Nu beschikbaar in het nederlands...
het is hier al mogelijk. Stuur maar door.

aub, voegt hier alleen informatie toe. Voor een feest met een datum, gebruikt de agenda. Ook alvast bedankt om gematigd te blijven, het is nachtinformatie voor iedereen. ;-)

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 After Arlequin, Amnezia, Studio Gallery, ... (10/02/2002 -- tekst: Nicolas)
A new club is about to open its doors, at level -1 of Louise/Louiza shopping gallery in Brussels. It's been years since anything happened there. In the early 80's it was a straight club named Arlequin. Then it turned on New Beat and was one of the main clubs in Brussels for a year or two. The 90's came and the hard times too, apparently, because the public didn't follow the change when the club tried to restart with fashion events and UK House deejays (that was the Studio Gallery). Not even when the club tried another fuzz when blocking all the Louise avenue for a false 50's movie shooting, with 50's cars and environment... the new name was NYC Club, and it was in 1992. Nothing happened since then, except projects of casinos... but it has never been done. So now, a team of professional organisers wants to launch that hall again... we're curious of what it will be. The only thing we know is the name of one of the future managers: Jose-Luis of the Strong club.

 Food Main Course (10/02/2002 -- tekst: Nicolas)
When Benjamin joins Frank, the Food director... it takes the road of Wieze! Once upon a time in the 90's, there was the biggest Belgian party organisation named Rave Explosion. And Rave Explosion took place in the Oktoberhallen of Wieze. With 6000 people and Jeff Mills, Laurent Garnier, Blake Baxter, Source, etc... that was the first enormous Techno event ever done in our country. After 9 years of silence, Food Main Course re-opens the gates of Oktoberhallen for one night. Todd Terry (USA), Dave Clarke (UK), Jeff Mills (USA), Kenny Glasgow, Derrick Carter, Green Velvet, Trish, Raoul, Geoffroy and more... the night will be rich. Presales 22 €, or 28,5 € at the door.

 Strong is still alive (10/02/2002 -- tekst: Nicolas)
The long story of the Strong gay club took its start at L'Envers d'Anvers 'round 1994. Jose-Luis and Jos were the souls of that gay male party serie, and it was driving a pretty huge crowd on the floor of the Cafe Local, back then. Later, they moved to Brussels to create the Strong sundays at Who's Who's Land with a good response from the public, but not exactly a success. When Who's Who's closed its doors in 98, the Strong club moved to Residence Palace (near Schuman square) where it still shakes nowadays, on special saturdays. In the meantime, Strong was also a real club for a year, on 2 levels of the St Kristoffelstraat... but it stopped at the end of year 2000. Spending more and more time in Ibiza, Jose-Luis and Jos finally took an agreement with the Pacha club to create the Pacha Brussels. That experience also took an end after a year of frenetic gossips ... and huge parties. So, what's up now? The Strong itself takes place in Residence Palace almost once a month, in a fantastic classious ballroom with mirrors and precious deco, and with the mixes of Jos and Isabel. And the Cabaret (the soft gay pop sundays of Jose-Luis & Jos) rules the sundays of Hippodrome de Boitsfort, 51 chée de la Hulpe - 1180 Brussels.

 "Boccaccio" name ok for reference (01/08/2001 -- tekst: Nicolas)
You sure know the story about that historical club in Destelbergen (Gent) that was the birthplace of the House and Techno wave in Belgium since 1987 and that has been closed by neighbourhood and destelbergense authorities in 1992. In 1995, the name (only the name) has been sold to another club... the Pharao/Dreamland which is "Boccaccio/Dreamland" since then. The new Boccaccio did only pay for it, and there's nothing in common between the old and the new one. Ok... well... but the deejays of the old true Boccaccio were still using the name as a reference. (Eric Beysens [Boccaccio 1987-92], Olivier Pieters [Boccaccio 1987-92], etc...). So, on some posters and flyers of some parties the name of Boccaccio was sometimes mentionned. It seems that the boss of the new Bocca did not like it and tried to get the organisers of a Beach Party in Lummen to the Court of Hasselt. And that has been done... but the club did loose. The judge told that it is frequent that the deejays mention some clubs after their name (just to identify themselves) and that doesn't mean that the mentionned club is giving acknowledgement or is part of the organisation.
What does that mean? That Eric Beysens and Olivier Pieters, but also all other deejays in the country still may use their past as references for the future. Thanks to the court of Hasselt for that legitimated freedom.

