Nu beschikbaar in het nederlands...
het is hier al mogelijk. Stuur maar door.

aub, voegt hier alleen informatie toe. Voor een feest met een datum, gebruikt de agenda. Ook alvast bedankt om gematigd te blijven, het is nachtinformatie voor iedereen. ;-)

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 Line-up ILT 2005 - update (06/08/2005 -- tekst: Nicolas)
I Love Techno 2005 is coming on Sat. 12 November. Presale tickets will be sold at 36 €. Confirmed artists (from official ILT website) are:
Dave Clarke, Matthew Dear live, Robert Hood (UR), DJ Bone, Magda, Naughty, T.Raumschmiere live, Tiga, Nathan Fake live, Sven Väth, Tony Rohr live, Miss Kittin, Collabs feat. Chris Liebing & Speedy J live, Marco Bailey.
More will be announced soon.

 All In The Woods!! parties & festivals (05/08/2005 -- tekst: Nicolas Deckmyn)
Do you want to dance in the nature? Ok... what's your choice? Drum'n Bass? Reggae? Techno? Electro? ... here is a short selection of the coming events IN DA WOODS... :) or at least in the nature for the coming two weeks.

Saturday 6 August:
-- Nightscapes FREE open air - Drum'n Bass
Deejays from Germany, Netherlands and Belgium.
Free party! In the afternoon hiphop and graffiti-jam/art-expo
@ Fields/woods, Veedijkstraat - Laakdal

But also in Brasschaat with a Tech party:
-- Bassphemy open air
About 20 deejays in Techno, Electro, Minimal, House
@ Bassphemy, Woods of Brasschaat, near militair domein - 2930 Brasschaat

Friday 12 August:
-- Forest Rave 5
With Marco Bailey, Tom Hades live, and 6 deejays from Tchecoslovakia & Belgium.
@ Montenau - East Belgium

Saturday 13 August:
-- NEMO/Underground Adventures: Open Air '05
7 Electro & Techno deejays, featuring Plastic Soul & Joost De Lyser
Meeting Point at 'Spoorloos' from 17:00 till 01am with 4 deejays from Dirty Dancing and Blow Up.
@ Spoorloos Station, Leuvensesteenweg 10a - 1970 Wezembeek-Oppem (Tervuren Museum)

And some more cool festivals not to miss:

12 & 13 Aug.
-- Forest Festival - Tech & Drum!
3 stages: Tech-house Techno + Disco Elektro Tech-house + Hip Hop Drum'n Bass Ragga
4 live sets, 3 Hip Hop bands, 19 deejays!
1 day 5 €, 2 days = 10 €. On football field - Papegem (Wetteren/Lokeren)

12 & 13 Aug.:
-- Reggae & Ragga Westival
Concerts: Liberty, Skankin', Red Alert, Papa Pedro Entertainment, Lion I (live) + the Westflanders Dancehallqueen Contest
2 day festival with camping, foods, jamaican movies
@ watou, palingstraat - poperinge

12, 13, 14 Aug:
-- Dance-A-Delic Psytrance Festival
(new!) your presale ticket is accepted at Wonderland Festival in Germany !! (all details are in the more recent news on this page)
Full goa & psytrance freaks in the nature!
@ Odeignes, in the Belgian Ardens (E25, exit 50)
Infos: 015 21 15 23 &

19 & 20 Aug.:
-- Open Air Digital Musette Festival
With Friday from 17:00: Michael Manteca (Studio 69, Lektroclash), Krook live, Bioxyd, Eurotrashman, Mers, Starn & Jess, Bioshoot ... + Rock & World on Saturday feat Bouldou and the Sticky Fingers (playing Beatles)
+ art expo + food + kids corner
All 100% free entrance.
@ rue Neuville à Saint-Hadelin (sous l'église) - 4877 Olne


Don't forget a pocket electric light... always useful. ;)


