Nu beschikbaar in het nederlands...
het is hier al mogelijk. Stuur maar door.

aub, voegt hier alleen informatie toe. Voor een feest met een datum, gebruikt de agenda. Ook alvast bedankt om gematigd te blijven, het is nachtinformatie voor iedereen. ;-)

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 Nuit Blanche is back - 1 Oct in Brussels (12/09/2005 -- tekst: Nicolas Deckmyn)
Yeh! That's back and full of fruity parties! This year it's no less than 6 parties that are announced in the most unexpected places. Bulex + Nemo + Crema-e-Gusto + Boups + Steph X + Ar'n Besk ... All for a 5 € pass... plus many free concepts without pass. All those parties are created by some of the best organisers in town, and it should offer one of the widest exhibition of night musics to everyone.

But that's not it... you can count on many shows, visits of unusual locations, and even a "University of the Night" at the Brussels Chamber, where manytopics will be discussed... such as mobility, neighborhood, security, culture, economy of the night, etc etc.

The parties:

-- at the Royal Library/Bibliothèque Royale:
for the kids, 14h till 20h: Coccinelle Party
Enfants : 2,5 € - Parents : Pass Nuit Blanche

-- in the Galeries Anspach : Crema e Gusto
art and party, sonorités éclectiques.

-- at the Cité Administrative de l’Etat: Bulex
culture, red pepper, party and colours... in a large lounge + the garden. 4 themes.

-- at Recyclart : Ar ‘n besk by Merhaba asbl
A journey into oriental fusion party music.

HOT! at the Bains de Bruxelles (place du Jeu de Balle): The Pool Club - «Original Caberdouche» by Matrix Art and Steph X (Dali's, Vaudeville) Pool at will! Swim at night!! bodycare, exotic and live music + latinogroovyelectro deejays.a Noctis must see!

-- at Galerie Ravenstein: Europalia drum & bass night by Boups
Russian Drum & Bass by 4 DJ’s from Moscow. Prestigious location for an impressive Drum line-up.

-- in another hall of the Cité Administrative de l’Etat: Undergroundadventures by N.E.M.O.
with a Danish Techno guest + the residents, Plastic Soul Orchestra, ...

-- Lounge Music along the Kanaal... 10 soundsystems!!
Free ride along the canal, between Porte de Flandres and Dansaert/chée de Gand... open cafés, 10 open air soundsystems playing lounge and chill music. Artificial moons!

 Noctis on the radio, and in Out Soon (08/09/2005 -- tekst: B)
Nicolas is currently writing a history of the Belgian clubbing for Out Soon magazine. It will be published monthly and it starts in the next issue.

Also he'll keep on presenting a frenchspeaking radioshow about the Brussels nightlife every Friday night (since Sept. 2004) on BXL 101.4fm ( A change? Yes, now the show will be 2 hours long instead of 1. More newsies, more interviews, more music!

 A US Missile base was for sale (01/09/2005 -- tekst: Galahad)
You want an outstanding location? This is a unique spot for a rave camp!
A disused nuclear missile base is for sale in the East of USA, and it's a public auction on Ebay.


"The Atlas-F missile base is a rare property consisting in: the main silo itself with an underground tunnel connecting to the Launch Control Center, plus a hut of 4,000 square feet" (great for a 5000 ppl rave with camping and several chillouts).


It's a disused underground nuclear missile base, designed to withstand a nuclear attack, built in 1960 and decommissioned in 1965. Most of these properties are rough after 30 years of neglect, but with some clean up and reconstruction inside it could be a nice location for large parties. It is free and clear, and it is ready to be sold immediately.


The construction cost of the underground structures in 1960 has been estimated at over $100 million dollars, and the current bid on Ebay is 135.100 dollars (108.428 Eur).
It would be sad to loose such an opportunity to use the Army money for music. :-)
Address is: 67 Missile Base Road, Champlain NY, which is 2 miles from the Canadian border.


