House Music Awards ... Vote!
(14/06/2004 -- tekst: Nicolas Deckmyn)
Over the years, there has been some tryouts yet to start a respected House awards ceremony in Belgium, in USA, and even in Ibiza. And there's many polls, for almost every magazine (OutSoon, Mixmag, DJ Magazine, Traxx, Kiosque, TheTicket). house_music_awards_noctis But here comes now what is already supposed to be the definitive 'House Music Awards'. It says clearly House, so we guess it's not Drum'n Bass or Techno, and you can vote for it.

The first step asks the public (you) to vote, and to say the names of those you love (there's no multiple-choice-list ... you can say your real choice on their website... before the 30 June!)
The second step is the selection of the potential award from that big list.
The third step will come in September in London with the 1st House Music Awards.

There has been already more than 17.000 votes! Better to vote for real big names to compete ... but you can push up your Belgian big House names too... such as Koenie, Stephanie, Glimmer Twins, Raoul, Prinz, Geoffroy, Smos & Baby B, Isabel, Cosy Mozzy or Olivier Gosseries.
(You can mention as web source too, but there's so many websites ... or think to and
numark-ttx1 Two innovative technologies are the famous Numark turntable (TTX1) and a weird way to mix sounds with light objects: the Audiopad (Audiopad) ... but these are just suggestions if you don't have any.
Audiopad More info about these two technical tools on this Noctis page here.

Some of the Awards to vote: Best Single - Best Album - Best Label - Artist of the Year - Best Vocal - Best Live Performance - Best Remix - Most Innovative Music Producer - DJ of the Year - Breakthrough DJ - Best Venue - Best Club Night - ... - Best Magazine - Best Web Resource - Best Radio Station (FM or Internet) - Best Radio Show - Best Store - Most Innovative Technology - Contribution to House Music. There's also two Awards related to the WMC in Miami but we guess that most of you have not been there.

House Music Awards needs your votes! Help your beloved deejays to reach the attention they deserve.
Yes, there's a registering... but it's just a form without confirmation. Go on!


Current potential Award nominations:
[and if you think it's not your choice, vote and make your friends vote!]

DJ Of The Year: Smokin Jo, Carl Cox, Junior Jack, Derrick Carter, Joey Negro, Danny Tenaglia, Roger Sanchez, Kenny Dope, Seamus Haji, Ben Watt, Steve Lawler, Nic Fanciulli, Louie Vega, Brian Tappert, Mark Knight, Copyright, Neil Pierce, Danny Howells, Aaron Ross, Lee-Cabrera, Danny Rampling, DJ Gregory, Erick Morillo, Grant Nelson, Deep Dish, Tim Deluxe, Lottie, Kaskade, Nick Bridges.

Best Radio Station: Radio 1 (UK), Galaxy (UK), KCRW (California), House FM (London), Radio FG (Paris), Ministry Of Sound Radio (Global), Street FM (Melbourne), Viking FM (Yorkshire), Gaydar Radio (Digital/Global), Radio 1xtra (Global).

Best Venue: Ministry of Sound (London), Pacha (Ibiza), Fabric (London), The End (London), Neighbourhood (London), Tank (Sydney), Space (Ibiza), Cielo (New York), Ocean Rooms (Brighton), Crobar (Miami), Club Shelter (New York), The Cross (London), Club Seven (Melbourne), Pacha (London).

Best Record Store: BlackMarket (London), Vinyl Junkies (London), Satellite Records (New York), Central Station Records (Sydney), 611 Records (Philadelphia), Wax Records (LA), Juno (London), Uptown Records (London), Hard To Find Records (Birmingham), Vinyl Rebel (Melbourne), Eastern Bloc (Manchester), Flying Records (London), 12 inch (Paris), DanceTracks (New York), Blue Vinyl (Manchester), Plastic Fantastic (London), Virgin Megastore (UK), Covert Records (Brighton), Massive Records (UK), Grooveman Music (Miami), Amoeba (San Francisco), HMV (UK), Heartbeat Records (New York), Urban Records (Brighton), CitySounds (London).

