Nu beschikbaar in het nederlands...
het is hier al mogelijk. Stuur maar door.

aub, voegt hier alleen informatie toe. Voor een feest met een datum, gebruikt de agenda. Ook alvast bedankt om gematigd te blijven, het is nachtinformatie voor iedereen. ;-)

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 At-The-Villa is back
Sun. 28 March
(21/03/2004 -- tekst: Nicolas Deckmyn)
divino_sunEarly September 1988, in the fever of the New-Beat and Acid House times where Bocca in Destelbergen, AB Antwerp, FiftyFive Kuurne, Skyline nearby Tournai, and Borsalino Wavre had the leadership of the new Belgian electronic nightlife, a new club opened in Kooigem, near Tournai: At The Villa.
Created and managed by Laurence Van Loo, At The Villa quickly went to be an not-to-miss club and afterclub for the New-Beat freaks, with deejays such as PhiPhi, Marko, Johann, in a blend which later went to be more and more Trance (in the 90's). Low ceilings, many mirrors, low luminosity, a fantastic crowd moving with the music... New Beat clothes and necklaces, smilies... great oldskool memories indeed. At The Villa was a real spot in the country.

Well, ok... in 1994 the place burned out and the whole club and crew moved away in several locations (Holy Ghost, Asse, and of course Pecq at H2O). Then, since 1997 and the "Bye Bye Party", At The Villa didn't show up... but there's now some mood for a move! Laurence counterstrikes, back at H2O for Sunday 28 March (yes, a Sunday)... here comes: "At The Villa Vintage" with Lorenzo Ottati (Ondulation - Dirty Dancing) and Fred Nasen (Visitor rec, 10 Days Off), and in it last known venue: H20, 52 rue Albert 1er in Pecq. The entrance will be only 5 Euros but there is a limited capacity... so, come early!

 25.000 Eur to create your party !
limit: 21 March !! Do it fast!
(19/03/2004 -- tekst: Nicolas noctis Deckmyn)
That's big and that's short! Cokelab puts 1.000.000 old-belgian-francs to produce your party, if the idea worths it.
All you have to do is to fill in the formular at with an original and fun concept.

You have to be from 18 to maximum 26 years old, and 2 to 4 friends to make it together. A short description, some technical details, even maybe some graphics for the flyer... and that's it. Decorum, music, environment, crew, ... don't forget any aspect.

The making of the party will be filmed by several national tv's (like the new Plug, Jim TV, etc) and is intented for +- 500 people (mostly your friends).
CAUTION: limit for sending the descriptions is Sunday 21 March (only 2 days remaining)!! Be bold and have fresh suggestions ! Good luck to all.

 From Disco 2 Disco: line up! (19/03/2004 -- tekst: Nicolas)
disco_2_disco_antwerpen30 April ... 6 clubs = 1 ticket = 12 €
Cafe d'Anvers: DJ Sneak (USA), Isabel, Bartholomeo
Club Industria: Armand van Helden (Armed Records/NYC), Bill, Hétrix
Fill Collins/Red&Blue: David Guetta (Virgin/Paris-France), Kevin, Mario
Club Geluk: Alex Paterson (The Orb-uk), Johnny Gold
De Cinema: Luke Slater (Novamute uk), Ramon Tapia
Café Local: Discobar Galaxie (stubru), Laurent.
Ticket= 12 Eur only
@ Fill Collins, Club Industria, Café d'Anvers, Club Geluk, Café Local, De Cinema - all in 2000 Antwerpen

 Drum'n Bass addicts: BOUPS is BACK (13/03/2004 -- tekst: Nicolas 'noctis' Deckmyn)
That doesn't mean only the Free parties... those actually never stopped. And in the meantime, the Boups crew did Le Gazon all summers... but do you remember that one year ago, Boups was a webradio? boups.comAnd probably one of the biggest Drum'n Electronics radio on the web with Interface in UK (the radio that inspired the creation of Boups radio). So now THAT is back at from the 26 of March (not before). For that night, Boups sets up a party at C37, 37 rue de la Caserne, in the center of Brussels (near Zuidstation/Midi)... and it will be a live brodcast from the webstream for those who can't join in.

But what was exactly radio? Heh... big question and a long answer. It was, and will be again at the end of this month, a deejay based radio+webcam. Sortof non stop live mix by newcomers but also with bigger names (international deejays passing by Brussels, or just passionated ppl). More specific, Boups radio was at first strictly 100% Drum'n Bass. But times changed and turned them into a more openminded selection of deejays... then came some Electro spinners, then some madbeats blenders, even Breakcore and minimal Techno. But still with 1% talk and 99% music.

