Nu beschikbaar in het nederlands...
het is hier al mogelijk. Stuur maar door.

aub, voegt hier alleen informatie toe. Voor een feest met een datum, gebruikt de agenda. Ook alvast bedankt om gematigd te blijven, het is nachtinformatie voor iedereen. ;-)

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 There was a free illegal party in Brussels! (02/08/1999 -- tekst: Nicolas)
Usually, there's no free parties anymore in our big cities because of the mayor's radical policy against music, permanently reinforced. BUT, a little group of party people decided to make a crazy Tech & Trip Hop party in a large parking, deep in the heart of Brussels on saturday 7.06 ! There was 100 p. + deejays: FX, Psychogene, Plastic Soul Orchestra, Lukas, Damien, ... A real success for that party, because there was absolutely no flyer. That event was announced ONLY on this site ( and in the Night Mag (tuesday evening on radio Campus Brussels, 107.2 fm).

 Kaaiman bar in Antwerp is sold... then closed (29/07/1999 -- tekst: Nicolas)
After a few years of musical activities, the coolest bar in Antwerp is closing down its story. Trip Hop and neoJazz was the ID card of that nice concept, located at 10 Wapenstraat. The house was recently sold to a new owner that didn't refresh the bar rental. Sad thing.

 Kenny Larkin ... a star is born! (27/07/1999 -- tekst: Nicolas)
Kenny Larkin, the well known Techno deejay and composer from Detroit (lp on R&S rec.), after a long way in the night scene choosed recently to leave the east of USA for Los Angeles ... the city of movie makers. Unofficially, he wants to start a career as actor.

 Legendary Roxy club in Amsterdam has burned (23/06/1999 -- tekst: Nicolas)
Building was totally destroyed by fire last monday 21st of June. This ends a 10 years ruling existence for that House club that was the residence of all the great dutch deejays: Dimitri, 100% Isis, Joost Van Bellen, Remy, ... But it's also a big lost of a splendid old movie theater, all made of wood and atmosphere... sad story.

 Eskimo Party parties saved by 1300 headphones (29/07/1999 -- tekst: Nicolas)
On the 20th of july, the police of Ghent retrieved for 24 hours the sound licence of Eskimo's parties. It was a catastrophic situation for the organizers of these cool parties which were to last ten days in a disused garage, in the context of the festival of Ghent. More: the night of the 20th was right before the National Day and supposed to attract a large crowd. Not having the right to diffuse sound, they thus decided to rent 1.300 portable headphones and a miniature transmitter! One could see more than thousand people dancing in an absolute silence and shouting to each mix of TLP, Dors, Mo or Benoelie ... surrealist ! An exceptional event and revealing of a true respect for the public. The day after, the licence was back and the music too. Congratulations Dirk... that's a positive attitude! : )

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