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aub, voegt hier alleen informatie toe. Voor een feest met een datum, gebruikt de agenda. Ook alvast bedankt om gematigd te blijven, het is nachtinformatie voor iedereen. ;-)

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 Brussels 2000 sponsored by Total (25/02/2000 -- tekst: Nicolas)
Brussels 2000, the big organisation that targets to make of Brussels the main cultural centre of Europe, is the source of lot of critics. Elitism is one of the subjects of those critics, as well as the fact that the enormous cash fund is given again to the same who had the subsidies before... well... all that is only a question of point of view. But what seems to be really strange is that Brussels 2000 is sponsored by Total that is under boycott since a few monthes for its attitude in the Erika scandal (oil slick in french Britain) and for its economical links with countries such as Birmania where human rights don't even exist. Is that the way Brussels authorities choosed to increase the belgian popularity? Do they wish a world definitely ruled by economists? Or do they think it's enough to claim against Haider? One thing is to tell... another thing is to act.

 One of the two attackers caught (22/02/2000 -- tekst: regular Noctis user)
There has been a great party on 19th of feb. in Brussels with 1000 ppl, hip hop floor with Rival + a crazy House set by Gilb'R from Paris on groundfloor. But a girl has been injured outside of the party, and police came to find the guys who did that. Police did not stop the party itself. But the girl has been raped by two boys in the neighbour parking. The party manager decided then themselves (it was 6 in the morning) to stop the party and to let people go out one by one. Thanks for that, one of the two guilty boys has been found. Some tell there has been a fight in the party, that is NOT true: the internal security has been perfectly done. (all that concerns the Worldwide party in Brussels at hippodrome of Boistfort/Bosvoorde)

 Gun shots at La Planète (22/02/2000 -- tekst: Nicolas)
A dispute between a group of young people and the doormen of a bar called "the Planet" (Marché aux Fromage / Kaasmarkt - 1000 Brussels) turned bad on weekend of February 10. One of the guards showed out a weapon and drew a shot in direction of the teenagers. There is no casualty, but the gatekeeper (who's in escape) is actively wanted to explain his gesture.

 - Eskimo is dead = new club BelMondo (21/02/2000 -- tekst: regular Noctis user)
-selected in the "Users Shouts"- After 3 crazy years of success and multiplicity of styles (4 to 7000 people for each event at the factory, 3 to 6 rooms with House, Pop, Hip Hop, R'nB, Drum'n Bass and Ragga), Eskimo stops it's way and turns on the new Belmondo club. The name is of course inspired by Jean-Paul Belmondo: Flic Sans Pitié, Criminel Audacieux, Playboy Malgré Soi, Toujours Supercool, Toujours Supersexy, l’Homme Fort, Dur et Tendre du Cinéma Français. And it's also a reference to Bel Mondo: Beau Monde, Beautiful Party People… No big line-up, but a true funny party for maximum 1200 people. Music will be a compilation of the best tunes from all times by deejays Jean & Paul et Alain & Delon (formerly known as M&B and T&D). But we can't say more about that. The event will take place in the sacred S.M.A.K.-museum in the Gentse Citadelpark … anotha mystery to enlight! Also the ‘lounge area’ will be a new rendez-vous obligé for people who want to slacken on the music of Tom Jones & co with playboys smoking cigarillos and femmes fatales slowly walking under their hungry eyes. Première? Saturday 26 february 2000.

 Fire at Macckenzie club (21/02/2000 -- tekst: Nicolas)
It destroyed part of the dancing, but there were no one inside. The firemen of Ath and Beloeil went on the spot to fight against the propagation of the flames. No more news yet.