 Killing ecstasy in Belgium? Yes! (01/08/2001 -- tekst: Nicolas)
Caution! We use to say no to chemical drugs simply because it hurts you, and it kills as well as alcohol on the roads. But this time it is different: there is killing "ecstasy" since a few weeks in our country. Sold as normal xtc (same price, same look), it is in fact PMA and PMMA ... that are EXTREMELY dangerous. 9 kids recently died in USA because of those pills, and a few people in Belgium were transported in hospitals because of it. Please tell it around... NO it is not a love drug, and YES there are killing pills running in our country, this is not a joke. Home test kits:

 Food stops definitely? No! (2) (01/08/2001 -- tekst: Nicolas)
Yes Food at Fool Moon stopped... ok... but Food will shake back in september! Where? At Lounge club, on the side of the Brussels Stock Exchange (Beurs/Bourse). 25 rue Henri Maus str. - 1000 Brussels. Same line-ups, same security as before at Fool Moon... no doubt, Food is a phoenix! House, House and always more House!

 Benjamin leaves the Fuse (30/07/2001 -- tekst: Nicolas)
Since 1996 Benjamin was the artistic director of the Fuse club. At the beginning he was more in charge of the looking (deco, flyers), but after a year he has been in charge of the deejay selection and of the whole Fuse machine, in complete collaboration with Thierry Coppens the owner of the club. After 6 months of Trance (a last try by the previous manager & creator of the club, Peter), Benjamin tried to find back the original Fuse identity, and he succeded! He turned it back on Techno, inviting the greatest names for 5 years and keeping a very high level of musical quality (they even tried a Dru'mn Bass room for 6 monthes in 1996). Besides he did also bring plenty of concepts to the Fuse and changed its reputation from local to international, taking residents such as Carl Craig, Dave Clarke, etc... Now Benjamin quits for some other roads. But nothing bitter in this. No stress, no fool, no problems... it seems it was just the right moment for both sides to stop the partnership. Fuse goes on, Benjamin goes on... and everything's fine. Sounds too sweet to be true? Maybe, but you had to know it :)

 Dance-Valley 2001 (25/07/2001 -- tekst: Nicolas)
Back on 4th of August, one of the most impressive events in continental Europe: 65.000 ppl last year! All the top deejays! Dimitri, Rhythm Masters (live), Ferry Corsten, Paco Osuna, Steve Mason, Carl Cox, Orbital (live), Steve Rachmad, Chris Liebing, Marco Carola, Richard Bartz (live), Richie Hawtin, Sven Vath, Dave Clarke, Billy Nasty, Pete Tong, Evolution (live), Remy, Junkie XL (live), Danny Howells, Tiesto, Darren Emerson, Dave Angel, Quazar, Jack de Marseille, Morpheus, Ambient Daan, Moodyman, Sneak, Fat Tuesday (live), Nicky Blackmarket, Ed Rush, Optical, Digital, MC Darisson, Laurence Bagnall,... and so much more you won't see if you do'nt already have your ticket... because it's totally sold out.

 Love Parade is back in Berlin (21/07/2001 -- tekst: Nicolas)
Love Parade launched for its 13th edition. But this year seemed to have a bitter taste since there was a lot of critics about edition 2000. First, City of Berlin forced Love Parade to change it's date (usually 12th of July), and told them they had to pay for any problem caused by the Parade (previous years it was considered as a political event, so they had nothing to pay... but now it's considered as a commercial event, so rules are changing). Globally, Love Parade expected for a 500.000 ppl meeting (3 times less than previous year). But Dr Motte (the Love Parade creator) still trusts the people and he was right because this was a fantastic honnest and great gathering with lot more than expected amount! (how many? I don't know, but it was really big).
Official website:
All lives and audio/video streams on the net at more than 10 cameras, sound, etc...

 Nightlife Awards: Noctis awarded (23/07/2001 -- tekst: Press Release Nightlife awards)
Op 22 juni werden in de Who's Who's Land in Brussel de Ticket Night- live Awards uitgereikt aan de volgende personen en organisaties / Le 22 Juin au Who's Who's Land de Bruxelles ont été remis les Ticket Nightlife awards, récompensant le travail des personnes et organisations suivantes:
Best Party Organiser: Food Best Crossover Group: Starflam
Best Club: Cafe d'Anvers Best Label: Wally's Groove World
Best Producer: Sven Van Hees Special Award: Claude El Divino (City Parade, la Rocca)
Best DJ: Smos & Baby B Movida Award: Nicolas Deckmyn (, Kiosque mag.)
Best Bar: Pablo's Discobar

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