Nu beschikbaar in het nederlands...
het is hier al mogelijk. Stuur maar door.

aub, voegt hier alleen informatie toe. Voor een feest met een datum, gebruikt de agenda. Ook alvast bedankt om gematigd te blijven, het is nachtinformatie voor iedereen. ;-)

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 Obelix got Dusty (30/01/2004 -- tekst: Nicolas)
Obelix was a club on Frankrijklei (near Centraal Station) in Antwerpen. Hosting mostly afterclubbing and Funk or R'n B parties, it once changed its name to 'New-Edition' and went back after a year to Obelix, to finally use 'Le 29' for some time. But now there's news: the club now turned to 'Dust'. Dust is a new Progressive Trance meeting set up by the Dutch deejay Peran van Dijk. The place consist in a double room with natural colours on the walls, and that's pretty large. Official opening night: Saturday 28 February. Dust club: 29 Frankrijklei - 2000 Antwerpen.

 Fataal strikes back in Leuven (30/01/2004 -- tekst: Nicolas 'Noctis' Deckmyn)
Mouahahaha ... i feel stupid now... Noctis has been tricked by the fuzz! Sorry to all. A mail seen by someone a bit too sensitive made us think Food was back in Leuven but it's not... Fataal is well back at Musicafe for a new season... that's for sure! As you know, Fataal always stops for the student holidays and exams. But it restarts in February with trendy and groovy guests such as Jan Van Biesen, Trish, Killa Tactics, Marko (Rocca), Pierre (Fuse), Prinz (cafe d'anvers), Raoul and many more... In two rooms, that club is a must in Leuven. So, shortly: Fataal is back on thursdays and that's good too! And about Food? Well... we'll keep you updated about it.

 Tennis at night !! (29/01/2004 -- tekst: Nicolas 'Noctis' Deckmyn)
On both our tv's (Ketnet, La Deux) and some others (Nederland 2, ...), tonight at 3:30 am (so, in the middle of the night here and in the middle of the day in Australia), we'll see Kim and Justine playing for a world cup. Many bars in Belgium will broadcast the game... find it out! That's nightlife too.

 Felix Da Cafecat (19/01/2004 -- tekst: Nicolas)
He banged the festivalground of Antwerp is Burning during the summer, he took the best of a massive crowd in October at Café d'Anvers, and he's confirmed in a few weeks again at Café d'Anvers ... seems there's a love story between Belgium and thee Cat from Chicago. Good vibes, dude!

 Rock revival in the mix? Really? (08/01/2004 -- tekst: Nicolas noctis Deckmyn)
Just a night view: Techno, House, Drum'n Bass and R'n B obviously ruled the club musics since the late 80's/early 90's. Of course there's always been many all-hits-local-clubs, some Latino bars, many Reggae parties and a lot of New-Wave-Industrial nights ... but globally that was it in Belgium since 15 years. No Rock around any clock.Clash Already pushed out by the Disco, the Funk and the Electropop in the early 80's, the Rock had a short and strong psyche revival from 1989 to 1994 (Woodstock, Hendrix, Doors and stuff), and then went definitely off the dancefloors. It only kept the festival fields and concert halls for ten years. But things are slightly changing... probably because Electro went back with covers of Rock songs (Cory Hart, Stooges, Clash covered by Eric 'bocca' Beysens), or because the new party people were born when Cobain died... who knows. Now for sure, when it comes to the nightlife topics we hear many people say "Rock is back in the clubs"... well I'd like to say that it's true (some of you might know that I've also been a Rock deejay in some psychedelic parties in the 90's) but it's not yet. Yes, the word 'Rock' comes back here and there, but the Rock music still has a very small place in the deejay selections. And there's almost no Rock danceparty anywhere. inspired Yes, the packaging of the 10DaysOff 2003 in Gent was extremely rock-looking, but the content was electronic. Right yes, Felix Da Housecat plays the White Stripes and a fantastic remix of Nirvana+Fischerspooner in the festivals, Laurent Garnier also plays Queen, White Stripes and the original version of Smells Like Teen Spirit at Café d'Anvers in Paradise, Marko plays White Stripes and Queen on a sunday at La Rocca, Olivier Gosseries plays Pink Floyd at Mirano, Cosy Mozzy too dares to Rock for a couple of records ... yeh ok... ok... but that's it at all. One or two tracks for the whole night, and only massive classic hits of the Rock history. Most of the other Rock-alike records are actually Italodisco or Electropop tunes, such as New Order, Anne Clark, Human League or Public Image Limited. So that doesn't make it really back, but maybe is it just a preview of a large come-back? Nothing precisely shows it yet, since the electronic styles are still very active and positively growing ... name here Psytrance, Breakcore, Electro, or simply a mix of anything electronic... and if Techno and House recently get smaller crowds, it still brings 20.000 people here and there and fills many clubs such as Café d'Anvers or Fuse. So it's not exactly "the come back of the Rock"... but hey, good news... Rock is not banned anymore on the dancefloors! And that is new.

