Nu beschikbaar in het nederlands...
het is hier al mogelijk. Stuur maar door.

aub, voegt hier alleen informatie toe. Voor een feest met een datum, gebruikt de agenda. Ook alvast bedankt om gematigd te blijven, het is nachtinformatie voor iedereen. ;-)

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 Night Bus in Blankenberge (24/06/2003 -- tekst: Nicolas)
The public transport society De Lijn will try a new Night Bus in Blankenberge during the two summer months. This concerns a pilot project which wants to bring back home the late party-freaks between 4 and 6 in the morning, as safe as possible. Now lets hope they'll spread it over Vlaanderen first, and will inspire the other cities transports in Brussels and Wallonie. We need safety when we're back from our clubs... it's obvious that it's an extremely positive step De Lijn passed trough. [source: Standaard]

 Hot & Tiny Minimes is Back (23/06/2003 -- tekst: Nicolas)
Heh... this is about an ooooold small and nice club in Brussels since the 80's... and you know how warm those little clubs can be when the right people joins it. A small crowd, some passion, some screams, some lights, a bit of faith, and that's it for the real party. Minimes was also one of the most decadent places of the 90's... but always had a good fun recognition. Well, it has been closed for a few years... and it's open again. Yes, but with deejays such as Lorenzo Ottati or Mathieu, and even Satanas... heh. Expect kickin' Deep House with Lorenzo & Mathieu, and fun oldschool Trance & clubtunes when Satanas spins.
I don't have yet more information than this: Friday and Saturday, rue du Temple / Tempelstraat (really small walk-street) - 1000 Brussels

 Full Sun for 133.000 Clubbers (22/06/2003 -- tekst: Nicolas)
Yes, that's the first scores we could find in the press (Belang Van Limburg, La DH, and some others): 120.000 to 133.000 party people followed the City Parade Saturday from Citadelpark to the Watersportlaan. The organisation even claims that there were 180.000 people. Progressive-Trance, House, Italo Disco, Techno and Toothpaste ... there was a lot for everyone. Some told about the lack of space during the Free Party (the crowd was walking along the water instead of using the avenue), but globally everything was just fine and friendly. Considering that the first edition had 80.000 ppl and the second had between 110 and 120.000 ppl, this issue confirms the national size of the City Parade. And only 4 people had troubles with the police. Yes, only 4 for over 130.000 ppl... that makes it 0,003%. WE ARE PEACEFUL!
But where goes the CP next years?
Our first pictures by [Nightboy are available from the link here below.
We don't have feedback from the radioday yet, but it seems everything just runned fine.

 City Parade under the SUN !!!
total weather support
(21/06/2003 -- tekst: Nicolas)
the schedule of City Parade will be:
14:00: Free Pre-Parade Party at Citadelpark (Régis, Johan, Ed&Kim, Fred Nasen)
+ 16:00: City Parade (start at Citadel, then de Kerkhovelaan - Yserlaan - Godshuizenlaan - Martelaarslaan - Watersportslaan - Noorderlaan)
+ 19 to 22:00: Free City Party at the end of Noorderlaan (music by the deejays and soundsystems of all the trucks... no central scene)
+ 23:00: Citizen Party at Flanders Expo with Slam, Jack de Marseille, The Advent, Marco Carola, Judge Jules, Mark Spoon, Marko, Yves Deruyter, Darren Emerson, Murvin Jay, Marco Bailey, Cor Fijneman, P. Jackson and many many other international & Belgian deejays (check their website for complete line-up).
All day is free. Price for the Citizen party: Presale 22 Eur - Door: 27 Eur)

 African Hip-Hop in Brussels and Liege (19/06/2003 -- tekst: The A.L.)
Over the coming few weeks, African rap groups will be playing in Brussels and Liege. Rak Tak Squad and Wa BMG 44 (Senegal), Nigga Nation (Ivory Coast), Godessa (South Africa) and X-Plastaz (Tanzania) will be offering their unique flow at a number of events. The groups have been working with Picho and others in Brussels. "The big difference between African and European rappers is that the Africans really have something they want to say," said Pitcho. The groups were interviewed by Michael Leahy of The Bulletin (link to follow after publication). If you want to try out something different, check them at the Slam Evening at Café Extra Large (Place Flagey on the Boondael corner) on June 25 from 8.30pm. They will also be appearing at Couleur Cafe on June 27, La Caravane de Liege on June 28 and the Festival au Carré on July 6. See your local press for details.