 PP Café? No trespass! (20/02/2000 -- tekst: Nicolas)
On a friday night at the beginning of february, a man arrived at PP Café (rue Van Praet str.- Brussels) and has been refused by doormen because "arabs, blacks and yougoslavians are not welcome here". You can imagine he looked mediterranean. So, the visitor asked them to meet the manager. The only answers were the blows carried by one of the gatekeepers with his walkie-talkie while another opened the eyes of the victim to project paralysing gas on it. This type of behaviour is unacceptable. Ok, it's not easy to make a selection based on the style. It is necessary to be a psychologist and bodyguard at the same time. But the behaviour of the gatekeepers accurately follows the commands given by the owner of the place... and doing a selection based on the original race is absolutely scandalous. Violence for nothing must STOP! And the governmental training for doormen is only a half-solution.

 Megarave in Heizel/Heysel (14/01/2000 -- tekst: Nicolas)
A mega rave is announced for 22nd of april 2000, featuring Jeff Mills (USA), Laurent Garnier (Fr), Sven Väth (Germany), Dave Clarke (UK), Psychogene (Neuroleptic), Trish (Fuse), Yves Deruyter, Push (live),... @ Forest/Vorst National concerthall - Brussels

 Carl Craig isn't Talking Loud enough (14/01/2000 -- tekst: Nicolas)
Carl Craig (Planet E, Detroit) has been signed last year by Talking Loud label (UK) for his "Innerzone Orchestra" Jazz project. But it seems that it hasn't been successful enough... According to several people in the music industry, Innerzone Orchestra did not bring enough proceeds to please the label. Then Talking Loud just announced Carl that the next Innerzone's remixes would not be on their label anymore. It's hard to be refined.

 Fill Collins club goes in Leuven (06/01/2000 -- tekst: Nicolas)
After a successfull year in Antwerp with more than a thousand people every friday, Peter (the creator of Fuse, I Love Techno, ...) just decided to create a second Fill Collins, but in Leuven. So now, every saturday you'll find Fill Collins at Silo (29a Vaartkom - 3000 Leuven, near ring) with Stephanie, and a Funk room with Cosmic and Sake! + note of 14th of january - the queue has been really long for that event... total success.

 Oldest European Deejays Radioshow Stops! (28/12/1999 -- tekst: Nicolas)
First, there was "Acid Story" from 1988 to 1992... where the first House deejays spinned live once every 2 monthes on Radio Campus Brussels. The show "Some Like it House" started in summer 1992 (also on Campus) to guest deejays weekly and to offer the multiplicity of the styles generated by electronic music. It has in the studios (regularly): Poltergeist - Louis - Damien - Regis - Alain Freestyle - Bart - Skander - Mi-K - Michel Traxx - Murvin Jay - Olivier Gosseries - JOS - Mr Bolan - Marko - FX - Philarmonix - D-Jack - Pat Vision - Acid Kirk - Deg- Seal Phuric - Danny V. - Denis - Luc - Adam Brooks - Steve Cop - Koenie - Sandra - Pierre - Trish - Didier Darimont - Mike V. - Katrien Klausing - Geoffroy - Raoul - Gaetan - Exocet - Benjamin - Neil - Rumble - Usual Suspect - Carlos - Steph X - Unit-E "@ jected" - Toxic R-8 - Popane - MBX - Ian - Lenad - Morpheus - Kevin - Crol' - Tofke - Paul - Eric D. - Psychogene - Jane V8 - Mo & Benoelie - Wontime - Stephanie - Yves-E-Zone - Peter Boonen - T-Quest - Vincenzo Binci - Sven - Isabelle - Eric Beysens - Spoetnik - Eddie - Steph VDB - Philippe Traikos - Lukas and tons of other belgian deejays. As internationals: Jeremy Healy (1992), Fanon Flowers (Detroit), Armando (Detroit), Stacey Pullen (Detroit), Mike Dunn (Chicago), Gemini (Chicago), Common Factor (Chicago), Frambo (London), Angel Ruiz (Ibiza), ... But neighbours are the worst thing which could fight against a radioshow. So, it's because of a neighbours affair that Some Like It House stops its story. And no one at Radio Campus tried to protect the show or to find a midway. Then it stops. Sad end for a legendary show. To be continued on another station or on the web? We'll see!

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