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het is hier al mogelijk. Stuur maar door.

aub, voegt hier alleen informatie toe. Voor een feest met een datum, gebruikt de agenda. Ook alvast bedankt om gematigd te blijven, het is nachtinformatie voor iedereen. ;-)

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395 nieuws | Uw Info Toevoegen | Email Nico Noctis webmaster with Brussels Mayor on TV (04/10/2002 -- tekst: Nicolas)
Goodies for night transports and night workers (bars, clubs)
Big talk about Brussels Nightlife on Télé-Bruxelles last saturday, featuring Freddy Thielemans (Brussels Mayor), Dominique Speeckaert (Bulex organisation), a representative of Public Transports authorities, of the bars lobbies, politics (Mrs Lemaire), etc... and Nicolas Deckmyn ( All was mainly about the Nuit Blanche, which was supported by Brussels City authorities. Shortly: the STIB / MIVB (Public Transports) will soon keep on the main lines until 2:00 in the morning. They say they work on it for 2003. Good! Well, it was a little more controversy when all talked about the relations neighbours/bar-clubs and about the difficult relations between some party organisers and the city council, but all that was very constructive and pointful. Click here for some screeners from the show.

 Sunday morning, cars are stopped! (19/09/2002 -- tekst: Nicolas)
Did you hear about the Sunday without cars in whole Belgium? Yes? Good, because it also means that if you come back from a party after 9:00 in the morning, you'll be forced to let your car in one of the parkings at the entrance of the city you live in. So, remind this: come back before 8:45 on sunday morning... or you'll have some problems to go back home. Fortunately the trains, trams, bus & metros are running, as well as the cabs.

 End of MadeInBrussels... not an end? (17/09/2002 -- tekst: Nicolas)
No it's not really the end of the MadeInBrussels club... it's only the end of it's location: the Caves de la Chapelle. It means the MadeInBrussels (or MIB) is looking for a new venue for their weekly meeting. But as long as they don't find one, there will be occasional parties here and there with Psychogene, Trish and Tim... the remaining residents of the MIB which is probably the second most important Techno club in Belgium.

 Fascist Techno from Spain? Fnac refusal! (17/09/2002 -- tekst: Nicolas - source Le Monde)
There is a new style of electronic music originating from Spain. More precisely from South Catalonia, but also coming from France. This radical, hard techno sound has been infiltrated by racist groups. A number of lyrics have messages, for example, "we are facists and we are not ashamed of it. We don't want any more of this rot around us. It is necessary to exterminate those who don't have pure roots. We are for the Final Solution!". Fnac have therefore made the decision to withdraw CD compilations of Makina Techno from the sale. What is frightening is that, seeing the success of this music genre, several record labels have made CD compilations featuring the 'Makina Techno' hits. However this type of music attracts an audience not inherently racist, and which does not really listen to the lyrics. Neither do they comprehend the true goal of this music. A true danger which could dirty the global image of the electronic music, if nothing's done about it.
Source: Independant de Perpignan & Le Monde - Aug. 2002.

 Pure gets Sub and bigger (17/09/2002 -- tekst: Nicolas)
You certainly know the Pure club which has become a reference in quality House music since a year under the artistic direction of Brandy and also the talents of Da Silva, Climaxx and some guest deejays. Located in Barry, between Tournai & Mons, there was the club for a 500 ppl crowd + a gigantic empty hall they used only a few time for special parties with big guests. From 28th of September that room will be open every Saturdays under the name Sub Club! Opening is with Murvin Jay (Mirano), Isabel (Strong, Café d'Anvers and she remains as monthly resident there), Brandy and Stephen... for a capacity of more than 1000 people in a great atmosphere. Noctis wishes you to be there.

 Teknival screenshots (18/08/2002 -- tekst: Nicolas)
The man on the right is the leader of the Teknival organisation. Just to mention: there has been rain and even snow, but nothing really wrong happened.
Just a party! That's ONLY what it was all about. What a fuzz!