 Gazon goes Prodigied! (02/08/2005 -- tekst: Nicolas)
Yes, Leeroy Thornhill, a former member of The Prodigy, will come next Saturday in the parc.
Leeroy Thornhill spent 10 years with the Prodigy on their worldwide tours, numerous festival events and all their "shenanigans". He was the amazing fast dancer you all saw with them in the 90's, a choreographic phenomenon.
Some years ago Leeroy left the band to concentrate on his own productions (Flightcrank), and to restart his deejay career. Remember that he was a deejay for five years before he joined the Prodigy. Next Saturday he should play from Breakbeat to Miami Bass to some original UK Hardcore and collectors. Not to miss, if you're not in a festival somewhere else in Belgium (Geel, Esperanzah, DanceValley,...).

Of course there will be a Drum'n Bass Gazon on Friday.
And of course we're all checking the weather reports every day... for the many parties in the woods (nearby Gent, around Brussels too) or for the Gazon.

Last week, the thunderstorms forced LeGazon to cancel Friday night, but it came back the Saturday for a great musical ceremony lead by the Plastic Soul Orchestra, the Surreal Soundsystem, Seal Phuric, and many more in front of a biiig crowd.

 Dance-A-Delic festival Cancelled ... (01/08/2005 -- tekst: Nicolas Deckmyn)
The festival will not be moved to Hoeilaart... next D-A-D is 2006.

PRESALES tickets for the D.A.D festival will be accepted at Wonderland Festival in Germany ! (400 km from Belgium, train at 20min)
Sorry for all the Psytrance lovers, but due to the refusal of the local authorities, Dance-A-Delic crew has been forced to cancel the festival on 12, 13 and 14 August.
[!!new: your presale ticket for D.A.D is valid for Wonderland Festival, check here below]
ALL presales tickets not used at Wonderland Fest will be refunded ... but wait a little time please, so they can raise the money to give it back to you.

The concept was great: Goatrance, art, poetry, ethnic music, camping, food, etc, for 3 days in the Ardennes. But it seems that the mayor of Odeigne didn't like it that much.

We really hope this won't kill the Dance-A-Delic organisation, since they've lost a HUGE amount of money in this edition. You want to help them? You know how to help them? Phone them or mail them quickly: 015 211 523. (for refunding, please wait a couple of weeks)

You don't want your money back and you want the music? OK... but it's in Germany, in a magic location. Your presale ticket for D.A.D will be accepted at Wonderland Waldfrieden Festival in Germany. IN A TRUE HIPPIE COMMUNITY AREA!! Artist list is impressive, from Portugal, Australia, New-Zealand, Italy, ... and they took some deejays from D.A.D. too. Check the great website to figure that event. But it's a fair solution! Unless it's in Germany, it's a HUGE Psyfest.
Precise address... Waldfrieden Bergstrasse 32 - 32351 Stemwede-Wehdem, Germany (it's 20min from the train station)
Wonderland Fest website

 Festivals in August: More... (21/07/2005 -- tekst: Nicolas)
Reggae RAF, Reggae Geel, Esperanzah, Nandrin, Celtic Folk, ... more gathering for your souls. More Peace, More Music (and a bit more sun please). + the complete list of the European festivals we suggest. Camping is the key!

- Reggae Afro Festival 2005:
Friday 13, Sat 14, Sun 15 August ... in a real abbay!
Between Charleroi & Namur.
Some international artists & upcoming Belgian and French names.
Camping and market.
With: Abbey Sound, Blakkahill Sound, Ionyouth Sound + concerts by Mongozo, Pretchel Dave, Planete Bleue, Extinguish, Original Barbershop, Skamura Munchies, John Chris, Surinam Control, Narayana, Root'System, and the Moonraisers
3 days = 25 € ::: Sunday only = 15 €
Website: Reggae Afro Festival 2005.

