Nu beschikbaar in het nederlands...
het is hier al mogelijk. Stuur maar door.

aub, voegt hier alleen informatie toe. Voor een feest met een datum, gebruikt de agenda. Ook alvast bedankt om gematigd te blijven, het is nachtinformatie voor iedereen. ;-)

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 Electro at Fuse (08/05/2003 -- tekst: Nicolas / Nick Fuse)
That's on 28 June (yes, a Saturday!) "Plug in those jacks for some raw electro sounds! Brought to you by The Hacker (FR, Gigolo, Goodlife), Belgium's electro pride Spacid & Joost De Lijser, and Fastgraph (NL, Klakson) with a fresh live act." A highly anticipated night at Fuse Brussels.
By the way, throughout the entire summer, Girls Get in Free All Night Long Every Saturday, so after the outdoors fun in the sun, feel free to drop in.

 Teknival is back today! ... but observed (01/05/2003 -- tekst: Nicolas Noctis)
All of you remember the big clash between Teknival organisation and French government in 2002... it was so difficult to resolve that Teknival moved to Italian frontier, at the last moment. Since then, the French authorities created a line of communication between themselves and the "free party scene" ... and this Teknival 2003 is the result of that interaction. Located in Marigny near Paris (district of La Marne),Teknival starts today and will go on until midnight on Sunday May 4th.
There have, however, been some changes this year: no fire allowed, no cars around the soundsystems, the police will be checking people for alcohol and other drugs on the roads around the site, etc ... but for once the event will respect both the ravers and the neighbours! Water for everyone, a 'Medecins du Monde' tent, info by SMUR and other French associations ... everything has been put together for a safer electronic sound event in the middle of the countryside.
All requests and advice (in French) should be directed to the following URL :
The French 'Collective of the Sound Systems' was formed after the first Intersoundz-meeting in France held in January 2000, not far from Lyon. The meeting's goal was to discuss the concept of a council consisting of soundsystems, free-party organizers, etc... thus, creating a channel to address the issues generated by the teknivals and the 'frees' and the embarrassing direction those festivals took. (too many drugs, no information, no respect for the environment, etc). Because they challenge the people chosen by the French Minister of Interior, they become an alternative lobbying group..
More about it in French in Le Monde daily press.
Also check

 Fresh Food in Liège (28/04/2003 -- tekst: Nicolas Noctis)
The Food club, residency of Geoffroy, Régis and Raoul, has a southern division since mid-March in Liege. It stands twice a month in the Phoenix, a disused porn theatre in the 'quartier Cathédrale' ... not far from La Chapelle. Red walls, heavy doors and shiny bar... the environment is a little straight but still a great warm venue for 300 to 450 ppl. It recently presented Lance Desardi from Chicago, Cyril K from Paris and Murvin Jay, of course along the three Food residents. Every 1st and 3rd Friday of the month, it's probably still in a test phase and could be weekly soon. Next edition on Friday 02 May will feature Geoffroy (he now owns Hi-Phen rec.) and Koenie (the House Knight from Antwerp, Wally's Groove). Some Food classics ... to feed the party. Address: 10 rue de la Sirène - 4000 Liège.

 Last Night for La Villa (27/04/2003 -- tekst: Nicolas)
Since 1995, that club became one of the rare large clubs around Liège. But their website doesn't say why they definitely close the doors on 30 April.
Maybe it's good to remind that this Villa is not the Villa of Kortrijk, neither the one in Asse. Back in 1988 or maybe 1989, Laurence Van Loo started the story of At The Villa in Kortrijk with deejays such as Phiphi or Johan. In 1995, when At The Villa started to have troubles (changing location, going to Asse, permanent pressure, etc), another club launched in the south of the country... near Liège with a very close name: La Villa. The problem is that it had no relation with Laurence and 'At The Villa', but was using a very similar name. It remained so for 8 years, and now comes the last night of that club in Henri-Chapelle. In the meantime, At The Villa closed it doors in 1997... so now there's no funkin' Villa anymore in Belgium. Anyhow it's always a loss to close a party place.
30 April with deejays JP Nols & Koody. 51 chée de Liège - 4841 Henri-Chapelle.

