Nu beschikbaar in het nederlands...
het is hier al mogelijk. Stuur maar door.

aub, voegt hier alleen informatie toe. Voor een feest met een datum, gebruikt de agenda. Ook alvast bedankt om gematigd te blijven, het is nachtinformatie voor iedereen. ;-)

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 Ibiza facts: cranes in D'En Bossa (25/12/2003 -- tekst: Nicolas Deckmyn)
1) the famous Space club of Ibiza is exceptionaly not opening for New-Years eve because the staff rebuilds the terrace and covers it with a removable roof. They also add many emergency-exits to stick to the legal needs. By the way, another roofterrace will be more often in use. All that for next summer season.
2) the large parking area next to Bora-Bora and Space is under construction. Trucks, mud, cranes, excavators which dig the ground and begin the foundations of a building. It is obvious that this flat ground will disappear to the profit of a real estate project. Simple question: where the clubbers of Bora-Bora and Space will park their cars? The carpark of Space is way too small for all those vehicles.

 NEW YEAR PARTIES! (22/12/2003 -- tekst: Nicolas)
Already 40 parties for the night of 31 December in the Party Agenda! Check it out, shake it out! That's in the Parties&Events section.

 Food at Fuse until New Year ... and after? (19/12/2003 -- tekst: Nicolas 'Noctis' Deckmyn)
Good news: Kevin Saunderson (Detroit USA) just confirmed his gig at Food (first floor) along with Geoffroy, St Dic and Raoul... when Fuse (ground floor) will get the beats of Deetron, Pierre, Psychogene, Deg and T-Quest. So, that's for New Years Eve... good. And after? According to the careful reading of the Fuse online agenda, Food will stop its activities on first floor of the 208 Blaes street in January. Well, you can see it by yourself, the diary mentions St Dic, Les Craven or Smos and Baby B, but no Geoffroy or Raoul anymore. Then, does it mean that 1) Food will be back soon at the same address but on Fridays? 2) Food will be back on Saturday in February, just as before? 3) Food is moving away and will be back elsewhere? No official answer has been given at this moment about it... so we only have questions... but be sure we'll keep you updated about Food motions in Brussels or out of Brussels.

 Leuven: Fataal club hibernates till February (17/12/2003 -- tekst: Nicolas Noctis)
Briefly: due to the Winter Holidays and the university exams, the Fataal club (every Thursday at Musicafé in Leuven) is closing until February and did its latest winter night on December the 18th with Killa Tactics and Geoffroy. It will of course be back with its two rooms on February the 5th, still at Muntstraat - 3000 Leuven. For those (rare) who never been to Fataal club, it's one of the top spots in Leuven... every thursday with two styles (usually Hip-Hop+House, Reggae+Techno or Drum'n Bass+House), in that university based city full of potential party people. A club that scores high with a warm soul.

 Illusion and Zillion are coming back (13/12/2003 -- tekst: Nicolas)
After 2 years of silence for the Zillion and a couple of months for the Illusion, it seems some doors are opening back for the Progressive Trance scene in Belgium.
Zillion will be back for a large Reunion on 19 and 20 December, and also for 31 December, with many of the regular residents and about 20 more deejays. The Zillion has been closed in 2001 for a huge amounts of Justice complains related to business, violence and morality, and everything inside has been publicly sold in February 2002 to pay the bills. The bars, the soundsystem, the lightsystem, lasers, animal furs, costumes, carnaval masks, and even a real torpedo bomb and a dentist chair... everything is gone away. Worse: the name 'Zillion' has been sold to someone else too... so the club will never be 'Zillion' again. However, a new partnership started with new investors, and the ex-owner remains artistic director... for a new reopening at 4 Jan Van Gentstraat in Antwerpen. Check for more info.
About the Illusion, closed before the summer for a hard drug related investigation, the problems are not yet about to end but it looks better. The hall has been allowed to reopen, but not as a nightclub yet... not as long as the Police investigation hasn't been completed. So, in the meantime will it be a simple bar, or a cocktail hall for rent? No one knows, but things turn smoother on Mechelsesteenweg in Lier.