You can also make your home there... it's one of the strongest structures ever build by man, and even a wind of 800 km/h could not destroy it. You'll be safe.

update 12 sept 2005: the item has been sold and is not online anymore on

 10 Years Floating into Kozzmozz (30/08/2005 -- tekst: Nico)
Kozzmozz is not a big company without a soul... it's a totally handmade castle protecting the soul of electronic musics. It's REALLY it since 1995.
Because everything started on a boat in Gent, back in September 95... the Theaterboot. A fantastic place, nearby Steendam, where Mathias Kerckhof started the parties with the mixes of Stefaan (T-Quest), Mo & Benoelie (The Glimmers), Black Francis and the duet Trish & Kash.
Pure and only Techno ... Detroit Techno, Wave Techno, Acid Techno, but strictly Techno at its highest quality level. They soon invited Kenny Larkin (Detroit), Robert Leiner (Sweden), Adam Beyer, Secret Cinema, or belgian references such as Deg and Acid Kirk (BWP collective). Mathias and his partners ran about a dozen Kozzmozz nights there. But in 1997 the public went to be so big that they had to change their venue, the boat was getting really too small.

That's how they came to the Internationaal Congress Centrum (ICC), and turned the large Kuipke hall into a heaven of electronic sounds for several years. It was just revolutionary. Just to name a few guests in those years: Dave Angel, Richard Bartz, Slam, Pure Science, Marco Carola, Anthony Rother, Mike Dredd, Thomas Chrome, DJ Hell, Rush live, Damon Wild ... and of course, a pillar of the UK Techno: Mr C.

That was the rise with no fall... and since the people was following, Kozzmozz then started to produce events in Drum'n Bass (with Doc Scott, Grooverider, Brekbit, Millenium Kru, Wontime), Electro (Swayzak, I-F, Spacid, Joost de Lijser), House (Geoffroy, Koenie, Raoul), or even Chillout with Pete Namlook live or dj Morpheus.

Seriously mates, they really moved their ass to reach that level. And they took some cold baths too... or maybe you remember the House-Torhout festival that unfortunately appenened only once. That was an expensive fun for them, which could have killed the organisation. But hey... it needs more than a festival to kill Kozzmozz.

In the meantime they created subsections for the several music styles: Star Warz, Elektron, Muzzic, and many more concepts providing the futuristic sounds of our planet, usually at Vooruit ballroom. And since 1997, it's obviously one of the four major Techno organisations in Belgium, there is just no doubt about it.
So now what happens? A giant party on 10 September at Vooruit, with Len Faki, Deetron, dj Nasty, and about 15 more deejays. Now, get ready!

pictures by nico: Kozzmozz 2001 @ Kuipke hall

 France: Great Teknival in Crucey
ex-NATO base
(28/08/2005 -- tekst: Galahad)
France has finally a free teknival which runs completely well.
Facing the obsessional refusal of the citizens of St-Martial-sur-Isop in Haute-Vienne (where the festival was supposed to be), the authorities had finally given their authorization to install the festival on ex-NATO base of Crucey (not far from Dreux), a field of more than 500 hectares on the border of Eure-et-Loire. And there's right now 50.000 ravers who have danced for two days and will keep on until tomorrow Monday afternoon on the sound of more than 40 soundsystems... Techno, Psytrance, Drum, Gabber and Chillout.

According to the French press today (Sunday 28 Aug), the results seems to be fantastic: very few serious medical problems, way less drugs than the past years editions, and especially an organization which collaborates with the police forces to circumvent the obstacles and to make the most beautiful event possible.

One could criticize Sarkozy (French Minister of Interior Dep.) and he's not always perfect indeed ... but he's the first in France to have established a reasoned discussion with the teknivals and free-techno organizers, so that the situation could change in a better way. It is thanks to him and to the organizers if the organization of a rave is now not only a fight between young people and villagers. Cheer.

