Nu beschikbaar in het nederlands...
het is hier al mogelijk. Stuur maar door.

aub, voegt hier alleen informatie toe. Voor een feest met een datum, gebruikt de agenda. Ook alvast bedankt om gematigd te blijven, het is nachtinformatie voor iedereen. ;-)

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 Party organisers: more taxes to pay (06/01/2003 -- tekst: Nicolas)
All the reasons stand on their website, and they claim about the rights for artists. Large discussion, ok. But globally it makes party organisers pay more. From 50 Euros for a small event without party and no bar, to 350 Euros for a 50m² dance-bar opened only 1 night a week ... even to 11.500 Euros for a 1000m2 place where to dance and drink every night.
What to pay? For Dutch:
and for French:
For all other info, check their website. One of the only ways to avoid that tax is to organise events in a place that already payed for the entire year, or also to play only live created and music that is free of rights.

 City Parade 2003 - Gent is online (05/02/2003 -- tekst: Nicolas)
The new website for City Parade 2003 is already online. The biggest Belgian free event is coming back! Caution: flash plugin enabled only. - The parade will overwhelm the city of Gent on Saturday 21 June 2003. List of floats (trucks) is still opened, but go fast if you intent to take one... the limit is 30 trucks. Be sure we'll relay all needed information about City Parade here in the news and the agenda of 150.000 people is something not to miss.
Video 2001 [realvideo]
Picture Gallery 2001 and Gallery 2002

 Dali's Bar partly burned out! (04/02/2003 -- tekst: Nicolas)
The floor level of the Dali's bar accidentally burned out around 11am this wednesday morning. The basement and the up floors are safe, but all the great wood Dali's influenced decoration room (actually the main bar room) has been really crushed by the fire. BUT it's only a matter of a couple of days before it reopens in the other rooms... the Dali's is not closing the doors for more than a small week! The first statements showed an electric shortcut that *could* be the starter of the burnout... but nothing has yet been officially declared about it. 35 Petite rue des Bouchers - 1000 Brussels ... and keep yourselves updated on

 Hot: new resident at Fuse: Psychogene (11/01/2003 -- tekst: Nicolas)
After the forced closure of MadeInBrussels club four months ago, some were searching for new opportunities to meet the music of deejay Psychogene. Indeed, the MadeInBrussels parties are rare since then... but now there's something crunchy for you mates: Psychogene becomes one of the official residents at Fuse club on saturdays. All starts this month with the special Fuse/MadeInBrussels night (check Noctis Agenda), but the former founder of Neuroleptic and of the band Sharpside will remain resident on that dancefloor for the coming weeks, besides Pierre, Deg, T-Quest and the other residents. No doubt it's a good choice legitimated by 10 years of passion for the Techno scene. Go go go!

 Who's been out for New Year? (10/01/2003 -- tekst: Nicolas)
This has probably been the biggest surprise of this New Years Eve 2002-3: it has been extremely quiet! Even if some friends were globally saying that they were planning to stay at home with their close friends or family, most of the party organisers were well confident about the score they could do on that special night and most of the night scene remained insured of their coming success. But the score has not been that big, and we've all been forced to state that many usual party people ACTUALLY stayed at home on 31st of December. Does that mean that people ar not clubbing anymore? Nooooooo... it is simply evident that people are not searching for fake or 'forced' parties anymore.
1) They want real fun, and many of them just came out the next week-end at Café d'Anvers (it was full on 4th of January) or in their own local club. So, all this means that these times are good for local deejays and passionated people, since the public is asking for quality and honesty.
2) the Belgian Police announced a big control campain on the roads, then many people choose to get stoned at home or in private locations. So, was the Police the only people on the roads that night? Let's bet they mostly controlled themselves.
Final statement: if some new-years-eve parties announced a good amount of people (at Groenendael Hippodrom, at De Nacht, Pop Life, etc...), most of the clubs had a 'normal night' with a very quiet public.