 New Pictures (07/01/2004 -- tekst: Nicolas Noctis)
New in the Picture Zone: Fast & FKL 2 at City Movies, Alex Kid in Brugge, Plug at Fuse, Always Underground in Namur, and two major gay events: La Démence New Year and Mister Cabaret Election. Soon to come: Retro at Fuse, New Year at Vooruit and Mirano, and opening night of the You. Check the Party Pictures page in the Magazine division.

 La Rocca gets guests (06/01/2004 -- tekst: Nicolas 'Noctis' Deckmyn)
For the year 2003, La Rocca has been focusing on its residents [Marko, Olivier Abbeloos, Philip and Jack]. Well, sometimes Marko hosts a friend on a Sunday (as he does with Dava sometimes), but most of the time the line-up never changes... and the crowd never decreased since la Rocca has its own renewing energy and its own reasons to attract people. It is one of the very few clubs that never changed the decoration or the building, and it's probably why the soul never went away since 1989. Now Claude (the City Parade organiser and Artistic Director of La Rocca Saturday) announces three massive nights for 2004 with three of the biggest international deejay names, featuring Erick Morillo (New Jersey USA, Subliminal rec, Pacha Ibiza summer 2003), and Carl Cox (UK, Intec rec, CC Global radioshow, Space Ibiza summer 2003, Bunk-Tek 2003). No date has been mentionned yet, but we'll publish it as soon as we receive more details.
Pictures: Marko in the mix, and at the bar: Claude (AD), Ricardo and Wim (owners and managers of La Rocca since its opening).

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 Dr Motte at City Parade 2004 (05/01/2004 -- tekst: Nicolas Noctis)
The first hint for the City Parade 2004 line-up is that Dr Motte will play at the ending party on 26 June in Gent. Dr Motte is the originator of all Techno parades by creating the Love Parade in Berlin. All started with 250 friends of him in 1989, and now he manages the biggest Techno event in the world with 900.000 to 1,5 millions of party people. He mixed at the ending party of each and every Love Parade, alongside Westbam, Sven Väth, DJ Hell or Carl Cox. In his gigs, he's used to blend a very wide range of electronic musics, from oldschool to Techno or Trance, and even breakbeats. But that's only one name among many others. We'll keep you updated as soon as we know more. Check the older news, we talk a lot about City Parade 2004! New field, new concept for the party (5 euro only), etc...

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 SNOW !! NEIGE!! SNEEUW!! late at night (01/01/2004 -- tekst: Nicolas & Suzee Kay)
All the weather forecasters announce snow for the late night tonight and for the next morning. So please be careful and drive slowly ... and watch out for icey roads! In any case, drivers don't drink and don't get stoned ... drivers just dance and drive safely.

 Free and Night Bus & Trams for New Year (31/12/2003 -- tekst: Nicolas)
Brussels - Vlaanderen - Wallonie :
For Brussels: STIB offers 17 bus-lines and 2 tramway-lines which will drive for free from 1h to 6h in the morning. Moreover, the main lines that serve the city centre will have a last late run around 0h30. Those are lines 27, 29, 46, 47, 48, 60, 65, 66, 71 and 96, and the tramways 52, 55 and 56. The subway (metro) lines 1A, 1B and 2 will be in use for a last run at 01:00 from the station Arts-Loi / Kunst-Wet to all the directions after the fireworks at Mount of Arts (Royal Library).
For Vlaanderen: free transport on Wednesday 31 December from 18.00 u. to Thursday 1 January at midnight, on ALL trams and bus services of De Lijn in the whole Vlaanderen.
For Wallonie: from 31 December at 19h until 1st January at 7h in the morning : ALL bus and trams are free in the whole Wallonie, thanks to some companies including Radio Contact.

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