Nu beschikbaar in het nederlands...
het is hier al mogelijk. Stuur maar door.

aub, voegt hier alleen informatie toe. Voor een feest met een datum, gebruikt de agenda. Ook alvast bedankt om gematigd te blijven, het is nachtinformatie voor iedereen. ;-)

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 Mirano New-Year Confirmed (13/12/2002 -- tekst: Nicolas)
Yes the Mirano stopped its saturday, but don't confuse: the New Year party remains in the schedule of the club. So, YES there will be a New-Years Eve at Mirano Continental with DiscoNouveau and House deejays. Good news, because New Year at Mirano has always been amazing and crowdy! @ 38 chée de Louvain - 1210 Brussels (Madou)

 Charleroi awakening? (13/12/2002 -- tekst: Pilou)
Indeed, since the closing down of the Coliseum and more recently of the Palladium in Baisy-Thy, there was about nothing to party next to Charleroi. But soon comes the opening or the New Colisee in Gosselies, between Charleroi and Genappe. Consisting in a similar concapt as the Millenium near Liège, the club may accept almost 3000 customers and will launch in the first weeks of 2003 ... but the music style is still a mistery. New Colisée : road N5, former road Charleroi-Brussels, next to Caterpillar area.

 Famous changes in Heers (13/12/2002 -- tekst: Nicolas)
Nothing long to say about it because we need more informations: the club known for years as Katsu has been totally changed. Now it's called the Fame and opened in November, but we don't know the music style yet... probably very Disco & hits.
@ 49 Steenweg - 3840 Heers --- Check their website

 Alcohol Controls this Week-End (12/12/2002 -- tekst: Nicolas)
Several non official sources seem to confirm that this week-end there will be plenty of alcohol controls all over Belgian roads and permanently (48h/48) Friday 13 Dec. and Saturday 14 Dec. Of course you all know that drink and drive is the most stupid thing to do and that it could turn the driver into a killer. Now you also know that there is something even more stupid: to drink and drive this week-end, because EVEN if you succeed to kill nobody, it could cost you a lot of cash and your driving license. Once again, find a non-drinking driver ... for your and others safety

 Opening of the Q Bar (11/12/2002 -- tekst: Nicolas)
A new House bar is opening in Brussels: the Q disco bar. Dedicated to the trendy-fashion-jet-set public of Brussels, it will feature ClubHouse deejays from Paris, such as deejay Kulte from the V.I.P, but also Belgian deejays. Open on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, the atmosphere is extremely close to a long cosy living-room but overwhelmed by NewYorican club sounds. Managed by Delphine (photographer and dancer at Fuse, Bal, Mirano, ...), no doubt that it will be a new good kick in the House nights of Brussels. Located next to Louizalaan / av. Louise, the address is 28 rue Defacqz (nearby Monkey Business) at 1050 Brussels.

 Destelbergen back on the track! (11/12/2002 -- tekst: Nicolas)
Let's make it short: In the early 70's there was a club next to Gent and its name was Boccaccio. In the 80's, the managers of that club get to England and came back with a new concept based on new lights and new sounds... in 1987 the Boccaccio then became the legendary place where New Beat and House mostly started in Belgium. 1992 was the year that Boccaccio has been forced by the authorities to close its doors, and the name "Boccaccio Life" has been sold in 1995 to a club in Halen/Diest. So... what's new? Well, not that much, because we know that the former Boccaccio club in Destelbergen recently took the name of Mega-Temple and already opened for a few parties on sundays in 2000 and 2001... but now it's opened every Saturday! Of course the music is not the same as in 1988 with Eric Beysens or 1992 with PhiPhi, but the place is still the same... with the tall mirrors, the cosy 1st floor, the large stairs, the UFO lightshow, etc... everything! Now you have the choice: you can go and enjoy their new choice of deejays (mostly Progressive-Trance), or you can go with your minidisc and play some New-Beat in your headphones in the middle of the crowd! Maybe it is not our good old Bocca ... but still the place is magic. Check it out! @ Mega-Temple, Solariumdreef - Destelbergen (Gent).

 unexpected: Mirano stops its saturdays ! (04/12/2002 -- tekst: Nicolas)
Now it's official, after a few weeks with a very limited public, the Mirano Continental club stops its legendary saturdays for the first time since 1981. Actually it's about 8 years that the Mirano has troubles to recover the level it had in the 80's, but a new artistic staff was experiencing a new Electro-House style and it seems that the management did not follow that choice enough to promote it seriously. And what happens when a club changes its style without promotion? Simple: the previous public leaves, and the new public doesn't know... so the club remains almost empty for weeks. That's pure logic. Who's responsible for this? Probably mostly the production managers who never really worked the promotion of the club since 8 years and never really supported the work of their artistic directors and deejays. No radio ads, almost no flyers, no communication in the press (or only ads in some strip-tease bars magazines) ... the result was obvious, so they got it: it's closed now. For memory, we saw as resident deejays: Alex Klimow and Olivier Tjon until 1994 (fet. Danny V in 90-91), Olivier Gosseries and Jos, Michel Traxx and Murvin Jay, Isabel, Cosy Mozzy, ... Last saturday: 7 December at 38 chée de Louvain / Leuvensesteenweg - 1210 Brussels. But the location is still available to rent for events. Phone: 02. 227 39 47

