Nu beschikbaar in het nederlands...
het is hier al mogelijk. Stuur maar door.

aub, voegt hier alleen informatie toe. Voor een feest met een datum, gebruikt de agenda. Ook alvast bedankt om gematigd te blijven, het is nachtinformatie voor iedereen. ;-)

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 Boups on the air tonight - InterFace faces troubles (15/04/2001 -- tekst: Nicolas)
As you probably all know, Boups radio had big troubles with its servers and the technical side of the streaming audio on the net. We're happy to announce you that Boups is shaking the web again with new servers they're testing at the moment, still 100% Drum'n Bass with live sets at night and party broadcasts some week-ends. Out of that we're sad to tell you that InterFace, the ruling underground radio from London is still kept to silence also for servers troubles. If ya can help them... let them know... 10.000 listeners/day are waiting.

 Torhout fest. is back - it's Kozzmozz and it's Dance (15/04/2001 -- tekst: Nicolas)
on saturday 30 June. Line up: Stacey Pullen, Bob Sinclar & Yellow, Dave Angel, Felix Da Housecat, Secret Cinema live, Ken Ishii, Cari Lekebush, Justin Berkovi live, Jack De marseille, Aphrodite, Pierre, Jan Van Biesen, Space Dj’z, Trish & Kash, Jamie Anderson, HS, Phuture 303 live, Sander Kleinenberg, Randall & Mc Fatts, Kozz- Tiësto, T Quest, Marko, Steve Rachmad, Danny Howels, Phi Phi, Fred Nasen, Millenium Kru, Stephanie, Dobe ’n Daze, Franky Jones, Deetron, Peter Aerts, Tyrant, Craig Richards & Lee Burridge, Bolle, Juice Blenders, Rémy, Smos & Baby Bee, Brekbit, Karlito, Rudy Rocket, Tofke, Quinten, Spacid, Bunker live, Michel De Hey, Speedy J live, Frederic, Laurent Warrin, Frank Biazzi, Gene Farris, Yves, TC Brain, Sylvain, Marco Bailey, Zolex, Mr Sam, George, ...
And those are only the confirmed deejays and live acts at this point! 10 to 12.000 ppl capacity on the former Torhout festival ground.
All this new House Torhout is provided to you by Kozzmozz, and it means that quality and spirit will rise up.
1 day = 1300 bef. - 2 days = 2000 bef. Camping abilities = 250 bef/day

 City Parade in Liège/Luik/Lüttich (27/01/2001 -- tekst: Nicolas)
on saturday 23 June 2001. The first Techno/House/Drum'n Bass Parade in Belgium!
14.00-16.00 "Warming-up Party" at parc d'Avroy, with the K-soundsystem
16:00 start of the City Parade (3km parade)
18:00 end of the City Parade at place St.Lambert
18:00-24.00 totally free City Party at place St.Lambert
with: Jack de Marseille, The Advent, Superfunk, Tim Deluxe, Paco Osuna, Ed Rush, Yellow + Kozzmozz soundsystem + Marko, PhiPhi, Psychogene, Zzino, Food crew, Fuse crew, Rocca crew, ...
24:00 Fireworks end party and 24:00 City Parties!
+ many other venues and parties! Together in Liège for a huge day.

 Kozzmozz starts Studiotek (29/01/2001 -- tekst: Nicolas)
We all already know the Kozzmozz Techno parties that started back in the mid 90's on a boat in Gent for wikkid electronic nights. Then it quietly grew up until it is now the biggest competitor to events such as I Love Techno. But it never felt the wire with its genuine public, so the management still work by passion and with their old friends (Kozz, T-Quest, ...). In 1999 they started the E-scape parties and it was a big success, but Kozzmozz still had its frontplace and reached the top of the Techno scene. Now that organisation is creating a new monthly club in the hall where Kozzmozz usually happends: the Kuipke. Landing: saturday 3rd of february 2001! There's tickets in the agenda... don't loose the wire!

 - Pics at Food / Fuse / Butterfly (27/01/2001 -- tekst: Nicolas)
Some pictures on friday 12 and saturday 20 jan. 2001 in a full column (no slideshow)

 no reopening for Tour & Taxi club (27/01/2001 -- tekst: Nicolas)
Now it's official, the team that is working over the Music City project (12.000 ppl concerthall in Brussels) just purchased the building where was the Tour & Taxi club. So there won't be any T&T parties anymore at 5 Picard street (1000 Brussels). Some say there will be a showcase hall, offices and recording studios. Is it the first small step on the road to the full Music City? Seems not.

 Belmondo starts a bar in Gent (27/01/2001 -- tekst: Nicolas)
Once upon a time, a few fab guys from Gent decided to make a party including Hip Hop, Drum'n Bass, House music and Reggae. Then started the Eskimo nights in the disused Eskimo factory... for 400 ppl at the beginning in 1997, and 4000 ppl at the end in 2000! 5 different halls, 60's decoration and chairs, big names at the desks, even a restaurant, ... simply brilliant. Forced to change its name (for copyrights reasons or something), "Eskimo" became "Bel Mondo" and moved since a year to the S.M.A.K. Museum (a very stylish area near Citadelpark). The point that deserves the respect is that they don't even say the deejay names on their flyers... their party name is enough to get the people. Bel Mondo still runs at SMAK Museum almost every two monthes, but they start a bar! No doubt we can blindly wish you to go there... there's no Eskimo but great Moods! It's the "Club 69" at 5 Oude Beestenmarkt - 9000 Gent. Fonkyyyy ridddddimss!!

 Live Drum'n Bass from Inside Party (27/01/2001 -- tekst: Nicolas Noctis)
live broadcast of the Inside party at Recyclart in Brussels! On Basic Realaudio player required.

 New Jazz Club in Brussels (25/01/2001 -- tekst: Nicolas)
The Music Village offers highlighted names of the belgian Jazz scene every thursday, friday and saturday.
Try it! It bops! Rue des Pierres (near Beurs/Bourse) 1000 Brussels

 Butterfly has landed! (22/01/2001 -- tekst: Nicolas)
Every friday there's a new club in Brussels called Butterfly, turning on House/Disco/Groove/friendliness over two nice levels. Deejays such as Svenus (Dali's), Cosy Mozzy (Movida), Juss Will (UK), Murvin Jay (Mirano), Lorenzo (Ondulations radioshow), ... Just for people who want a warm atmosphere and no particular star-deejay but the right music for a smooth party. By the way their programme features a lot of national collaborations. The initiators of this new venue are Murvin Jay, Steph X (ex-Vaudeville manager) and Svenus... trust them and check it out. At Factory, 4 impasse de la Fidélité - 1000 Brussels (near rue des Bouchers)
Since then, Butterfly stopped about 2 months after its start. (april 2001)

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