Nu beschikbaar in het nederlands...
het is hier al mogelijk. Stuur maar door.

aub, voegt hier alleen informatie toe. Voor een feest met een datum, gebruikt de agenda. Ook alvast bedankt om gematigd te blijven, het is nachtinformatie voor iedereen. ;-)

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 Wow... thanks... (20/06/2005 -- tekst: Nicolas 'Noctis' Deckmyn)
more than 59.000 Belgian party people visited in March 2005! We wish to be as useful as possible since end 1994. :-) Thanks for your fidelity, and for your energy. Vergeet niet om op de Noctis chat te komen 's avonds... N'oubliez pas le Noctis webchat le soir... Don't forget to pass by the Noctis webchat at night.

 Festivals... ON! The names (10/06/2005 -- tekst: Nicolas)
for Dour, Couleur Cafe, Werchter, Klinkende Munt, 10 Days Off, Reggae Geel, Nandrin, le Temps des Pommes and Celtic Folk Fest.

- Dour:
14, 15, 16 & 17 July 2005.
1 day = 32 Eur. ... 4 days = 67 Eur. Large camping.
Line up features (among many more): dj hype feat daddy earl, felix da housecat, future prophecies (live), glimmer twins, hollywood porn stars, 100% isis, jaga jazzist, jeff mills, major deluxe, mampi swift & mc ic3, nashville pussy, slam live, the hacker, the herbaliser live, the penelopes, vitalic, Amon Tobin, anne clark feat implant, austin lace, dj gilles peterson ft mc earl zinger, dj touché, etienne de crecy feat alex gopher and julien delfaud, ewan pearson, hawkwind, hexstatic, horace andy & homegrown band, jack de marseille, lofofora, mylo, richie hawtin, the neon judgement, vive la fête, yellowman, alec empire, barrington levy, daniel darc, dj spinna, front 242, jaguar wright, jamaica all stars, mickey 3d, saïan supa crew, zongamin, alter ego clan, anthony b, babylon circus, heavy metal dj's, hermanos inglesos, israel vibration, jamie lidell, jay mayhem, killing joke, kool shen, roots manuva, soldout. Website: Dour Festival

- Couleur Café:
1, 2 & 3 July 2005, rue Picard in Brussels
Line up features: Alpha Blondy, Sinsemilia, Arno, Rokia Traore, Amadou & Mariam, Zita Swoon, Maceo Parker, Orishas, Neg Marrons, Zap Mama, Tiken Jah Fakoly, Youssou'n'Dour, Jane Birkin, Kool Shen (NTM), Le Peuple de l'Herbe, and many more in 3 areas + world-market + entertainments...
31 Eur at the door... 58 Eur for the 3 days.
Website: Couleur Cafe

- Werchter:
30 June, 1, 2 & 3 July 2005
Line-up features among others: New Order, Ozark Henry, Snoop Dogg, Chemical Brothers, Saul Williams, Kraftwerk, Armand Van Helden, Garbage, Faithless, Nine Inch Nails, Rammstein, Daan, Bloc Party, The Mars volta, Foo Fighters, Soulwax, R.E.M., Ryan Adams, Zita Swoon, ...
59 Eur per day, or 120 Eur for 4 days.
Website: Rock Werchter

- Klinkende Munt, FREE music festival:
6, 7, 8 & 9 July 2005 in Brussels (Beursschouwburg & Nieuwegraanmarkt / pl. du Nouveau Marché au Grain).
Line-up features: DJ Reedoo, Soulive (USA), Das Bose Ding (Germany), Antibalas (USA), Brad Shepik trio (USA), Cor de la Plana (Fr), Da Woonder, Vanno, Boomfanfare, Ori Kaplan's Balkan Beatbox (USA), Kawa Jaipur Brassband (India), Bun-Zero, ...
Website: Kinkende Munt

- 10 Days Off
During the Gentsefeesten, we'll get a thick line-up: Luke Slater, Richie Hawtin, Jamie Lidell, Ken Ishii, Agoria, Marky, Hyper, Matt Cantor, Telepopmusik, Andrew Weatherall, Ed Rush & Optical, Black Strobe, Ricardo Villalobos, Captain Comatose, Max 404, Chloe, Christian Vogel, Darko, Alter Ego, Frankie Knuckles, David Morales, Morpheus, Neon Judgement, David Guetta, Groove Armada, and many many more over 10 nights.