- Reggae Geel 2005:
Friday 5 & Saturday 6 August 2005... open air area near Zandstraat, outside the city of Geel (E313).
Camping and accomodations... rasta & hippie atmosphere. 15.000 ppl
Line-up features many Jamaican names: Skatroniks, Bob Andy, Gentleman, Cecile, T.O.K., The I-Threes (!!! Rita Marley, Marcia Griffiths & Judy Mowatt backed by Jah Messenger Band featuring Dean Frasier), 18" Corner, Jah Youth (full set), King Shiloh (full set), Jah Shaka (Shiloh set), Selvie Wonder & Lion I, Bass Culture, Bong Productions, Boom a Ranks, Far West Crew, Kings of Swing, Skylarking, and more!
Website: Reggae Geel 2005.

- Dance Valley 2005:
Friday 5 & Saturday 6 August 2005... massive electrnic dance festival on an open air area near Velsen (Amsterdam).
Carl Cox, Derrick May, Deep Dish, Erick Pridz, Lisa Lashes, Agoria, Tiefschwarz, Infected Mushroom,... + 140 deejays from all over the world.
Website: DanceValley 2005.

- Esperanzah 2005:
Friday 5 & Saturday 6 August 2005... world & folk festival in a college/abbey + world-market & food, mostly open air near Floreffe (Namur).
Actually this festival is one of its kind, presenting a very hippie-like atmosphere with a very open list of artists. The complete line-up is in the Noctis Agenda: 5 and 6 August 2005.
A big folk-hippie festival stood on the same location in 1976, 77 and 79... "Le Temps Des Cerises".
Website: Esperanzah 2005.

- Nandrin 2005:
nearby Liège... 5, 6 & 7 August 2005
Line-up features among others: Babylon circus, Iggy Pop & The Stooges, Orishas, Ozark Henry, Vaya Con Dios, Buscemi, Hollywood Porn Stars, Joe Cocker, Alter Ego, Anthony Rother, Rinocerose, 69ers, ...
Website: Nandrin 2005

- Celtic Folk Festival:
12, 13, 14 August 2005 in the city of Ham, not far from Leuven
Line-up features: Mike Marriott, Paco Diatta (Senegal), Daraduna trio, Touche de Beauté, Ballroom Quartet, Julie Murphy (UK), Naragonia, Loubistok (Ukraine), Minuit Guibolles (Fr), ...
Website: Celtic Folk Festival

Le Temps des Pommes
Sat. 10 September 2005 in Blanmont (Brabant). 15 €, free for kids younger than 12.
with plenty of festive Folk concerts, street theatre, local food, peaceful atmosphere and apples everywhere. Until 1 or 2 am.
Le Temps des Pommes

Also, and that's just a list of what we wish you to see, in Belgium, Netherlands, France, Germany, Italy and Spain:
* Nyon festival. July in Switzerland.
* Feesten in't Park
* Eurockéennes de Belfort
* Astropolis festival (big and great) in Brest (Fr)
* Impulsives festival in the Médoc (Fr)
* Splash in Marseille
* Electronik'Art Festival in Nanterre (Fr)
* Elektrophonie (Nuit Bleue) in Franche-Comté (Fr)
* Ja'Sound in Bagnols-sur-Cèze (Fr)
* Electromind in Montpellier (Fr)
* Printemps de Bourges (more and more electronic) (Fr)
* Transmusicales de Rennes (not that great since 3 years) (Fr)
* FICA festival in Spain at Villanueva de la Serena
* Sonar festival in Barcelona
* Benicassim festival in Spain
* Rototom Sunsplash in Italy (Reggae)
* Solidays in Paris (Reggae)
* Summerjam Reggae in Cologne/Köln
* Francofolies de La Rochelle (following best or worse years)
* Jazz festival in Vienne, in Southern-France
* Reggae Geel (access by E313)
* Reggae Sunjam in Eindhoven
* Chiemsee Reggae Summer in Germany
* Splash Reggae in Germany
* Antilliaanse Feesten of course
* Gentse Feesten (crowdy and free)
* festival d'Avignon (750 theatre shows per day, mostly Frenchspeaking. from cheap to expensive)
* Fringe Festival (300 theatre shows per day, all in English) in Edimburg
* Lyric Opera festival in Arles (expensive)
* Les Pierres Levées in France
* les Vieilles Charrues in France
* les Fest Noz en Bretagne (traditionnal)
* Celtic-Folk festival nearby Leuven
* and some told us also about the Temps des Pommes in Wallonia.


