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het is hier al mogelijk. Stuur maar door.

aub, voegt hier alleen informatie toe. Voor een feest met een datum, gebruikt de agenda. Ook alvast bedankt om gematigd te blijven, het is nachtinformatie voor iedereen. ;-)

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 Who's Who's End (08/06/2002 -- tekst: Nicolas)
As previously told in these news, the Who's Who's Land (rue du Poinçon - 1000 Brussels) is closing the doors of its club activities this week-end (7 & 8 June 2002). It appears the licence of the venue has been retrieved by the city authorities... but it still may be soon a fashion bar, a restaurant by the current owners, ... or even a museum by a new owner. Since the current managers want to keep the pressure as long as possible, then everything is possible... let's check it out in september

 Palladium, the last week-end (06/06/2002 -- tekst: Nicolas)
We all know as well the name as the reputation of the Palladium in Baisy-Thy. Emerging from the 80's with a very mainstream concept, it has been one of the main significant commercial clubs in the country for almost 20 years. It has even been the recording studio of many TV shows at the end of the 80's (mostly popular dance charts). But the management of the Palladium tried to turn the dance orientation into a real R'n B Funk style club. The idea was probably good, since R'n B is very popular these times, but it seems that the public did not follow, and that the management did not a very large communication about those changes... so it has not been a real success. Really not, since the Palladium is about to close its doors next week-end under a complete banqueroute. A long story with a dry end, that's sometimes the chapters of the nightlife.

 Lounge club, for summer rent (06/06/2002 -- tekst: Nicolas)
For party organisers and promoters: the Lounge club is still available for renting on sundays and weekdays of the summer... so if you're searching for a location for your party or your event, check out there, they're listening. Average capacity: 300 to 600 ppl. Ask for Philippe, 25 rue Henri Mauss - 1000 Brussels.

 Soirées E411: Party at the Motorway (21/05/2002 -- tekst: Nicolas Marcus)
Do you know this place situated right under the E411, at the entrance of Brussels?
Originally, it is the headquarters of "Le Club De Pétanque St-Anne". But it's also a venue where parties take place. Last year, this place has seen nite concepts such as Enjoy Apocalypse, Crema y Gusto. Yet it is mostly rented for private parties (RTBf parties). Anyway, a new concept sees daylight down there. It's called "E411". The first party took place on the 1st of June. The organizer, already known for the Exo parties back in 96, 97, has really found an original place. Not original for its venue but for its location. I mean it's not often that you get to party underneath a speedway bridge with cars cruising at 100km/h above your head !!! Well anyway, the music selection is very wide, mostly 80's and 90's hits : kinda Dr Alban meets Alphaville. There aren't really dj's so to say, just 2 or 3 guys with poor mixing skills running cd's and mp3's through a pc. OK, they lack of some experience but they're pretty much aware of it ("faute avouée à moitié pardonnée").
The people? well between 25 and 35, not specially party lovers but really enjoying the music. And finally a smile that will reach everybody's face, the drinks' prices : 1€50 for a pint, 3€ for an alcohol, really pleasant ! "E411", one saturday per month, at Club de Pétanque St-Anne, next to the Forêt de Soignes Sport Complex. entrance : 5€ (1 drink included) [Nicolas Marcus].
[Nicolas Noctis says:] About three years ago, there was a Nomads party there with Bun-Zero and Nr 9, and indeed, it's a huge location for parties. Nice to know that there are still parties there!
http:// ... a very good party idea (15/05/2002 -- tekst: Nicolas)
Now there's a website and a crew organising busses to the Mayday, theLove Parade, the City Parade, House Torhout, Dance-Valley, Alive St-Vith, and many other festivals. They do bus-stops in Aalst, Antwerp, Brugge, Brussels, Charleroi, Deinze, Dendermonde, Diest, Eeklo, Geel, Genk, Gent, Halle, Hasselt, Herentals, Ieper, Kortrijk, Leuven, Liège, Lokeren, Lommel, Mechelen, Mons, Namur, Oostende, Oudenaarde, Roeselare, Sint Niklaas, Sint Truiden, Tielt, Tongeren, Torhout, Tournai, Turnhout, Veurne, Waregem, … We just know nothing about who do that and who rules the organisation, but it was about time to see it coming. Do you know that in USA and UK, some tour operators are focusing all their business on rave events? To see how it starts in Belgium, check their website