Nico_BoupsThe first studio was in the personal home of Nico Boups in the North of Brussels ... some Boups-supporters today talk about that place as the craziest room they even saw with the best drum'n bass ... but it was too much of madness to run it there, so they moved out 18 months later. I say 'They' because from that time, Nico worked with many friends, and it went as much theirs as it was his. The next studio was hidden in the basement of a small building not far from Beurs/Bourse in the centre of the city, and it was pretty nice for an atmosphere there.

In the early months of 2003, Boups went to have more and more troubles to find a good web-server that wasn't too expensive (I remind you here that Boups is totally non-profit, as well as Noctis). That's when Boups suddenly stopped.
Of course there was Le Gazon, and some free parties here and there... but the frustration was easy to figure. That's why they shook the walls until something happened... and now it happens! 26 March! Spread the word!

 Names! Names! Names! (10/03/2004 -- tekst: Nicolas)
What a month!!

'Freaks' aka Justin Harris (International Deejay Gigolo, UK) and nick_calingaertCommon Factor (Tactile rec, Soma, Planet E, Chicago) at Dirty Dancing next Saturday 13 :: Florian Keller (Ger, Compost) and 4 Hero (UK) at Café d'Anvers on Friday 12 :: Felix Da Housecat Friday 12 at Vooruit :: Rainer Trüby Saturday 13 at Club Geluk :: Cause 4 Concern, Steppa and Wavedealer (all from UK) will be at Pyramides Rogier the Saturday 13 :: Danny Howells at Café d'Anvers Friday 19 adamski:: and Sven Väth at Fuse the same night :: plus Dieselboy (USA) at Silo :: Willis and Hodge at Nemo also on 19 :: And Adamski the visionnary creator of 'Killer' and 'N-R-G' (UK) will be at Dirty Dancing on Saturday 20 (he came in February at Club Geluk) dj_hell:: Doc Scott & MC Justyce (Metalheadz, UK), Lee (Timeless, UK) & Bailey (Metalheadz, Swerve, London) at Vooruit also Saturday 20 :: Kraftwerk at AB on Tuesday 23 :: Speedy J at Café d'Anvers on Friday 26 :: and the same night David Guetta at Fuse :: plus DJ Hell on Saturday 27 at Dirty Dancing :: and same night is CJ Bolland at Club Geluk ! A juicy and refreshing month, isn't? Wake up! All that is already in the Party Agenda! :-)


 Balmoral and At The Villa are back too! (07/03/2004 -- tekst: Nicolas)
It's the time of the originators revival coz Balmoral (legendary "after-Boccaccio" in 1990) is back every weekend in its genuine location in Gentbrugge. And At The Villa is back for a first return-party at H2O (Pecq) on 28 March with Fred Nasen and Lorenzo Ottati! More to tell you about it soon.

 Studio Brussel - Celebrates 21 Years (04/03/2004 -- tekst: Suzee Kay & Nicolas)
When the first pirate radios started in the very late 70's on boats sailing in international water near UK, broadcasting the last rock and pop records, the Belgian government did not feel very concerned, their wavefield being limited to the coast of the North Sea. stubru_mixtableBut in 1980, many small transmitters made their appearance on the fm frequencies of all the country, and it quickly turned on a big mess. The RTT (telephones) was in charge to try to regulate the technical side (some radios were sending their signal with way too much strength, others were changing too often their address), and the national radios -strictly shredded by that sudden arrival- sought a valid answer to that huge wave of youth.

stubru_old_logoIf the RTB already had Radio Cité (later Radio 21, then Pure, ...), in April 1983 the BRT entitled Jan Schoukens to supervise a radio of music and information for the Flemish Community of Brussels and neighbourhoods. He then opened the long history of Studio Brussel with Jan Hautekiet (who later went in 1998 to be the head of the team, right after Schoukens), one of the most progressist radios of the Belgian media landscape. Progressist, but also popular... that's the blend they choose and it seems it was the right one. Right enough to expand to all major cities in Flandria like Gent, Antwerp, Limburg,... to finally cover all the northern half of Belgium. But the big thing for us partypeople went a bit later. stubru_jan_van_biesenstubru_mixtableSince the year 2000 Jan Van Biesen pushes up the right stuff with the show 'Switch' on Friday and Saturday evenings, and it quickly turned to be one of the best night-related radioshow ever, featuring many international and national deejays... plus a chillin' but refined general tone. That show really upgraded the recognition of StuBru in the younger electronic public, but also in the professional side of the nightlife.