 Night Bus for New Year! (some are free) (30/12/2002 -- tekst: Nicolas)
DeLijn Vlaanderen - TEC Wallonie - STIB Brussels
Speciale De Lijn nachtbussen tussen 21 u. en 7 u. Ticket: 2,5 euro. Abonnementen rijden gratis.
Dienstregeling van speciale nachtbussen:
Regio Leuven :
1: Leuven – Kessel-Lo – Linden – Lubbeek – Binkom – Attenrode – Glabbeek
2: Tervuren – Bertem – Leuven
3: Leuven – Wilsele – Rotselaar – Werchter – Wezemaal – Aarschot
4: Leuven – Heverlee, Brabanthal
5: Tienen – Kumtich – Boutersem – Lovenjoel – Heverlee, Brabanthal
6: Wijgmaal – Wilsele – Leuven – Kessel-Lo – Pellenberg – Lubbeek
7: Leuven – Heverlee – Oud-Heverlee, Zoete Waters – Vaalbeek – Blanden – Haasrode, Zottekot – Bierbeek, Hof van Bierbeek – Heverlee, Brabanthal – Leuven
8: Leuven – Winksele – Veltem-Beisem – Erps-Kwerps – Kortenberg
9: Leuven – Heverlee, Egenhoven – Korbeek-Dijle – Neerijse – Loonbeek – Huldenberg – Overijse – Hoeilaart
25: Leuven – Herent, Room – Tildonk – Wespelaar – Haacht – Boortmeerbeek – Kampenhout – Steenokkerzeel
28: Leuven – Holsbeek – Kortrijk-Dutsel – Nieuwrode – Aarschot
Frequenties: elk uur, behalve bus 4 naar de Brabanthal: om de 15 minuten en bus 7 om de 30 minuten.
Regio Aarschot – Diest :
10: Diest – Bekkevoort – Tielt – Rillaar – Tielt – St-Joris-Winge – Lubbeek
11: Aarschot – Rillaar – Schoonderbuken – Scherpenheuvel – Kaggevinne – Diest
26: Diest – Halen – Herk-de-Stad – Hasselt
27: Aarschot – Betekom – Baal – Werchter – Tremelo – Keerbergen – Haacht
Frequenties: elk uur
Regio Tienen :
12: Tienen – Oplinter – Drieslinter – Melkwezer – Wommersom – Hakendover – Grimde – Tienen
13: Tienen – Kumtich – Vertrijk – Bierbeek, Hof van Bierbeek – Honsem – Melder – Hoegaarden – Tienen
14: Tienen – Glabbeek – Wever – Kumtich – Vissenaken – Kumtich – Tienen
Frequenties: elk uur (behalve 14: elk 30 minuten).
Juiste uren, reiswegen en haltes vind je op,
Le Noctambus revient: sur le réseau TEC, la nuit du 31 décembre 2002 sera gratuite, dès 19h00 jusqu’au lendemain 1er janvier 2003 à 7h00.
Mons-Borinage. Trois circuits. Quiévrain-Dour-Mons ; Saint-Ghislain-Frameries-Mons ; Maurage-Mons-Havay.
Centre. Quatre circuits : Maurage-La Louvière-Manage-Seneffe ; Binche-Péronnes-La Louvière ; Binche-Anderlues-La Louvière ; La Louvière-Soignies-Enghien.
Hainaut occidental. Cinq circuits: Tournai-Mouscron ; Tournai-La Glanerie ; Tournai-Gaurain ; Tournai-Blandain-Templeuve et Tournai-Kain. Infoline: 065/388.815 (Mons-Borinage), 064/239.511 (Centre) ou 069/891.666 (Hainaut occidental) et
Charleroi. 4 circuits. Charleroi-Sud -> Gosselies (le Circus, le Cub's, le Buffalo Grill et le Bowling One). Deuxième circuit route de Philippeville --> route de Beaumont (Oxy à Gozée, Bavarois à Montigny, Lindbergh à Couvin via place de Chimay). Troisième circuit Fontaine - Anderlues - Monceau. Dernier tracé Châtelet-Chatelineau.
STIB Brussels: 17 lines of bus and 2 lines of tram. The schedules were established in order to ensure a bus every 30 minutes in most of the districts. As for the subway, the last metro has been delayed to allow the return after the fireworks at the Mont des Arts. A last passage to Arts-Loi / Kunst-Wet is planned at 1 hour in the morning, in all the directions.
To know all the precise details of the device imagined by the STIB, just consult the www site. Or phone 02/515 20 00