 Netherlands in a Queensday (24/04/2003 -- tekst: Nicolas Noctis)
Of course, for the Wednesday 30 April there will be many many parties (Retro Acid at Vooruit Gent, Tiesto at Sportpaleis Antwerpen, Disco2Disco Antwerpen, Paul Johnson in Mons, Mr C at Silo Leuven, T-Quest at the Steed Liège, Kenny Larkin in Forest, Daddy K at Claridge, Junior Jack at Mirano, ...), but don't forget the fantastic atmosphere of the Queensday in Netherlands. And if you want to (respectfully) make a street party with them all in Amsterdam, get an orange shirt (that's the colour of the Queen) and go for one of the hundreds concerts or open-air parties ... from the morning until midnight. After? Go in a local club or come back in Belgium.

 Yearly Fatality for Fataal (22/04/2003 -- tekst: Nicolas Noctis)
Fataal Thursday club in Leuven will close its doors until October 2003. As every year, the location has another purpose until then. So, don't miss the last one for the next 6 months: Deejays: Raoul (Food club), Prinz (Café d'Anvers) + Hip Hop lounge room: TLP.
Door: 4,5 Eur @ Musicafe, 5 Muntstraat - 3000 Leuven

 Felix not in Brussels (15/04/2003 -- tekst: Nicolas)
According to a mail of his agencies in Belgium and UK, Felix Da Housecat won't come next week-end (19 April) at Halles of Schaerbeek in Brussels for Beats & Peace. The problem appears to be administrative related. As far as we can verify, the agencies claim since four weeks that he won't come ... weird situation since the management kept on promoting his name (and they still do at this very moment). All other artists of this event on 19 April are confirmed anyway: Llorca, Stacey Pullen, Edmundo Carneiro, etc...

 first names for 10 Days Off in Gent (14/04/2003 -- tekst: Protesta & Nico)
Dillinja & Lemon D, Marky & XRS, Richie Hawtin, Derrick May, Metro Area, Jack De Marseille, Tiefschwartz, Hakan Libdo, Steve Bug, Radioactive Man. More to confirm soon. [thanks Protesta@futureworldfunk] This year the 10 Days Off will take place from 18 to 28 July in Vooruit hall for the Gentsefeesten, and also from 16 to 20 July in Melkweg Amsterdam. Presales are available since 15 April in all Fnac.

 6:00 in the morning? Go to party!! (13/04/2003 -- tekst: Nicolas Deckmyn)
It seems the limitation-law has been refused by the Senate. I'll get more precise news soon, because many different opinions come to me. Some say it has been totally refused, some others say it has only been delayed till the next government. Anyhow, since the originators of that suggested law are from the Ecolo party, we now know that the supposed "supporters of the youth" they always pretended to be actually are dangerous conservative politicians. They closed MadeInBrussels, grew an artificial pressure on many night venues in Belgium, and now they tried to limit our nights! What is that new game they play since two years??
Why am I that angry? Because I personnally voted for them sometimes in the past ... and that law they tried to validate deeply changes my mind about them and their goals.
With faith and passion in the night...