 Free passes for City Parade party? (17/06/2005 -- tekst: Nicolas Deckmyn)
wow wow... all 3 x 2 tickets are gone. Maybe more soon? check back Noctis :)

 Sven Vath surprise at Afterparty (11/05/2005 -- tekst: Nicolas)
Sven is a real party head, we all know that... he dances while he mixes, he loves to spin for a crowd and he often joins the dancefloor after his gig. But last Sunday morning, when Fuse (Brussels) closed, he didn't felt like sleeping and he moved at 11:00am to the LinePhase afterparty ... +- 1km from the Blaes street. But guess what? He took the decks and mixed for an hour... just for fun and for the 100 ppl dancing in the club! And it was really a surprising gift.

Ayeh, just to remind all of you: LinePhase started with a Before-Party at DisqueAuBar early at night (21:30), then did a big After-Party at 6:30am on Sunday morning in the Lounge club with a techno line-up. But they really never expected anything like Sven Vâth coming... and mixing. Follow LinePhase, it seems that their passion attracts true party souls.


 Breaking News: CityParade is back to Luik/Liege ! (21/04/2005 -- tekst: Nicolas)
Finally confirmed! With Da Housecat, DJ Rush, Steve Rachmad, Kevin Saunderson, Chris Liebing, and many more... Yeh! The City Parade organisation said it, and now they do it:
for the 2005 edition, after two years in Gent, the City Parade is back to the large avenues of Luik/Liege. Actually there has been a lot of discussions about it, since Hasselt was very enthousiastic about inviting the now famous gathering of 250.000 party people around the trucks of all styles. But beeing back to Liege was kindof a symbol that City Parade had to consider... and it did.

Reminder: the City Parade started its long run in Liège 2001, then Liège again for 2002... then (as its name suggests) it moved to another city, Gent, for two brilliant editions leading to a 50.000 ppl party in 2004. So, in 4 editions it grew from 80.000 people to 250.000. Nice rate hm?

Actually, if the final field was really great in a postindustrial area just outside Gent, the avenues filled with the CityParade weren't really "in" the city itself. (Afrikalaan, etc) Which was a bit of less fun, since there was almost no houses along the way, then no one stood at the windows to wave arms. Well, the Parade was a great success anyway, but with that detail... it could have been a bit more magic.

And that will be the point in Luik, since the Parade will ride across the center of the city. Remember Parc d'Avroy 2001? Remember the Place Leonard 2002? That's it... and who knows... Hasselt 2006? Oostende 2007? Mons 2008? Liège 2009? Gent 2010? Woaw... sounds good to us :-).

And for the 175 years of Belgium, that has style and energy.

 One of the best Techno clubs in the world just closed
Tresor Club ... the legend stops
(19/04/2005 -- tekst: Nicolas)
Owow mates... this is quite a shocking news: due to the sale of the area where it stands since 1991, the Tresor Club has been definitely closing on Saturday 16 April. The story ended on a two weeks nonstop party (from 1 till 16 of Apr.), aiming at the last night with Richie Hawtin, Ricardo Villalobos and all the Tresor residents (Micha, Pacou, Mad Max, Troy, Trias,Liquid Sky, etc).

In 1991 there was only two hype clubs in Berlin: the Fish and the Tresor which just opened. Standing in a disused warehouse of the Leipziger Strasse, next to Potsdamer Platz, the Tresor immediately became one of the few leading European clubs in the Techno scene. It has and always had numerous international deejays as residents at his decks, such as Blake Baxter, Jeff Mills, Juan Atkins, Robert Hood or Carl Cox, but also a whole list of German talents like Tanith, Jonzon, Rok, Kid Paul, Pacou, Jorg, and many more. Not even speaking about those who came just once... it's almost the whole phonebook of the Techno planet.

It's also been one of the strongest links between Detroit and Europe. In Belgium we had the BWP parties and the Rave Explosion serie, but back then the Berliner Tresor was the unique weekly club inviting members of 'Underground Resistance' (Jeff Mills, Mad Mike and Robert Hood) or visionary souls such as Juan Atkins, Blake Baxter and Scan 7 to perform on their German stage.