 Once again RTBf drops a concept (21/12/2002 -- tekst: Nicolas)
After the deletion of Radio Cité in the 80's, RTBf does it again and tries to drop Bruxelles-Capitale to the trash. It seems that every time they start a new project, they track it down withing the 6 to 8 next years. No doubt that if they launch something new, they'll also abandon it after a few time... it's their destiny to fail in everything they do since the early 80's. And for those who are passionated with radio, the reason why the RTBf leaders try to badly break that jewel is a real mystery. So now who's the real Public Service? No doubt that RTL, even if commercial or too mainstream, is quietly seen as doing a way better job for that duty. Why should we keep Bruxelles-Capitale radio? 1. because they talk about local artists, places, shows, concerts, structures that are NEVER mentionned on any other National Network radios (Radio 21 mostly talks about those who make their promotion, and the main Radio Une tries so much to stand for everyone that they stand for barely no one anymore since it doesn't have any identity). 2. because it is a very young project of the RTBf and should not be dropped that fast, maybe adapted but not closed down. 3. because that's not Bruxelles-Capitale which is the problem, but the entire structure. Who pay for those changes? You, us, everyone ... Do you want them to spend more money to change nothing? But it's still time to show that you don't agree by joining the petitions and/or sending a mail to the Brussels City Authorities or to Now let's see what they'll do with that

 Out Soon... 10 Years of Nights (17/12/2002 -- tekst: Nicolas)
Last minute: new location @ La Rocca. All tickets are still OK. That's the last minute changes: the "Out Soon 10 Years" move to La Rocca. The artists will be the same, the tickets are all OK, and there will be no dresscode at la Rocca for that night (so you can go there with your sportshoes and your prefered t-shirt). We strongly advise you to buy tickets in presale @ Fnac (10 euro) because of the limited capacity of La Rocca (1.500 ppl).
Out Soon, if you don't know it yet, is the biggest clubbing magazine in Belgium, and it is totally free. Distributed in hundreds of bars and record-shops, each and every issue is a collection of informations about the clubs and parties of Antwerp, Gent, Brussels, Liège, etc but also many interviews of international artists, reviews about games, movies, fun stuff, music, cd's, etc... 35.000 of those magazines are given out every month to promote the electronic nightlife. At the start it was mostly the magazine for Hardcore Trance-Techno lovers and there was absolutely nothing about House or House deejays in its pages, even very few about Techno. It was fun, it was a start, but it was not really based on any musical progression or diversity... basically only talking about ID&T events, Bonzai parties or nights at Extreme and Illusion. Sure, the public loved that style for years, ok... but it wasn't the only music at night back in 1994. Fortunately came the change a few years ago (round '97), and suddenly Out Soon grew up. With more pages and more colours, House and Techno took place in the interviews and the party agenda, as well as Drum'n Bass and ProgTrance and very recently Electro. Now Out Soon is the unavoidable institution of the Belgian clubbing society, and is slowly becoming an icon of the strength and the persistance of electronic music in our country... we wish them good luck for 10 years more. Tribute to the founder: Eric Rozen, the chief redactor: Bart Van Dormael, the nightwatcher: Florence Atlas, and the production squad. They'll celebrate that anniversary on Saturday 21 December, with you and 7 of the most representative Techno deejays: Silicone Soul (Glasgow), Carl Craig (Detroit), Mr C (London), Kevin Saunderson (Detroit), Psychogene (MadeInBrussels) and Ed&Kim. Door: 10 Eur. @ La Rocca, 384 Antwerpsesteenweg - Lier (NOT at Waagnatie Antwerpen anymore!)

 Alcohol Controls Results for last Week-end (17/12/2002 -- tekst: Nicolas)
We announced it one day before on this page, and it was true ... at least for 28 districts of the Antwerp area, and many roads in Brussels and Wallonia. Some witnesses told us about several controls on the roads of Wallonian Brabant, but the only results we have are for the Antwerp district. Thus, the local and federal Police controled 3595 cars, and 1612 drivers did pass the breath test. 97 of them were positive (so, 6%) and 32 driver licenses have been immediately retrieved. By the way, they checked the speed of 6034 cars. 300 of them were riding way faster than the legal limitations. Also reported for the same area and same time: 7 car crashes causing 14 injuried victims. Ow what a week-end mates... what a week-end it was

 Bouncers Controls Results for last Week-end (17/12/2002 -- tekst: Nicolas)
It was a large operation concerning the security crews of the nightclubs and leaded by Minister Antoine Duquesne to verify the compliance of those crews with the recent laws about guardians groups. After Tournai and the Luxembourg area, it was the time to check in Brussels (except Etterbeek and Woluwe). 47 nightclubs of a list of 80 have been controlled. 17 fines have been reported and only 3 cases of illegal weapon carrying. Seems things are getting better... but what a week-end it was!

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