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het is hier al mogelijk. Stuur maar door.

aub, voegt hier alleen informatie toe. Voor een feest met een datum, gebruikt de agenda. Ook alvast bedankt om gematigd te blijven, het is nachtinformatie voor iedereen. ;-)

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 Adios Bonzai (20/03/2003 -- tekst: Nicolas)
Bonzai records banquerouted. Some say it's sad ... I personnally don't. That big label promoted the worst commercial electronic pweetpweet sounds from 92 to 98 and then slowly came down by popular demand. They did put the shame on us for years because they produced that bad stuff (as well as Dance Opera). Over about ten years of productions, only three records remain outstanding and valuable: the Stockhauzen release by Liza'n Eliaz and the two BWP records (white label). The rest? Just forget it. There's so many good electronic labels today that no one will really regret it. [this is of course a very personnal opinion, but since many shady people pretend to be sad for them, I dare to say I'm not]. The reason of their banqueroute is not economical or due to the mp3, but well due to the poor quality of their music since the beginning. They made money with their moneymusic... why would they complain?

 New Social status for Belgian artists (13/03/2003 -- tekst: Geert Cochez and Marc Jacobs)
Vers. Fr. voir suite.
Het Nieuwe Sociaal Statuut voor kunstenaars:
Op 1 juli 2003 komt er eindelijk, na ruim 30 jaar rechtsonzekerheid, een volwaardig sociaal statuut voor de kunstenaars. De federale regering heeft een statuut goedgekeurd dat precies is afgestemd op de specificiteit van het kunstenaarsberoep en dat ook rekening houdt met de verschillen binnen de artistieke wereld. In Vlaanderen werden vijf infoavonden georganiseerd. De Brusselse kunstenaars voelen zich in deze ook erg betrokken partij. Daarom nodigt Robert Delathouwer, Collegevoorzitter van de Vlaamse Gemeenschapscommissie, alle kunstenaars uit op een informatiematinee over het nieuwe statuut voor kunstenaars. Deze zal doorgaan op woensdag 19 maart e.k. om 15.00u in het Kaaitheater, Sainctelettesquare 20, te 1000 Brussel. Minister Frank Vandenbroucke, minister van Sociale Zaken en Pensioenen, zal er de grote lijnen van het kunstenaarsstatuut toelichten. Het spreekt voor zich dat dit veel vragen oproept. Een panel van deskundigen zal graag bereid zijn om op al uw vragen een antwoord te geven.
Nouveau Statut Social pour les artistes:
Après 30 ans d’insécurité juridique, un vrai statut social des artistes entrera en vigueur le 1er juillet 2003. Le Gouvernement fédéral vient d’approuver un statut qui tient compte des spécificités du métier d’artiste ainsi que des différences dans le monde artistique. Cinq soirées d’info ont déjà été organisées en Flandre. Les artistes Bruxellois se sentent également très concernés en la matière. C’est pourquoi, Robert Delathouwer, Président du Collège de la Commission communautaire flamande, invite les artistes à une matinée d’info avec pour thème le nouveau statut des artistes. Cette réunion d’info aura lieu le mercredi 19 mars prochain à 15h au Kaaitheater, square Sainctelette 20, à 1000 Bruxelles. Frank Vandenbroucke, Ministre des Affaires sociales et des pensions, exposera les grandes lignes du statut des artistes. Il va de soi que cette nouveauté soulève beaucoup de questions. Vous aurez l’occasion de poser toutes vos questions auxquelles répondront un panel d’experts.

 Techno Nation New Location! Warning! (05/03/2003 -- tekst: Nicolas Noctis)
Techno Nation moved location by pressure of the Mayor of Zaventem, so they go to Groenendael Hippodrome where youth and music are far more welcome. All Line-Up remains as it was, with DJ Rush, Marco Bailey, Steve Rachmad (Nl), Claude Young (Detroit), Terrence Fixmer, Marco Remus, Zzino, Redhead, Deetron, Tom Hades, Tomaz, TC Brain, David Pereira. Hippodrome of Groenendael stands on the Brussels ring, between Uccle/Ukkel and Waterloo.

 Alka at Adrienne! (05/03/2003 -- tekst: Nicolas Marcus)
Alka Selzer was a party concept back in the 80's. It has re-emerged timidly since last year. Every first friday of the month at the Bodega. Since a few weeks, the Alka has moved in the Adrienne restaurant. This restaurant has been closed for years now due to the controversial Heron City project in spite of the will of the Toison d'Or neighbourhood. Great opportunity for the Alka to seize as this won't last long : the building will definitely be destroyed within 6 months. I'm deeply advising you to go there as soon as possible as the audience isn't completely jet set yet (remember we are in the Toison D'or/Guldenvlies). The music is quite commercial (kind of Jeux d'Hiver) but very acceptable (great dj, I don't know his name, the one who rides motorbikes and has excellent mixing skills).
It's the place to be but not for very long so pick up your boogie shoes and get your ass in there ;-).
Alka Selzer, every thursday, friday and saturday at Adrienne (Toison d'Or area, 1A rue Capitaine Crespel - 1050 Brussels). Entrance: 2,5 Eur.
Opens for a few months only!! Limited club duration!!