Edging on the harder side of dance music with techno influences but also drum'n bass, and electro, and of course house, Belgium always had a great musical reputation. As a fantastic mirror of that image, Studio Brussels broadcasts the leading edge of such influences and has long been THE radio station on the airwaves for all us dance music afficionados. Since then a whole bunch of new dance stations went up, but StuBru remains leading, so that's the real challenge. They are then really justified in celebrating their 21st Birthday Party over the coming weekend of March 12 and 13th.

stubru_hallMost 21st Birthday parties are the recognition of the next step into adult life. stubru_puntuitStudio Brussels have already progressed into adulthood, this party will be a celebration of their acheivements. However this is an excellent excuse for a rocking party weekend. Recognition having been already attained.
The party weekend will be held in Gent in the Vooruit (23 St Pietersnieuwstraat - Gent), check out the web sites below for more details. Music styles will embrace all genres, but overall expect the best Belgium has to offer ... plus Thee Cat from Chicago. ;-)

Just to name some... thee Felix Da Housecat, 2 Many Dj's, Dr Lektroluv, Grazhoppa's big band, Lady vortex, London Electricity, Starflam, TLP&Dors, Brekbit, Krewcial, T. Raumschmiere, Gus & Lefto, 50 Foot Combo, Arsenal, Discobar Galaxie, Jan Van Biesen, Moodlex, ... To quote from their web site "De beste dance, hiphop, techno, electro en drum 'n bass van het moment” Can’t say it better than that.

 Rumble night strikes back at Silo (03/03/2004 -- tekst: Nicolas)
After the big success of their previous Rumble with Bassline Smith, Murdock, Wontime, Woodrow and friends set the table up again for another night at Silo on 19 of March. This time will be more unusual, since they invited an American deejay to spin da drum! dieselboy_at_silo_19-MarchYes, the Drum'n Bass scene really grew up from 1998 till nowadays, and one of the major names (if not the major) there is Dieselboy. We all know that sales are not always a proof of quality, but that guy sold tens of thousands of his compilations and mix cd's... which is huge for Drum'n Bass, and especially in USA. Along his side, we'll also find the Black Sun Empire (from Netherlands) who just release their new album. Also announced: Wontime, Murdock, Woodrow... of course, plus Easy, Saiko, Juice Blenders, Daryl, and Ghost Town. Bet this edition could be a big one.

 Tim from MadeInBrussels remixes Praga Khan (03/03/2004 -- tekst: Nicolas)
Praga Khan releases his new album "Electric Religion" on 17 April. Usually we don't talk that much about the artists new albums, but the first EP token from that LP will be "Life 2004" and features a remix by TN Project (aka Tim and Nick). By the way, Tim also produced the 'Everyday' EP on Resonant rec and spinned recently with Psychogene at Fuse for a MadeInBrussels party.

Here is the newest Praga Khan video in windowzmedia format... just for fun: 2004BB.wmv

 54, 55, 56, 57, ... (02/03/2004 -- tekst: Nicolas)
In the late 70's and early 80's, there was the legendary Studio 54 in Manhattan. 55_flyerThen, in the late 80's and very early 90's, came the idea to create the Fifty Five in Kuurne, next to Kortrijk. 55_logo That club, managed by Peter Decuypere (later creator of Fuse, I Love Techno, Fill Collins) went to be a legendary place where many big names spinned their records, such as Danny Rampling or Mo & Benoelie ... and it was also the place where La Démence gay club started in 1991. You could easily say that House music came in Belgium through the dancefloors of the Boccaccio in Destelbergen, the Gaîté in Brussels, the Skyline next to Tournai, the AB in Antwerp, and the Fifty Five in Kuurne. Of course it closed since then, and turned to be only a fantastic memory for the older clubbers.

Now, it seems that it's time to put all that in the "good old days", because there's a new Fifty Five coming up in Affligem near Brussels ... and it has nothing to do with the old one (except that it's electronic dance music of course). It's Techno, Progressive Trance and Retro and it's open on Friday and Saturday. Saturday features deejays Sebu and Fab. Open since the end of February, the name of 55 is not new, but it could wake up the Affligemse nights, since it was a bit quiet since the closing of At The Villa (Zellik), Extreme (Affligem) and Milky Way. To be short: there's a new club at 184 Brusselbaan, Affligem. And to be totally honnest with you, we don't think they conciously 'took' the referential name... they just had the same good idea... but 17 years later. Club 56 would have been way more new. :-)


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