 Do you believe in Tomorrow? (21/07/2005 -- tekst: Nicolas Deckmyn)

Everybody wants to clone the Dance-Valley in Belgium, but it's not as easy as it seems. To gather all the dance styles in one giant festival for tens of thousands ravers is not a small job. Especially in Belgium where it's hard to balance between commercial and non-commercial dance music. We already saw some tryouts in the late 90's, "Cirque d'Anvers" in 99 and 2000, "Clubland" in 2001, "House Torhout" also in 2001, "Antwerp is Burning" more recently, and even "I Love Techno" gave a try for a summer edition in 2003. But none found the key to the public as DanceValley did since 11 years near Amsterdam with its 60.000 to 80.000 party people.

Now it's the turn of ID&T, the Dutch organisation behind Thunderdome/Mystery Land/Sensation and many massive and successful commercial events in Holland, to attempt a takeover of that empty field... with the help of the former AntwerpIsBurning staff.
Six Belgian clubs and organisations are part of the event: Versuz, Q-Dance, Kozzmozz, Café d'Anvers, Black Hole, plus the Cocoon (the Sven Vath's club in Germany), all spread over 9 stages. But hey, nothing could land without a good line-up, so that has been the big job for the last 4 months:

Tomorrow stage: Sasha - Ferry Corsten - M.I.K.E. - Ghost - Ronald Van Gelderen
Cocoon stage: Sven Väth - Ada live - Richard Bartz live - Toni Rios - Pascal Feos - Marco Bailey - Josh Wink (USA)
Kozzmozz stage: The Advent live, Monika Krüse, T-Quest, Kozz, Secret Cinema (!!!), Cyrix, Andre Galuzzi
Q-Dance stage: Yoji Biomechanika (Jp), Technoboy, Promo, Yves De Ruyter, The Prophet (Nl), Luna, Coone vs Dark E, Darkraver (Nl), Pavo
Culture Club stage 1: Felix Da Housecat, Erol Alkan, Justice, Starski & Tonic, Fredo & Thang
- Culture Club stage 2: Chuckie, TLP, Mystique
Black Hole stage: Jon O'Bir, Eddie Halliwel, Cor Fijneman, Fred Baker, Mojado, Mark Norman, DJ Ton TB, Estuera
Versuz stage: Armin Van Buuren, Dr Kucho, Dave Lambert, Bart Maes, Tom Leclerq
Café D'Anvers stage: Andy Caldwell, Sven Van Hees, Prinz, Smos & Baby B, Isabel, Bartholomeo, Tweety, Filliz

One could point at the missing styles, such as Breakbeat, Drum'n Bass or Psytrance, but 60 deejays is already a gigantic challenge. And since the events by ID&T are always extremely organized (show, security, public management), you shouldn't expect ANY improvisation or accident. Let's just hope the sun will be part of it, but all stages are protected from the rain... only the in-between areas and the main stage are open-air.
Also similar to the Dance Valley, this Tomorrow Land festival will bounce in a large recreational centre (sortof recreated natural area) nearby Boom (between Brussels and Antwerp). Precisely at Recreatiedomein De Schorre, 83 Kapelstraat, at 2850 Boom. The music will play from 13:00 till 01:00 (so, there's room for afterparties). The ticket is supposed to be sold in presale at 40 € (+ shop costs), then we assume it should be 50 at the door.
Unfortunately their website has weird bugs on the TomorrowLand page (it depends of the browser), but all the infos remain easily available.