The Red Cross, some teams of Samu (medical emergencies), as well as representatives of Medecins du Monde (MDM) are also present on the festival.

In the first chosen village, the advertisement of the Teknival had caused the mobilization of elected officials and local farmers, very upset about the potential impact of that gathering of several thousands on their cultures and environment, despite the promise of cash refunding for the requisitioned grounds. Anyway, the organizers of the festival recently also expressed their preference for another area, if possible an unused field or owned by the French State. That's what finally happened... fortunately.
And there was no police repression there... only controls on the road, which was easy to guess and probably better to avoid car-crashs on the way back. (776 controlled cars on Sunday, 14 drunk drivers caught)

A great Teknival in Crucey? Nice one. :-)

 30 July: Czech Police repression = 1 kid has been killed for a party (23/08/2005 -- tekst: Nico)
On the videolink you can watch the police attacking the party. Hear the gun shots, watch the tear-gas, point at the blood. That was 30 July 2005 in Tsjechische Republic Tchèque, at the Czechtek Festival. A free teknival, entirely legal as there was a contract, and the field was rented. But apparently, the State Authorities didn't like it much. Blood. Sweat. Tears. And a young man lost his life under the wheels of a vehicle.

Is that the Europe that we want? Is that the kind of freedom restrictions we'll see in the future?


A boy is dead because he was dancing in a party, and do you see that in our newspapers? on our televisions? Not a word. That's kinda shocking, and that's why we have to spread that news... tell it to your friends! Repeat this so it couldn't happen again, in Czech Republic or in our areas.

A boy is dead... and what says Jiří Paroubek, Prime Minister of Czech Republic? "We have to count with disturbance of environment care and elementary hygiene starting with spreading AIDS, Jaundice, Salmonella etc… and ending up with infesting whole locality with trash and litter."
Should we understand that Techno lovers spread more AIDS and Ebola than other music lovers? Woaw. Impressive conclusion. We'd like to know where Mr Paroubek found that scientific source.

Very short video of the attack:
5 minutes of unacceptable Police violence: (needs Quicktime... it's a 'mov')

Official website of the Czechtek festival:
"You may stop the party, but you can't stop the future" !!!

Un bon résumé en français / in French:

All pictures:
and by T-Rex


 Culture Club for sale? Not anymore! (23/08/2005 -- tekst: Nico from Nieuwsblad/FactorX)
Hey... that was fast! According to Moyersoen office, Culture Club has already been sold to a new owner. We don't know who, or anything about the sale, but now it's done and signed. Let's see the results in September. [thanks 2 Coconut for the info].

11 August, we wrote:
Wanna buy a club to your love? That is now official since a few days, a curator is looking forward for someone to buy the Culture Club.
Nicely crowded on Saturday, hosting the famous 'Body to Body' nights, and running two stages at the Tomorrow Land festival, the money really seemed to be flowing in Culture Club (Afrikalaan - Gent) which quiclkly profiled itself as one of the best clubs in Europe, on the edge of Electro-House. But actually the debts piled up badly.

The financial problems weren't apparently really new. The judge already broke the contract between BelMondo (the staff managing the Culture Club) and the company which was owner of the club, because they didn't pay the loan for some time.

So, now you can see on the Moyersoen real-estate website a complete discotheque for sale. Three dancing rooms with professional sound and lightshow. The sale even mentions all furniture and equipment including the deejay booth and 68 cases of beer.

If they don't succeed to find a new owner and to conclude a new lease, all goods will be sold to the highest bid. But the curator Koen Steenbrugge says that there are already several candidate to take over the Culture Club. (our question: is Clear Channel one of them? or ID&T? or maybe Kozzmozz?)

According to Het Nieuwsblad, whenever the club manager Rudy Victor Ackaert didn't say anything about what actually went financially wrong, it seems that the staff keeps a strong hope to reopen the club just as it was, by the end of September.