 Soixante dj-bar (14/06/2004 -- tekst: Nicolas Deckmyn)
Pablodisco is now 'Soixante'. You all knew that the famous dj-bar Pablo Discobar in Brussels has been changing its management, and the winner is: soixante_dj_bar-brussels Laurence 'At The Villa'. Now it turned white, but it's still a dj-bar (woohow!), from Wednesday to Sunday... with Cosy Mozzy, Lorenzo Ottati (at the villa), Fred Hush (h20) , Mandrak (dirty dancing), Rudy (mad club), and more
Still at 60 rue du Marché aux Charbons / Kolenmarktstraat - 1000 Brussels

laurence_van_loo In 1989 Laurence Van Loo started the club At The Villa in Kooigem, which quickly went to be essential to the national scene velocity and engraved a groove made of Trance and House in our country for many years. Names like PhiPhi, Johann or Marko grew up under the heat of that brand. In 1994, At The Villa moved away to different locations over the years... at the Holy Ghost, then in Asse, in Brussels, and then stopped for some time. 15 years after its start, At The Villa is back on a monthly basis at H2O club in Pecq (Tournai), with Lorenzo Ottati, Cosy Mozzy, and guests.


 Belgian in Ibiza? Go Km5 (13/06/2004 -- tekst: Nicolas Deckmyn)
Check our special page about KM5 dj-bar in Ibiza, km5_bar_ibiza created by Josh and our very own Patrick Socks (creator of Paradise parties, Hot Soks, etc) at 5 Km from Ibiza town. A hot spot for Belgians, and for any party people on the Balearic roads...

24 pictures in September 2003 featuring Patrick, Josh, Ben Biets, Tofke, ... and a charity auction of high rated paintings.

Go have a Hierbas (local liquor) under a palmtree, with good House on the dancefloor.

 Hot 'Milk' shakes in Brussels (09/06/2004 -- tekst: Nicolas Deckmyn)
A new club inspired by the intimate venues of Manhattan, stylish but not too big: that's the Milk club, where everything's around has been paint in white. Well, not that white when the lighshow runs... since everything will be a screen for colors, textures and pictures... that's the trick, plus many 60's/70's furnitures and chairs to feel comfortable. Moreless 350 ppl, a freaky communication and a lot of lights is the receipt (we nightbirds hope not too much light after 3am... heh).
milk_club_brussels Rock and funky beats on Thursday, Electro-Housy on Friday, Garage-House on Saturday, that's the line to follow.

Already confirmed to perform at Milk club: Tom Barman, Yvan Smagghe (Fr), Charles Shillings, Ariel Wizman (Fr), Geoffroy, Lorenzo Ottati, Dan Genhacia (Fr), Darko, Lady Jane, Murvin Jay, a live by Bamboola Prod ('Bahia' EP) ... and some already say that Kat Club and Statik'Dancin parties will move there from the next summer.

Now guess who's back behind this? Alex (WWL, Armani) and Carlos (Pablodiscobar)... two of the real Belgian nightmakers starting a "Baroque Electric Funland", so this sounds like good news for Brussels. Even more: Milk is announced to be the one and only Garage & Vocal-House club in Belgium on Saturday... and it's years that there was none of those.

They launch the first night of Milk club on this Thursday 10 June, at 40 rue de Livourne straat - 1000 Brussels.
You already know this address? Well, then probably you knew about what it has been in the 80's and early 90's: L'Equipe ... a club aiming at 35-40 years old people. But the story took an end in the late 90's, changed the name twice and quickly closed. 4 years of silence, and now the Milk took it over, for a modern nightlife story.
Have a fresh Milk?

 Drugs again ... beware... (09/06/2004 -- tekst: Nicolas)
The Scientific Institute of the Public Health rang the alarm bell regarding a new drug: the 4-MTA which made its reappearance in the area of Antwerp.
This drug, like the recent LDC, is derived from the ecstasy (MDMA). It acts in the same way as the 'traditional' pills but with a delay effect (retard / vertraging). Thus, when the consumer does not know it, he is tempted to take more drugs very quickly. The overdose is then inevitable and could in some cases be lethal.
We remind you here that, besides beeing totally illegal, that kind of chemical drugs strongly harm your body and especially your kidneys. For those concerned, please think about it.
[source from]

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