 Fuse in Paris and Warm-Up in Marseille (18/08/2002 -- tekst: Nicolas)
This will be short but it's true: if you're searching for a nice club in Marseille, then go straight to the Warm-Up. 83 Bd de la Pointe Rouge - 13008 Marseille. There's a sunny terrace and a simple bar/restaurant, but also a club with House deejays (nice style) from thursday to sunday. And if you stand in Paris, the good old Gibus now offers Techno and Psytrance "ravestyle" parties every Friday. The Saturday is usually more funky-House, but on Saturday 21 Sept. the Fuse will come there on tour with its resident deejays Pierre, Deg, T-Quest and St Dic. It's gonna be huge! And more: you probably know that Gibus is not exactly a recent club... it has a loooong night story behind. It was the absolute Punk club in the very early 80's, and even 'Yeye' Twist in the 60's... and now still surfing on the night wave. Gibus - Paris 11ème 18, Rue du Faubourg du Temple 75011 Paris

 15.000 ravers at Teknival in Italy (French border) (17/08/2002 -- tekst: Nicolas)
Announced since a year, because it's a yearly summer festival, the Teknival is one of the biggest free events in continental Europe. Of course there are big raves in Lithuania, and in East Europe in connections with West Coast American hippie families... but Teknival is one of the oldest events of that type. It puts mainly hard techno, UK gabber and psytrance up together for 4 days and nights in a natural site. Obviously: there's always some small village "terrified" by the "horrible freaky ravers" who "overwhelmed the city and made the citizens stay at home"... and that's the reason why the French government tries to shut that movement down in order to keep the French nights clean and quiet. They recently voted a special law to prevent any "free party" organisation, and everytime a rave is planned, the police comes and takes the soundsystem. This year especially, the French government announced the Teknival 2002 to be cancelled because all the agreements were not already given... but the organisers decided to make it anyway IN ITALY, in the mountains, at 950 meters from France! Ironic, isn't?
1) the French government decided to stop it... but it happens anyway, with more than 15.000 ravers. The police tried to block the roads and to stop the people, but they quickly surrended and get back to their trucks (after having broken the glass of many cars of ravers). That is just weird. When will politicians understand that they cannot work against the youth anymore?
2) the French TV news try to kill the reputation of Teknival only talking about the security problems and the jammed roads... but there's MSF (Médecins Sans Frontières) on the site, giving information to the youth and giving the first helps for common medical problems, and there is a whole bunch of helicopters permanently in the sky... so what is the problem??
3) all the trash will be collected in bags, which will (very probably) be dropped on the French side of the frontier... so the French authorities will have to take their responsabilities. The organisers think that Italians don't have to pay for the French fun... nice one bro'... Noctis agrees. 4) all that looks very fun and very friendly atmosphere at 2000 meters altitude in the moutains... we wish them a BIG FUN until sunday, and yes there is a small Belgian community there on location, including Analog B.!
Video samples about Teknival (french television, read with realplayer), pictures and comments by the police.
France2 - 17 Aug. 2002 -- France2 - 16 Aug. 2002 -- France2 - 15 Aug. 2002 -- all frenchspk., but pictures say all.

 Le Gazon moves location! (16/08/2002 -- tekst: Nicolas)
Le Gazon is an open air dj bar that opens every sunny Friday & Saturday during the summer. This year, for four weeks of crazy crowds and great success, it took place at Le Jardin du Mont des Arts in Brussels, just next to Royal Library. Some nights even shown more than 1000 people in front of the deejay desk, with House, Drum'n Bass, Electro, Reggae, etc... But some far neighbours complained (which is really weird because they're really far from the soundsystem)... so now, for the tranquility of the citizens, the location has changed and it takes place - as last year - at Jardins de La Cité Administrative (behind the Finance Tower), boulevard Pacheco [access by bankstraat / rue de la banque] - Free entrance, as it always been. Check for deejay line-ups

 no more radio on (16/08/2002 -- tekst: Nicolas) offered you a radio-stream since 1998 with the help of an American server. That server was providing the audio to the public for free, and gave us the opportunity to play our deejays archives permanently. But they suddenly changed their mind and since June they started to ask the listeners to subscribe on their website. So, it's not exactly a free service anymore and they don't really work for the people anymore... that's why I stopped working with Live365 and that's why the Noctis Radio temporarily stops its activities. But you can still enjoy the deejay mixes from the audio archives.

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