 Fluo & Glow-in-the-dark sticks are NOT candies! (12/12/2003 -- tekst: Nicolas)
You obviously know the phosphorescent and luminous gadgets which are very fashion since a few years. Little lightballs, lightwires, necklaces shining for a couple of hours, etc... More and more of them are put in mouth by the clubbers, to make a funny or surrealist effect. That is cool, but that can also sometimes be dangerous. During a large Techno event in October, a girl accidentally opened a small luminous tube by breaking it with her teeth. This accident does not always produce the same effect, but for her it is at the hospital that the night continued, the lip inflated and burned at the 3rd degree. Thus play with it, yes, but do not open the tubes. It is a chemical liquid and that is seen, not a lemon syrup. Mind it.
[based on article found on]

 Trying to get in can turn bad (11/12/2003 -- tekst: based on AFP news)
Now this is willing something. Australia 16 November, a young guy has been ejected from a Sydney nightclub and had to be rescued by ambulance officers when he trapped himself in the air system as he tried to sneak back into the building.
A spokesman of the 'Penrith Panthers club' said that the 20 years old man was kicked out of the club for drunken behaviour at about 1:00 am (local time) on Saturday night / Sunday morning. "He apparently tried to get back by climbing onto the roof and making his way down through the air conditioning system and he got stuck [...] Fortunately, he had a mobile phone and called one of his friends and they raised the alarm." The man was stuck for about six hours until rescue crew arrived to free him. "Rescue squads winched a small rescue personnel, their smallest, into the shaft to put a harness on the man and retrieve him," said the hospital spokeswoman.
That story reminds the legendary attempts to get in the Studio 54 in Manhattan, as those guys caught climbing the building walls with mountain equipment. What could we do for a party?? Almost anything.

 Cactus Brugge moves! (27/11/2003 -- tekst: Nicolas Noctis)
After 9 years of great music events, the Cactus club will move from St Jakobsstraat to Magdalenastraat, next to St Andries in Brugge. You probably saw there some names who are now topdogs of festivals, like Everything But The Girl, Kosheen, Soulwax, Eek-A-Mouse, Geoffrey Oryema, Starflam, Roots Manuva, Sugar Hill Gang, or Junkie XL. The Cactus now joins forces with the Cultuurcentrum Brugge to create the Ma/Z, a new place where concerts and parties will find a great host. So the coming parties of November and December will be the last at the current Cactus. The hall was getting really too small for the growing public, and a permanent and outstanding deejay/concert selection from Drum'n Bass to Electro to Rock to Hip Hop was attracting more and more people around. That's why the new Ma/Z has been done around a large hall of 1000 ppl, plus a smaller venue for the more intimate nights. So this is the news for Brugge: Cactus 2003 = St Jakobsstraat. And Cactus 2004 = Ma/Z, 27 Magdalenastraat.

 5 Free Passes for Groove City (19/11/2003 -- tekst: Nicolas Noctis)
Guess what, the 5 LAST FREE TICKETS for Groove City on are gone! The game is over since Thursday night. 5 users will have a night with David Morales, Danny Rampling, Luke Slater, etc... The rule was: one winner every 3 mails. The winners already had a confirmation mail. Have fun !!

 Police controls near GrooveCity (18/11/2003 -- tekst: Nicolas [+GC website])
Hey, at least that's fair for this time: they say it before. Usually, the Police force sets up hidden road filtering *after* the event to catch the most young people possible. That had an extremely bad influence on the global reputation of the events in the press, and gave a distorted reflected vision of the drug problem in our society. From now on it seems that the choices are more honest, more direct: the searchs and controls will occur on the road *even before* the event... so everyone is able to figure what to do or not to do. Here's what the GrooveCity website says: "Our friends from the Police Force have decided to join the [...] Groove City party on Saturday 22nd of November. They will be present at the site and on the Ring around Brussels. Unless you want to experience the latest hype and procedures of their “hospitality”, we advise you not to bring drugs or drink till you’ve forgotten your name! If you don’t bother, warn your mum & dad that you might be home very, very, very late and ask a friend to bring you at least some oranges in jail. Let’s go for the fun !"
Now you also have to know that Groove City has Party Busses that will take you back to Noordstation/Gare du Nord, so you can choose Not To Drive! By the way, the public transports are running again from 5:30 in the morning.

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