Important: their 2 stages at the Tomorrow Land festival remain perfectly confirmed, no problem about that.

<- these pictures resized from Moyersoen website

Original source article in Het Nieuwsblad.

 Dirty... and Hurry (18/08/2005 -- tekst: Galahad)
Very fast come back for Dirty Dancing indeed, on Saturday 20 August with the top level pyromaniac deejays Slam from Scotland (Orde Meikle & Stuart McMillan), and Riton which is one of the new pillars of the English Electrohouse scene.
Actually Dirty Dancing club announced to be closed until September, but it seems that 5 weeks silent was enough to them. And guess who's coming on 10 Sept? Felix da Housecat for sure. Hurry up! Have a dirt!
38 chaussée de Louvain / Leuvensesteenweg - 1210 Brussels (near Madou)

 Light up the Petrol ! (15/08/2005 -- tekst: Nicolas Deckmyn)
Since a year every Friday and Saturday, Petrol, the club created in Antwerpen by 5voor12 organisation (10 Days Off), is really on the edge of innovative clubbing.
Their secret? The musical blend! Not only one style of music, but Rock + Acid + Funk + House + Breakbeat + Drum'n Bass + Electro + Hip Hop + Punk! And not only deejays, but also live concerts such as Brooks, Ed Rush and Optical, Booka Shade, Juliette Lewis, Therapy, Marc Moulin, Panache Culture, Seymour Bits, Gold Chains, t'Hof Van Commerce, or coming soon: Ghinzu and Mud Flow on 26 Sept, and Admiral Freebee on 5 November 2005.

But new: Petrol is now Petrol Deluxe for the summer edition until september, with an additional outdoor tent to reach the heat of the night. So... are you eclectic enough? Aright... then Tank a lot of that fuel!

21 d'Herbouvillekaai - Antwerpen-Zuid - 8 Eur before midnight - 12 Eur after midnight.

 Alcohol in our gens, drunk as a fly? (13/08/2005 -- tekst: Nicolas Deckmyn)
Little is known about the human alcohol and drug tolerance. One thing is sure: alcohol resistance is sometimes similar and inherited from the parents. That's why 13 scientists of the University of California are studying the fruit fly "Drosophila" (which has many similarities with human... despites the first look) to help establish the links between genes and drug or alcohol-induced behaviors.

What does that mean? That they drugged flies!
"After exposure to ethanol, flies display signs of hyperactivity, incoordination, followed by sedation and hypnosis. In addition, flies develop tolerance to ethanol and undergo 'withdrawal-like' symptoms upon ethanol removal." (ethanol is the lab substitute to alcohol)
So, junk flies really exist!

But that's not the end. We all know that some people get easily drunk with a few drinks, and some others need large amounts of alcohol. As well as some drunk people have a happy behaviour when some others have a violent, or a sad behaviour. Well, the UCSF scientists also work on ifentifying the DNA gens of the flies having different types of reactions. And they succeeded! Last monday in, the laboratory announced they found out the right gene of high alcohol tolerance... and they named it Hangover.

"A gene that helps flies deal with stress also makes them tolerant to repeated alcohol intake, scientists have found. The researchers say that humans probably have a similar gene, which could help to explain some cases of alcoholism and possibly even lead to a treatment." says the magazine.

So they started to work fly genomes to eliminate synaptic transmission in specific brain regions ... and it worked! The flies with no 'Hangover' had no resistance to ethanol at all. Now they also study the responses to other psychostimulants such as cocaine and nicotine.

Pr Ulrike Heberlein says that such genes could be used to help identify people at risk of becoming alcoholics. The ultimate goal would be to identify potential drug targets to treat alcoholism. "Once you understand how tolerance works, you can potentially interfere with it pharmacologically."

Fantastic isn't? But it will also probably lead to another kind of restricted freedom for some people in the future. What about the kids identified as "low-tolerant to alcohol", will that stand on our identity cards?

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