Since a few years it was weekly a Techno, House and Drum'n Bass club ... and of course an obvious after-Love-Parade meeting point. But it had many problems with the Berliner Police Authorities in 2003 (see our news "31 August 2003 - Cop razzia at Tresor Berlin"). However it is not the reason why it closed last week-end... which is way more about real estate and about the owners.

It's the end of the Tresor club... but it seems that the crew would soon open something new in Berlin. Future will tell.

Now, as weekly strictly leading Techno clubs, you still have 'The End' in London, and 'Fuse' in Brussels. A tear for the legend... and a smile for the future.

Thanks to the Tresor crew and public for the fantastic story it was.

 No smoke at night? (06/04/2005 -- tekst: Nicolas Deckmyn)
Smoking, illegal in our clubs?
That'd be the end of the party for Reggae, House, Techno, Electro... for sure.

A threat is running around our nights. It seems to be isolated at the moment ... but for how long? Rudy Demotte, the federal Minister for the social Affairs and the Public health, is since a long time in war against tobacco. But he recently decided that the laws would take a harder direction for all the horeca department in Belgium. He thus invited several delegates of the Belgian horeca (primarily restaurants and bars) to an information-tour in Italy and Ireland ... and now this leads to a private bill prohibiting the tobacco in all the public places. But is a club simply a normal public place? This law applied to the clubs is inevitably the death sentence for half of them. That's why we wonder: who could stop it?

Italy, Ireland and Norway already choose the hardest prohibition. Some studies already show a loss of 20% of the sales in Ireland! When in Belgium, horeca is gathering 500.000 jobs for 55.000 bars, restaurants, hotels and clubs... that sounds really scary.

Sure, tobacco is a bad thing for health. But do we really think that we'd have had a Gainsbourg, a Bogart, a Billie Holiday, a Chet Baker or a Georges Simenon without their smokes around?? How came Jazz and Rock if it was not in the small misty clubs of USA?

And, however they'd stop smoking in the clubs... what about the smoking-machines, the incenses, the perfumes?

There are three aspects of the situation:
1) the most seen in the press: tobacco kills, and that costs too much to the community.
2) the tangent: horeca is essential, it is the main supplier of new jobs (62% in 2002).
3) the hidden one: one of the forces of our Latin-European states resides in their cultural creativity, in their support for the artists and their cultural independence.
----- How to stop this independence? ** by closing the places which ensure the specificity of the European public, or at least by reducing the amount of those places.
** To prohibit everything that brings them a public.
------can one prohibit the music?
** They tried in United Kingdom around 1992, and that didn't work.
----- can one prohibit tobacco?
** Yes.
The same method was applied over California since about ten years... and in San Francisco the nights are from now on a disaster. Some foreign artists refuse to perform there, night traffic has been reduced, everyone at home... the victory of television and clandestine bars.

And what's the result? Well, total prohibition to smoke in the bars and clubs in Norway did not have the expected effects: the Norwegians smokers from 16 to 74 years old reduced only of 0,3% in 2004, when it reduced of 3,1% in 2003.

Actually, according to some recent information we had, it seems that the nightclubs will fortunately not be concerned by this new law. The question is: for how much longer? And what about the dj-bars and the independent parties? We'll wait for the law to get an answer.


 Finally a massive meeting about the Faces of the Urban Nightlife! (24/03/2005 -- tekst: Nico Noctis)
That's happening in Brussels, with many speakers from Europe and even Canada.
What? Easy: a big meeting, a large debate about what is the current urban Night, and what will it be in the close future. A big conference gathering city light engineers, delegates from French and Scandinavian Police, artists, ministers and aldermen from Belgium, Paris, Helsinki, Bari, Oviedo, London, Manchester, Amsterdam, Tromsoë, etc
You all know that the right to party is THE essential thing that matters to, and that's why this Meeting looks to us as a great first step to create a link between the nightlife community and the City authorities. And maybe even to share the ways to fix the exhausting fights neighbours vs party-people. But wow... what a surrealistic goal, heh. Let's give a try anyway.