 Nandrin Festival line-up (17/06/2003 -- tekst: Nicolas)
Some nice electronic names are announced. Check this: Friday 8 August: Ken Ishii, Ian Pooley, Charles Schillings, Jeal Riley & Simon’s, Zuco 103, Olivier Delachanal, Cosy Mozzy, Brandy + Edmundo, Blacknizoroff.
Saturday 9 and Sunday 10 August: an open-air stage and two tents featuiring ZZ Top (mind the barbs!), Deep Purple (sweet child in time...), Fun Lovin’ Criminals, Mass Histeria, Machiavel (Isaye & freaky friendzzzz), Hooverphonic, Kyo, Elliott Murphy Venus, Da Familia + Belgian and European bands.
Friday only: Presales: 12 €, Door: 15 €
Saturday & Sunday: Presales: 37 €, Door: 43 €
All 3 days: Presales: 60 €, Door: 70 €
Nandrin stands between Marches and Liège, on N63.
By the way, they also set up a party at Soundstation (Jonfosse station, 6 rue Pouplin - Liège) on Saturday 28 June, with Alex Gopher, Etienne De Crecy, Isabel, Double Axl. Also of a great quality.

 Jazz in Frameries (17/06/2003 -- tekst: Nicolas)
The Frameries Jazz Festival is back on 20 and 21 June with a large JazzRallye in 21 venues of the city, featuring (among others) the Don Friedman Trio, the Brussels Little Big Band, Patrick Deltenre & Ivan Paduart Trio, Frederic Delplancq Quartet, Charles Loos Trio, Soul and Sour Quartet, Guy Cabay, Jacques Piroton Quartet, Alain Kawczak Unit, Michel Mainil, Hilde Vanhove Quintet, Trio Mirage, Jaszco Quartet, ... for this date, most of the venues will remain open really late at night for special jams. [Frameries, near Mons & Jemappe, along N544]

 No more Illusions at Illusion (17/06/2003 -- tekst: Nicolas)
Facts: The manager of the dancing Illusion in Lier has been apprehended by the Court of Mechelen for incitation to use of drugs. He's been taken up Sunday morning after a large raid in the discotheque. Some quantities of chemical drugs were found. The main dealer has also been apprehended. Sunday morning around 5:00, about 200 agents invaded the discotheque. All 670 visitors were checked. There has been official reports about 68 visitors. Six customers have been transported to the hospital for a checkup.
[source: Het Belang Van Limburg]
-- Noctis comment: I don't know yet where the drug has been found... in the club itself or in the dealer's pockets... so let's keep eyes cold. If the manager was part of the deal, then it's really unforgivable and it must be judged (chemical drugs really sux bad, mates. It kills kidneys in no time). But if the dealer was not related to the club, then why put the manager in trouble? To compare, there was just a daytime gunfight in an open air swimming-pool a few days ago in Wallonia, is the pool manager responsible for the fight? Will they close the swimming-pool like no doubt they'll close the club soon?
Let's see, and let's hope that only the facts will rule justice.

 Local Radio Matonge for 1 day (16/06/2003 -- tekst: Nicolas)
For the Fete de la Musique, the non-profit association Across Stickos (aka Gregor Beck) is setting up a local 1 day radio over the streets of the "Matonge" neighbourhood in Brussels. That area is considered as the 'African community zone' for Brussels, but Africa is only one of the many cultures mixed there. From Jazz to Reggae, from Blues to Soca, from Cloclo to Coltrane ... that place is one of the most openminded in the city. On Sunday 22, a radio will broadcast locally (2km around) and worldwide on the web (with the help of Boups Technology and Radio Panik bandwidth). It'll feature interviews, reports, music, a show about local nightlife, etc... and ALL shows will be created from the studios standing in the streets around chaussée de Wavre / Waversesteenweg and rue de la Paix.
For a contact about the nightlife-in-Matonge-show, just send a mail to

 20, 21 & 22 June
it's the Music Days & Nights
(15/06/2003 -- tekst: Nicolas)
So many entertainments are planned for the next week-end... it's just a matter of checking what's happening for free on open-air scenes around your place. Concerts, parties, open-day for venues, radioshows, ... The "Fête de la Musique" has been created in France and spreads all over Europe since about 5 years now, every 3rd week-end of June. That day, EVERYONE has the freedom to play his music in the cities... so however you're a guitar player, a violin virtuose, a djembe drummer, a deejay with your soundsystem or a street-singer... go out and play, it's your day! It is legal! And of course, there are the official events, but check the non-official parties too... flyers are everywhere in the cities about that (and some stand in the Noctis agenda).

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