 Dance Valley reigns since 1994 (18/07/2005 -- tekst: Nicolas Deckmyn)
When some Amsterdam party heads started to talk about a big House gathering in 1993, many people laughed at them saying that electronic music would never stay for that long. But they kept setting it up, and they found the Recreatiegebied Spaarnwoude... a very large recreational parc near Amsterdam. There's a fake mountain divided by two giant circles, many flat fields, a green hill and... a large green valley where to finish the party at night with the star deejays. The right spot. In 1994 they just started with faith for 15.000 people, to reach the 80.000 in 1999. Now Dance Valley is the single biggest electronic dance music festival in this part of Europe, covering almost all the dance music styles over two days with 150 artists from all over the world.
Of course, with the success came the critics and the official problems. When the local authorities started to complain because 80.000 was really too much to handle on the roads, one could read in the Dutch press that Dance-Valley was getting too expensive, too commercial, or even simply too big. But there's no growth without experience, and Dance-Valley managed their festivals to be the most joyful and organised ever.

This year, Dance Valley 2005 has the graphics of Psychedelism, with flowers, 60's text fonts, and a Psytrance stage... but don't expect no psyche-rock, it will be strictly electronics. Check this out... it's a whole BOOK about nightlife:

Main stage: Carl Cox - Sasha - Marco Carola - Christopher Lawrence - Nick Warren - Erick Pike
Eurogroove stage: Eddie Halliwell - Above & Beyond - Tall Paul - Jean - Ronald van Gelderen - Marcel Woods - Ian Bets - Ton TB
Reactor stage: Gaetano Parisio - Darren K & Preach - Jan Liefhebber - Vin-iLL - A.R.D. - Hardcell live - Carlos Rios & Vincent de Wit live - Oliver Kucera live
Renaissance stage: Deep Dish - Satoshi Tomiie - Nic Fanciulli & Behrouz - Marcus James - Nick K
Loveland stage: Eric Prydz - Derrick May - Sebastien Leger - Dave Angel - Jamie Anderson - Marnix - Vince Watson live - Joris Voorn live
HQ stage: BK - Lisa Lashes - JP - Mark EG - Energy Dai - Paul Glazby - Amber D - Fausto - Danny D - K-90 live
Electronation stage: Jesper Dahlback - Headman - Agoria - Dion - Nuno Dos Santos - Pablo vs Nauta - Alter Ego live - Jon Tejada live - Codex & Flexor live - Drillem live
Chill: Crystina - Zaven - Funky Paradox - Ambient Daan - MPS Pilot

Main stage: Deep Dish - Paul van Dyk - Ferry Corsten - Ben Sims - Nic Fanciulli & Dean Coleman - Trevor Rockcliffe - David Mas - Alexander Koning
HQ: Proteus - Tidy Boys - Tom Harding - Eddie Halliwell - Scott Project vs Derb - JP - Danny D - Rob Tissera - Jay Pidgeon - Rossi - Dark by Design live - Organ Donors Dex n FX
Global stage: Carl Cox - Chris Liebing - Umek & Valentino Kanzyani - Marco Bailey - Michel de Hey - Lucca - Vibe
Armada stage: Armin van Buuren - Markus Schulz & Perry O'Neil - Remy - M.I.K.E. - Stonebridge - Harry Lemon - Mischa Daniels
Eurogroove stage: Christopher Lawrence - Jean - G-Spott - Jochen Miller - Randy - Katana - Adam Sheridan - Ian Bets - Marcus - Scott Mac - E-Craig - Nu NRG live
Concept: Kevin Saunderson - Derrick May - Darren K - Preach - Anderson Noise - Shinedoe - Greg Martine - Alexander Kowalski live - Hertz live
Renaissance stage: Sasha - Steve Lawler - Hernan Cattaneo - James Zabiela - Redanka - Joyce Mercedes - Infusion live
Loveland stage: Seb Fontaine - Dr Kucho - Marnix - Benny Rodrigues - ErickE - Roog - Mustafa - Laidback Luke - Sebastien Leger live - Dimitri & Eric Nouhan live
Electronation stage: Basti/Tiefschwarz - Jacques Lu Cont - Steve Bug - DJ T - Terry Toner vs Herr Arter - Mason - Monika Electronika - Groove Addicts - The Youngsters live
Psychedelic Trance stage: Xavier Morel - Bansi - Riktam - Stella Nutella - Zen - FDG - Infected Mushroom live
Chill stage: Sven van Hees - Ambient Daan - Zaav - Ishtar - Ocean