 Electro Era (30/11/2002 -- tekst: Nicolas)
As you can see around, the different musics under the name Electro are overwhelming the nightlife in belgium. Electro-Disco (or DiscoNouveau), Electro-House, Electro-Industrial-New-Wave, Electrofunk, all those boomclatch winds of frequencies which remind us the early 80's are now on top of the medias. Of course we could talk about the definitive influence of DJ Hell (Munich, Germany) and his record company: Gigolo ... sure he did something big when he played only Electro at the Love Parade 2001. But the effects are so wide that the cause can't be unique. Who could forget the career of Drexciya or Juan Atkins in Detroit USA, or the long way of Belgian organisations like Surreal, Funky Green Aliens, etc..? Now that Electro is in Mixmag, in Le Soir, in Out Soon, in Move-X, on Studio Brussel, and even on national French or Dutch radios, maybe is it the time to target the main names and places of that style in Belgium. D-Jack has been a pioneer not only for Techno but also for Electro coming from the East coast of USA, but the biggest attention goes to the two Beneluxian godfathers of Electro: Spacid and Joost De Lyser. Next to them in that scene are talents such as Raphaël, Uriel, Lysergic, Stel-R, Shaman, and more recently Dr Lectroluv (aka T-Quest), Mi-Yu, Microwave, Muffin, Noax, Zoopsie, Dublo, Daryl, Hertz, Kim, Lady Jane, ... Follow them in the parties "Digital Monsters" (aka "Criminals Zat"), "Body to Body" (at CultureClub with Spacid), "BlackLight" (also at Culture Club), "Klangforschung Ost", "Enjoy Apocalypse", "Wave Excursion", or the "I'm Not a Number" at La Chapelle in Liège on Saturday 18 January 2003.
Now, where to find the records?? Could be at Urban Groove (rue des Riches-Claires - 1000 Brussels), at BCM (Plattesteen - 1000 Brussels), at MusicMan/Dance Solution (Steendam - 9000 Gent), at Clone (one of the best for that style, Mauritsweg - 3012 Rotterdam ; also online shop), or at the Formic online shop ( Many other recordshops offer some Electro, so check out to find more... but these are obvious.
Some live radio sounds? Surely on Radio Panic with the Stel-R and the D-Jack shows (105.4 fm in Brussels), and sometimes in Switch on Studio Brussel (100.6 and 100.9 fm), but mostly on the netradio which was mainly Drum'n Bass but now really turns on Electro (

 Sony Music Website Hacked (28/11/2002 -- tekst: Nicolas)
At midnight, in the evening of the Wednesday 28th of Nov., this is what you could read on the first page of "you have been defaced by FBH , federal bureau of hackers hello there people , we are FBH , and we have defaced this site.dont worry no data was harmed, we did it becos , 1st - we hate sum artists on here [...] but we really deface this site becos we want freedom in our nations of kashmir and palestine. we dont want George Bush to bomb iraq for oil and pretend that its for terror. He should be doing his best to catch binladen . he dont care if binladen is alive or not. ..." The Sony crew fixed it quickly, but then it was that was hacked with "for fucks sake sony ur security is shit , get OpenBsD it fukin roks, btw FBH own u". This episod probably is illegal, ok, but after all the things that Sony did with cold blood (such as the cover of Underground Resistance Rolando's 'Knights of the Jaguar'), who think they did not deserve it?

 Strictly Banqueroute (07/11/2002 -- tekst: Nicolas)
Strictly Rythm, the House label from New York, just announced the end of its long party story, supposedly for banqueroute. Founded in 1989, two men were at the start of it: Mark Finkelstein bringing its economic knowledge and Gladys Pizzaro which brought its musical sensitivity. Celebrating its tenth anniversary in 1999, Strictly Rythm marked of its print the world of House during a whole decade and reached the year 2000 while remaining one of the most active labels. Most of the Strictly Rythm records were great hits in the charts and the clubs. Strictly Rythmn knew how to recover the Deep-House played in Red Zone and Zanzibar clubs of New York in the early 90's and so became one of the main names in the world. In 1990, it launched its first success: "The warning". Followed then a succession of tracks gaining great recognition in the clubs. Among them, "I believe" by Scram, and "Strings" by Rah Power. The same year Roger Sanchez created his "Luv Dancin" and opened new ways in the House style. In 1991, one of the inventors of Chicago Acid-House, DJ Pierre, joined the label and created "Generate Power" which had been one of the biggest hits of the Strictly Rythm discography. The first compilation bringing together the hits of the year is also edited in 91. In 1992, the label carried on its way as main supplier for the English clubs. DJ Pierre then composed "Follow me", the most sold album in the history of the label. Two young producers producing and working under the nickname of 'Masters At Work' created "Hardrive and plate fusion" which was the first of a long serie of legendary records resulting from their union. A new Producer joined the label in 1993, his name was Armand Van Helden, the coming superstar of House. In 1994, Strictly Rythmn was everywhere on the world medias with the hit "I like to move it" by Real 2 Real which remains one of the most sold dance titles ever. David Morales also joined the company and started with "The Boss". Etc, etc ... what happened then? How could such a big and important label fall off like this? Sadly, we don't know yet. So many historical years, so many music and so many feelings have been brought to us by Strictly Rythm... but time is running and things keep on going further. Now that we know Strictly Rythm is closed, we all figure the enormous pages it fills in our past clubbing history and the enormous blank pages it lets in our future. This is a tribute... these are some thankfull words for what they did. [thanks Michel Traxx & Raphaël Thijs for their contribution to this article]

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