 no House-Torhout & Leaf 2003??? (03/03/2003 -- tekst: Nicolas)
Indeed, Sandra from Kozzmozz recently announced in the Limburgse press that there would be no House-Torhout Festival this year because of too much competition. Well, it's true that I Love Techno *open air version* will take place in Lommel on 19th of July, and that's to count with all the other electronic Festivals such as Dance Valley (Amsterdam, 1st saturday of August), Alive (St Vith, August too), probably Leaf (Liège), and of course all the bigger festival that have many electronic artists in their line-up, such as Dour, Werchter, Beach Rock, Pukkelpop, etc etc But is it deeply the only reason to drop down that festival? Shouldn't they try a smaller version some years, with local deejays and refined artists? Or a more specialized different style every year? That way could save one of the greatest festival concepts in our country. Well... it's just an idea. I myself hope that they'll will do it anyway.
[thanks Nightboy for the source...]
More: Gery just informed me that there would be no Leaf festival this year since the debt for 2002 was really huge... so, it means two electronic festivals less in the picture!

 Dali's bar opens again! (02/03/2003 -- tekst: Nicolas)
As you now all know, there was a burnout at Dali's... and it destroyed everything on the groundfloor, including furnitures (chairs, artworks, bar, ...) and a whole record box of one of the resident deejays. It happened in the day, so there has been no physical victims, but the damage was huge. Now good news: Dali's is back since this week-end with his basement floor. So, now if you go to the 35 Petite rue des Bouchers (1000 Brussels), you'll have fun AND it helps them to recover their rank as soon as possible. Go go go Steph X!

 4 Days: 30th edition of Rock Werchter (02/03/2003 -- tekst: Nicolas)
Yeah, it's rock with Metallica R.E.M., Queens of the Stone Age or Radiohead, but there will be Bjork, Underworld, Massive Attack, Moby, Coldplay, Timo Maas the friday, het Noorse Röyksopp and also David Gahan from Depeche Mode the Saturday, and the Dutch-Brazilian Zuco 103 on Sunday. Camping will be allowed from thursday afternoon. Lots of Police controls are already to expect on the local roads during these four days.

 Noctis new version is coming soon! (25/02/2003 -- tekst: Nicolas)
It's years that I promised it to you, but I never found the budget or the time to set it up... now it's about to come! Four webwizards are hardly working with me on that completely new version since 5 months now. I really hope you'll like it. There was too many black color and it was too dark? Ok, there will be lots of colors. There was not enough ways to participate? Ok, you'll be free to add your news. That was not easy to browse? We fixed that with a new surf comfort. But the spirit and the passion remain the same. I'll keep it updated as I always did, but many users will update it too... and that's the plus. A date of publishing? The spring! I don't know yet if it will be exactly the 21st of March, but then a few days after. So, that's the word to spread: it's coming!
[added 31 March: indeed it's not the 21 March... still to work on it but it's coming sooner and sooner!]

 Nachtburgemeester in Amsterdam (10/02/2003 -- tekst: Nicolas)
This is what happens when the city councils don't care enough about nightlife: there's the first election of the Night Mayor of Amsterdam! Now will there be some candidates for Gent, Antwerp, Brussels or Liège? Guess the score! Now comes the night politics... where respect, freedom and fun have something to do with votes. Verkiezing Nachtburgemeester - Amsterdam Op woensdag 19 februari 2003, wordt in Paradiso de Nachtburgemeester van Amsterdam gekozen. De verkiezing is een initiatief van GroenLinks Amsterdam-Centrum om het nachtleven van Amsterdam een nieuwe impuls te geven.
Dreigt Amsterdam zijn positie als internationaal uitgaanscentrum te verliezen nu er steeds meer aandacht is voor handhaving en controle? Handhaving en controle blijven belangrijk, maar het zijn middelen die een prettig en veilig uitgaansleven mogelijk maken en geen doelen op zich. De Nachtburgemeester moet een brug slaan tussen de verschillende cultuuruitingen in de Amsterdamse Binnenstad en is de schakel tussen al die groepen en mensen die bezighouden met cultuur. De Nachtburgemeester wordt een stem voor al die inspirerende initiatieven die het centrum van Amsterdam een bruisend en cultureel hart geven. Iemand die Amsterdam wederom op de kaart kan zetten als internationaal uitgaanscentrum waar ‘het’ gebeurt. Wilt u meer weten over de kandidaten of wilt u uw stem uitbrengen via de Nachtburgemeester poll?

 Dali's goes to Pablo - Reggae Night (06/02/2003 -- tekst: Nicolas)
Once every 15 days on Thursday, Nyabinghi Reggae Soundsystem organises a party at Dali's bar since moreless 6 months ... and it does really good! Public follows them so well that they also recently did a free reggae party at Tavernier... full again. Now the next Thursday was planned at Dali's ... but Dali's is just cleaning the place out of all the burned stuff... so... where? Well, Brussels night solidarity is working quickly... and the party will run at Pablo Discobar for just one night. So, this Thursday 6 February, Nyabinghi Soundsystem ina tribute to Dali's bar at Pablo Discobar... also celebrating Anthony before he leaves to China for a month! Check it out ONCE at 50 rue du Marché aux Charbons - 1000 Brussels. Any question to:

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