And Sven Van Hees (Café d'Anvers) is the one and only Belgian in the whole line-up. Wow.

Reminder: Spaarnwoude is in the city of Velsen, at 17km from Amsterdam, 90 minutes from Belgium. Very easy to find from the highway.
What about money? Presale 62,5 € (+ shop costs) for the Saturday only. It's 95 € (+ shop costs) for the complete Weekend ticket. But there's more to spend at the partymarket inside... bring more bucks, and bring your smile. :)

 Even more new pictures... (01/07/2005 -- tekst: Nicolas)
20 more new picture galleries are now up on Noctis, featuring Elektron, At The Villa Vintage, Body to Body with Vitalic, Megotrip in the parc, Ragga Circus, Sunsetters Psytrance, Sensation, etc etc. Check the Party Pics page in the Magazine section :-) All those pictures are from January 2005 to June 2005.

 And What About The Summer? (updated) (23/06/2005 -- tekst: Nicolas)
Fataal, Culture Club, Fuse, Gazon, Dirty Dancing, Cafe d'Anvers,...? Well, it's all about it, mates... summer concepts, festivals, closures and free entrances. Up front:
- Fataal Leuven will end its season on Sat 25 June with a feast of black music provided by DJ Cause & Killa Tactics in the main room and the Bugalu Soundsystem in the Lounge. They'll be back on Saturday 3 September and on Thursday 6 October for the Fataal Thursdays. During Marktrock, Fataal will be hosting a 'Summer Special' on 13, 14 & 15th of August at their homebase MC in Leuven.
- Culture Club will close for the summer, last party: 9 July.
- Cafe d'Anvers will reopen the Free Vibes concept on Fridays, with Prinz and his friends on the wheel. Free entrance of course.
- Dirty Dancing is free entrance on 18 June and will close for the Summer.
- Fuse will be FREE for girls ALL nights for the summer... with Mr Dave Clarke, but also Deetron, etc.
- Le Gazon comes back at Parc Royal in Brussels from Friday 2 July until August ... they are ready and they have all needed licences. We're all waiting for it! One of its kind, Le Gazon is since 5 years an open-air club in a parc, and it's free entrance.
- YEH, yeh yeh... the 10 Days Off are back on the track! During the Gentsefeesten, we'll get a thick line-up!
- Also check around your cities, there will be a LOT of "secret" parties (drum'n bass or electrohouse) in the woods, in the farms and in many fun places. Rumors will be the best agenda, with of course :)

 More audio history by La Secte (21/06/2005 -- tekst: Nicolas)
Fantastic source: La Secte, the web host for D-Jack, Uriel, Enjoy Apocalypse, Laurent Debras, and many more artists of the Belgian Techno/Electro scene, now also hosts an amazing choice of archieved mixes from 1989 to 2005. It features mixes at the Boccaccio 1988, Mauna Kea 91, Barocci 91, Rave Explosion 94, Raveolution 92, etc etc. More than 26 historical files, and about 30 more new mixes. All carefully encoded mp3. Not even mentionning the many exclusive tracks by D-Jack, Analog B and friends. CHECK IT OUT!! That's rare stuff on a new dynamic portal & forum!

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