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het is hier al mogelijk. Stuur maar door.

aub, voegt hier alleen informatie toe. Voor een feest met een datum, gebruikt de agenda. Ook alvast bedankt om gematigd te blijven, het is nachtinformatie voor iedereen. ;-)

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 1984 - 2004: 20 years of House Music! (10/12/2004 -- tekst: Nicolas Deckmyn)
Everything started in Philadelphia back in the early 70's. From that city came an amazing Funky sound that soon gave his touch to the EastCoast Disco in America. Then Disco tookover the clubbing for about 7 years and went to a final point around 1983. But then? Does anybody think that clubbing suddenly vanished into the dark? Of course it didn't, and from a blend of European Electropop/New Wave with the American Disco, some night-wizards spent their time in Chicago to create the most influencial phenomenon since Rock'n Roll: the birth of House Music. People such as Ron Hardy, Frankie Knuckles, Pharris Thomas, Mr Fingers, Chip E, DJ Pierre, Farley Jackmaster Funk, Steve 'Silk' Hurley, Ralphie Rosario, Robert Owens, Todd Terry, Felix, ... oh seriously I won't list them all here it would take half a page, but mind those men really created the clubbing music as we know it since 20 years all over Europe. They seriously deserve to be celebrated AT LEAST every 20 years... and that's what's all about for this Saturday at Dirty Dancing.

Actually there were two major labels who released the first House Music records... "DJ International" and "Trax records". Trax has been co-founded by Larry Sherman and Jessie Saunders with the advices of Adonis and Marshall Jefferson. On those legendary fuschia-red and white stickers can be found monsterhits like "Love Can't Turn Around", "Housenation", "Move Your Body", "Your Love", "Baby Wants to Ride", "Phuture", and so many tunes still kicking our dancefloors today. And now what? Now it's time to party!
Dirty Dancing (at Mirano - Brussels) invites Trax Records for an anniversary celebration with Marshall Jefferson and Farley Jackmaster Funk... as they say on the flyer "two Gods of House Music"... along with Rachael Cain also known as Screamin' Rachael, the current president of Trax. You want more? Get the triple anniversary compilation by Trax: 1 cd mixed by Maurice Joshua, 1 by Paul Johnson and 1 unmixed with the original versions of all the massive classics. A must-have for anyone.
Saturday 11 December at Dirty Dancing / Mirano, 38 Chaussée de Louvain / Leuvensesteenweg - 1210 Brussels

 Out Soon FM ... turn on, tune in, drop out! (07/12/2004 -- tekst: Nicolas)
There already was an Out Soon radioshow in 1994-95 on Radio Crystal in Brussels, but this time on FM Brussel it goes far more interesting since many Belgian deejays are invited alongside some international guests, performing every week end with the best electronic sounds... and also on the web. Reach the show every Friday and Saturday night from 21:00 to 6:00 (GMT+1) on 98.8 FM in Brussels, or streaming from anywhere in the world. Run your recorders!

 Junior Jack & Kid Creme take a Belgian seat (07/12/2004 -- tekst: Nicolas)
Finally! After beeing touring around the world for the greatest festivals and spinning their records on the best dancefloors, the Belgian-Italian duet Junior Jack & Kid Creme gets a serious feedback in Belgium. Once again, it seems we got to be stars in USA before getting any recognition in our own country ... but now that's on the run! After the Ministry of Sound in London for a whole year and a football stadium in Newcastle, after Johannesburg, Moscow, Rotterdam, Paris, Miami, Tokyo, Barcelona or Ibiza (their summer residency), finally came Belgium with Nandrin, Pukkelpop, Rock Ternat, the You Club, Versuz in Hasselt, and now Café d'Anvers in Antwerp this Friday 10 December. Guess what? That'll Rock the House.
Junior Jack's LP "Trust It" is still available, and Kid Creme just released his new "Doin' My Own Thing" with MC Spike Shurakano (from Syndicate of Law).

 WaBMG44 back in town (02/10/2004 -- tekst: The A.L.)
On November 6 next, the Botanique will host a special Slam evening featuring about 20 performers including Senegal's WaBMG44.
Slam, spoken word, a-capella and an open mike session: the net will be cast wide on the night. D, Bam's and others are planned. The night will close with a show by WaBMG44 accompanied by the Belgians Vagabond, Lady N, Pasco and DJ Sminooz.
WaBMG44 have just released the album "Bxl-Dakar".

 Give us Food!! (02/10/2004 -- tekst: Nicolas)
Food is back and it was highly expected since about one year (or was it more? wow... even better that it's now back). This House club was, and still is, a reference in House Music since it started in Leuven 1996 at Silo. Then it changed location almost every 3 years, moving to the famous Fool Moon Theatre in Brussels for a long time, then for the Lounge club next to the Beurs/Bourse, before a couple of months at the top floor of the Fuse club. Then Food stopped cooking for some weeks, and kept some big parties up sometimes here and there (at Silo again recently with DJ Sneak). But the public went to be hungry and claimed for food! For more Raoul, more Geoffroy, more of their guests like Derrick Carter, Sneak, or mister Farina... more love to chew, more Food to dance. That's now the whole story led by Frank, the man behind the Food club, and there's a new chapter, every Saturday, back in the mothertown: Leuven. At Musicafé [5, Muntstraat - 3000]. Already back and kicking on the nightclubbing frontline.