 Love Parade 14th Edition (15/05/2002 -- tekst: Nicolas)
The Love Parade 2002 will launch on 13 July in Berlin.
It started back in 1989 with 250 party-people and one car. It is now more than 1,5 millions of people turning Berlin in a massive dancefloor, with the best techno deejay stars. All details
Last year the video stream was produced by, and it was live audio on Spoutnik FM Germany.
Most of the 2001 deejay sets are available in mp3 format on Morpheus/Kazaa/Audiogalaxy.

 Tiga & Zyntherius free videoclip is online (14/05/2002 -- tekst: Nicolas)
BBC offers you to see the complete video of "I Wear My Sunglasses at Night", the famous electro remix of the 80's classic song by Cory Hart. That track has been an anthem of the Love Parade 2001 in Berlin, in the mix of DJ Hell.
Complete website of the best media ever: - Direct link to the clip:

 Fuz : belgian d'nb, from newsgroup (11/05/2002 -- tekst: Michael Leahy - michael@a-lyri)
The Internet is often seen as a way of empowering indie musicians. It has been for Belgian composer Fuz. Following an article posted in a newsgroup, his “ambient trash” with a d'n'b twist was used in the award-winning short movie “Member” by David Brooks starring Josh “Pearl Harbor” Hartnett. In addition to having been shown at most of the major film festivals around the world, “Member” was released in Japan and will be released on DVD in May 2002. Fuz is currently working on new material and preparing for live shows in the summer of 2002. The music is available exclusively on

 Who's Who's Land ... soon the End my friend (10/05/2002 -- tekst: Nicolas)
After years of brilliant highs and cruel lows, years of fights against the bad will of the previous city council and the neighbourhood associations, the magnificent Who's Who's Land will very probably take an end in a couple of months. The sale is currently in progress, and will soon lead to the definitive closure of the club... but we don't know yet when. In a month? Two? Even more? No one can really say at this moment. It is then the final episode of a long story, the awakening of an old theatre from the 20's turned into a massive european-sized club. It started successfully in 1996, with sold-out saturdays and legendary R'nB thursdays, but behind the desk of the district authorities was someone that has a personal problem with the nightlife. Already pressuring the bars and clubs in Brussels, he was very upset about the appearance of the Who's Who's Land, based on an old licence (from 1921), and when the club did some errors (especially with their previous security staff) the whole city-system felt on it and closed it immediately with fake rumors about drugs. It was 1999, and the club was about to pass its harder time, a closing length of one full year. Back since 2000 with the name StudioLive and a new concept based on live musicians + deejays, it unfortunately never really recovered its first recognition, since the sound and the crowd were limited. Closed again during a month for transformations at the start of 2002, the club really takes too much time to launch and causes too many problems in the street... so the sale has been decided by the current owners.
At this very moment, it seems it could be turned into a museum related to the Belgian Frenchspeaking Community... but it's only a supposition.
Some also say that it could be a restaurant or a lounge-bar too... but not a club anymore.

 - I Love Techno founder turns on philosophy! (10/05/2002 -- tekst: Nicolas)
Yes! True! Peter Decuypere, the unstoppable creator of the Fifty Five, the Paradise parties (with Patrick Socks), the Fuse club, the Fill Collins club, and of I Love Techno, is going back to university and starts 4 years of philosophy. Who said that the night organizers were not voluntarily courageous? Will he start a career of teacher or writer? In all the cases, to see a businessman of that size plunging itself in the studies is a beautiful demonstration of an opened mind. So now who's next? [source Out Soon number 100, and check the "Round Table" ... it's really good].

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