 6:00 in the morning? Go to bed!! - Ecolo & VLD attack the night! (30/03/2003 -- tekst: Nicolas Noctis)
Sample of the Senate discussions, 5 december 2002 :
Vers. Fr. voir suite.
Vraag om uitleg van de heer Michel Guilbert aan de minister van Binnenlandse Zaken en aan de minister van Overheidsbedrijven [...] over «de problematiek van de megadancings» Demande d'explications de M. Michel Guilbert au ministre de l'Intérieur et au ministre des Entreprises [...] sur «la problématique des mégadancings»
Réponse / Antwoord:
Rik Daems [minister van Telecommunicatie en Overheidsbedrijven, VLD]:
"[...] Ik ben bereid een wijziging van de wet van 1973 te overwegen om op het hele grondgebied eenzelfde sluitingsuur in te voeren. Ik stel evenwel vast dat sommigen zich in een geest van opbod tussen de megadancings op een onverantwoorde manier gedragen en de onveiligheid in de hand werken, hoewel ze tegelijkertijd aandringen op meer veiligheid. Het verwondert me dat de federale regering wordt gevraagd een probleem op te lossen dat op basis van de bestaande wetgeving al kon zijn opgelost. Ik wil mijn verantwoordelijkheid geenszins uit de weg gaan. De wet staat me niet toe in te grijpen, maar ik heb met de heer D'hondt afgesproken dat we de toestand ter plaatse zullen opnemen en een verslag zullen opstellen.
U zegt dat het sluitingsuur in Frankrijk vijf uur 's morgens is. Het uur is niet zozeer van belang, maar het moet in elk geval overal hetzelfde zijn. Ik zal de toestand ter plaatse bestuderen en me daarbij baseren op de statistieken die ter zake bestaan. Anderzijds zal ik informeren naar de plannen van de besturen van de betrokken gemeenten. Ik zal ze overigens op hun verantwoordelijkheid wijzen.
In overleg met de buurlanden, namelijk Frankrijk, Nederland en Duitsland zullen we proberen de wet te wijzigen als dat het enige middel is om dit ernstige probleem op te lossen."
De heer Michel Guilbert [Ecolo]:
"[...] Dit probleem moet dringend worden opgelost."
Rik Daems [ministre des Communications et des Entreprises, VLD]:
"[...] Je suis prêt à envisager une modification de la loi de 1973 pour instaurer une heure de fermeture identique sur tout le territoire, mais je constate cependant un manque de responsabilité dans le chef de certains qui, dans un esprit de compétition entre les mégadancings, contribuent à l'insécurité alors qu'ils réclament, par ailleurs, un renforcement de la sécurité. Je suis étonné que l'on demande au fédéral de prendre des mesures afin de régler un problème qui aurait déjà pu être résolu sur la base d'une loi existante. Cela dit, je ne veux pas échapper à ma responsabilité. La loi ne me permet pas d'intervenir, mais je me suis accordé avec M. D'hondt afin d'organiser une visite in situ et de rédiger ensuite un rapport tout à fait concret sur la situation actuelle. Vous dites qu'en France, l'heure de fermeture est fixée à 5 heures du matin. Peu importe l'heure qui sera éventuellement retenue, mais il faut en tout cas qu'elle soit identique partout. Je compte donc, d'une part, vérifier la situation in situ, en m'appuyant sur les statistiques existantes, et, d'autre part, m'informer des intentions des responsables des communes confrontées à ce problème. Je les mettrai d'ailleurs face à leurs responsabilités.
En harmonie avec les pays limitrophes, à savoir la France, les Pays-Bas et l'Allemagne, nous essaierons de modifier la loi, s'il s'agit du seul moyen dont nous disposons pour régler ce problème qui est réel et grave".
M. Michel Guilbert [Ecolo]:
"[...] Le problème est grave et réclame une solution urgente. Je me réjouis en tout cas de votre prochaine visite sur place, monsieur le ministre."
The problem with this? It was several months ago... Since then the minister Duquesne clearly stated that it was not under his responsability to limit the horeca status. But Rik Daems made it, and now they voted it at the Chamber of representatives! They still have to vote it at the Senate, but WE HAVE TO STOP THEM BEFORE! Make a move, and save that small freedom to party. USA bombs Irak? Does that mean we have to accept everything until Bush wins?? Does that mean that our usual freedoms have to be shorten that way, just because we have to be happy not to be bombed?? Oh no... that's not the way it works, Mr Gilbert and Daems. 6am is not the problem... but the problem is that a party has a spontaneous end... they can't decide of that. They say it's to stop the Afterclubs... and they really think it will stop the troubles related to some violent people coming around? Anyhow that decision is constitutionally illegal but you have to say it around unless they'll vote it anyway. How? Keep on coming here, we'll provide you some links very soon.

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