 Yummy! Slurp! Glorps! (02/10/2004 -- tekst: Nicolas Deckmyn)
at the SlurpTim loves esthetics, he love colors, volumes, crossing curves, and he likes the Seventies (there's no secret ... that's a great time for the design). Tim also has ideas, he makes Internet sites of them ( and also an absolutely brilliant dj-bar. The 'Slurp'! That's the name of it, with classious furnitures and giant lightbulbs of which the colour slowly changes.

Now with the help of some friends behind the decks and behind the desk, that bar is turning into a top spot in the Brussels nightlife. Deserved score, indeed. Trendy (as it has to be when it aims at the clubbing public), refined, and strongly running on the Electro and House wave... but not only. We've heard Raoul (Aroma, Food) playing there tonight, and once again it was sooo good in the Housiest House ever. The capacity seems to be around 100, maybe 160 on a hot night.
Last but not least: the location ... heh, on the Grand Place itself, mates. Yeh, he did it... and he did it great, just in front of the CityHall, or some like. On the highest range of the Grand Place, on top of a double staircase made of genuine 17th century stones, at number 19. Check this out.

Not to forget: the other dj-bars in Brussels:
- Dali's bar (Pte rue des Bouchers - 1000)
- Café Central (Borgval - St Gorik - 1000)
- Soixante (x-PabloDiscobar - Marché aux Charbons - 1000)
- Disque au Bar (Nouveau Marché au Grain - 1000)
- Java (St Gorikstraat / rue St Géry - 1000)
- Full Moon (new, rue de l'Aqueduc - 1050)
- and many more to check on our 'Nocturnal Bars' page

 Sleeping is NOT an option! Brussels Party On! (30/09/2004 -- tekst: Nicolas Deckmyn)
Nuit Blanche is back in Brussels again, and bigger! Now it concerns the complete innerloop around all the ancient doors of the city: Porte d'Anvers/Antwerpsepoort Porte de Namur/Naamsepoort, Pte de Hal/Hallepoort, Pte d'Anderlecht/sepoort, etc ... all around the urban core of Brussels. A network of 10 Doors of the Night transformed to be the 'door of Africa', 'door of the ancient past', 'door of the skies', 'door of the dance', 'door of the water', 'door of the unexpected' (in some parcs), 'door of the Middle-East', etc... a fantastic journey into a nightfreak city, full of music, dance, food, sports, shows, circus, and pure entertainment. Furthermore, you could even walk with some happy dogs, run around the city in a magnificent limo, take part of a movie shooting in the Cityhall, ride with the roller-parade, or move your legs on a bicycle, even party your head off in 4 different parties! Everything starts at 22:00 and ends at 5 and 6am. Time to get you on!

pictures of edition 2003 pictures of 2003 edition

All and everything for 5 Euro... yes, Five. No more.
Count with a free breakfast at 6 and 7am.

Which parties?
1. Bulex will serve the freaky-kitschy-funky-disco-groovy stuff they love to play, but in a very 50's location: the Ravenstein 'shopping' Gallery (straight behind the Brussels Central Station)
2. A deejay will spin some dance tunes from 1am at Tour & Taxi, featuring many jugglers and artists from the Circus School... could look spectacular, honestly
3. A double party at Pyramides Rogier (place Rogier plein): one is classic Rock (in partnership with RTBf) and the other is more like Disco.
4. The kickass ride by which gathered some electro-tech-break-booty deejays in the surrealistic main hall of the Brussels North Station!
    After Le Gazon in the summer, and besides the webradio at their website, this is expected to be "the" electronic meeting of the Nuit Blanche 2004.
pictures of edition 2003pictures of edition 2003

 Owow!! Let's move on up! (29/09/2004 -- tekst: Nicolas ... outta bed!)
Ok, all right... we're waking up da news again... seems we've been poor on the keyboard since the summer, heh. But as you can guess: the night isn't waiting for us and keeps things moving. Good! Guess what? You've been 42.000 in August to check our Party Agenda! Thanks for your trust and fidelity, keep on surfing us from time to time... you might be surprised. And so will we.

 Hip-Hop at Theatre 140 ! (28/09/2004 -- tekst: The A.L.)
[Frenchspeaking onemanshow with hip hop dance performances] L’autoportrait du danseur hip hop Hamid Ben Mahi (Alger-Bordeaux). Il a trente ans, il danse et raconte son parcours, à coup d’images projetées, son père boulanger en Algérie, son adolescence à Bordeaux… Danser sur la tête est un rite pratiqué avec fougue dans les banlieues de Bordeaux, Paris, Bruxelles ou Alger … De plus, il y a des danseurs belges en première partie: Full Effects (mardi 5 octobre) Bientôt en résidence au Centre Culturel Jacques Franck, Full Effects est chorégraphié par Saho, spécialiste en danse debout. Hoochen (mercredi 6 et jeudi 7 octobre) Ce jeune crew issu de la nouvelle génération est le vainqueur de la Freestyle Session Benelux 2004 The Outsiders (vendredi 8 octobre) Nouveau groupe (issu des Dynamics) qui va cartonner sur la scène hip hop d'ici peu!

 And the Winner is: City Parade ! (27/06/2004 -- tekst: Nicolas)
190 pictures are online from the News page.
- Yes they did it! - And they did it good! 2001 was 80.000 people ... 2002 = 100.000 ppl ... 2003 = 150.000 ppl ... so... what do you think was the score this year? Actually in the middle of the afternoon we were ready to talk about 200.000 ... but the Police counted 250.000 ! YOU ARE FANTASTIC ! --- All our pictures are online from the link hereunder. Great memoriezzz...

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