If this could lead to a serious awakening of the Belgian Authorities about the nightlife issues... the youth... the creativity and the support to new artists... the ways to bring more quality of life, but also more joy and more atmosphere in our fantastic urban magma... wow, then it's useful.

Well, ok... it's from 80 to 300 Euros to subscribe to all the debates and meetings, but the point here is not to bring the clubbers there... nope. It's all about telling you that finally something happens. As it does in Paris, Chicago or London... this is now official: NIGHT MATTERS!

In the meeting, on Friday 1st of April:
You'll see many chats with: the minister of Tourism for Brussels, Freddy Thielemans the Mayor of Brussels City District, Charles Picqué minister-president of the Brussels Region, Henri Simons First Alderman at the City of Brussels, but also Federal Ministers and Ministers of the Flemish Region, many scientists and delegates from major cities in Norway, Sweden, Finland, Italy, Spain, France, Netherlands, UK, Canada, etc... including as well cultural as security and police representants.

The subjects:
Workshop 1: The limits of the urban night - is there a life at night?
Workshop 2: Economy of the night - is the night a market to be developed?
Workshop 3: Night mobilities - How to move in the city at night?
Workshop 4: Urban citizenship - Which strategies for the urban night?
Workshop 5: Health and Emergency Services - Which public services should be open 24/24?
Workshop 6: Work at Night - is human made to live and work at night?
Workshop 7: Youth - Which activities for the young people in the districts?
Workshop 8: Insecurity - How to keep the city safe and friendly at night?

From 22:00 till 3:00, five shuttles will pick up the audience from the City Hall to many destinations.
Bus 1: Culture at Night by Gaetan Bergez (theatres, arts)
Bus 2: Surprise by Carl de Moncharline (guess the best)
Bus 3: Night traffic by Yves Rouyet (where to go, how to go)
Bus 4: Clubbing by Nicolas '' Deckmyn (featuring many meetings with several club managers, deejays, security staff, party organisers, etc + some (soft) drinks in two or three dj bars)
Bus 5: Social night by Pascale Peraita (visits at a train station, Social Care, etc)

And the second day, Saturday 2nd of April
First, a common debate about the shuttle tours. Then the last workshops.
Workshop 9: Art and creativity - does the night scene support the creativity?
Workshop 10: Festive night - Which evolutions for the festive night?
And of course a conclusion: Are we slowly coming to a 24/7 city? A non-stop urban system.

As you can see, this is not exactly about dancing half-naked on a podium to impress the crowd, neither about kicking the best out of some records... but it's all about opening the doors to a better understanding of the nightlife by the politics, the city council, the officials and maybe even the police... and to start a chat including all point of views, all elements of the fantastic... the faithful and bouncing nightlife.

Is that spring? Taste good, fellaz... taste good.

 Felix Tuesday in Brussels (08/03/2005 -- tekst: Nicolas)
Indeed, thee Electro Cat from Chicago will spin tonight at Dirty Dancing (Mirano) for 300 ppl in the Cube-room (first floor). The entrance is 10 Euro... no guestlist, no vip... Be there early, mates! By the way, Felix Da Housecat recently released a fun Playboy Mansion official compilation. Is thee Cat chasing bunnies??

 US Dance Music Crisis (03/02/2005 -- tekst: SuzeeKay)
Once again another DJ has cancelled his tour of the US due to unacceptable demands concerning his working visa. Laurent Garnier is the latest DJ to go down this path. His official statement is copied below. "I am very sorry to have to cancel my forthcoming U.S. tour due to what I consider to be completely unreasonable demands by the U.S. Embassy in France in order to renew my work visa. - In order to obtain this new visa, the rules have once again changed since November 2004 and I would now have to not only fill out an exceedingly probing application form, but also be interviewed by a member of the Embassy staff, and provide proof of ownership of my house, details of my bank account, my mobile phone records, personal information on all my family members and more. I consider these demands to be a complete violation of my privacy and my civil liberties and I refuse to comply. I am horrified by these new regulations and feel really sad that this is what some call freedom and democracy. It has now become almost impossible for an artist to come and perform in the United States. And until this new procedure changes I will unfortunately refuse to comply with this nonsense." Dance music in the US is in crisis. All dance fans in the US deserve our sympathy and support. Laurent Garnier our plaudits for standing up to such "nonsense".

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